Steve and I learned that we REALLY aren't good at this...


  1. Film Doctor Studios

    Film Doctor Studios4 bulan yang lalu

    But was one card better?? Did he ever tell his secrets?!

  2. ManIkWeet

    ManIkWeet4 bulan yang lalu

    @JayzTwoCents I though A for Awesome, just like this vid <3

  3. erik karjala

    erik karjala4 bulan yang lalu

    @JayzTwoCents alright

  4. Taron

    Taron4 bulan yang lalu

    @JayzTwoCents It's a shame F wasn't for fookin fast.

  5. JayzTwoCents

    JayzTwoCents4 bulan yang lalu

    I feel A meant average

  6. Midnight Midas

    Midnight Midas4 bulan yang lalu

    @Xalinsky i guess A means an okay card XD

  7. Netty Voyager

    Netty Voyager8 hari yang lalu

    so kingpins score on the board are void no on does that and 16000 is still the accepted bench mark

  8. rundownaxe

    rundownaxe2 bulan yang lalu

    OMG! An FX5200! My first crysis experience was with one of those and a 3ghz prescott haha! 800x600 with minimum settings and it still sucked.

  9. Amateur Hour

    Amateur Hour2 bulan yang lalu

    Pouring liquid nitrogen with zero skin protection...


    DAVID GREGORY KERR2 bulan yang lalu

    Looks like someone is not using the Little Devil PC-V10 combines Personal Computer Case plus Phase Change Cooler.

  11. Maryalee Scarlet

    Maryalee Scarlet3 bulan yang lalu

    Adam Savage: "Am I eyebrow?!" I think Jay's been taking lessons.

  12. BackupBump

    BackupBump3 bulan yang lalu

    I har the gtx 295! Witt an i7 920. Good old days...

  13. kumbandit

    kumbandit4 bulan yang lalu

    "it's not a contest contest" - Red light in their eyes :D

  14. Jiey Muhammad

    Jiey Muhammad4 bulan yang lalu

    i always wonder why there is no better system or ways too use it. like liquid cool using tube and stuff

  15. Karthig1987

    Karthig19874 bulan yang lalu

    Lol at jay mimikcing its too much regarding thermal paste application.

  16. FredoLechon

    FredoLechon4 bulan yang lalu

    I have no idea what they are doing...... what am i doing?

  17. WelshTony1's Unboxing, Reviews and Guides

    WelshTony1's Unboxing, Reviews and Guides4 bulan yang lalu

    "The Mic Jay is wearing is for Steve's stream" I watch a bit of the stream and I could hardly hear Jay in the stream, I thought the Mic was for this video

  18. Justin Lemieux

    Justin Lemieux4 bulan yang lalu

    These guys are just awesome, very good for the IT/OC/Gaming community, keep it up!

  19. Marcelo Meireles

    Marcelo Meireles4 bulan yang lalu

    These competitions are pointless :/

  20. Mat C

    Mat C4 bulan yang lalu

    i have one of those dual pcb 295s, BFG Tech one though and nice LN2 content, but i Digress, that old bad boy idles at 67c in my haf x case.

  21. Mike 1

    Mike 14 bulan yang lalu

    both of you guys together is awesome.

  22. Mr Gigglesworth

    Mr Gigglesworth4 bulan yang lalu

    what happens if you put ln2 in a reg watercooler? just for lolz

  23. ISOHaven

    ISOHaven4 bulan yang lalu

    *real tacos aren't crunchy

  24. Kligard

    Kligard4 bulan yang lalu

    Loved how Vince kicked both your asses in an instant XD

  25. PlayerN

    PlayerN4 bulan yang lalu

    Vaseline and PC's. I'm reminded of Jerma the PC doctor

  26. Mr nice guy

    Mr nice guy4 bulan yang lalu

    ln2 means nothing......

  27. HUNter

    HUNter4 bulan yang lalu

    Don't let it soak? So the safest way to overclock with LN2 is completely naked?

  28. Paul The bearded one Downing

    Paul The bearded one Downing4 bulan yang lalu

    excellent pal good stuff

  29. 1974spr

    1974spr4 bulan yang lalu

    ID-10-T or PEBCAK.... douche move. LMAO

  30. zerocool

    zerocool4 bulan yang lalu

    I really hope EVGA fix the weird aesthetics of their next run of cards, I really ,ove their mobos and want to go back to EVGA next time over ASUS :D

  31. JAY LEE

    JAY LEE4 bulan yang lalu

    I knew it Jay you should have busted out the power drill & drilled some holes in the pcb

  32. Lachezar Terziyski

    Lachezar Terziyski4 bulan yang lalu

    FX5200 hit me right in the nostaligia :D

  33. Domen A

    Domen A4 bulan yang lalu

    7:06 when I hear a bad joke

  34. Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor4 bulan yang lalu

    I genuinely worry these guys are gonna somehow kill themselves one day!

  35. trilingualkid

    trilingualkid4 bulan yang lalu

    on EVGA Ebay "slightly used RTX 2080ti kingpin, never OC, never over voltage, never soak in extreme warranty."

  36. pablo rages

    pablo rages4 bulan yang lalu

    0:00 ... Vaseline advert

  37. Thomas Beaudoin

    Thomas Beaudoin4 bulan yang lalu

    Great show. was fun to watch

  38. Alex_116

    Alex_1164 bulan yang lalu

    This was fantastic, the banter between Steve, Phil, Jay, and Vince is too good.

  39. MrKillswitch88

    MrKillswitch884 bulan yang lalu

    That red EVGA GTX295 is a limited edition and EVGA only made around 500 of them back in 2009 for a promotional event for which only 160 or so made it to retail while the remainder was later sold off to Dell so it is a rare card. Internally it performs the same as expected however they are cherry picks and do overclock for which a 6 week world record was held in 3D mark with these Red editions.

  40. Dylan Garcia

    Dylan Garcia4 bulan yang lalu


  41. Scout

    Scout4 bulan yang lalu

    why has jay not talked about the i3-9100f yet?

  42. Ode

    Ode4 bulan yang lalu

    What you did with Vaseline?

  43. 777Thibs

    777Thibs4 bulan yang lalu

    Looked like a Geforce 3. Had one back in the day.

  44. Chris LeClerc

    Chris LeClerc4 bulan yang lalu

    Great Vid I have been overclocking my self for 20 years but have never went extreme with Dice / Ln2 . My coldest bench session was with my rad outside in -40c

  45. Viper vids gaming plus

    Viper vids gaming plus4 bulan yang lalu

    Backdraft sucks