Syria air strikes: Latest updates- BBC News


  1. Randall Parker

    Randall Parker9 hari yang lalu

    Chemical attack is way more efficient for Assad than any other method he has. Of course he is going to use it if he has it. He has always used it in the past just as the Ayatollah Iran, Saddam Hussein Iraq did when they have/had it. Very efficient method of eliminating your enemies and all you lose is a storage facility that you emptied. HA! Assad is laughing his ass off!

  2. blue gravity

    blue gravity21 hari yang lalu

    Yes Russia please give them the system so we can take it away.

  3. Lawney Malbrough

    Lawney Malbrough27 hari yang lalu

    I'm not convinced Assad is using chemical weapons. I don't trust these reports. I think these strikes may be economic targets.

  4. GT S1971

    GT S1971Bulan Yang lalu

    The UN. :-(

  5. Prophetess Malissa

    Prophetess MalissaBulan Yang lalu

    Watch Prophetess Malissa On IDreporter Healing &Prayer For Nation

  6. Rachel Raya

    Rachel RayaBulan Yang lalu

    Is he talking about the shit he's doing, the shit he is making America into? F'n Hypocrite! Embarrassing! Just Embarrassing! Just like Sadom Husain and the BS of Weaons of Mass Destruction! Bush.....

  7. tRuMptUB3 Ps4

    tRuMptUB3 Ps42 bulan yang lalu

    Russian lies. No one way yell how many were shot down that fast. Not possible in todays world

  8. lion king

    lion king2 bulan yang lalu

    Shame on you all everybody knows what the truth is

  9. Nghia Dang

    Nghia Dang2 bulan yang lalu

    W orl. News fro

  10. Куралай Кулмырза

    Куралай Кулмырза4 bulan yang lalu

    God is great.Accept Lslam and be saved.Mahdi Kuralai .Kazakh

  11. Etienne Nguettia

    Etienne Nguettia5 bulan yang lalu


  12. Dr Frost

    Dr Frost6 bulan yang lalu


  13. Said Hamadouche

    Said Hamadouche6 bulan yang lalu

    Glory russia

  14. Angelo B Koljenovic

    Angelo B Koljenovic7 bulan yang lalu

    Wall after al we have seen that UK FR and the US sadly have failed Misbrly supporting criminals and ISIS Murders...

  15. Roderick Bush

    Roderick Bush7 bulan yang lalu

    You devil are murdering hypocrites, you USA/EUR, yes you the Caucasians/neanderthal. You people are these Nations that have murdered ten's of millions of African people, and the indigenous Native American people. Mass genocide is the business that you are an expert in Amerikkka. Just like your counterpart Caucasian/neanderthal relatives throughout Europe who has the blood of hundreds of millions of African People upon their hands, and the numbers are still increasing. So get off the bullshit, you devil's are the number one Terrorist in the world, and your biggest fear is that a dark Nation people may develop a weapon or something to protect themselves from you. the

  16. Roderick Bush

    Roderick Bush7 bulan yang lalu

    America has been doing what president Trump accused Syria of to black people for centuries, those here, and abroad. The real Amerikkka. Is Trump's Amerikkka.

  17. Ursa Major

    Ursa Major7 bulan yang lalu

    Russian trolls all over comment section, why the fuck isn't IDreporter doing something about it?

  18. Atif Khan

    Atif Khan8 bulan yang lalu

    USA sucks

  19. Matthew LaMacchia

    Matthew LaMacchia8 bulan yang lalu

    Watchtower and Bible tract society has stocks with Rand Technology that's through DARPA...Part of Washington D.C. no wonder Russia kicked them out .Jehovah is playing both sides selling out to the U.N.....What a traitor to it's people by stealing their lives for a demon...

  20. Jacob Vankeirsbilck

    Jacob Vankeirsbilck8 bulan yang lalu

    his only friends are dictators and tyrants

  21. Alan Williams

    Alan Williams9 bulan yang lalu

    The Internet Is flooding with People saying that what they are really fighting is Giants (12 footers and up) Strange....! does make you wonder though if you think about it. ?

