1. Daisy

    Daisy6 jam yang lalu

    anyone noticed astronaut in the billboard 0:14

  2. kill yourself

    kill yourself7 jam yang lalu


  3. Marcy

    Marcy10 jam yang lalu

    0:14 why is no one talking about this.....

  4. GamerGirl

    GamerGirl11 jam yang lalu

    There was a hint of the astronaut mv

  5. Give a support for Stray kids

    Give a support for Stray kids12 jam yang lalu

    *23million done* *Let's get 24million STAY* *Vote stray kids AAA*

  6. E.L.F. LIFE

    E.L.F. LIFE12 jam yang lalu

    So disappointed I missed them in Chicago 😥

  7. Fadli Rangkuti

    Fadli Rangkuti13 jam yang lalu

    Lagu goblok

  8. Richi Trum

    Richi Trum9 jam yang lalu

    @lcxxlin pas tu dia udh gila' miskin ngak ngaca dia

  9. lcxxlin

    lcxxlin9 jam yang lalu

    Elu udah jelek miskin lagi. Lu bisa apaan? Boker?

  10. Richi Trum

    Richi Trum9 jam yang lalu

    Asuh Lu Benci Jangan Gitu Kntol

  11. Denali Velasquez

    Denali Velasquez13 jam yang lalu

    0:15 just put 0.5x and you can see the word astronaut :O

  12. Eve S.

    Eve S.14 jam yang lalu

    0:13 for a brief second you can see the word Astronaut They were spoiling their latest MV

  13. Girl in the Bubble

    Girl in the Bubble14 jam yang lalu

    23M is coming

  14. agustina corregidor

    agustina corregidor15 jam yang lalu


  15. Kuchen Pie

    Kuchen Pie15 jam yang lalu


  16. muti bias

    muti bias15 jam yang lalu

    At 0:14 the sign said astronaut and that was obviously their new and at 1:42 his necklace said take off what if that is going to be a song in clè LAVANTER

  17. muti bias

    muti bias12 jam yang lalu

    @youngksluvbot true

  18. youngksluvbot

    youngksluvbot15 jam yang lalu

    they already used take off in astronaut lyrics

  19. Alexa Denisse Garcia

    Alexa Denisse Garcia16 jam yang lalu


  20. Eliana Gaitán

    Eliana Gaitán16 jam yang lalu

    Love this song so much STAYS VOTE ON STARPOLL FOR STRAY KIDS

  21. Jeon Jungkookie

    Jeon Jungkookie17 jam yang lalu

    How we not talking about Felix at 1:28

  22. cielo Bejarano :3

    cielo Bejarano :318 jam yang lalu

    *Who loves Hyunjin?* | | | V

  23. Carmae

    Carmae18 jam yang lalu

    미국 인사말,이 노래 lmao와 사랑에 빠졌어요, 행운을 빌어 요

  24. julistay

    julistay18 jam yang lalu


  25. soy moa y que

    soy moa y que18 jam yang lalu

    Desapareció mi comentario :v A no ya lo encontré

  26. clé levanter• skz

    clé levanter• skz18 jam yang lalu

    Close 23M go 25M Vote AAA close today voting 6pm kst

  27. Onion Head

    Onion Head19 jam yang lalu

    This is actually pretty good 🤔

  28. Sandra Watson

    Sandra Watson20 jam yang lalu

    Esta canción tiene una onda muuuuuyy chidaaaa

  29. jokamar x Aggcr

    jokamar x Aggcr20 jam yang lalu


  30. Rose Love BTS

    Rose Love BTS21 jam yang lalu

    Wow it's Beautiful

  31. Orlagh magee

    Orlagh magee22 jam yang lalu

    Like mate stop procrastinating and double knot on my yeezys isn't here either *tears*

  32. • NENA •

    • NENA •22 jam yang lalu

    Okay that Felix-boy. WHOOO. Just one year too young :p but please who could not love that deep manly voice and cute beautiful face

  33. Furuta Junko

    Furuta JunkoHari Yang lalu

    Straykids huh

  34. Оля Бовтрук

    Оля БовтрукHari Yang lalu

    Just wow. I have no words this is great.

