Systems and Components of an Offshore Sailing Catamaran - Lagoon 410 Walkthrough


  1. Sailing Nahoa

    Sailing NahoaTahun Yang lalu

    Tons of questions here! Don't Stop! Keep posting your questions and we'll answer them in the next 'How To'. Ok, GO!

  2. 867 5309

    867 530924 hari yang lalu

    @MrMarkymark005 I'm pretty sure their answer would be all of the above. If you have enough solar and storage/batteries then there's no need for a generator anyway.

  3. MrMarkymark005

    MrMarkymark00525 hari yang lalu

    I'm sure this question has been asked already but I haven't been able to find it, so I'll ask. You mentioned no generator. Why the choice not to have a generator onboard? Expense? Noise? Fuel? Weight? All the above?

  4. Arty

    Arty2 bulan yang lalu

    I love this video....I want to know what the foot pedals at the top of the stairs are?

  5. 867 5309

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    Sailing Nahoa It would be great to see a detailed video on how you get weather forecasts and how you use them, please.

  6. iHolla

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    @Kevin Clark I was wondering the same thing...

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    12:56 what is that black spot on your nail ? make sure its not melanoma

  8. MegaMilyon

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    Where was this video filmed ?

  9. Terrence Cox

    Terrence Cox2 hari yang lalu

    Hello Ben & Ash, I just subscribed after watching a few episodes. I am thinking of doing what you folks did, sell everything and go sailing. I am not sure if you have answered this question? I am wondering how you maintain vessel registration and driver license while being away from the USA so long? I assume you are from the USA because in your intro, your map shows you departed from mid east coast of the USA. Fair winds and following seas, Thanks, Terry

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    Thanks I have learned more about sailing from watching your videos than any other channel, I totally appreciate it

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    I had some questions iv been watching your amazing journey for awhile now and ever since I was a little boy I'm allways wanted to buy a boat and sail the world how would I go about the besides buying a boat and what type of boat would you guys recommend

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    Wow, you look like your living the dream. My dream is to be doing exactly what you are doing. Thank you for such a detailed video.

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    Great video you guys!!!!! Loved it!!!!

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    What kind of which craft did you do to get that washer machine in there the door looks so small

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    Thank you

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    This episode was going just fine and then Ben said, he doesn’t have boobs; I’m off to get the car

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    Ben, what brand is your water maker ? Thanks ..........Bill

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    My steel 46ft ketch vs your 41ft cat.... The winner is... a love for freedom and the ocean. 💓

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    I was just here to watch your Booty

  20. MrMarkymark005

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    I'm sure this question has been asked already but I haven't been able to find it, so I'll ask. You mentioned no generator. Why the choice not to have a generator onboard? Expense? Noise? Fuel? Weight? All the above?

  21. Sailing Nahoa

    Sailing Nahoa24 hari yang lalu

    Expense and Space mostly. Only really necessary for air con. Plenty of solar and high output 12v alternator covers us

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    hi Guys, thanks for so many great videos, I have been watching lots of your videos and enjoy them all, you guys are down to earth and engaging. I live in South Africa, but don’t sail, I sail vicariously through guys like you, warmest regards from SA, be safe and stay in love!

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    Thank you for this very informative video, so interesting and helpful. Wonderful lifestyle you have chosen.

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    Super entertaining to watch... Wonderful boat Nahoa.

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    Great setup guys..

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    Love Your boat! How much does it cost on average per month for you to live on your boat?

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    Love the "deets" and the casual way you convey information in an engaging way

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    You must be talking to total novice people. You talk about what but no reason for it.

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    Great video you guys. I just found your channel and will definitely be a regular watcher as the wife and I consider our possible future on the water! Thank you!

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    Have a question but don’t know if its personal

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    Best video to date. The others were good, but this answered a few questions for me, being somebody who would like to go do a kit build. Just wish I could find a kit 50 with a flydeck. Preferably something that resembles a Leopard 50 🤣🤣🤣. Not gonna happen. I love the part: "catamaran versus monohull - for me there was no question" - my sentiments exactly - its a no-brainer.

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    אני אוהב אתכם ואיך שאתם משתפים אותנו בחייכם

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    Do you guy's have under water camera's? If please do more under water filming, please!

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    Hi, Was just trying to check out the full equipment list, but all I get is your website ... and I can't find it? HELP.

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    מעניין אותי אם כשאתם בלב ים האם אתם שטים האם מישהו צריך להישאר ער ואיך זה מרגיש להיות לבד בלב ים בלילה

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    קודם כל אתם מדהימים ואני מקנא בעיקר באישיות שלכם שמאפשרת לכם לעשות את המסע המדהים שלכם

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    I sure do like your IDreporter channel I've watched so many y'alls adventures never knew how to leave a comment I just now learned y'all are awesome keep them coming

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    Awesome video!! Tari and I are really enjoying you guys! :)

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    How much was the initial purchase cost of Nahoa....before you started paining the hull.

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    Enjoyed all the information, you all are wonderful, Thanks much!

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    hate the word awesome....... and tris are better lol

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    I really like your videos, and I love both of your disposition. I feel as though you are enjoying yourselves, and are honest about your experience.

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    21:44 The appliance direct guy tho

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    Thanks for the walktrough

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    Hi from Australia. Great video guys. I am not a sailor but loved every minute watching the video and walking through your "home". I have subscribed and look forward to following your adventures in the future. I have a little catching up to do with all your videos.

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    Where are you guys currently

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    Thanks so much for all the information, just beautiful boat!


    OUTSIDER - PUBG2 bulan yang lalu

    I'm living in a mountain forest away from the sea. I don't know why I'm watching their videos but it's amazing!

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    Thanks for sharing with us your home. Really amazing. Saw a different side of Ashley, the proud queen of her castle 👍 and Ben king of mechanical. The two of you click so well im losing sleep binge watching. Btw your boat is immaculate considering your travel durations.

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    You guys are so switched on with the EPerb

  53. Nigel Morgan

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    Thank you for sharing your boat very nice

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    I've been following you guys. I just want to ask how much did you pay for your boat? Im so inspired by your videos

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    Guys you are great !!!!

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    My wife loved this video so much that she has promised to make me watch it again!

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    Do you keep guns on the boat? Pirate defense?

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    Awesome. Happy for you guys taking the plunge

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    Great video! I learned a lot.

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    how much $$$$$ do you have , soup to nuts , in your rig ?

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    probably a purchase of 200,000 and another 100,000 to date

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    I can not find you complete equipment list please help thank you

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    This was a really good video. I love hearing all the dirty details.

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    I hear comments frequently about the smell from the chain lockers. If you have the water why not rinse them with fresh water as they are being hauled in? Love you video's. I have learned so much and am working on my personal goals of living on a boat. Not nearly as young as your guys but I figured that I would prefer not to have regrets about what I might have done. Keep up the good work.

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    Thanks for the walktrough tour. That is the first time I have ever seen an escape hatch on a sailboat to use if you capsize.

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    I have been watching cat videos for the last year and this one Is absolutely the best. You two are so good at explains and articulating in simple terms. Thank you so much. Do you have a video describing real sailing techniques?

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    Great video and very much enjoyed watching it thank you

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    Great tour. Love this boat!