  22. upper cut

    upper cut9 bulan yang lalu

    Bullshit Broadcasting Committee.

  23. Christian Lopez

    Christian Lopez11 bulan yang lalu

    tell the truth they have no central bank and thats wat its all about

  24. Lelu Grace

    Lelu Grace11 bulan yang lalu


  25. Starlet360

    Starlet36011 bulan yang lalu

    Trump: What kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men, women and children? Me: Umm... Yours?

  26. say is

    say isTahun Yang lalu

    US should go home, not welcome

  27. Muhammad Ansari

    Muhammad AnsariTahun Yang lalu

    Former mr. asad was no awali, he was a shia

  28. Ankush Roy

    Ankush RoyTahun Yang lalu

    Powerful bombing needed,nuclear weapon is last solution.

  29. Andrew Martinez

    Andrew Martinez11 bulan yang lalu

    End of mankind. We must unite peace yall

  30. Gold Smith

    Gold SmithTahun Yang lalu

    The oil companies should help those countries instead of destroying them. Same goes with Israel

  31. Gold Smith

    Gold SmithTahun Yang lalu

    Why the fuck is US doing this gets me? Trump shouldn't listen to Israel, bring our ships out of there. Stop being a puppet Donald and do what is right.



    Wars and rumors of wars. For the Love of God the one and only Creator. Can we stop he killings? Can we try world Peace? We need to find another way. God going to get us!

  33. sfj sfj

    sfj sfjTahun Yang lalu

    Liars BBC .. Zero proof of Assad using Chemicals... Lot's of evidence of False Flag Chemical attacks .. LOT's ..

  34. Tamphasana R.K

    Tamphasana R.KTahun Yang lalu

    The usa, uk, france and israel are doomed. Russia, China, India, Brazil, former soviet countries, Pakistan, Chile, Venezuela and scores of countries are going to wipe your countries from the face of Earth

  35. Tamphasana R.K

    Tamphasana R.KTahun Yang lalu

    Your hired mercenaries and anti Assad terror groups and the cia gives them chemical weapons to kill thousands and thousands of innocent people loyal to their country and put the blames on Assad, who is the Head of a sovereign country. Let's theorise the same situation in your country, england, france and the most evil country israel, other countries doing the same thing, invading your countries in the pretext that your countries used chemical weapons on innocent citizens, what will your zionist leaders do?!!

  36. Tamphasana R.K

    Tamphasana R.KTahun Yang lalu

    You poodle puppet trump, you are an obedient dog of the Zionist jews illuminati cabal 🐩

  37. Dipankar Singh

    Dipankar SinghTahun Yang lalu

    Don’t know what Europe and USA has to do with middle east crisis

  38. Ricardo Miranda

    Ricardo MirandaTahun Yang lalu

    Why doo wee worry so much about them having nuclear weaponds fuck thats dum wee have some and nobodys seem to come overhere and doo shit

  39. Harold McBroom

    Harold McBroomTahun Yang lalu

    *Breaking News:* In a failed attempt to send an unclear message from the United Nuisance, that expensive Chemical Weapons will not be destroyed by *Israel* ...a joint team of US, UK, and French fighters high on pot, set off on a race against time, but mostly Israel, to produce a good film to convince the Israeli's they don't have to come in themselves to finish the job correctly! *(See Below Please -- Funny)* *Moral of the story...* _If you don't want weapons destroyed, send in the _*_United Nothing_*_ to put on a good show!_ If it had been Israel, you would have at least gotten some of those delicious Israeli chocolates Amir Tsarfati is always talking about! Shalom Aleichem Blessings to Israel! Want something done right, send an Israeli!

  40. Parichay Times

    Parichay TimesTahun Yang lalu

  41. 1103 Musik Berlin

    1103 Musik BerlinTahun Yang lalu

    harmonic video here

  42. luma

    lumaTahun Yang lalu

    f""k BBC yourself.

