Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble


  1. Untal Montoya

    Untal Montoya33 menit yang lalu

    I love this song ❤️👌 i remembered when i started to listen this song.

  2. Alicia Souvelle

    Alicia SouvelleJam Yang lalu


  3. Lauren Chan

    Lauren Chan2 jam yang lalu

    im here for reeve honestly

  4. amy ouareth

    amy ouareth3 jam yang lalu

    Now I feel this song 💔 the jok is on me

  5. Alisha A

    Alisha A3 jam yang lalu

    4:48 😍😍😍😍

  6. Thania Espinoza

    Thania Espinoza4 jam yang lalu

    Reeve definitely play bad guy very well everytime, but I can tell he is a sweetheart

  7. John Wissa

    John Wissa5 jam yang lalu


  8. Valeria Sayas

    Valeria Sayas5 jam yang lalu

    Con esta canción conocí a Taylor, tremendo temón que se lanzó y lo mejor que es compuesta por ella.

  9. DenizXmas

    DenizXmas6 jam yang lalu

    Whos here after smoshes taylor swift dumped me video

  10. K- SAMA

    K- SAMA6 jam yang lalu

    Osh dizque 2 mins de intro

  11. steph pete

    steph pete7 jam yang lalu

    u think how can there be deception when u can be other centered and he deceived u how by u being there for him serving him helping him cooking for him comforting him and extend your ear and ur attention to hear about his own tragedies -how can this happen ..how is this even possible. Its just confusing ..how do u trust or fall in love again not comprehending ur first relation when nothing just adds up or makes sense given a second chance how to u know what to fix when nothing seemed broken only sort of vanished in thin air and u were vanished too

  12. kevin manss

    kevin manss7 jam yang lalu

  13. Tarun Thakur

    Tarun Thakur8 jam yang lalu

    Pop queen Taylor 😍😍😍🔥💓💓😘

  14. Madina's Place

    Madina's Place11 jam yang lalu

    This song is for Hazza isn't it

  15. Laura Matt

    Laura Matt4 jam yang lalu

    Madina's Place yep

  16. Millie Beatrice

    Millie Beatrice14 jam yang lalu

    *Hadestown stans where you at?*

  17. Rishi Agrawal

    Rishi Agrawal17 jam yang lalu

    ''The worst part was'nt loosing him, was loosing me'. 4 years of relationship faded just like that in a blink of a eye. Now I m here hoping everyday that one day everything will be fine like before😔😕

  18. Thon Srey den

    Thon Srey den18 jam yang lalu

    Really miss her old song😓


    GAMEBLOX19 jam yang lalu

    *4:25** TikTok has entered the chat*

  20. VTX Hobbies

    VTX Hobbies22 jam yang lalu

    “You knew I was trouble when I logged in” is better imo

  21. Jada Wayda

    Jada Wayda23 jam yang lalu


  22. Mysterious Norminous

    Mysterious Norminous23 jam yang lalu

    When you wok dinn

  23. Alli ????

    Alli ????Hari Yang lalu


  24. Nevaeh Boykin

    Nevaeh BoykinHari Yang lalu

    Your my favorite person

  25. Insane Angel

    Insane AngelHari Yang lalu

    I love Taylor but am just now figuring out Reeve Carney is in this video who I also love! Lol I'm only a few years later.

  26. Thiago TD

    Thiago TDHari Yang lalu

    Girl are trouble

  27. dip 9000

    dip 9000Hari Yang lalu

    Remember when this was our favorite song?

  28. ツtxc_cxntrol

    ツtxc_cxntrolHari Yang lalu

    December 2019???

  29. Sanjana Ojha

    Sanjana OjhaHari Yang lalu

    Taylor I can relate this totally .The same thing happened with me and in the end I realized that he never loved me or her or anything .

  30. steph pete

    steph peteHari Yang lalu

    thank you for sharing your sharing and mine become one

  31. steph pete

    steph peteHari Yang lalu

    the memories do come back & he never does like there was no affection & never existed & nothing meant to him but Taylor I realized he was not for me and this marriage was a forced marriage

  32. 4GAMER ll_4GAMER

    4GAMER ll_4GAMERHari Yang lalu

    who came here for old memories?

  33. Mel Interrupted

    Mel InterruptedHari Yang lalu


  34. hantz louiville

    hantz louivilleHari Yang lalu

    Song starts at 2:06

  35. Nadeen Farouk

    Nadeen FaroukHari Yang lalu

    december 2019

  36. Jonna Linnér

    Jonna LinnérHari Yang lalu

    tf is orpheus doing here

  37. Karen

    KarenHari Yang lalu

    Ugh i just remembered how i hear it for the first time in 2013

  38. Ngọc Hoàng Khưu

    Ngọc Hoàng KhưuHari Yang lalu

    Hello ?Who's living?

  39. Rhiannon craver

    Rhiannon craverHari Yang lalu


  40. Kaden Sims

    Kaden Sims2 hari yang lalu

    I just came from watching the parody of this song from Bart baker

  41. Christine .M

    Christine .MHari Yang lalu

    Me too 😅

  42. abi c

    abi c2 hari yang lalu

    me after falling for a hockey boy: