Steven Universe The Movie | Official Trailer | Cartoon Network


  1. Blue Dragon

    Blue Dragon11 jam yang lalu

    I Really Really wanna watch this soooooo bad

  2. Running thoughts

    Running thoughts12 jam yang lalu

    The story seems weak

  3. Keeshee

    Keeshee12 jam yang lalu

    Hopefully this is better than another Cartoon Network movie. We don't talk about.

  4. Paul Xiong

    Paul Xiong12 jam yang lalu

    I've been getting this as a commercial nonstop

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford12 jam yang lalu

    Might we see the actual return of Pink Diamond albeit a temporary return I'm thinking on Pink Diamond in physical form can give a direct command to cease the attack on Earth by this unknown gem. If this gem is formerly a member of Pink Diamonds court she would have to obey her Diamonds orders. We know now that Steven can be separated form Pink Diamond temporarily it may be the only way to save earth

  6. Jeep Ford Guy

    Jeep Ford Guy13 jam yang lalu

    Fooly Cooley vibe anyone

  7. tsuyayaka1

    tsuyayaka114 jam yang lalu

    Why does Steven look different now?

  8. Oof Oof

    Oof Oof12 jam yang lalu

    Two year time skip hes 16

  9. XxAce_TheHoomanxX YT

    XxAce_TheHoomanxX YT14 jam yang lalu


  10. Robinson

    Robinson14 jam yang lalu


  11. Th3Hav0c PZ5

    Th3Hav0c PZ514 jam yang lalu

    I wonder why after 7PM Cartoon Network turns into adult swim until 6AM

  12. Junior Mafia

    Junior Mafia14 jam yang lalu

    Steven lost weight

  13. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode15 jam yang lalu

    Can someone explain why the crystal gems in getting beat up by a top u get from Chuck E Cheese


    SPENCER OTTO15 jam yang lalu

    To Sonic Fans: Does the new Steven Universe villian remind you of the Eggette/Omelette fan character? Is there a possible correlation?

  15. Prince Vegeta

    Prince Vegeta15 jam yang lalu

    1:12 Me: It happened!!!

  16. Timothy Goldsmith

    Timothy Goldsmith15 jam yang lalu

    Please put this in the theaters Cartoon Network

  17. Andres Perez

    Andres Perez16 jam yang lalu

    Is that Monkey D. Luffy?

  18. Joshua Gutierrez

    Joshua Gutierrez16 jam yang lalu

    Cartoon network is gonna blow up with this movie.



    I haven't watched this show in years why is Steven like 16

  20. Aretha Franklin Love

    Aretha Franklin Love13 jam yang lalu

    Imma go ahead and tell you well steven found out that his mom rose quartz was actually pink diamond the whole time and then. This is in 2 years what steven would look like if he was sixteen and the villan is getting revenge we met white diamond and all others

  21. Pen_guin3 :D

    Pen_guin3 :D16 jam yang lalu


  22. Avamations

    Avamations16 jam yang lalu

    I want to see this movie for so many reasons The main reason is Amethyst and pearl are holding hands

  23. Expatrocious

    Expatrocious17 jam yang lalu

    I don't know how I feel about his cause I stopped watching Steven universe since season 3 cause I don't got cable no more so it's just Netflix and stuff

  24. Yeti Dan

    Yeti Dan17 jam yang lalu

    Rebecca sugar:Steven ha a... Fans:*NECK*

  25. Ali

    Ali18 jam yang lalu

    It’s almost time!!!!!

  26. PotatoLagg

    PotatoLagg18 jam yang lalu

    it's coming out on my birthday :D

  27. *-Madison-*

    *-Madison-*18 jam yang lalu

    Our ship has been sailed omg

  28. WhiskeyDrink

    WhiskeyDrink18 jam yang lalu

    Betting money that new gem is Tara strong

  29. Banjo Burgoon

    Banjo Burgoon18 jam yang lalu

    Omfg I can't wait for this to come out

  30. The wubbox Gamer

    The wubbox Gamer18 jam yang lalu

    1:00 I hate you

  31. Joshua Yanez

    Joshua Yanez18 jam yang lalu


  32. xx cat_lover xx :3

    xx cat_lover xx :319 jam yang lalu

    I can't stop watching this video 😂

  33. sunfire is cute

    sunfire is cute19 jam yang lalu

    They could have done a better job on the evil design.

