1. mrfreshasian

    mrfreshasian24 hari yang lalu

    It only said ft LazarBeam as my editor was meant to add some other footage I made but he forgot, sorry guys. 🥒

  2. ima._. gamer

    ima._. gamerHari Yang lalu

    when he said “🥒” I felt that 😔🤧

  3. Lieutenet Tyler Of the US Army rangers

    Lieutenet Tyler Of the US Army rangers18 hari yang lalu

    Don't worry, still a great vid

  4. Alien RNA

    Alien RNA19 hari yang lalu



    DW_HUNTERXXL36022 hari yang lalu

    What's up guys yes What's down guys no

  6. ima._. gamer

    ima._. gamerHari Yang lalu

    HE FINALLY HAD A DIFFERENT START (sort of 😅) “I have joined the dark side, yes.” 😁😂

  7. Dino puppet

    Dino puppet9 hari yang lalu


  8. Random User

    Random User11 hari yang lalu

    bro over the days ive been watching ur vids and i luv them and somethin else dat i like to is ur intro its so funny

  9. Sammyt

    Sammyt13 hari yang lalu

    Fresh: stormtroopers dont have good aim Me: *puts glasses on* according to my calculations in the third star wars movie the stormtroopers killed most of the Jedi during order 666

  10. Shawn Pant

    Shawn Pant17 hari yang lalu

    Fresh is so good

  11. Kai Patrick Koskinen

    Kai Patrick Koskinen17 hari yang lalu


  12. Stephanie Arvizu

    Stephanie Arvizu18 hari yang lalu

    Aim bot btw

  13. Jules Cibej

    Jules Cibej19 hari yang lalu

    fresh: wins without aiming and crosshair. me: can't even win with aiming and get lower kills


    PROJECT YOUTUBE19 hari yang lalu

    Fresh: Wins without aiming Me: Can't win with aiming

  15. lui perez

    lui perez19 hari yang lalu

    your epic

  16. Mansoors Zone

    Mansoors Zone19 hari yang lalu

    Pickle sicklepicklesicklepicklesickle

  17. Angela Blackmon

    Angela Blackmon20 hari yang lalu


  18. Øystein Morten

    Øystein Morten20 hari yang lalu

    Are you from norway ?

  19. MUGEN the watcher

    MUGEN the watcher20 hari yang lalu

    Disney has made a horrible mistake.


    THIS IS CONTENT21 hari yang lalu



    ALPHA_PHASES21 hari yang lalu

    if you wanna role play you cant win ok?

  22. Ethaniel Valmonte

    Ethaniel Valmonte22 hari yang lalu

    When a stormtrooper hits a shot Everyone:*confused pikachu face*

  23. Yoyogamer Tiktok

    Yoyogamer Tiktok22 hari yang lalu

    Lazarbeam as a storm trooper and that's the Vic royals Fresh Ima storm trooper I die 24 hours a day

  24. I’m Fiz

    I’m Fiz22 hari yang lalu

    Mrfreshasian + storm trooper = Mrstormasian

  25. • Samurai •

    • Samurai •22 hari yang lalu

    May the fresh be with you

  26. Carissa Hodle

    Carissa Hodle22 hari yang lalu

    Check this kid out!!

  27. Aaron Rocha

    Aaron Rocha22 hari yang lalu

    I didt know mrfersgains had a Mexcin intor

  28. Mr Wallguy

    Mr Wallguy22 hari yang lalu

    Fresh gets rid of his crosshairs and his still got better aim than me 😂

  29. Aaron Ben

    Aaron Ben22 hari yang lalu

    Fresh has the best outro hands down

  30. N8tion_18

    N8tion_1822 hari yang lalu

    fresh idea: only on april fools day you can say “hey guys, no”

  31. Jill Stanton

    Jill Stanton22 hari yang lalu

    Your the best

  32. Enoch Zhang

    Enoch Zhang22 hari yang lalu

    Do we not watch everything live at

  33. Yeetmycleet

    Yeetmycleet22 hari yang lalu

    I don't see a difference when fresh turns off cross hair and aiming and when he has them on

  34. Harry Toogood

    Harry Toogood22 hari yang lalu

    Can I wake up with 80 subs in the morning?

  35. Wes Hoem

    Wes Hoem22 hari yang lalu

    you are good

  36. Nicholas Brandt

    Nicholas Brandt22 hari yang lalu

    why did they add a strom trooper

  37. Andy Antill

    Andy Antill22 hari yang lalu

    6:32 Storm trooper jarvis

  38. Liberal Agenda

    Liberal Agenda22 hari yang lalu

    This is a once in a life time opportunity

  39. Jason Bourne

    Jason Bourne22 hari yang lalu

    You shoulda done no reticle, plus no aim down sights, harder, but more realistic

  40. Mashal Plays

    Mashal Plays22 hari yang lalu


  41. Wissi W

    Wissi W23 hari yang lalu

    2:26 MrFreshAsian: quit sweating! Just wanted to point that out

  42. The three Amigos Paul

    The three Amigos Paul23 hari yang lalu

    Add me pls tylerbraintyler

  43. Lil Lazer

    Lil Lazer23 hari yang lalu

    Can you add me on fortnite my name is steno0014.I play on PS4

  44. Aleks505

    Aleks50523 hari yang lalu