Summer Before College | Hannah Stocking


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    Love you Hannah

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    Hannah Stocking 😄

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    Hannah Stocking I did

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    @Maissa Maissa also. Its beyond obvious her and her friends are just simple white thots choking on dick. WHAT!

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    Quote of the year You Camt run from the law

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    Ayyy y’all see Ona ? 🤪

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    That was hailo.ona from tik tok 3:23

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    This is The best video ever AWESOME

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    send me that chucky doll. pls

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    I love u so much hannah and lele😭😭 i hope u can see my comment i am a biggest fan of u and lele this is how many u love hannah and lele😇❤ ↓

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    omg ona and brandon are in the video

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    Am I the only one who noticed the 🇬🇷 flag? Yep alonee😂😂

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    Have a question..... Is she actually Greek...? Really dunno, pls answer. I'm greek too!!!

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    It’s ONA omg

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    Voice crack 2:37 ?

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    whats the music at 3:41 can anyone name it.

  19. Fati Jabb

    Fati Jabb3 hari yang lalu

    whats the music at 3:41 can anyone name it.

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    I'm Greek and someone called Hannah a Greek Freek so that is mean l hope l get a apologig 😢😢 Love your videos❤️

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    If i heard that i'm going to Harvard i would jump full of joice

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    WAS THAT ONA 🥰🥰??????

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    The start hurt me😢

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    This shit is torture. The Holocaust can't beat this.

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    X CA A

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    wait, he has a girlfriend but never had his first kiss?? lmao

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    Did enyone see marry on the news paper in the middle of the video from the that she had made hehehehe

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    Lol your d Soo funny

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    The fuck

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    3:21 anyone saw ona

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    3:22 who else saw the.realona

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    At 5:41 i saw ona i didnt know she was in Hannah's video❤❤❤

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    3:22 hailey Ona was there!

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    OMG who else saw ona

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    I love when hannah got chased by everyone.


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    1 like equals agree Hannah is so hot I mean dang I'm jealous of her boyfriend

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    You need to do more videos with haley/Ona

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    Wait was that haily ona and Brandon

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    Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco 3333

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    This one was funny

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    That is so tough

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    Ona is in it ahhh omg

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    Where the funny

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    Omg that girl looked like haiely I hope it was her

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    A real kneeslapper ahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaa

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    ur going of to college and the only thig ur thinking is that hey lets tippi a house. I'm pretty sure that if your going to harvard you wouldn't do that

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    How much did they pay the kid to be in hannah stocking's video, did she also write the note it seems way to nice to be hannah stockings.

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    I'm in 8th grade I'm pretty sure that I don't have that wierd horrifing toy at 1:12. Also my goal for when I graduate is to just pass and then get a job.