  35. MirroredKpop

    MirroredKpopHari Yang lalu

    Nine or NONE

  36. MirroredKpop

    MirroredKpopHari Yang lalu

    Can everyone please Write "NINE or NONE"

  37. Haha Baam

    Haha BaamHari Yang lalu

    Double Knot is the best bop ever

  38. ishaq Qhuduz

    ishaq QhuduzHari Yang lalu


  39. Jeremy H

    Jeremy HHari Yang lalu

    0:57 Is that a reference to broken compass by 3racha? Idk im just asking

  40. it is not thin

    it is not thinHari Yang lalu

    1:39 didn't know that was a spoiler for our lightstick

  41. Give a support for Stray kids

    Give a support for Stray kidsHari Yang lalu

    *STAY vote stray kids AAA* *Download STARPOLL*

  42. Girl in the Bubble

    Girl in the BubbleHari Yang lalu

    Vote on AAA!

  43. Snow Lillys

    Snow LillysHari Yang lalu


  44. Aaliyah Zalpa

    Aaliyah ZalpaHari Yang lalu

    @ 0:15 play it back on x75 speed and theres a spoiler for there new song astronaut

  45. dania stay

    dania stayHari Yang lalu

    Keep streaming stay

  46. Misha Y

    Misha YHari Yang lalu

    literally my first time listening to this song what am I doing with my life I need this

  47. Give a support for Stray kids

    Give a support for Stray kids12 jam yang lalu

    Stan stray kids

  48. Dumbih Juice

    Dumbih JuiceHari Yang lalu

    Misha Y Stan stray kids!!!

  49. Sirarak Thapsamingkha

    Sirarak ThapsamingkhaHari Yang lalu


  50. Woojin Park

    Woojin ParkHari Yang lalu

    Astronaut 😵💫(canción escupida por los dioses) stray kids☄

  51. 전taehee

    전taeheeHari Yang lalu

    0:15 did y’all peep that?? 👀👀

  52. KPOP Everywhere

    KPOP EverywhereHari Yang lalu

    Can someone please tell me if they have released their album for this song

  53. KPOP Everywhere

    KPOP Everywhere18 jam yang lalu

    clé levanter• skz thanks

  54. clé levanter• skz

    clé levanter• skz18 jam yang lalu

    December 9

  55. KPOP Everywhere

    KPOP EverywhereHari Yang lalu

    bangchan stay Oh okay thank you

  56. bangchan stay

    bangchan stayHari Yang lalu

    Just go to their website

  57. atiny carat

    atiny caratHari Yang lalu

    So I became a stay aft listening to their new ost and damnn their songs are good like the duality of the ost and these songs tho 😂😭💜💜💜

  58. Give a support for Stray kids

    Give a support for Stray kids12 jam yang lalu

    Welcome to STAY fandom

  59. Dumbih Juice

    Dumbih JuiceHari Yang lalu

    atiny carat yay! Welcome baby stay!

  60. miih ARMY

    miih ARMYHari Yang lalu

    Viciada neste mv😍❤ BRAZIL💜

  61. 재비

    재비Hari Yang lalu

    Names pls?

  62. Ricardo Ortiz

    Ricardo OrtizHari Yang lalu


  63. KobraMeow

    KobraMeowHari Yang lalu

    idk if people noticed, but when the boys are all vibing down the street, IN isn't really getting hyped like the rest of them, and IN is also the focus on astronaut from what it seems.

  64. Rufino Escamilla

    Rufino EscamillaHari Yang lalu


  65. Nur Farizah

    Nur FarizahHari Yang lalu

    the amount of likes tho 👍👍

  66. stay dlcruz

    stay dlcruzHari Yang lalu


  67. Josselyn Castro

    Josselyn CastroHari Yang lalu

    0:14 astronaut you make stray kids stay i love you stray kids

  68. cande l

    cande lHari Yang lalu

    Nunca pensé que este sería el último vídeo musical de los 9 :(

  69. glautaro ezequiel

    glautaro ezequielHari Yang lalu

    en el minuto 0:14 aparece la referencia a la cancion astronaut pero si ya lo sabian lo cuento igual :v

  70. Alexez López

    Alexez LópezHari Yang lalu

    Me gusta esta canción ji ji ji😅😅

  71. Tasya Clarissa

    Tasya ClarissaHari Yang lalu

    The reason why i like straykids is because of the beat at they're song it was good tho who were same as me

  72. Ars Dgd

    Ars DgdHari Yang lalu

    😍😍😍😍 perfección 👌💙💙💙

  73. Marcelo Bart

    Marcelo BartHari Yang lalu

    Woojin i miss you so much 💔