Steve Aoki & Backstreet Boys - Let It Be Me (Official Video) [Ultra Music]


  1. Backstreet Boys

    Backstreet BoysBulan Yang lalu

    This is a special one for all of us. It’s about working through any challenges that life brings to be with the person you love ♥️ Hope you all enjoy!!

  2. Iman Uange

    Iman UangeHari Yang lalu

    Great job BSB always like young forever 👍👍👍

  3. Kelly Daunis

    Kelly Daunis2 hari yang lalu

    Keep up the great work, guys. Been a proud fan for over 20 years. KTBSPA.

  4. Kelly Daunis

    Kelly Daunis2 hari yang lalu

    @Aie Nurjamilah They never left.

  5. Kelly Daunis

    Kelly Daunis2 hari yang lalu

    @Raphael Aha They never left.

  6. Allie Doyle

    Allie Doyle4 hari yang lalu


  7. Amin Gondrong

    Amin Gondrong23 menit yang lalu

    Miss deeing them dance again😊😊✌✌

  8. Amin Gondrong

    Amin Gondrong23 menit yang lalu

    Miss deeing them dance again😊😊✌✌

  9. Gipcy Almeida Perez

    Gipcy Almeida Perez3 jam yang lalu

    😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭 Love it

  10. Diana Arad

    Diana Arad9 jam yang lalu

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ wowww you Guy are amazing

  11. Mayara Santana

    Mayara Santana12 jam yang lalu


  12. Elda Del Campo

    Elda Del Campo17 jam yang lalu

    Steve Aoki & Backstreet Boys.. Sueño hecho realidad!!! Steve & Lauren Jauregui... Lo mejor!!

  13. Elda Del Campo

    Elda Del Campo17 jam yang lalu

    Hasta que veo que Howie es tomado en cuenta con su maravillosa voz!!!!

  14. RocioNicte

    RocioNicte17 jam yang lalu

    I don't like the concept of the video. But I love the song. Love BSB.

  15. teenyjem

    teenyjem19 jam yang lalu

    Oh I feel like a teenager again fangirling over these guys. Love the backstreet boys. Always have.

  16. Janna Bon

    Janna Bon19 jam yang lalu


  17. Emily Gutierrez

    Emily Gutierrez20 jam yang lalu

    I Love You Monsta X

  18. Koki Lizarraga

    Koki Lizarraga20 jam yang lalu

    IDreporter 0

  19. Jenn Carson

    Jenn CarsonHari Yang lalu

    This is about it being ok to break a heart, however the previous was about not breaking the heart...

  20. Maria Julia

    Maria JuliaHari Yang lalu

    BSB ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Branka Kalem

    Branka KalemHari Yang lalu

    It hurts me to see people who are gay or bisexual struggling with who they wanna be just because of family... My doughter is bisexual and i dont mind, i excepted her as she is and i hope she finds someone she loves... Her happines means everything to me❤️Thank you BSB and AOKI for this amazing song....

  22. Anasyah Norwich

    Anasyah NorwichHari Yang lalu

    Here for the first time, and the music video got me teary... 😔😔 BsB always produce super duper great song!!!!!!

  23. Celeste Falcon

    Celeste FalconHari Yang lalu


  24. Philippe Barbosa

    Philippe BarbosaHari Yang lalu


  25. GABRY M.

    GABRY M.Hari Yang lalu

    I'am BSB Fan from 1995, i was in Assago Forum in Milano in 1999 and i will love Brian Kevin Howie Nick and A.J their songs Always and Forevor😍👏💖p.s this song and video are amazing!😁

  26. jose cristiano

    jose cristianoHari Yang lalu

    I Love Nick carter in Brian

  27. JL Zamora

    JL Zamora2 hari yang lalu

    How in the hell do you give this a dislike? You’re stupid as heck. Listen to the message behind the music.

  28. Patricia Alexandre

    Patricia Alexandre2 hari yang lalu


  29. Zakhan Zakhan

    Zakhan Zakhan2 hari yang lalu

    From 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨 Indonesia 🥰😍👌👍👍👍

  30. tata Q.G

    tata Q.G2 hari yang lalu

    Os anos vão se passar e continuarei sendo uma eterna fã. Fazem parte da minha vida,hoje estou com 34 anos e ainda escuto todos os dias como na minha adolescência. Quem ama também curte ai👊🖒

  31. Júlia Nepomuceno

    Júlia Nepomuceno2 hari yang lalu

    I love you so much, I loved you so much I'm very young I'm 14 years old I was born listening to the Blackstret boys i love you Very good 💕❤️♥️

  32. Ashli& Gavin Sharp

    Ashli& Gavin Sharp2 hari yang lalu

    My backstreet boys welcome back! Love it!