  34. Jehova Polanco

    Jehova Polanco16 jam yang lalu

    sunfire is cute read my comment again, and more slowly.

  35. sunfire is cute

    sunfire is cute17 jam yang lalu

    @Jehova Polanco the look on the villan is what I was talking about

  36. Jehova Polanco

    Jehova Polanco17 jam yang lalu

    sunfire is cute well the voice matches it plus we can’t have purely scary and evil designs all the time

  37. Robinson

    Robinson20 jam yang lalu

    Whi its so sadd

  38. Robinson

    Robinson20 jam yang lalu

    S N I F F

  39. Personal Account

    Personal Account20 jam yang lalu

    Sweet Pink Spinel is not so sweet. And let me guess: She thinks pink has been shattered too right?

  40. Party Doge

    Party Doge20 jam yang lalu

    This cartoon never ends. Steven is a teenager

  41. neko Chan

    neko Chan21 jam yang lalu

    that gem (i forget therer name dont yell at me ): all organic life will be gone also me: yea but Steven has a neck

  42. Hector Zuniga jr

    Hector Zuniga jr21 jam yang lalu

    Can’t wait 😭😭😭😭😭

  43. Hector Zuniga jr

    Hector Zuniga jr21 jam yang lalu

    Can’t wait love Steven universe

  44. kai

    kai22 jam yang lalu


  45. XXkillerassassain XX

    XXkillerassassain XX22 jam yang lalu

    WOW can any of you believe this sooooooooooo is she supposed to be like a new pink Diamond because she really looks like pd AKA pink diamond

  46. Kyle Stubbs

    Kyle Stubbs22 jam yang lalu

    Does the elastic Pink Gem have a name yet?

  47. Doodlegame

    Doodlegame23 jam yang lalu

    aw yeah the last day of summer!!

  48. Alexie Roman

    Alexie Roman23 jam yang lalu

    They better have my man Chance the Rapper sing in this movie

  49. Sam Samson

    Sam SamsonHari Yang lalu

    *STEVEN -- please react to the new season of the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon and the new Target exclusive SHE-RA dolls. Also, please crossover with She-Ra.*

  50. concave joonie

    concave joonieHari Yang lalu

    Anyone else loving the song!?

  51. Julios mind

    Julios mindHari Yang lalu

    How can you describe Steven Universe music/ost?? It's so uplifting

  52. Kawaiikitty Chan

    Kawaiikitty ChanHari Yang lalu

    I’m actually crying right now!!!!!!!!

  53. Glitched Robloxian

    Glitched RobloxianHari Yang lalu

    There already is a teen titans go moive

  54. Vertically-Challenged Alchemist

    Vertically-Challenged AlchemistHari Yang lalu

    I love how this is a parody of Teggen Toppa Gurren Lagann

  55. uwustacey

    uwustaceyHari Yang lalu

    this trailer gives me deja vu like i feel like ive seen this

  56. Frankie 64

    Frankie 64Hari Yang lalu

    Can it be on theaters

  57. Angela Castellanos

    Angela Castellanos23 jam yang lalu

    Yes August 26

  58. kgibla123 UwU

    kgibla123 UwUHari Yang lalu

    Im so sad i don't have this channel on my tv

  59. kgibla123 UwU

    kgibla123 UwU23 jam yang lalu

    @Angela Castellanos thank you

  60. Angela Castellanos

    Angela Castellanos23 jam yang lalu

    Ill stream it so dont worry

  61. K'inich Janaab' Pakal

    K'inich Janaab' PakalHari Yang lalu

    I cannot wait until E;R makes the critique video!

