Surprising MrBeast With A Custom iPhone 11!!📱📞 (Giveaway)


  1. ZHC

    ZHC13 jam yang lalu

    Follow me on IG and Twitter to keep up with updates! IG: @zhcomicart Twitter: @hsieh_zachary Thanks again lords mobile for sponsoring the vid! Giveaway ends on 12/10

  2. Isaiah Mendoza

    Isaiah Mendoza12 jam yang lalu

    I done give me two for me and twin talk to me at fortnite is PSisaiah101

  3. TTV dudeyguy 11789

    TTV dudeyguy 1178913 jam yang lalu

    Who won???

  4. Hey SHANE

    Hey SHANE13 jam yang lalu

    Woke up at 4:30am but this is a great experience lol

  5. Ben Lev

    Ben Lev13 jam yang lalu

    ZHC 🤩🤩

  6. Dayy

    Dayy13 jam yang lalu

    i can’t download the app because i don’t have enough storage 😭

  7. mohamed fazal

    mohamed fazal4 jam yang lalu

    Zhc you aree amazingggg


    DEVIN MOLINARO4 jam yang lalu

    Why is garret wearing preston merch

  9. Hossain Nirjhor Akash

    Hossain Nirjhor Akash4 jam yang lalu

  10. Afak Moideen

    Afak Moideen4 jam yang lalu

    Can I get a giveaway

  11. FROSTanims

    FROSTanims4 jam yang lalu

    No one: Literally no one: ZHC: bought over 100 iphone 11

  12. Thor GDOT

    Thor GDOT4 jam yang lalu

    Zhc buy 35 iPhone 11 and still have iPhone 10.

  13. Najib Alim

    Najib Alim4 jam yang lalu

    gave away plss

  14. Gaming Rock

    Gaming Rock4 jam yang lalu

    I have an android and want a iPhone 11 📱 appreciation

  15. Dheeru sharma

    Dheeru sharma4 jam yang lalu

    I want the phone

  16. FettyBettyAndJozee

    FettyBettyAndJozee4 jam yang lalu

    Art mr. Beast

  17. Mohamed El-farabi

    Mohamed El-farabi4 jam yang lalu

    Omg it was so fetch

  18. Ibrahim TGD

    Ibrahim TGD4 jam yang lalu

    9:10 Why Is he wearing Preston Styles Merch?

  19. Ibrahim TGD

    Ibrahim TGD4 jam yang lalu


  20. Just Jos3ph

    Just Jos3ph4 jam yang lalu K but this video is funny

  21. Omq Savage

    Omq Savage4 jam yang lalu

    I need an Phone 11 pro because of heh idk plz.

  22. Overrated

    Overrated4 jam yang lalu

    Mr.Beast be like *Wait I’m suppose to be the giver*

  23. Ven

    Ven4 jam yang lalu

    Great video Zach! Would love to win an iPhone; too poor to buy one :(

  24. _Ozzie_Dozz_

    _Ozzie_Dozz_4 jam yang lalu

    Thank you for anothe wonderful video your very talented the joy and inspiration from you to others is unreal! By the way I entered.

  25. Just Jos3ph

    Just Jos3ph4 jam yang lalu K but this video is funny

  26. Michel El Khoury

    Michel El Khoury4 jam yang lalu


  27. Gisellle Gonzalez

    Gisellle Gonzalez4 jam yang lalu

    Plz Zach I need a iPhone 11 pro because I have no phone I subscribed and I like the video and even I press the bell I hope I win because I have been a big fan for a long time plz

  28. safiy syazani

    safiy syazani4 jam yang lalu

    Can i get one ? So i can make another youtube channel to subscribe you. 🤣

  29. moazzam shaikh

    moazzam shaikh4 jam yang lalu

    I want black one iPhone 11 pro max moazzam


    COREY FICKLIN4 jam yang lalu

    android is better than ios

  31. Hossain Nirjhor Akash

    Hossain Nirjhor Akash4 jam yang lalu

  32. Noble Vanquisher

    Noble Vanquisher4 jam yang lalu

    Can I have one pls I've alr downloaded the game and played it!

