Tactical Analysis: Dortmund 0-0 Barcelona | Favre vs Valverde | Champions League Borrusia vs Barca


  1. Football Made Simple

    Football Made SimpleBulan Yang lalu

    Anything else you noticed in the match? Let everyone in the comments know!

  2. albin francis

    albin francis20 hari yang lalu

    it is bold of you to assume that valverde has tactics!

  3. Phila Mpontshi

    Phila Mpontshi22 hari yang lalu

    U south african?

  4. Arizona Native

    Arizona Native23 hari yang lalu

    I want a good manager to go in so people can see it’s just Barcelona fucking up it’s not the coaches fault they couldn’t do shit against Dortmund

  5. Aero

    Aero25 hari yang lalu


  6. Sakar Şakir

    Sakar Şakir25 hari yang lalu

    Xavi come back

  7. JSpurz

    JSpurz25 hari yang lalu

    5:15 Number 13 isn‘t Hakimi -> it‘s Guerreiro

  8. Khaleel Harriott

    Khaleel Harriott26 hari yang lalu

    anytime i see tactics and valverde name together, I laugh he is a clueless sap saved by 1 man for the majority of his coaching career at barcelona

  9. ekstrix meo

    ekstrix meo26 hari yang lalu

    Please note that, Barcelona doesn't have manager. Valverde is clueless

  10. Enrique Jose Mateo Cifre

    Enrique Jose Mateo Cifre26 hari yang lalu

    Because the Barça should use the 3-4-3 of formation.

  11. Luna Studio TUTS

    Luna Studio TUTS27 hari yang lalu

    Valverde nunca propone nada interesante. Ver a Griezmann defendiendo demuestra que este técnico no tiene ni idea, desperdicia los talentos de jóvenes y veteranos que tiene a su disposición, NO es como Guardiola quien optimizó a Henry cuando ya estaba casi quemado! Lo peor de Valverde llega cuando se declara derrotado desde antes de comenzar un encuentro, sucedió en la rueda de prensa luego del triunfo sobre Liverpool en casa: "nos puede pasar lo mismo que contra la Roma" eso NUNCA SE DECLARA. Muy diferente es decir: "es un buen equipo pero iremos CON TODO PARA GANARLES".

  12. 6ch6ris6

    6ch6ris627 hari yang lalu

    barcas tactic: Ter Stegen

  13. Operation Arsenal

    Operation Arsenal27 hari yang lalu

    Man were Dortmund on Barca

  14. Fernando González

    Fernando González27 hari yang lalu

    Valverde is killing Barça true style

  15. Bon Vivant

    Bon Vivant27 hari yang lalu

    fantastic Analysis / too Job 💪

  16. Daniel Gosse

    Daniel Gosse27 hari yang lalu

    Valverde is shite.

  17. Criss Laimbock

    Criss Laimbock27 hari yang lalu

    valverde out

  18. Sagar Barla

    Sagar Barla27 hari yang lalu

    Nice attecker team Barcelona 👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪


    RAVINDRAN SUBURAMINAM28 hari yang lalu

    Footballing intelligence is when the whole team can attack and defend together

  20. Najah Nazar

    Najah Nazar28 hari yang lalu

    Pls make valvardae out or he must choose STRONG emotion players in away games. In Football always need a strong emotion especially in away games

  21. CineCuts HD

    CineCuts HD28 hari yang lalu

    Barca was lucky to escape with 1 point

  22. Christian Turtal

    Christian Turtal28 hari yang lalu

    Ter Stegen was the only reason it didn't end up as 2-0 in favor of Dortmund. I'm a Dortmund fan but I admire his efforts.

  23. Corvo Draken

    Corvo Draken28 hari yang lalu

    Still salty about the Penalty not being re-taken

  24. Kevinn

    Kevinn28 hari yang lalu

    Wait.. Valverde has tactics??😱

  25. CharlesOffdensen

    CharlesOffdensen28 hari yang lalu

    Favre is great, his teams always have a lot of goal chances. But the coach can only help create chances, not score them. And Dortmund's players miss so much.

  26. CharlesOffdensen

    CharlesOffdensen27 hari yang lalu

    @RyKaB I will interested to see a game a team like Freiburg, which is coming soon. Last year Dortmund had problems with teams are only defending.

  27. RyKaB

    RyKaB27 hari yang lalu

    @CharlesOffdensen i disagree. We definitely don't miss as much as against Barca. We scored 4 against Leverkusen, 5 against Augsburg, 3 against Koln... Union is another story though. I think we use our chances pretty well, but there's always room for improvement

  28. CharlesOffdensen

    CharlesOffdensen27 hari yang lalu

    Well it's not just this game, Dortmund always miss a lot lately.

  29. RyKaB

    RyKaB27 hari yang lalu

    To be fair, Ter Stegen was amazing.

  30. Salah Abouabdallah

    Salah Abouabdallah28 hari yang lalu

    Spot on analysis ! Can you please make a video of valverde's 2019-20 tactics with the inclusion of De jong in a new rejunevated midfield?

