Suran (수란) & Coogie (쿠기) - Into The Abyss (Abyss OST Part 1) Lyrics (Han/Rom/Eng/가사)


  1. Kdrama Mellow

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    *LYRICS* When you stare into the abyss You can dream Into the abyss When you fall into the abyss It could be wonderland like Alice 앞이 안보이지 blind 눈을 못 떠 oh my gosh 너무 필요하지 light 계속 길을 잃어 가 수면 아랜 너무 지쳐숨 막혀 한 숨도 못 쉬어 내 앞에 불들을 비춰내 앞에 벽들은 비켜 심연 위로 끌어 올려내아래에선 난 못 어울리네 기포들이 위로 올려내압박들이 목을 조여대 Falling into the abyss 할수 없어 시간 허비 Falling into the abyss 모르겠어 진짜 뭐가 뭔지 이 어둠속을 비춰내 빛을 잃지 않게 또 숨이 막혀와도 막혀와도 막혀와도 When you stare into the abyss You can dream Into the abyss When you fall into the abyss It could be wonderland like Alice into the abyss 안보여 뭐가 또 뭔지 계속 잊혀지면될 수도 있어 난 먼지 구해줘 빨리잠기고 있어 팔 다리 떨어져 번지떨어져 멀리 떨어져멀리 저기 저 멀리 밑으로 가지 더는 못 참지길을 못 찾지 i want nobody 혼자서 가지내 길을 밝히지 아무것도 앞에서 나 못 막지 결국엔 수면 위에못 돌아가 다시 밑에 결국엔 수면 위에계속 올라가지 위에 더 깊게 날 당겨도저 하늘 별은 꺼지지 않아 이 어둠속을 비춰내 빛을 잃지 않게 또 숨이 막혀와도 막혀와도 막혀와도 When you stare into the abyss You can dream Into the abyss When you fall into the abyss It could be wonderland like Alice When you stare into the abyss You can dream Into the abyss When you fall into the abyss It could be wonderland like Alice

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    Grace Shankar the video has the lyrics but its in “cursive letters” so it may be hard for those who can’t see well enough

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    Dohwan Woo you really made me go to that website...I-

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    Kdrama Mellow on high note a new episode just came out 😊

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    Grace Shankar To sing, it's easier to have all the lyrics in front of my eyes. So, I did it

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    This video is already a ”lyric” video. What the point of this🙄

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    This was the best kdrama i have ever watched i 100% recommend

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    👍👍👌👌 abyss😘

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    Abyss is the best😻😻

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    I just finished the first episode of Abyss and I heard this song. When I say I spend 10 minutes trying to find this song

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    This song is a bop

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    Wow... So, I watched the K-drama "Abyss", which has this song in it. I really liked this song, but never realized that Suran worked with Suga xD.

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    This into the abyss and kill me heal me ost are lit songs but underrated😢💕

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    The Kdrama is.....Oaksdiujfaikqiwpwo2pqksxkjxkskwekqpaa This song is...eiwkqikqsudmdusuqkqkajc8dkwuiqkwudks

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    This is the best song ever in a K-drama I swear. And Abyss is the best K-drama ever I swear.

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    @Love Is Everything. yass

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    Just started watching it and I’m hooked

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    Literally JUST finished the drama a minute ago and I cried in the last episode. AND THE ENDING 😭😭😍 this drama was a good one. LOVE Ahn Hyo Seop and Park Bo Young and the main side characters were the best too. Loved it

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    Would be lit if the lyrics weren't the fucking hardest to read


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    Tooooo beauuutttiiifffuulllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!! Suran's voice suits this song perfectly

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    and this is another reason why i chose kdramas over american kdramas: their bop ost


    ARUN CHAND29 hari yang lalu


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    Them: into the UnKnoWnnNn!!! Me: inTo the aByss

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    This song contains heroine!!!! I’m totally addicted!!!!!! Be careful ❤️


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    Haven’t finished the show yet but. On like episode 12 and it’s really good.

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    2020 still one of the best and unique ost. Abyss and its ost are so underrated.

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    Out of all the K-drams OSTs that I've heard, this has got be one of my favorites!

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    What was the song played at the car after the night of first kisseu? hahaha thanks

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    Se yeon

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    Just added this song to my playlist accidentally and I can’t stop listening to it :”)

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    this is kinda sexy 👉👈

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    I sometime wish that the abyss marble existed for real

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    I wish i could watch it again and have the same joy as watching abyss the first time

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    I'm on episode 4, and i already feel like I've seen 5 whole seasons, lol. Sm is happening, but I suggest for everyone to watch this show.

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    this OST is so good, literally gives me chills everytime an episode ends and Surans voice WOW

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    I miss the K-Drama Abyss...

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    we stan😔✊🤡💦💌😳

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    I highly recommend Abbys❤️

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    Love this song❤️

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    2020 anyone???

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    Me encanta la voz de SURAN♥

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    I love this song..❤️

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    Watching the series now

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    Que hino é esse Brasil?

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    when first time i heard this song in the drama i already know this is suran voice bcs her voice color is so unique :')

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    i cant stop replaying this song

  54. iseya estella

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    아니 한국인이 어떻게 한명도 없는거 같냐..??

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    I love this song also the hero n heroin tooo I love the girl very much she has small face in all correct structure... Love it aslo the drama abysss is very cute drama n nice one 🤩🤩🤩😘😘

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    daebak ost music in this drama💕👏

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    the reason why I started watching Abyss

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    Cha Min

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    Like ABYSS

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    I love the music!!!

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    I’m shoooooooook!!! Why have I been sleeping on this!! 😭😭😭

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    She sounds like Ariana grande but better

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    I love this song and k drama

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    Ta rara ta rara stuck in my head forever it's so contiguous

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    Excellent dramaaaaaaaaa

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    I absolutely adoooore the Kdrama and this song...WOW😍