Stone Cold Steve Austin Puts the Stunner on Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We FeastBulan Yang lalu


  2. Saints Xander

    Saints Xander5 jam yang lalu

    25 dollars for a 4oz bottle of hot sauce you got to be fucking kidding me. Not worth the price.

  3. tryna find da wae

    tryna find da wae23 jam yang lalu

    First We Feast do another episode for Chris Jericho he’s done so much since leaving the wwe it would be worth watching again

  4. 33shin33

    33shin33Hari Yang lalu

    Here befor 50Million views

  5. Jerrid Roulette

    Jerrid Roulette2 hari yang lalu

    ANOTHER POST MALONE !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Leo Peridot

    Leo Peridot8 hari yang lalu

    Come on Sean Evans, why you got to wife beaters on your show? Don't you think that sends mixed messages to people that it doesn't matter if you beat your wife, as long as you're a celebrity you are fine with it?

  7. Benjamin Dépatie

    Benjamin Dépatie4 jam yang lalu

    Try ferrets againts rat

  8. Christina Lecher

    Christina Lecher5 jam yang lalu

    When Sean drops the beer it is the most endearing moment. 😊

  9. Issac Morales

    Issac Morales10 jam yang lalu

    You got to get the Rock on here!!

  10. FF sake

    FF sake10 jam yang lalu

    Loved this episode. Would love to see Mark Calaway/Undertaker on here.

  11. alan brown

    alan brown11 jam yang lalu

    I like the real Steve as much as I like Stone Cold. The fuckin man

  12. Untitledd Gamingg

    Untitledd Gamingg12 jam yang lalu

    Get Dicaprio on here

  13. HallowedError

    HallowedError12 jam yang lalu

    I could see the apprehension in Sean's eyes as he was ready for the worst beer tosses.

  14. Juan Jo TOBAR.N

    Juan Jo TOBAR.N13 jam yang lalu

    There is one guest that i would love to see in the hot ones now that you have brougth his long time rival into the show and is not a specially one is THE GREAT ONE.

  15. Faizan Max

    Faizan Max13 jam yang lalu

    Call JUSTIN BIEBER on your show i wanna see his FACE Taking Step to SPICY LADDER.

  16. Olwethu Dyasi

    Olwethu Dyasi14 jam yang lalu

    I don't know why but my heart just smiled when Steve said " you wanna do this together?"

  17. Dustin Johnson

    Dustin Johnson15 jam yang lalu


  18. Deomegapunk

    Deomegapunk15 jam yang lalu

    I wouldn't have expected him to be but Stone Cold seems like a genuinely wholesome guy.

  19. TheGodshatter

    TheGodshatter16 jam yang lalu

    Hell Detroit had a scoville rating of 100,000 to 300,000. But was rated at 66,000? Um... someone wanna figure that out maybe?

  20. TheGodshatter

    TheGodshatter17 jam yang lalu

    The ice man. That guy was a beast!!! And a total psycho lol

  21. Abdelrahman Khamies

    Abdelrahman Khamies17 jam yang lalu

    Does Steve Austin shave his eyebrows ?

  22. MilanSerb

    MilanSerb17 jam yang lalu

    What a cool dude.. big respect

  23. Vinylrevival1

    Vinylrevival118 jam yang lalu

    RIP to the lost Tequila. This was really good. Thanks guys,

  24. Elvan Silva

    Elvan Silva18 jam yang lalu

    Wow! That's awesome how he described Jake "The Snake's" pre-match entrance. You would have never thought that watching Jake wrestle back in the days.

  25. Burrito666666

    Burrito66666618 jam yang lalu

    This one touched me lol god it was so cool to see one of my growing up idols from 20+ years outside the ring but still cool ,loved this one

  26. Jacob Harrington

    Jacob Harrington19 jam yang lalu

    Wrestling is fake tho...

  27. Shadow

    Shadow20 jam yang lalu

    I would like to see Jeff hardy on this show

  28. MF88

    MF8820 jam yang lalu

    Get Stone Cold E.T. on next

  29. ANY things

    ANY things22 jam yang lalu

    I have always wanted to give stone cold a hug since I was 5

  30. Adam Martin

    Adam Martin22 jam yang lalu

    The receipt story. Legit way to live life.

  31. Kevin Pickett

    Kevin Pickett23 jam yang lalu

    Dang, Stone Cold is a really cool guy

  32. Reptile Nexus

    Reptile Nexus23 jam yang lalu

    Leave it to Stone Cold to talk about crapping his pants, with absolutely no shame to it. Just like "Yup. Crapped my britches."