  31. The Messiah

    The Messiah28 hari yang lalu

    De jong plays as a gk for valverde right? What do u wanna know about mate 😂?

  32. G P

    G P28 hari yang lalu

    Barca actually calculating to leave it's defenders back and building a final third attack from the wings in at an oblique angle. Engineered stupidity. That's not tactics or a plan, that's "compensating". Maybe Valverde would be more comfortable coaching kick and rush in the EPL? How far the mighty have fallen..

  33. Arin Bhattacharya

    Arin Bhattacharya28 hari yang lalu

    Please make a video on how to analyse football matches and how to become a good football analyst

  34. flipart leo

    flipart leo27 hari yang lalu


  35. Chayan Kundu

    Chayan Kundu28 hari yang lalu

    Can u do Norwich city Vs Manchester city 3- 2 I found 5 points. Like potential weakness, set pieces. Disrupt midfield. Pukki and buendia factor, etc. If u did previously plz give me link.

  36. Chayan Kundu

    Chayan Kundu28 hari yang lalu

    I did not notice ur work I followed noumen. Now I have to subscribe u. Any how I can contact u

  37. Marco 11

    Marco 1129 hari yang lalu

    you are amazing dude

  38. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander29 hari yang lalu

    Barca was unlucky for the injury of Alba and Valverde was stupid for not letting Firpo in the bench. After Alba left, Semedo played as LB ( he's an RB ). Dortmund exploited that and took most of their xG from right flank in second half ( they only took

  39. nodream toobig

    nodream toobig27 hari yang lalu

    @Alex Sander Its not an insult, its just the truth. On the other hand you would deserve to be insulted since its a whole new level of stupidness. It doesn't matter if its semedo on the right or alba on the left. It's 11vs11 and Dortmund played BETTER. Tactically and technically, thats why your arguments are stupid as fuck. Guerreiro is everything but not a LB so why are you not bringing this up in your argument? ;)

  40. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander27 hari yang lalu

    @nodream toobig ​ you're talking about you ? you're too stupid to have an argument, only insult other people with uncivilized and uneducated manner. Most of Dortmund best chances come from their right flank where Semedo stood there like a tree watching Sancho and Hakimi pass with each other a lot of time. If he's a LB he would be critised a lot of after that match.

  41. nodream toobig

    nodream toobig27 hari yang lalu

    @Alex Sander Because there is no point in a discussion with someone so stupid :D UNLUCKY :D Dortmund dominated Barca most of the time.You call it unlucky :D

  42. RyKaB

    RyKaB27 hari yang lalu

    Yeah, maybe. But that also requires tactical knowledge. Also, Barca barely had any real goalscoring chances in the 2nd half, our defence was great, and our midfieldiers barely gave away any easy balls. You gotta give credit where credit's due

  43. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander28 hari yang lalu

    @nodream toobig so you can't argue then be barbaric? Stupid.

  44. Lukas Steigerwald

    Lukas Steigerwald29 hari yang lalu

    Hakimi 5, Guerreiro 13 :P

  45. Fredrick Ogbebor

    Fredrick Ogbebor29 hari yang lalu

    Nice video...please can you do a video on Pep Guardiola Man City...thanks

  46. Sudev vs

    Sudev vs29 hari yang lalu

    Analyse real vs psg

  47. LM10 vamos

    LM10 vamos29 hari yang lalu

    Does Valverde even have tactics?

  48. Shubh Maheshwari

    Shubh Maheshwari29 hari yang lalu

    Griezmann was like the 6th defender. He was in the back most of the time. What the fuck valvarde is doing! Wasting him just like coutinho and malcom.

  49. Jesús

    Jesús29 hari yang lalu

    Griezmann is #17 and Fati #31

  50. Valvarde Out

    Valvarde Out29 hari yang lalu

    When it comes to CL and away games our clown( Valvarde) does not know what he is doing. I have a strange feeling that Barça fans would suffer another humiliating defeat in the second leg.

  51. Najah Nazar

    Najah Nazar28 hari yang lalu

    Under valverde no champions league

  52. Captain Smoke

    Captain Smoke29 hari yang lalu

    I start to love this channel. Well done, keep up the good work.

  53. Odyss K

    Odyss K29 hari yang lalu

    It would be an interesting concept to analyse the two finalists' bad start in the Champion's League. Liverpool's defeat in Napoli and Tottenham's draw in Piraeus. (As an Olympiakos fan I would also be really thrilled to see my team being tactically analysed)

  54. Pascal Adä

    Pascal Adä27 hari yang lalu

    @Odyss K I'm happy for you as a Olympiakos fan😉

  55. Odyss K

    Odyss K27 hari yang lalu

    @Pascal Adä Thank you for the feedback. We had a couple of rough seasons in the last years, but we now have made a strong comeback and we're ready to "trouble" the giants 😁

  56. Pascal Adä

    Pascal Adä27 hari yang lalu

    I saw the game, Olympiakos are awesome ... A new Ajax! Even the 2-0 for Tottenham after 30 min was undeserved... And after that they still scored 2 and created chances. They were better than Tottenham, not just in running and mentality ...

