Taylor Swift - ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)


  1. milk candy yi Waltonuy63

    milk candy yi Waltonuy632 jam yang lalu

    i like this song

  2. Samuel Ray

    Samuel Ray2 jam yang lalu

    I legit rewind this to see the kitties

  3. Nerd_ Prinzessin

    Nerd_ Prinzessin2 jam yang lalu

    I can't believe, this is the guy from "this is gospel". I can't believe, that Brendon Urie did this.

  4. HFX Blur

    HFX Blur4 jam yang lalu

    i dont know

  5. Supercutekotalaga

    Supercutekotalaga4 jam yang lalu


  6. Chelzea Magday De Vera

    Chelzea Magday De Vera4 jam yang lalu

    This is the one of my favorite song because its so vibrant and cool!

  7. Frank Stein

    Frank Stein7 jam yang lalu

    This is how I envision Hollywood would make a Bollywood musical scene.

  8. duncan donut

    duncan donut8 jam yang lalu

    When taylor is taller than beebo hahahahahahahha

  9. vinza handina ismel vinza

    vinza handina ismel vinza9 jam yang lalu


  10. Love Taylor

    Love Taylor10 jam yang lalu

    Taylor Swift

  11. Nikhat Ansari

    Nikhat Ansari11 jam yang lalu

    No one : Not even a single soul: People who searched this "hihihihi huhuhu" 😂 And they end up with right song 😂

  12. Tanya Watkins

    Tanya Watkins11 jam yang lalu


  13. Vinh Xa

    Vinh Xa11 jam yang lalu

    ----> 300M view

  14. billy Hawkins

    billy Hawkins12 jam yang lalu

    Yo brendon were did that cat come your suit?

  15. Lime :p

    Lime :p13 jam yang lalu

    Taylor Swift: I AM CALM 1 sec later: *I promise that you never met ME ME: Wat

  16. Jasper Jones

    Jasper Jones13 jam yang lalu

    I totally forgot this song existed

  17. YellowJello

    YellowJello13 jam yang lalu

    taylor: you cant marry me if you dont give me a cat Me: i have new standers

  18. Luke Gilbert Buysang

    Luke Gilbert Buysang14 jam yang lalu


  19. Andrea García Hernández

    Andrea García Hernández14 jam yang lalu


  20. Gaming with lisa Katie Cutie

    Gaming with lisa Katie Cutie15 jam yang lalu

    Taylor swift is dating Taylor lantern

  21. Charisse Woodley

    Charisse Woodley15 jam yang lalu

    This is such a cool video

  22. Lunar Diver

    Lunar Diver17 jam yang lalu

    When your breaking up with someone the point is to never find another like them soooooooo

  23. Ken Fereday

    Ken Fereday18 jam yang lalu


  24. Danaeuqqq Ramirez b

    Danaeuqqq Ramirez b19 jam yang lalu

    Me encanta este video es tan divertido!! :)

  25. Scott Log

    Scott Log19 jam yang lalu

    Taylor Swift is ze best this song me MWH

  26. Isa N

    Isa N20 jam yang lalu

    Does anybody realize when Brendon gave Taylor the cat, he was technically giving her another daughter?

  27. Nilanjan Das

    Nilanjan Das11 jam yang lalu

    It was a male cat tho..

  28. シ•ItzPriscy•

    シ•ItzPriscy•20 jam yang lalu

    Taylor: AND IN FRONT OF OUR DAUGHTERS! *points to cats* Cat: *mEoW*

  29. BloopIt's Bloob

    BloopIt's Bloob20 jam yang lalu

    1:57 yo I just noticed the “Lover” sign in the background

  30. MA Productions

    MA Productions23 jam yang lalu

    Every KFC ever

  31. jack0tentation

    jack0tentation23 jam yang lalu

    Omelette AU fromage!

  32. Aubre Garcia

    Aubre GarciaHari Yang lalu

    This video would have been normal but then Brendon Urie came and they had to make you think you were on drugs.

  33. Seb Amery

    Seb AmeryHari Yang lalu


  34. Ngô Tấn Đạt

    Ngô Tấn ĐạtHari Yang lalu

    I love this song

  35. Chezbear J

    Chezbear JHari Yang lalu

    2:22 Taylor and Brendon dance so well together

  36. 黒崎晃

    黒崎晃Hari Yang lalu

    amazing song!

  37. jelle

    jelleHari Yang lalu

    0:36 a hint and none of us knew

  38. Lungchuipou Gonmei

    Lungchuipou GonmeiHari Yang lalu

    And they wanna be out of secret society! Pity them.. They won't..

  39. DU İD

    DU İDHari Yang lalu

    Taylor Swift you are beautiful.

  40. Ives negre

    Ives negreHari Yang lalu

    Lol your kids are cats

  41. T T

    T THari Yang lalu

    Best part is from 1:45 to 2:13

  42. T T

    T THari Yang lalu

    This is video is fun watching...

  43. JDBD

    JDBDHari Yang lalu

    No one: Brendon @1:47: *_I'm Mary Poppins y'all_*

  44. NaniAManiac ?

    NaniAManiac ?Hari Yang lalu

    Okay but who wouldn’t accept brendon uries proposal even if there was no ring.

  45. safia bella

    safia bellaHari Yang lalu

    Wow this is bad

  46. figrid andrea

    figrid andreaHari Yang lalu

    Hihihi huhuhu

  47. saisha pequero

    saisha pequeroHari Yang lalu

    I like it

  48. 좋아요

    좋아요Hari Yang lalu


  49. &'Joys TV

    &'Joys TVHari Yang lalu

    Hihihi huhuhu

  50. Huynh Cam Vinh

    Huynh Cam VinhHari Yang lalu

    300 M

  51. Buoi Nguyen

    Buoi NguyenHari Yang lalu


  52. Cave Mackenzie

    Cave MackenzieHari Yang lalu

    That transition in the beginning tho XD

  53. Jake Mazo

    Jake MazoHari Yang lalu

    294 195 010

  54. Tempo SNOWING

    Tempo SNOWINGHari Yang lalu

    So i search hihihi huhuhu But its worked IM BIG BRAIN

  55. DEO'S LIFE

    DEO'S LIFEHari Yang lalu

    1:12 its like dua lipa

  56. Jake Mazo

    Jake MazoHari Yang lalu

    294 187 495

  57. Joseph DeCleene

    Joseph DeCleeneHari Yang lalu

    2:40 sure....

  58. sdmes

    sdmesHari Yang lalu


  59. Rodney Laymon

    Rodney LaymonHari Yang lalu

    Taylor as much faith i had in you. And you do that!!!!!!!!

  60. Bai Ling

    Bai LingHari Yang lalu

    Ur so weird cuz u say a different language and when u close the door u speak English

  61. Hugo Valencia

    Hugo ValenciaHari Yang lalu

    Why dose she say baby doll!!!! ??!!