Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Rain Forest


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    I love chandler... I don't know why but I somehow relate to his actions and thoughts...

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    I am new to IDreporter streaming, and I wish the best of luck of making a difference, love the videos, and keep creating what you do best!🙂

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    Imagine if chandler came back dressed as a bear in the middle of the night to prank them

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    I want to help I want to help save our planet

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    Chandlers the type of guy to poop on a raccoon

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    Chandler, what's a butt-sack

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    Mr. beast: *staying in the jungle for 24 hours* Naked and afraid: am I a joke to you?

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    Chandler is literally me. Goes to explore. Has to get found by friends. Goes to find food. Gets extremely hurt. Thats me.

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    We have to protect chandler at all costs

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    did someone notice there is a dog or wolf at 1:16

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    Chandler is the real survivor

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    This reminds me of that show naked and afraid

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    Jimmy was complaining about first aid but chandler got poisoned

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    Mr Beast: Chandler Please put your machete away Chandler: drops it Mr Beast: -.-

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    Chandler has to make his own IDreporter channel

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    Me and the boooooooooys 0:00

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    No Chris no surviving skill and even no Mr. Beast...Chris is the real beast...huge fan is chris

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    Mr Beast: Chandler Please put your machete away Chandler: drops it Mr Beast: -.-

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    Come up with a challenge in Philly area! Please!

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    an army of youtubers to plant trees ? i'm in

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    I am a yoetyoeber, iff u contact me ill give you a cookie.......A REAL COOKIE..........srsly......... or ill tell my mom

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    I’m the type of person who does this without any supplies XD

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    I wanna help to plant trees but i m in india nd i have +300 subscribers

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    2:16 what is that black thing in the background behind chanler

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    @MrBeast or mrbest can I plant u treesssss

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    For some reason it’s always Chandler always getting hurt

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    I am sad that club penguin got shut down😭

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    Mr beast contact faze rug he also did a little picking up trash challenge

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    Plant 25 million trees or I'll kick you NO JOKE (Repost so Mr. Beast can see