Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins


  1. Spoonzi TM

    Spoonzi TM6 jam yang lalu

    My favorite thing is how Nate just goes with everything. He’s like “I signed up for Jeffree and I accept and support”. I love it so much

  2. Kirsten Lowell

    Kirsten Lowell6 jam yang lalu

    his tattoos are so tuff

  3. Kirsten Lowell

    Kirsten Lowell6 jam yang lalu

    Yo i actually love Jefferee hes so funny LOL

  4. Sarah H

    Sarah H7 jam yang lalu

    Ngl you should go brunette next that first wig moment was HOT

  5. Olivia Alvarado

    Olivia Alvarado7 jam yang lalu

    This made me laugh 😂 so much...lol.

  6. Nati400 Villegas

    Nati400 Villegas8 jam yang lalu

    looks kinda like Ruby Rose

  7. JessicaMirna

    JessicaMirna8 jam yang lalu

    Musica mexicana en el video de jeffree 😄😍

  8. Timeless Beauty

    Timeless Beauty8 jam yang lalu

    Hes look good like like justin bieber

  9. iipxarlii

    iipxarlii8 jam yang lalu

    23:00: I lowkey thought he was gonna fart

  10. Bethany Gayle

    Bethany Gayle8 jam yang lalu

    “Fuck pressed powder, we’re pressing benches!” 😂😂

  11. kaitlin diala

    kaitlin diala8 jam yang lalu

    ily soooo much

  12. K D

    K D9 jam yang lalu

    Jeff Dolan belongs in a kpop band

  13. Just Gianna

    Just Gianna9 jam yang lalu

    No one: Not a single soul: Jeffery/ Jeff: “ 33:18 “

  14. fatima morales

    fatima morales9 jam yang lalu

    Jeffree looks like chucky’s son 😂

  15. Anastasia Zinnecker

    Anastasia Zinnecker9 jam yang lalu

    Why does Jeffree Star as the Dolan twins look like Ruby Rose to me?

  16. Alyson Ryan

    Alyson Ryan9 jam yang lalu

    I don’t know how the fuck to feel. Only Jeffree can be hot as a full on dude but also his normal look.

  17. CYNTHEAter MAX

    CYNTHEAter MAX9 jam yang lalu


  18. Mama

    Mama9 jam yang lalu

    Looks like a young skinny Ben stiller or Winona Ryder?

  19. Cassandralexx Stein

    Cassandralexx Stein10 jam yang lalu

    Jeff Dolan is really hawt no cap like Jeffree has an ethereal beauty but like Jeff is sooooo good looking

  20. Allison Geisler

    Allison Geisler10 jam yang lalu

    l love you

  21. sister4sister

    sister4sister10 jam yang lalu

    Just noticed sister squad bracelet

  22. Amirra Shamma

    Amirra Shamma10 jam yang lalu

    Ok but why was I attracted to Jeff for a good minute 😂

  23. Brenda Partida

    Brenda Partida10 jam yang lalu

    "Fuck pressed power WE'RE PRESSING BENCHES!!" I'm deceased!

  24. heyitsED

    heyitsED10 jam yang lalu

    The masculinity jumped out sis

  25. Brianna Will

    Brianna Will10 jam yang lalu

    jeffree: let's go pump some iron me: eww never say that again lusm but no just no

  26. J K

    J K10 jam yang lalu

    Are they lactose intolerant or do they just think dairy will make them fat? I'd rather be a fat fuck than give up cheese frankly xD

  27. Amber Banner

    Amber Banner11 jam yang lalu

    This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in forever. Jeff Dolan is exactly like Alex from 13 reasons why and it just really cracked me up.

  28. Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom11 jam yang lalu

    Brunette Jeffree with eyebrows is zaddy

  29. Elora Wood

    Elora Wood11 jam yang lalu

    I´ve said it before, but if they make a real Sandman movie - they´ll HAVE to ask Jeff to do Desire...he´d be perfect!

