Super: Official Movie Trailer


  1. fact gasm

    fact gasmHari Yang lalu

    One of my favourite movies. I bought the DVD in 2012 and then bought the official soundtrack. Though they are very different films, there are some parallels between this movie and Joker. They're both about men who wage campaigns of bloody violence following psychiatric breakdowns caused by tragic events in their lives. Whereas the Joker turns to horrifying criminal acts, Frank sets out to clean up the streets in his own bumbling amateurish way, and to avenge the criminals who destroyed what meagre happiness he had enjoyed. What does Super have in common with Guardians of the Galaxy? The same wacky director, James Gunn.

  2. Tristan Mireles

    Tristan Mireles28 hari yang lalu

    It’s awesome that probably this is in the same universe brightburn but if they fought brightburn would kill him unless crimeson bolt got his ship armor and uses it

  3. Juris Dumagan

    Juris DumaganBulan Yang lalu

    Crimson Bolt vs Prison Mike

  4. Ko Vannaseum

    Ko VannaseumBulan Yang lalu

    anybody here after watched brightburn😂

  5. muhammad syahnan

    muhammad syahnan22 hari yang lalu

    This guy supposed to be the "batman" of this universe? Lmao

  6. Raymund

    Raymund2 bulan yang lalu

    Can't wait to see Crimson Bolt vs Brightburn!

  7. xxDrain

    xxDrain2 bulan yang lalu

    Stoopid. But so is the target audience.

  8. Drum Adrenaline Animations

    Drum Adrenaline Animations2 bulan yang lalu

    Rainn Wilson is legendary

  9. Rocco

    Rocco3 bulan yang lalu

    So I guess Angela ended up leaving Dwight for someone else huh 😂

  10. Cosmic Knight

    Cosmic Knight3 bulan yang lalu

    Well this seems interesting


    ICE FLAME4 bulan yang lalu

    Who is sad because Libby died

  12. DLN-008 Elec Man

    DLN-008 Elec Man4 bulan yang lalu

    When Jim won't stop putting your stuff in a Vending machine.

  13. Jairo Romani

    Jairo Romani4 bulan yang lalu

    This is tied with brightburn so it’s in the office universe

  14. Bevin

    Bevin4 bulan yang lalu

    Im kinda wonder how its tied in with Bright Burn? Same Universe

  15. 12345fowler

    12345fowler4 bulan yang lalu

    I liked RW in Dark Angel ep16 s1

  16. Glenn Keating

    Glenn Keating4 bulan yang lalu

    This is in the same universe as Brightburn right??

  17. Jean Pierre vargas alvarez

    Jean Pierre vargas alvarez3 bulan yang lalu


  18. 9 9

    9 94 bulan yang lalu

    I can't believe that this movie is in the same universe with Brightburn and that's frickin awesome and I wonder if the Crimson Bolt will be fighting Brandon.

  19. 9 9

    9 9Bulan Yang lalu

    @Har-v Wf Your welcome

  20. Har-v Wf

    Har-v WfBulan Yang lalu

    9 9 ok, thanks

  21. 9 9

    9 9Bulan Yang lalu

    @Har-v Wf I guess they are part of the same universe.

  22. Har-v Wf

    Har-v WfBulan Yang lalu

    How are those movies connected?

  23. 9 9

    9 92 bulan yang lalu

    @AndwardoSauce ok

  24. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley4 bulan yang lalu

    Brightburn, your doom awaits...

  25. TheCosmicFireStar

    TheCosmicFireStar4 bulan yang lalu

    This is supposedly set in the same Universe as James Gunn's BrightBurn

  26. Andeddo Zonbi

    Andeddo Zonbi4 bulan yang lalu

    Idk about that.... It was mentioned to have an evil aquaman and wonder woman I think in Brightburn's universe, which is a horror genre anyway

  27. KingMatthew801

    KingMatthew8014 bulan yang lalu

    Crimsonbolt vs Brightburn

  28. kokichi ouma

    kokichi ouma5 bulan yang lalu

    Do not watch this trailer. It reveals too many spoilers


    LUCIANO G3ARS5 bulan yang lalu

    Whats the song of the beginning?