  57. Jonathan Huwyler

    Jonathan Huwyler29 hari yang lalu

    Since I started watching your videos I actually spot the tactics you mention during the games eg. Dortmund using deep blocks with two very disciplined forwards not pressing when Busquets doesn't drop back between the central backs. Great job as always. Keep it up!

  58. MB

    MB29 hari yang lalu

    Great video again. Really simple :)

  59. Iman Ramzi

    Iman Ramzi29 hari yang lalu

    Do norwich vs man city please

  60. iNdicud

    iNdicud29 hari yang lalu

    Piqués mask was taken off. He needs to be benched. Imo but hell I'm a Madrid fan so what do I know

  61. Football And hockey

    Football And hockey29 hari yang lalu

    iNdicud he needs to but valverde doeesn’t have the balls to bech legend

  62. iNdicud

    iNdicud29 hari yang lalu

    Piqués mask was taken off. He needs to be benched. Imo but hell I'm a Madrid fan so what do I know

  63. flipart leo

    flipart leo27 hari yang lalu

    suck da penaldos dick

  64. Russel Jay Nuera

    Russel Jay Nuera29 hari yang lalu

    Valverde in Away Games : Win? No. Lose? Yes. Draw? Yes Yes

  65. Ankle Socks

    Ankle Socks29 hari yang lalu

    FMS and nouman teaming up for the culture

  66. luka jeknic

    luka jeknicBulan Yang lalu

    At the beginning of the game the pressing from Dortmund was a little different actually, with Delaney going forward to press one of the midfielders

  67. Football Made Simple

    Football Made Simple29 hari yang lalu

    Great observation, Luka!

  68. tilahkojaz

    tilahkojazBulan Yang lalu

    Dortmund just didn’t want to score. I think they shat their pants every time they got the chance to do so. A Dortmund team wanting to score wins the treble.

  69. HIM1984

    HIM1984Bulan Yang lalu

    Great video. BVB will feel disappointed as they outplayed Barca and created many, many more premium chances. Luckily for Barca Mats was in beast mode. Valverde always finds a way to handicap Barca.

  70. nodream toobig

    nodream toobig28 hari yang lalu

    mats is the first name of Hummels, just say his name.

  71. dENN dENN

    dENN dENNBulan Yang lalu

    Great colab, came over from, noumen's analysis

  72. RyKaB

    RyKaBBulan Yang lalu

    as a Dortmund fan, I am very proud of the way BVB played, if we keep this as a standard we can achieve our goals!

  73. RyKaB

    RyKaB27 hari yang lalu

    @flipart leo maybe because that same "pussy team" dominated Barca in Dortmund. If BVB play like that again, i see no readon as to why we can't beat you

  74. flipart leo

    flipart leo27 hari yang lalu

    @RyKaB lol how can u think your pussy team ll beat barca at camp nou...

  75. RyKaB

    RyKaB27 hari yang lalu

    @Moses Adeola marked. Good luck, because you'll need it:)

  76. Moses Adeola

    Moses Adeola27 hari yang lalu

    I don't care if it's valverde or not I will still say it dortmund will never be able to defeat barcelona at home mark my words

  77. King 05

    King 0528 hari yang lalu

    RyKaB you guys did play well, better than us even, and for that I commend you.

  78. nodream toobig

    nodream toobigBulan Yang lalu

    Reus could close the game by himself, normally he would have made at least 3 of the chances. Barca was very lucky Dortmund got almost 3x Chances than Barca and more quality chances.

  79. ajmal aju

    ajmal ajuBulan Yang lalu

    Valverde and Tactics two words that have no right to be in the same sentence

  80. Alvin Chitena

    Alvin ChitenaBulan Yang lalu

    I believe that in the mordern game, you win games through tactics because the difference in quality of players is getting smaller. This is why Valverde is failing. He's not a (good) tactician

  81. Romain Roberts

    Romain RobertsBulan Yang lalu

    Barcelona hold my beer, we don't win away games here. Fuck you Valverde and your boring style of play. These guys need to pass the ball quicker and Valverde needs to stop putting players to play wrong positions. Griezmann will end up like Coutinho if he doesn't play as a forward.

  82. Caporegime

    CaporegimeBulan Yang lalu

    Can you make a video about how consistently bad Suarez has been for the past 3-4 years?

  83. Caporegime

    Caporegime29 hari yang lalu

    @Football And hockey Actually it is true. Go watch some football instead of IDreporter compilations. Suarez is finished.

  84. Football And hockey

    Football And hockey29 hari yang lalu

    Caporegime he can’t because that’s not true

  85. Lahav Zaken

    Lahav ZakenBulan Yang lalu

    Houses have walls Barcelona has Ter stegen I make football videos

  86. Devandi Prakoso

    Devandi PrakosoBulan Yang lalu

    Grizman defender