  43. Trump Licks'ass.

    Trump Licks'ass.Tahun Yang lalu

    U.S.A. UK and France blowing up empty buildings. Same as they did the last time. If they had hit Russian military it would of been war. All the news has been blocked on line. Only American propaganda along with the same from UK is on line as well as TV. Russia has all it's weapons and manpower strategically placed and ready to kill. It's no joke. Without Russia, Americans well prolong the war and continue to kill and displace the innocent and helpless. And the American lies continue. God help us all and keep the world safe from America its CIA and the UK

  44. whattaasshole dude

    whattaasshole dudeTahun Yang lalu

    Assad is an asshat he gives Putin hand jobs for protection

  45. Erik H

    Erik HTahun Yang lalu

    Alot of people to blame and we will all fall into ww3. Bush and obama armed isis terrosist and rebel separtists, then obama put boots on ground after realizing the monsters they turned out to be. Now trump sees no way out really without looking weak and you know he cant do that. Now iran is on little isreals doorstep, thats not good. The Perfect Storm!!!



    UK USA France Israel and their territory must move out of Syria There is no regime there is government Chemical weapons were give by NATO to terrorist to strike Syrian force that's why NATO is not fighting ISIS but fighting Assad

  47. Madame Cooking

    Madame CookingTahun Yang lalu

    I hate war so much

  48. ODD-one out n about

    ODD-one out n aboutTahun Yang lalu

    Don't lie..repent of sins and turn to JESUS CHRIST before it's too late people. .end times now..

  49. soft vani

    soft vaniTahun Yang lalu

    Suriah target us dan sekutunya. Rusia, china, iran dan sekutunya mempertahankan suriah, dari gempuran sekutu us dg israel terlibat di dalamnya. Uji coba persenjataan baru muncul di sini. Hasil dari gempuran mebabi buta sekutu us, suriah hancur dan pemerintahan suriah tumbang. Begitu juga israel jg akan hancur lebur karena perang brutal ini. Setelah pemerintahan suriah jatuh..., negara akan terbagi dua. Sebagian di kuasai sekutu usa dan sebagian di kuasai sekutu rusia. Tujuan utama dari perang ini.. , bagi suriah jadi 2 negara, spt keinginan sekutu us.

  50. isaiah folley

    isaiah folleyTahun Yang lalu

    When one of those crazy middleast dictators get their hands on a nuke..then the real fun begans!😈

  51. Adelchi Di Palma

    Adelchi Di PalmaTahun Yang lalu

    Trump you are incompetent and a liar

  52. Adelchi Di Palma

    Adelchi Di PalmaTahun Yang lalu

    Trump message sounds like USA

  53. Mohammed Mannan

    Mohammed MannanTahun Yang lalu

    Britain only got involved in this criminal action just to make Trump happy, and we all know why " trade deal "

  54. Mohammed Mannan

    Mohammed MannanTahun Yang lalu

    Civilians? Since when are you starting to care about civilians?

  55. Mohammed Mannan

    Mohammed MannanTahun Yang lalu

    Those strikes are only to weaken syrian military action against terrorists.

  56. Mohammed Mannan

    Mohammed MannanTahun Yang lalu

    Criminal contributions that's all it is.

  57. stabme jorge

    stabme jorgeTahun Yang lalu

    "What kind of President would want to be associated with a totalitarian dictator?"...

  58. Life's truths

    Life's truthsTahun Yang lalu

    We know now that there was no chemical attack and that the lies were put out by the ISIS whiter helmets. The attack by the three criminal nations, UK, USA, and France, had been planned months agaom and was set in action by the lies of a chemical attack by Syria.

  59. Jack Lynti

    Jack LyntiTahun Yang lalu

    How much will the west violent indulgence in the middle East end??

  60. Jack Lynti

    Jack LyntiTahun Yang lalu

    What is the world coming to?

  61. Delano Gavinchi

    Delano GavinchiTahun Yang lalu