  62. Jamon Broderick

    Jamon BroderickHari Yang lalu

    1:00 new song

  63. AppleShark hub

    AppleShark hubHari Yang lalu

    Steven: I can't wait to spend quality time with my friends Pink Slinky: 👀

  64. Jake Rodby

    Jake RodbyHari Yang lalu

    I have to say I never really cared for this show but the art style and visual design are really looking n i c e

  65. Forida Parvin

    Forida ParvinHari Yang lalu

    *Harley Quinn has joined the chat*

  66. Mine Master

    Mine MasterHari Yang lalu


  67. wormmart

    wormmartHari Yang lalu


  68. XxMoonshineXx Gacha

    XxMoonshineXx GachaHari Yang lalu

    He protecc He atacc But most importantly, he Got his neck bacc

  69. Ever heard sink the dink

    Ever heard sink the dinkHari Yang lalu

    Steven: I want everything to stay like this and never to change Villain: *no*

  70. IDon’tUploadAnymore

    IDon’tUploadAnymoreHari Yang lalu

    Plot twist: Steven was just using his powers and there was no time skip

  71. Uche Ogbechie

    Uche OgbechieHari Yang lalu

    why is everything in this show pink?

  72. Ninja Chriss

    Ninja ChrissHari Yang lalu

    i feel like some one is going to get sattere d

  73. Day Cat

    Day CatHari Yang lalu

    *i really wanna see this even though i have never watched this before yes i know i am the stupidest person alive*

  74. x Kimrade x

    x Kimrade xHari Yang lalu

    I know I'm late and all, but do y'all think they changed Steven's design because the voice actor is going through perberty.

  75. XxnotbinsxX random stuff

    XxnotbinsxX random stuffHari Yang lalu

    Spinel ate the GUM GUM FRUIT

  76. One Spicy Foxy

    One Spicy FoxyHari Yang lalu

    Crystal Gems:relaxing villians: nOw ThIs Is A aVeNgErS LeVel tHrEaT

  77. Omar Rios

    Omar RiosHari Yang lalu

    I didn’t find out about this until today.

  78. TheBig_Gamer

    TheBig_GamerHari Yang lalu

    Steven did literally tell everyone that he’s returning home so yeah of course she’s gonna come at that time it’s not a coincidence

  79. TOMATO KING Tomato King

    TOMATO KING Tomato KingHari Yang lalu

    Plot twist. Spinel is actually pink diamond on steroids.

  80. ninjacker 1

    ninjacker 1Hari Yang lalu

    Dude. You revealed the charactor

  81. Blaze 206

    Blaze 206Hari Yang lalu

    Just got done watching the series for the 3rd time! Can't wait till Sep 2nd!

  82. Ella Marie

    Ella MarieHari Yang lalu

    Me either! A little less than two weeks away!!!!!!

  83. Pedro Tomas

    Pedro TomasHari Yang lalu

    I cant wait to come out

  84. Jeomoh

    JeomohHari Yang lalu

    Bro how am I gonna watch this I don’t even got CN

  85. Jeomoh

    JeomohHari Yang lalu

    Ella Marie aiii glooks , Imma look around there it mostly likely be low quality doe

  86. Ella Marie

    Ella MarieHari Yang lalu

    Dailymotion, IDreporter, and kisscartoon are places you'll be able to find it a few hours after the premiere!!!!

  87. Yoqsan Lazaro

    Yoqsan LazaroHari Yang lalu

    Just make the diamonds fight this other gem

  88. The Time Wanderers

    The Time WanderersHari Yang lalu

    I'm pretty sure it's not gonna be that easy

  89. Jazzy does gacha

    Jazzy does gachaHari Yang lalu

    I can’t wait to see this movie!!! I’m a big Steven Universe fan and It’s going to be great!!!!!

  90. ILikepringles OWO

    ILikepringles OWOHari Yang lalu

    The biggest thing I saw in this trailer is that Steven got bigger

  91. ColeAnimatesStuff

    ColeAnimatesStuffHari Yang lalu

    No one: Steven: *N e c k*

  92. BrandleyBoi1

    BrandleyBoi1Hari Yang lalu

    This is what happens when you mess with Dexter's lab...... I guess Deedee did that gum expirement