Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Astronaut" M/V


  1. Damn that’s CRAZYYY

    Damn that’s CRAZYYYJam Yang lalu

    V0te for stray kids on mnet pre v0ting

  2. Damn that’s CRAZYYY

    Damn that’s CRAZYYYJam Yang lalu

    Head over levanter and STR34M

  3. Damn that’s CRAZYYY

    Damn that’s CRAZYYYJam Yang lalu

    V0te for stray kids on mnet pre v0ting if u haven’t stays! U can use several accs

  4. Nineth Sanchez

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  5. TeddyBear Senpai

    TeddyBear Senpai3 jam yang lalu

    aww i see u bae

  6. Kim Junkyu

    Kim Junkyu4 jam yang lalu

    Bang chan🥺🥰🥰

  7. Sarah Hch

    Sarah Hch4 jam yang lalu

    This mv is so cute, and the more I listen to song, the more I love it. Skz never disappoint

  8. Shiny Soul

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  9. Everything is Daijobu

    Everything is Daijobu6 jam yang lalu

    Yo woojin being here and in the same time not is pretty scary and sad

  10. Kia Grigsby

    Kia Grigsby8 jam yang lalu

    F-Felix hits different🥵

  11. OT9 StrayKids with BrokenCompass

    OT9 StrayKids with BrokenCompass8 jam yang lalu

    Astronaut is a PREVIEW to Levanter!! I luv it❤️


    LORENA VAZQUEZ9 jam yang lalu

    me encanta

  13. - ᥙᥕᥙ, im soft for txt.

    - ᥙᥕᥙ, im soft for txt.11 jam yang lalu

    why does this only have 6.5M v34ws?? this deserves more! come on stays, don't give up, our boys worked really really hard for us this year, they gave us 6 music videos this year: miroh side effects TMT double knot astronaut levanter we truly don't deserve this 😪 so, let's keep fighting till our last breath!! 💪❤

  14. soonyoung'‎s mom

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  15. jamless potatoe

    jamless potatoe14 jam yang lalu

    they really like putting felix face on the thumbnail for instant attack

  16. Peachytaee

    Peachytaee14 jam yang lalu

    me: *go to **0:02** and count the members* me: oOf tHat's nInE mEmbErS aNd tHerEs wOojIn--

  17. Frozen Panda

    Frozen Panda18 jam yang lalu

    Im a fairly new stay, like as of the last few weeks between Astronaut mv and Levanter mv. I love them so much. I wish i had gotten into them earlier on.

  18. Damn that’s CRAZYYY

    Damn that’s CRAZYYYJam Yang lalu

    Frozen Panda ahhh welcome baby stay!! Enjoy ur stay here <333

  19. iGot7 Stay-Aroha-Army-OneIt-Once

    iGot7 Stay-Aroha-Army-OneIt-Once20 jam yang lalu

    Going back and forth from Astronaut to Double Knot to Levanter.


    GAMING_INDONESIA139 INDONESIA13921 jam yang lalu

    LIKE #StrayKids

  21. chungbiumg829

    chungbiumg82921 jam yang lalu

    It seems Seungmin and I.N team is exist. Why? Because a lot time two of them is showing together in the screen.

  22. chungbiumg829

    chungbiumg82921 jam yang lalu

    I.N as a cute maknae debut; I.N took off his brace debut; I.N dying his hair bright color debut.

  23. Susi Lowati

    Susi Lowati22 jam yang lalu

    Felix 😍😘😘😘

  24. Adriana Cabrera

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  25. Alexia Avila Huitron

    Alexia Avila HuitronHari Yang lalu

    I’m in love with the song😍

  26. crystaldiamondheart1

    crystaldiamondheart1Hari Yang lalu

    question who's the boy in the green jumper? @ 2:14

  27. crystaldiamondheart1

    crystaldiamondheart122 jam yang lalu

    @Nancy Mendez thanks

  28. Nancy Mendez

    Nancy Mendez22 jam yang lalu

    crystaldiamondheart1 that’s Hyunjin :)

  29. Dennis Ramirez

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    LORENA VAZQUEZHari Yang lalu

    6.555.026 visualizaciones

  31. Bayu Yulio Alfianto

    Bayu Yulio AlfiantoHari Yang lalu

    0.23 was 9 people ?

  32. Hello Paul Galiza

    Hello Paul GalizaHari Yang lalu

    I low key love their songs in their soft side more than their hard songs like Get Cool and Astronaut. Who’s with me?

  33. berry joonq

    berry joonqHari Yang lalu

    ok but stop using woojin for cl0ut/likes bc ofc we all miss him but they still need our support like the way we support them as 9. it hurts i know but as what ive said, they still need us. 8 in our eyes, 9 in our hearts.

  34. Dustin Carpenter

    Dustin CarpenterHari Yang lalu

    Han is one of the most talented artists in Kpop

  35. 최은영

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  36. itz dachié

    itz dachiéHari Yang lalu

    Ena lagunya euy🙀🤞🏻

  37. Jin’s iPhone

    Jin’s iPhoneHari Yang lalu

    Comeback woojin! Please, it won’t be the same without you I feel like crying this is so hard :(

  38. Damn that’s CRAZYYY

    Damn that’s CRAZYYYHari Yang lalu

    Daily reminder to v0te for stray kids on mnet pre v0ting and STR34M levanter!!!! U can use several acc. Lets get this win stays

  39. teeeeeettt

    teeeeeetttHari Yang lalu

    After watching so many theories for levanter coming back here for confirmation since some of the theories make sense so much... therefore I've made a conclusion that in astronaut they are ready to leave that place...and hyunjin realize everything is a glitch here...get out of that maze and finding Chan who are waiting for everyone to bring them out...and the glitching i.n still can't let go if that place and hesitating...but I'm still confused about Felix..why is he always have that glitch background behind him in every mv?and why is he always with the broken compass? Is he the glitch and guardian of that broken compass???

  40. Claudia Navarro Galindo

    Claudia Navarro GalindoHari Yang lalu

    Me encanta esta canción !

  41. multi💫stan

    multi💫stanHari Yang lalu

    I started stanning stray kids last week..... I have so much regret for not stanning them when they were still a nine member group. 😭😩🤧 I guess it's still a nine person family though. You will still and always be in our hearts woojin ❤️🤧

  42. multi💫stan

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    @Nancy Mendez thanks ❤️

  43. Nancy Mendez

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    Welcome baby stay!!! 😊✨✨✨

  44. multi💫stan

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    @Damn that’s CRAZYYY Ty ❤️

  45. Damn that’s CRAZYYY

    Damn that’s CRAZYYYHari Yang lalu

    multi💫stan welcome love!

  46. Loshx🌸

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    *Have you ever wondered what was Woojin’s part in this song?*


    LORENA VAZQUEZHari Yang lalu