Taylor Swift - Blank Space


  1. Segunda Conta do David

    Segunda Conta do David22 menit yang lalu

    Endoidar uma pessoa e ter tudo de uma pessoa!

  2. Andrew Mcfarlane

    Andrew Mcfarlane31 menit yang lalu

    I like it 😆

  3. ostrich nation

    ostrich nationJam Yang lalu

    Bart baker has joined the chat

  4. Ushi Qween

    Ushi QweenJam Yang lalu

    Antoni Porowski would have been a better choice ;-p

  5. TheIrishMessiah

    TheIrishMessiahJam Yang lalu

    Bart Bakers better

  6. Victor Monteiro

    Victor MonteiroJam Yang lalu

    I love Taylor Swift song💝😘😘

  7. JessIsaMess96

    JessIsaMess962 jam yang lalu

    my parakeets head bang to taylor swift lol

  8. Léo Silva

    Léo Silva2 jam yang lalu

    Música ridícula

  9. ItsYa GirlKameeah

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  10. Dolly Sookdeo

    Dolly Sookdeo3 jam yang lalu

    You are the best

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    Please make this video have more likes and views!!!!❤❤❤

  12. lizzie.

    lizzie.3 jam yang lalu

    Who's watching in 2021

  13. Lucas Duarte

    Lucas Duarte3 jam yang lalu

    Quien es el chico?

  14. Mashlee. Primero

    Mashlee. Primero4 jam yang lalu

    I love this song

  15. jojo

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  16. Bilge Dogrucuoglu

    Bilge Dogrucuoglu4 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful Taylor , Güzel Taylor.

  17. ArifmareeJR

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  18. M CG

    M CG5 jam yang lalu

    this guy is so handsome

  19. Watermelon YY

    Watermelon YY6 jam yang lalu

    Came here because of the flex tape meme

  20. Ana Cecilia Muñoz Baeza

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  22. Mr.Sunday 19th

    Mr.Sunday 19th7 jam yang lalu

    19\10\2019.. love from to Viet Nam

  23. YouToogle

    YouToogle7 jam yang lalu

    This is how many people like Taylor Swift... 👇

  24. TheChosen Gay

    TheChosen Gay7 jam yang lalu

    i am literally watching this video because of a meme

  25. Broadway 101!

    Broadway 101!7 jam yang lalu

    Dude this song is 6 years old a still a bop!

  26. Neurys 20

    Neurys 207 jam yang lalu

    que vídeo más lindo


    ANDY JONES7 jam yang lalu


  28. Jej 00

    Jej 008 jam yang lalu

    1:53 the only moment that I feel related from the entire video 🤣

  29. Jej 00

    Jej 004 jam yang lalu

    @Kadi530 😂😂😂😂😭

  30. Kadi530

    Kadi5305 jam yang lalu

    YESSSS, me when my teacher gives me homework 😂😭

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  32. Yashvee Gupta

    Yashvee Gupta9 jam yang lalu

    I randomly remembered this song and wanted to hear it

  33. the gamers kitty

    the gamers kitty10 jam yang lalu

    2013 , 2014 , 2015 was best year of music world on my opinion because there's many music that have over billion videos that updloded in that year.

  34. The GRTX

    The GRTX11 jam yang lalu

    Last guy look like cr7 😂😂 She might tackel him

  35. مصطفى MUSTAFA

    مصطفى MUSTAFA11 jam yang lalu

    منهو مثلي ما فتهم ولا شي 😂😂😂😂

  36. Caroline Huang

    Caroline Huang11 jam yang lalu

    This is very nostalgic.

  37. Rajesh trivedi

    Rajesh trivedi12 jam yang lalu

    Amazing song

  38. Devvy Brillantes

    Devvy Brillantes12 jam yang lalu

    who's watching year 2019?

  39. Vanina Laeremans

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  40. Trang Nguyễn Thị Thu

    Trang Nguyễn Thị Thu12 jam yang lalu

    Swiftie ❤❤❤

  41. Lilly-mae Griffin

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    Taylor swift

  42. matalinong trolling

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  43. Hutosha Nani

    Hutosha Nani14 jam yang lalu

    3:40 she is cute thou

  44. Wiicpx

    Wiicpx15 jam yang lalu

    Who is she 🥺

  45. Lecil Inting

    Lecil Inting15 jam yang lalu

    This song is never going to get old 😃

  46. Aurora Miliane

    Aurora Miliane16 jam yang lalu

    I literally have just watched this a hundred times because Of Sean o’pry

  47. Khahang Nguyen

    Khahang Nguyen17 jam yang lalu

    The song is very beautiful . I hear this song that I am crushed by Taylor 's voice😍😍😍


    JOÃO VÍTOR MEIRELES18 jam yang lalu

    10/2019 alguém BR ae?


    THANATOS FANATICOS19 jam yang lalu

    Its either her or zena schreck, but I've got to have a model. Enough teasery

  50. Furret !

    Furret !19 jam yang lalu

    Who else is just randomly watching this video in 2019 👍🏽😂😄🥳🤩

  51. Karu Agira

    Karu Agira19 jam yang lalu

    I am addicted to this song because of my crush. She love Taylor and now I love Taylor.

  52. Arya Summers

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    2.5 billion views😳💓

  53. Cham Chamchum

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  54. Melissa Clark

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    True very true

  55. Averie Scott

    Averie Scott19 jam yang lalu

    Who’s watching in October 2019?

  56. Haley Resendez

    Haley Resendez20 jam yang lalu

    I love her song so much

  57. - lips - wow

    - lips - wow20 jam yang lalu

    2:26 she look like laina overly attrach girlfriend so much

  58. Jonah Lohan

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  59. Emily The 1st

    Emily The 1st20 jam yang lalu

    She honestly does look insane here 👌

  60. Gael Nunez

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  61. adicc ted

    adicc ted20 jam yang lalu

    Never gets old 💕 Anyone agree?

  62. Michelle Vukan

    Michelle Vukan20 jam yang lalu

    Love dis song.

  63. روبن فوود | robinfood ❶

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    وين العرب 🤭♥️ اثبت وجودك بلايك واشترك بقناتي 😭 ❤️