  30. Denise Mack

    Denise Mack11 jam yang lalu

    I absolutely adore Jeffree’s smile

  31. Summer Morris

    Summer Morris12 jam yang lalu

    This is sooo cringy but it awesome 😂

  32. Mary Cancino

    Mary Cancino12 jam yang lalu


  33. Roxanne Carpenter

    Roxanne Carpenter12 jam yang lalu

    Jeff is a HOT dude!

  34. Maro Maro

    Maro Maro12 jam yang lalu

    Jeff dolan is soooo cuteeee 😂😂😆😆

  35. honeybaby456

    honeybaby45612 jam yang lalu

    jeffree is giving me ruby rose vibes for some reason

  36. Tamara Buxton

    Tamara Buxton13 jam yang lalu

    Jefry looks like Hilary Swank's character, Brandon, in Boys Don't Cry ✌

  37. Gavin Schultz

    Gavin Schultz13 jam yang lalu

    ruby rose lookin lol. looks dope

  38. Hema Ali

    Hema Ali13 jam yang lalu

    I love how Jeffree goes along with everything with such enthusiasm and accepts everything that the twins are and do. The amazing trio that you didn’t know you needed to see haha ❤️

  39. Krizia DiLorenzo

    Krizia DiLorenzo13 jam yang lalu

    omg this is insane

  40. Alice Asiri ꁞ ٧٠٧

    Alice Asiri ꁞ ٧٠٧13 jam yang lalu

    لقد اصبحت وسيم جدا

  41. Alice Asiri ꁞ ٧٠٧

    Alice Asiri ꁞ ٧٠٧13 jam yang lalu

    استمر ياعزيز نريد المزيد من التقدم والنجاح ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  42. JessicaMirna

    JessicaMirna14 jam yang lalu

    Deberias quedarte asi.😍 Te vez muy guapo 👌😍

  43. Kerim Gutiérrez

    Kerim Gutiérrez14 jam yang lalu

    I laughed so much and I wish I had one of those C4 cans, lol. It gave you so much energy! Lol

  44. Shania Gonzalez

    Shania Gonzalez14 jam yang lalu

    When Grayson was demonstrating all the gym and skateboard moves while Ethan and Jeffree just watched. 😂 I love them so much.

  45. noconicole

    noconicole15 jam yang lalu

    holy shit you look so good though lmao

  46. Jackie Ramirez

    Jackie Ramirez15 jam yang lalu

    Ruby rose ????

  47. Gabrielle DuBois

    Gabrielle DuBois15 jam yang lalu

    Jeff Dolan gives me Ruby Rose vibes 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Teenage Drama Queen

    Teenage Drama Queen15 jam yang lalu

    He reminds me of that episode of Hannah Montana when Jake Ryan tries to be normal

  49. Natalie Miett

    Natalie Miett15 jam yang lalu

    The eyebrows had me shook

  50. Sub PewDiePie

    Sub PewDiePie15 jam yang lalu

    He looks attractive in both genders omgg slayy

  51. Nikole Ribeiro

    Nikole Ribeiro16 jam yang lalu

    jeffery looks like Winnona Ryder (whatever her name is ) lol

  52. Alice Lily

    Alice Lily17 jam yang lalu

    so it’s the dolan triplets now?

  53. Emily Stevenson

    Emily Stevenson17 jam yang lalu

    He looks like if Andy biersack had liposuction

  54. Ghetto Schamanin

    Ghetto Schamanin17 jam yang lalu

    Either way Jeffree is just a beautiful man.

  55. Ashley Pezzotti

    Ashley Pezzotti18 jam yang lalu

    Why is Jeff giving me Roger vibes from American Dad lol I mean he IS an alien haha

  56. L.A. Hensley

    L.A. Hensley18 jam yang lalu

    Jeffree you look like your 14. Wow so young

  57. Māra Gr

    Māra Gr18 jam yang lalu

    With eyebrows Jeffree looks like Winona Ryder.

  58. cookiecarooi

    cookiecarooi18 jam yang lalu

    i think at the gym Jeffree's testosterone all released at once 20:10

  59. Cass Smith

    Cass Smith18 jam yang lalu

    This is so creepy like wtf I love it

  60. Amina Rose

    Amina Rose18 jam yang lalu

    Why do I find Jeffree so hot