  30. The Byronicmann

    The Byronicmann6 bulan yang lalu

    No way would I go and see that movie after such a terrible trailer. I actually saw it on TV and it was fantastic!

  31. Amanda Jane Earley

    Amanda Jane Earley8 bulan yang lalu

    sick film lad

  32. Wolf Doggie

    Wolf Doggie10 bulan yang lalu

    This was the most intense episode of The Office I've ever seen. Literally makes you laugh and cry at same time. 10/10 Dunno why I never hearda it till recently.

  33. TOP FLIX

    TOP FLIXTahun Yang lalu

    incrible movie

  34. Dredd *

    Dredd *Tahun Yang lalu

    Then it's settled am gonna watch it

  35. eiderglast

    eiderglastTahun Yang lalu

    I never knew that a wife can fall out of love to someone who loves her deeply.

  36. big moron

    big moronTahun Yang lalu


  37. IndigoTV

    IndigoTVTahun Yang lalu

    How am I now just learning about this movie????????????????????

  38. Andrew Leeke

    Andrew LeekeTahun Yang lalu

    From the guy who Disney hired, made two superhero films with, then read his twitter feed and got panicked that he wasn't family friendly...

  39. Demian Oxen

    Demian OxenTahun Yang lalu

    Cool it's another Juno Scott Pilgrim angsty movie for 14 year old confused females hitting their monthly subscription for the first time? Wow! That's original.

  40. hi cj

    hi cjTahun Yang lalu

    You REALLY shouldn't be talking about cliches when you have an edgy avi like yours

  41. Mike Rotch

    Mike RotchTahun Yang lalu

    No the movie is more about a 40 year old man having a mid life crisis after his girlfriend dumps him. Then he goes insane, has visions and goes on a killing spree.

  42. Demian Oxen

    Demian OxenTahun Yang lalu

    Sky man easy on the 'bloody' sauce, I'm vegan.

  43. Sky man

    Sky manTahun Yang lalu

    Demian Oxen Have you watched the movie? It is none of those things. Just because it has Ellen page doesn't mean its an angsty teen girl movie you dipshit.

  44. Tim Gilbert

    Tim GilbertTahun Yang lalu

    The song is called "Two Perfect Moments" it's an original piece made for the movie - it's on Spotify. You're welcome.

  45. Kevin Sansom

    Kevin SansomTahun Yang lalu

    The critics panned it. Another example of the people “who know” showing themselves for the worthless hacks that they are. The film is simply fantastic.

  46. Jesse Nathan

    Jesse NathanTahun Yang lalu

    Is this okay for people at age 14?

  47. Arturo Millán

    Arturo MillánTahun Yang lalu

    A bit too violent. Gory, more like.


    PEDRO IIITahun Yang lalu

    jesse Nathan Most sexual thing in the movie is Ellen Page in a tight suit. It has some gore, though.

  49. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    bluegrassmagnolia superhulkTahun Yang lalu

    rainn wilson is great at normal and simple role

  50. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    bluegrassmagnolia superhulkTahun Yang lalu

    liv tyler is much fitter in this role than betty ross

  51. mickenoss

    mickenossTahun Yang lalu

    Boltie was an upgrade from Sarah.

  52. Dinesh Shinde

    Dinesh ShindeTahun Yang lalu

    They should do part 2

  53. Aidan D.

    Aidan D.Tahun Yang lalu

    Ellen Page's character did not get nearly enough screen time as Bolty

  54. Kathiravan Ganesh

    Kathiravan GaneshTahun Yang lalu

    James Gunn is brilliant. Why Jenna divorce him

  55. Chinese Gold Farmer

    Chinese Gold FarmerTahun Yang lalu

    Does anyone know the second song playing?

  56. Raj Brit Brigade

    Raj Brit Brigade2 tahun yang lalu

    why did it make fun a scene from a movie called defendor....its basically just like the movie defendor, a vigilante super hero film but funny

  57. Marionette :v

    Marionette :v2 tahun yang lalu

    it might be messed up, but i still love it

  58. Coelhinho Fufu

    Coelhinho Fufu2 tahun yang lalu

    This movie is a very bloddy Trip!!