  33. Al Liu

    Al Liu2 hari yang lalu

    We need more music like this =)

  34. Carlos Vinícius

    Carlos Vinícius2 hari yang lalu

    Que lindooo 😍

  35. vonny tanoto

    vonny tanoto3 hari yang lalu

    Lagu kl uda feat sama steve aoki mah juaraa lahhhhh

  36. Sovv Suh

    Sovv Suh3 hari yang lalu


  37. Rasha Bandak

    Rasha Bandak3 hari yang lalu

    Wow love it

  38. quiet witness

    quiet witness3 hari yang lalu

    If you gonna share your sandwich then let it be me

  39. Shimmie Shimmie KO KO BYE

    Shimmie Shimmie KO KO BYE3 hari yang lalu

    My ultimate boy band and my favourite artists! Thank you for the amazing music~!

  40. Dee Lee

    Dee Lee3 hari yang lalu

    Did Steve aoki just resurrect an American icon by changing their style to more of a kpop sound without the dance moves? Because honestly you can just replace Backstreet boys with BTS and No One would know the difference. And how are their vocal chords so smooth given their age. I sense a minor falsetto but its still amazing.

  41. D G

    D G3 hari yang lalu

    Does this remind anyone of KPOP?

  42. Lovely Sarah

    Lovely Sarah3 hari yang lalu

    Got this on repeat, love it xxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. Irene Chen

    Irene Chen3 hari yang lalu

    Man......I love BSB 20 years ago when I was teenager, but now I’m turn to a mummy, glad to hear there songs again, and I will keep listening ...... « oh let it be me.......»🤤🤤🤤

  44. Sandra Bernal

    Sandra Bernal3 hari yang lalu

    yo cuando salio el video llore cuando vi el chico que hablava con seña como mi hijo tiene autismo no habla me senti identificada

  45. patrick

    patrick3 hari yang lalu

    damn didn't know what this song was about till I saw the video. beautiful. I cried. please keep the music coming.

  46. Lucy Oliver

    Lucy Oliver4 hari yang lalu


  47. Moonlight Moony

    Moonlight Moony4 hari yang lalu

    Why didn't Kevin sing in this song i was so excited to hear him😑💔💔💔💔 and has something happened to Brian's voice again? It looks like Nick is the lead singer not Brian

  48. Andra Buddy

    Andra Buddy4 hari yang lalu


  49. Charles Charlemagne

    Charles Charlemagne4 hari yang lalu

    so sad that Brian lost his voice...

  50. Rizky Yono

    Rizky Yono4 hari yang lalu

    Sixth bsb : steve aoki

  51. ehms

    ehms4 hari yang lalu

    So touching....

  52. Danitony

    Danitony4 hari yang lalu

    👏❤️🇮🇹🔥bravissimi.. Aoki&Bsb alla grande.. Italia ♥️

  53. Huntorix

    Huntorix4 hari yang lalu

    Imagine being 45 and still getting called the boys

  54. Eman Dhanhani

    Eman Dhanhani17 jam yang lalu

    why you mad/

  55. jale daucakacaka

    jale daucakacakaHari Yang lalu

    Beach Boys

  56. Farhan Denigi

    Farhan Denigi4 hari yang lalu

    There's still 2.8k people dislike this song. I think they should have been born earlier to like backstreet boys.

  57. Lucy Oliver

    Lucy Oliver4 hari yang lalu


  58. Arka Navarro

    Arka Navarro5 hari yang lalu

    feel free to contact me if you need a guide / private personal assistant when travel in Jakarta/Bali/Indonesia 🇮🇩 thank you, ☺️🙏🏻🌺🌺🌺

  59. MJ MJ

    MJ MJ5 hari yang lalu


  60. Carmen cita

    Carmen cita5 hari yang lalu

    Os amoooo

  61. pakysho mf

    pakysho mf5 hari yang lalu

    You re the best as always thank u guys

  62. 宋昊宸

    宋昊宸5 hari yang lalu


  63. Mike Hansen

    Mike Hansen5 hari yang lalu

    Backstreet Boys für immer...immer Weltklasse

  64. Mike Hansen

    Mike Hansen5 hari yang lalu

    gerne mehr....

  65. Rohan

    Rohan5 hari yang lalu

    Ain’t nothing but a heartache

  66. Jonathan Fitch

    Jonathan Fitch5 hari yang lalu

    "If you're gonna hurt someone then let it be me." vs "If you're gonna be someone that hurts somebody just for fun, then do it to a heart that isn't mine."

  67. Priscila Granato

    Priscila Granato5 hari yang lalu