  33. Hossain Nirjhor Akash

    Hossain Nirjhor Akash4 jam yang lalu

  34. Manya Rana

    Manya Rana4 jam yang lalu


  35. Paul Padilla

    Paul Padilla4 jam yang lalu

    I wonder if he requests!!

  36. Angel Fiel

    Angel Fiel4 jam yang lalu

    Sana oil ahahaha

  37. Just beeing here

    Just beeing here4 jam yang lalu

    Oh wow....

  38. Alex _Brawl Stars

    Alex _Brawl Stars4 jam yang lalu


  39. Dian Novita

    Dian Novita4 jam yang lalu

    Want *.*

  40. lai kian chang

    lai kian chang4 jam yang lalu

    When mrbeast also can buy himself iPhone 11

  41. oVeRlOrD- senapi

    oVeRlOrD- senapi4 jam yang lalu

    I see you Chris With that my hero academia SHIRT ;)

  42. My Silly Channel

    My Silly Channel4 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for the beautiful iPhone And . . . . I wish i was serious.

  43. zach1936wasmyyear

    zach1936wasmyyear4 jam yang lalu

    Earn extra cash at home. Super easy and it really works. Today is November 20th 2019

  44. Kurtish Magraja

    Kurtish Magraja4 jam yang lalu

    Woo sub 2 Mrbeast

  45. thuongkienlong phanthang

    thuongkienlong phanthang4 jam yang lalu

  46. C JOEROS

    C JOEROS4 jam yang lalu

    Can I get 1 plss

  47. leo ninja

    leo ninja4 jam yang lalu

    I have like a super trash phone can I have a new one pls

  48. Ella Enoc

    Ella Enoc4 jam yang lalu

    Why did Garret want green it's getting painted anyways

  49. Kalvin Diahn

    Kalvin Diahn4 jam yang lalu

    Plz i still have a LG

  50. Kiyoko

    Kiyoko4 jam yang lalu

    I need an iphone becuz I have an android

  51. evelogs

    evelogs4 jam yang lalu

    You really outdid yourself editing wise woah 😱😱

  52. siamamasiel

    siamamasiel4 jam yang lalu

    I don’t have that

  53. ismael u

    ismael u4 jam yang lalu


  54. AnthonyLARAvlogs

    AnthonyLARAvlogs4 jam yang lalu

    Sub to me if you think me beast is the best 😂😂

  55. Storm_Trap

    Storm_Trap4 jam yang lalu

    A humble request for the best artist,can you make like anime designs like Demon Slayer:Kimetsu No Yaiba,the character nezuko,I would love to see it,keep up the good work,we love you❤❤

  56. Catalina Mays

    Catalina Mays4 jam yang lalu

    maan he knew all he had to do was put mr beast in the title and a lot of people will watch it 😂

  57. TT yler

    TT yler4 jam yang lalu

    Wow chandler actually got something

  58. Samgirl17 Sam

    Samgirl17 Sam4 jam yang lalu

    Done I downloaded it

  59. Giveaways Weekly

    Giveaways Weekly4 jam yang lalu

  60. BIGPEN15LOVER555 BIGPEN15squad

    BIGPEN15LOVER555 BIGPEN15squad4 jam yang lalu

    I still have no idea if I entered the giveaway, even if I don’t win it’s a really good game

  61. Unplugged Dude

    Unplugged Dude4 jam yang lalu

    garret wearing preztonplays merch😂

  62. Aditya Arush

    Aditya Arush4 jam yang lalu


  63. gacha cookie xox

    gacha cookie xox4 jam yang lalu

    Pls I beg you can I win the giveaway I wish to have an iPhone I have an Alcatel its been 5 years since I had it my insta is Angelina.Abu Saleh.58

  64. Natasha Schank

    Natasha Schank4 jam yang lalu


  65. Natasha Schank

    Natasha Schank4 jam yang lalu

    I like and downloaded the game

  66. tem tem

    tem tem4 jam yang lalu

    alright sure it may be cringy but you gotta respect the chap for his hustle and talent