  33. Christopher Cotton

    Christopher Cotton23 jam yang lalu

    missed opportunity, shoulda got the steve austin beer for the end toast

  34. Phantasmal Gaming

    Phantasmal Gaming23 jam yang lalu

    now that Shia extra dabbed each wing,.. none of your shows will be the same,.. Shia Raised the bar and made steve austin look like a bitch lol

  35. The Karnige

    The Karnige20 jam yang lalu

    except shia is a wannabe tough guy bitch. stone cold would fuk this dude up

  36. Eric ORourke

    Eric ORourkeHari Yang lalu

    I've already commented twice and this makes the 3rd time watching this. Fucking legend

  37. Wayne Naida

    Wayne NaidaHari Yang lalu

    Check that browns hat if you think stone cold is the man lemme get a HELL YEA

  38. HardtHorned Outdoors

    HardtHorned OutdoorsHari Yang lalu

    We want LA BEAST on here

  39. Raul J. Gomez

    Raul J. GomezHari Yang lalu

    Love it! Got to have a beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin!!

  40. Michael Allen

    Michael AllenHari Yang lalu

    Man.... love your show... can't wait to see season 10- 15... always a great time

  41. CLOSE1 Rocket League

    CLOSE1 Rocket LeagueHari Yang lalu

    I love steve. Great guy

  42. MKX mobile

    MKX mobileHari Yang lalu

    This is the first full episode of hot ones I've watched, stone cold is the goat

  43. The Karnige

    The Karnige20 jam yang lalu


  44. McFly Boarder

    McFly BoarderHari Yang lalu

    Wow, awesome guest 🤘

  45. crankypipo

    crankypipoHari Yang lalu

    As a fan of steve im lovin every second of this! Holy shit is it ever so badass wholesome

  46. katnip deanda

    katnip deandaHari Yang lalu

    u can always tell when someone takes care of them self he looks the same an he funny lol

  47. dillpickles

    dillpicklesHari Yang lalu

    that hot ones sauce is garbage

  48. Blake Wade

    Blake WadeHari Yang lalu

    I’m not even a wrestling buff but man this was a great episode

  49. sarah carpenter

    sarah carpenterHari Yang lalu

    it would be cool to see cast members of supernatural on here lol

  50. hyper Sonico

    hyper SonicoHari Yang lalu


  51. ScotTex83

    ScotTex83Hari Yang lalu

    Awesome interview

  52. Xander Vampire

    Xander VampireHari Yang lalu

    So apparently Stone Cold loves Mike Tyson. Can't say I'm surprised that the wife beater is a fan of the rapist. Vile creatures, both of them.

  53. Wally West

    Wally WestHari Yang lalu

    I love Steve Austin.

  54. THMCKY007

    THMCKY007Hari Yang lalu

    I really miss the Broken Skull Challenge.

  55. dwnsouthtx210

    dwnsouthtx210Hari Yang lalu

    Get Mike Tyson on here!

  56. Dallas _Here

    Dallas _HereHari Yang lalu

    Can we just talk about stone being an absolute LEGEND

  57. trelard

    trelardHari Yang lalu

    Great talker. Part of the reason he's still one of the biggest draws in Wrestling history.

  58. Michael Garza

    Michael GarzaHari Yang lalu


  59. Fernando Gonzalez

    Fernando GonzalezHari Yang lalu

    What t shirt is Austin wearing? I want some

  60. Dj none

    Dj noneHari Yang lalu

    everytime i goto a bar i walk in stone cold and exit ric flair and thats the bottom line WOOOOO

  61. Mahoning Valley Transparency

    Mahoning Valley TransparencyHari Yang lalu

    Stone cold is still a beast!!!! God bless this man.

  62. Terrence Trent

    Terrence TrentHari Yang lalu

    Candy Azz lovin beer'

  63. Rhia Wooten

    Rhia WootenHari Yang lalu

    I like how he went after Kristin Bell, reminds me of the good place

  64. cococupcakez

    cococupcakezHari Yang lalu

    Ok so we've always known of Stone Colds awesometacularness, but may I add that Sean the host is an absolute phenomenon. Celebrities or not, he makes the show. I adore him. Congrats on this channel all around💋💋

  65. Aj Berlingeri

    Aj Berlingeri2 hari yang lalu

    he waited since he was a young boy to say " beer me " infront of steve and he wanted to die when he missed that second beer lmfao

  66. Kent Kollath

    Kent Kollath2 hari yang lalu

    Can we please get Chuck Norris on this series?

  67. Jordan Gallagher

    Jordan Gallagher2 hari yang lalu

    You’re just about the only man to ever cheers a beer with stone cold and not be stunned after.