  59. Paolo M

    Paolo M3 tahun yang lalu

    Astronauta da normalgrigi argomento di merda

  60. poplorie

    poplorie3 tahun yang lalu

    Ok what i really really hate about this movie is that ellen page died at the cmon' she was a main character in the movie and main characters must not die :/

  61. Xpzilla

    Xpzilla8 bulan yang lalu

    thx for the spoiler

  62. Jgpgames

    JgpgamesTahun Yang lalu

    I thought her character was a bit annoying

  63. Josh Lines

    Josh LinesTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks for spoiling the movie..

  64. rakan albadri

    rakan albadri3 tahun yang lalu

    dowight shroot 😂😂😂

  65. Tony Jones

    Tony Jones3 tahun yang lalu

    This is more of a DARK COMEDY. Don't be fooled by the trailer, it's very bloody and journeys down some dark places. Incredibly complex movie.

  66. kastr366

    kastr36611 bulan yang lalu

    Yes and i loved it for that

  67. lkeaboy

    lkeaboy2 tahun yang lalu

    yup, it was pretty disturbing at times

  68. George stevens

    George stevens3 tahun yang lalu

    boltie was amazing, such an incredible character

  69. George stevens

    George stevens3 tahun yang lalu

    ellen paige is such a gorgeous woman

  70. Kevin K

    Kevin K3 tahun yang lalu

    Criminally underrated comedy movie, in my opinion! Great to watch while in the midst of a bad mood or if work pisses you off.

  71. George Miller

    George Miller2 tahun yang lalu

    Kevin K I think it makes you more depressing than happy.

  72. nathanielson

    nathanielson3 tahun yang lalu

    I enjoyed it until Ellen Page started ruining it, Hollywood just can't resist

  73. diablodiablodiablo

    diablodiablodiablo3 tahun yang lalu

    One hell of a movie.

  74. Onkel Iroh

    Onkel Iroh3 tahun yang lalu

    shut up crime!

  75. MyEva Newsome

    MyEva Newsome4 tahun yang lalu

    love this movie!

  76. Zargogo

    Zargogo4 tahun yang lalu

    IF YOU ARE EVEN HALF INTERESTED IN WATCHING THIS MOVIE, TURN OFF THIS TRAILER NOW. it spoils everything and sets the wrong mood.

  77. CIMFS

    CIMFS2 tahun yang lalu

    Fond Memory Vacation I’m not going to watch the trailer I’m watching the movie in a hour it’s on my tv

  78. Fond Memory Vacation

    Fond Memory Vacation2 tahun yang lalu

    Zargogo I'm so glad I listened to your advice, dude.

  79. Laura Pillsforall

    Laura Pillsforall3 tahun yang lalu

    +Zargogo shutt up crime!

  80. Der Ritter

    Der Ritter4 tahun yang lalu

    I watched it today kinda funny kinda not all I can say is I am scared for kife

  81. Hector Ortiz

    Hector Ortiz4 tahun yang lalu

    Movie was funny as hell!

  82. Jake Jones

    Jake Jones5 tahun yang lalu

    Terrible movie

  83. Jake Jones

    Jake Jones4 tahun yang lalu

    @Terry Tio This is the biggest waste of energy

  84. Mason Morgan

    Mason Morgan5 tahun yang lalu

    That's inappropriate....

  85. WheatleyOS

    WheatleyOS5 tahun yang lalu

    I want to see this just because it's so cheesy XD

  86. WheatleyOS

    WheatleyOS4 tahun yang lalu

    @M. Cobretti I watched it. It's pretty damn cheesy, just in a funny way.

  87. M. Shambho

    M. Shambho4 tahun yang lalu

    +Wheatley Its a comedy. A comedy can't be called cheesy. Cheesy is when a film intended to be badass starts falling apart.

  88. Lieutenant S

    Lieutenant S5 tahun yang lalu

    I thought this movie was gonna be cute and funny. I was severely disappointed, but completely satisfied at the same time.

  89. Иван Матвеев

    Иван Матвеев5 tahun yang lalu

    эллен пейдж и сюда сунули

  90. Bradley Greenwood

    Bradley Greenwood4 tahun yang lalu

    Ellen Page rocks!