Street Food Tour of Bali - INSANELY DELICIOUS Indonesian Food in Bali, Indonesia!


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    How is he not fat?

  2. Pedrous Soma

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    indian and bali same cooking technic ..make food with naked hand

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    Many local people and tourist d get sick after eat baliness foods. Be careful 👹👹

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    Man nothing like babu guling even we have one restaurant that claim to make it like in bali but sadly that is not the case. Just nothing compares

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    Who’s watching this with no money ?

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    Pork? Not halal. How is it pork is served?

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    Bali....a wonderful island Tourism grow since before independenday.... So... Who love Bsli just like thanks

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    Dude, your reaction are somewhat predicable now rite!

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    is there no serving spoon? she takes the food by her hands... probably her fingers added something into the aroma of the food, hehe

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    Thanks for telling us if it's halal or not 😚 its very useful

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    ❤❤ from indonesia 🇮🇩

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    Where is the start when he has breakfast?

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    Looking at these prices I DEFINITELY budgeted too much for food

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    I watch this in wrong timing..late night yet hungry...mouth watering..damn🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

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    I love bali ♥♥♥♥

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    Seems like your driver kept up with your appetite... 2 lovers of food 👍

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    This guy is over the top. lay off the act buddy...

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    mantap (good)

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    I'm so glad you have come to Bali:)

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    What is a “beehive” that is mentioned at the first restaurant???

  22. Wahyu P

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    well, its literally chopped beehive (usually boiled) with their larvae still in there

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    Hey Mark plz send me ur t-shirt 🙏🥰 I need ur t shirts. . My Number 7061920742, 8083238580 this is mAh watsapp number I am from India..❤️ I love ur vlog...


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    Thanks 👍✌

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    so nice Beautiful 👌👌👌👌

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    The sambal goreng is called Sambal Embe. The ingredients is fried separately or together; scallions, chillies, and garlic (all chopped thinly). Just when they're crispy, you lower the heat, put some shrimp paste into it and just break it into the oil. Turn off the heat, move into a bowl and go crazy with the salt. Done.

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    Really good advices for eating choices in Indonesia-Bali.We enjoyed your video, Keep up with the great job. If you like to see more, please watch our video about the Indonesian food.

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    Welcome to Bali... As a balinese... I proud with balinese foods...

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    Hello, I saw you in food n travel by Ebbin Jose channel. And I hope to see food video from Kerala in your channel soon.

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    Mike, you like everything like Andrew simmers.

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    Hallo bali l love you indonesia l love you my wife from.indonesia

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    Mark i love each and every video you have ever made..really brilliant..but when you were eating the fried fish you said that you can feel the omega fats...😂😂

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    Indonesia is great We at @t just love it. Great video

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    makan di bali emang enak banget good saya juga suka makanna bali👍👍👍👍👍

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    I keep hearing about people getting food poisoning in Bali. Any tips to avoid this while still enjoying the food?

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    Mark Wiens doesn’t rating the food, but you’ll know how good is the food by his gesture. If he just “hmmm” while glared or nodding, it means the food is okay. If he closes his eyes, giggles, and tilt his body to the right side, it means the food is extremely delicious

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    I give you a thumbs up but I give you and R rating for those O faces after bites of food, keep up the good work

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    Bali Belly 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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    Thank god for watching this video while I'm still in Bali. 👍

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    Hi Mark when you visit Bali go to ibu oki jimbaran delicious chicken and very popular too

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    Semua tempat legend di bali. Tapi untuk mujair, yang enak itu di seputaran penelokan-kintamani. Dengan pemandangan Danau Batur. Love this video


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    Hoby makan kok tetap kurus nth apa yg merasuki perutny

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    I love the way you Relish the food !! Your Expression of appreciation can become a Trademark !! (No Seriously ) 😘

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    This video is 2year ago MARK....

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    The lime seeds bro. Why did that bug me so much?

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    This dude 10:18🤣🤣🤣


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    Thanks for this video I ate at the Bubi Guling and the fish soup place and I can say they were both 👍👍


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    Wah kerennya bali

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    For more about bali, watch this

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    For more about bali, watch this

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    Stop making me jealous 😆😭🤣

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    I can't believe this is from two years ago. This is the first video of Mark that I've watched and I'm just in love with his enthusiasm and energy for the local cuisine. 😊 I hope to be a food vlogger one day too. Thank you for this inspiration!

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    Just saying I was born there

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    Mark, i get hungry just looking at your satisfied face! :D

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    You are a positive man.