STRANGEST Things Happening In The Ocean!


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    The Colorado River most definitely did NOT form the Grand Canyon. If you have ever been to the Grand Canyon you can see for yourself the Colorado River is nothing compared to the size of the Grand Canyon. That is an old theory proven wrong along time ago

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    The undersea Rivers could probably just be prehistoric Rivers

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    There are an ungodly amount of ads in this video

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    6:21 wow! It sounds like a night fury from httyd! Cool!

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    Alva Lightningdragon or a light fury lol!

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    Would have been interesting to see if the ocean liner fell into the hole in the ocean. That is what your picture suggested.

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    Einstein got E=mc2 from F=ma.

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    So the puffer fish shows off there math and construction skills to get laid... And why does the female care about that???

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    4 adds for a 10 min video that God we can skip them. #moneyhungry

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    Yooooo!. I saw the strangest thing ever. Its in my youtube channel. Iys the strangest cloud formation ever😱😱😱😱

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    Amazing video's luv

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    ᕼI GᑌYᔕ

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    Thanks muchly Katrina, the Ice Fingers are fascinating with those poor star fish racing around grubbing the sea floor and getting caught by the icicle. Thanks.

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    The crop circles of the pufferfish just true love at first sight ( dying of cuteness ) males even decorate with shells

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    Yeah I'm going to have to unsubscribe all the channels the first commercial they show and I suggest everybody else starts doing that too so bye👏👌😤

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    wow, the puffer fish is just too cool, and check out the eyes of that dude. wow, GODS creations are so neat

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    Waste of time boring video, exact same content every other channel in this genre regurgitates only difference here is they give you a feminine robo voice to listen to

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    bioluminescense is the most common form of language on the planet .....true statement

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    Literally none of this is new, and I know all of this already. I just like listening to your voice lol

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    i think she didn't understand about some strange change on Earth cause all that is sign of END Time

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    So why 7 commercials for 12 minute video ?

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    Wow me 9 old end me wow

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    i live in maldives and i never saw a event you told at 2

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    Extreme Gamers Let's just say Maldives isn't exactly filled with deadly stuff. It's safe except the polluted oceans lol

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    The red tide glows

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    "Earlier this month." Ha yeah right, -checks date- Oh shit its happening NOW

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    Crop circles underwater looked like a big sphincter print. Bioluminescence used to make the sand sparkle when you walked on it at night in Monterey Bay. Aptos, CA. Beercan Beach and LaSelva Beach. Footprints for yards behind would glow.

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    Scary lol XD

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    Yeah the Red Tide epidemic here was bad. It almost reached me 😷😬

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    So there water in water!!! Whatttt!!!! I thought that was only in spondgebob

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    thanks for interesting video. Please make video about affects of malnutrition on our brains and bodies.

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    *my theory about the bermuda triangle* *there's a huge 'black hole' in the center of the bermuda triangle and that's why ships disappear.* *:D*

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    Many dead animals on the beach? Fish are not animals!

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    @jose marco there known as sea creatures im sure you know that but if people see them as animals thats there choice

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    I stand corrected. Open mouth insert foot!

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    lol i was told we dont even know what black holes even look like in space because yes it sucks up everything so yea

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    it's kinda weird that we know more about space than the ocean...

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    well... you think, the deeper the ocean the stronger the pressure... we cant even dive down there physically (without any subs or other advanced technology) without being crushed!

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