Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar


  1. Jessica M

    Jessica M8 menit yang lalu


  2. seyi Ajiwokewu

    seyi Ajiwokewu25 menit yang lalu

    bad blood

  3. Tomás Miraballes

    Tomás Miraballes3 jam yang lalu

    Cindy Crawford mi mama te miraba para hacer gimnasia en un video xD

  4. Bentley Rhodes

    Bentley Rhodes3 jam yang lalu

    My baby got bad blood hey

  5. Kristofer

    Kristofer4 jam yang lalu

    ehh its ok i guess

  6. Aku

    Aku4 jam yang lalu

    Я посмотрел такой фильм

  7. Suman Bhati

    Suman Bhati6 jam yang lalu

    Anyone who could tell me who is who in this video...???

  8. Stranger. Things

    Stranger. Things4 jam yang lalu

    Suman Bhati oh okay soz

  9. Suman Bhati

    Suman Bhati5 jam yang lalu

    Stranger. Things ya but they are just names and I wanna know who is who. The comment above only shows who. If u know what I mean

  10. Stranger. Things

    Stranger. Things5 jam yang lalu

    Suman Bhati there is a comment at the top that says all the names of the women/ men

  11. Baz Baz

    Baz Baz6 jam yang lalu


  12. Lana lao

    Lana lao10 jam yang lalu

    3:43 selena gomez ?


    SAMWISE GAMING10 jam yang lalu

    Director-How many Victoria's Secret models do you want Taylor Swift-YES

  14. Donna_ Mae.

    Donna_ Mae.12 jam yang lalu

    Who's still watching this? *I guess you miss this song*

  15. Toothlesscam25

    Toothlesscam2513 jam yang lalu

    This Music video reminds myself of y I’m bi ..

  16. F. B. I.

    F. B. I.14 jam yang lalu

    Anyone here after listing to the sad version in the end of Big Mouth season 3 ?

  17. Stew stew Nonyo

    Stew stew Nonyo15 jam yang lalu

    The Charlie’s angels reboot we deserved but didn’t get

  18. F O C U S

    F O C U S15 jam yang lalu

    sou precisa nisso

  19. Lurdes Silva

    Lurdes Silva15 jam yang lalu


  20. Mary Keller

    Mary Keller17 jam yang lalu

    so who's watching this in 2019 cuz I am I'm just saying

  21. Black Top

    Black Top17 jam yang lalu

    So did they turn Taylor into a cyborg?

  22. Lana K

    Lana K20 jam yang lalu

    0:00 in case you broke the replay button

  23. Jack Mann

    Jack Mann21 jam yang lalu

    My bf left me for my best friend Avrey i hate her i have bad blood and im a bad guy

  24. Gewoon Anoniem

    Gewoon Anoniem5 jam yang lalu


  25. S3npai BunBun

    S3npai BunBun21 jam yang lalu

    Why couldn't they turn this into a movie

  26. Diana L. Howard

    Diana L. Howard22 jam yang lalu

    I. Like. You. Tawle😎

  27. Danny Bahee

    Danny Bahee22 jam yang lalu

    Where is the banana video, mothers lo

  28. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez22 jam yang lalu

    Was it worth it? 🙄

  29. Frank Yousif

    Frank YousifHari Yang lalu

    Is it true she cant sing this song beacuse of label issues?

  30. Chocolatechipcookielover#1 Cake

    Chocolatechipcookielover#1 CakeHari Yang lalu

    All you should star in a movie together

  31. Dr’ Matthews

    Dr’ MatthewsHari Yang lalu

    Yuck she likes little boys kids. I hate this girl but love her songs.

  32. Carla Loeffler

    Carla LoefflerHari Yang lalu

    Oh im sorry talyor mad

  33. Marvelous Marli D

    Marvelous Marli DHari Yang lalu

    Taylor did better viewing all these people than IDreporter Rewind 2018

  34. Lizzie T.

    Lizzie T.Hari Yang lalu

    Am I the only one gay panicking rn...yes....ok

  35. XoXIzzyGamingXoX

    XoXIzzyGamingXoXHari Yang lalu

    Taylor: Trains like a badass Final battle: Grabs hair Me: ??

  36. Amelia Thompson

    Amelia ThompsonHari Yang lalu

    Mother chucker 😂

  37. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw SobocinskiHari Yang lalu

    Taylor Swift

  38. Kevin Csonka

    Kevin CsonkaHari Yang lalu


  39. Shabana Walter

    Shabana WalterHari Yang lalu

    Its a nice song and very expensive

  40. Ocean Eyes

    Ocean EyesHari Yang lalu

    Okay who's here in 2020 and 2021

  41. Blake Jacobe

    Blake JacobeHari Yang lalu

    I love you Taylor swift

  42. Backpink Blackpink

    Backpink BlackpinkHari Yang lalu


  43. Renata Melo

    Renata MeloHari Yang lalu

    Olha a quantidade de visualizações nesse vídeo. 07/12/19

  44. Austin Kurniawan

    Austin KurniawanHari Yang lalu

    Ellie Goulding 1:37😂😂😂

  45. วิไล นนทำนำ

    วิไล นนทำนำHari Yang lalu

    Taylor Swift