Take Your Shirt Off - SNL


  1. Emma Cholmondeley

    Emma CholmondeleyHari Yang lalu

    R.I.P Chris Farley

  2. Ori's Stories

    Ori's StoriesHari Yang lalu

    Jesus, Harrelson could GET IT.

  3. sirius4k

    sirius4k4 hari yang lalu

    wow.. Woody was young at some point.

  4. Tyreece Franklin

    Tyreece Franklin4 hari yang lalu

    It's Cloudy

  5. Madden Clips for fun

    Madden Clips for fun7 hari yang lalu

    Adam Sandler legit looks good in this

  6. Jerry Lorosae

    Jerry Lorosae10 hari yang lalu

    So Adam Sandler has an additional sperm-less dick

  7. Jerry Lorosae

    Jerry Lorosae10 hari yang lalu

    Woody's packs thou

  8. Lauren Victoria

    Lauren Victoria11 hari yang lalu

    "Girls love hair on guys" Almost every girl on the planet: 🤢

  9. andrew johnson

    andrew johnson12 hari yang lalu

    the og nike 1990s windbreaker 🔥

  10. Yasmeen Khader

    Yasmeen Khader16 hari yang lalu

    Its strange to see a "hunky Harrelson" lol 😅

  11. mc2w

    mc2w17 hari yang lalu

    ..and people really found this funny?

  12. Judy James

    Judy James18 hari yang lalu

    i'm in tears !!

  13. flutter shy

    flutter shy24 hari yang lalu

    It looks like it's gonna rain 😂

  14. Patrice Smith

    Patrice Smith25 hari yang lalu

    I literally howled when Adam Sandler took his shirt off ! And when Tim Meadows said it looked like a hot dog 💀💀💀💀💀

  15. Heather Marble

    Heather Marble27 hari yang lalu

    Why cant I meet a man like that!

  16. Andy-man

    Andy-man29 hari yang lalu

    4:14 sad they wouldn't be able to do a sketch like that today because it's not "PC"

  17. HellzFugitive GoodGuy

    HellzFugitive GoodGuyBulan Yang lalu

    OMG ALL THE GREATS IN ONE SKIT!!!! This should be immortalised

  18. roygfs

    roygfsBulan Yang lalu

    that cast!

  19. Of Women And Men

    Of Women And MenBulan Yang lalu

    This is so pure

  20. Levin

    LevinBulan Yang lalu

    Dat cast tho.

  21. dat vergil doe

    dat vergil doeBulan Yang lalu

    Lowkey thought adam was Shia in the thumby lol

  22. Afifi Fadzil

    Afifi FadzilBulan Yang lalu

    Im not even born yet.

  23. Lor Last

    Lor LastBulan Yang lalu

    Woody is so hot

  24. Miguel Salami

    Miguel SalamiBulan Yang lalu


  25. Mary Keane

    Mary KeaneBulan Yang lalu

    I bet Matthew McConaughey would have killed to be in this sketch

  26. Jesus Palomo

    Jesus PalomoBulan Yang lalu

    Always an add before every skit

  27. Larry Coppotelli

    Larry CoppotelliBulan Yang lalu

    hahah classic 90s SNL love it! Grew up watching that cast during the 90s!

  28. creator Space

    creator SpaceBulan Yang lalu

    It's done well. blog.naver.com/7heppy7

  29. Indian Here

    Indian HereBulan Yang lalu

    Adam Sandler has been wearing same design shirts since '90s

  30. Arif

    ArifBulan Yang lalu

    They made a sketch out of three words: Woody Harrelson hot

  31. Master Tyler

    Master TylerBulan Yang lalu

    Im purely the hairy guy in this sketch.

  32. Dorothy Joseph

    Dorothy JosephBulan Yang lalu

    This is just one hot guy undressing his hideous friends so he looks even hotter next to them

  33. John Donovan

    John DonovanBulan Yang lalu

    When SNL was funny

  34. Dreggsao

    DreggsaoBulan Yang lalu

    Chris Farley was a snack.

  35. Krzysztof Wasiak

    Krzysztof WasiakBulan Yang lalu

    Take off your shirt and now your sweatshirt...

  36. Enriquez Anerie

    Enriquez Anerie2 bulan yang lalu

    hey that was the principal from mean girls

  37. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation2 bulan yang lalu

    Hello! 😛🔥🔥🔥

  38. toomuchtime

    toomuchtime2 bulan yang lalu

    Woody looked good

  39. unoriented_x4

    unoriented_x42 bulan yang lalu

    I know a guy who used to lifeguard with Kevin. 1 degree of separation y'all.

  40. cafemartini

    cafemartini2 bulan yang lalu

    It seems funny now, but at the time I thought SNL was really going down hill.