Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Official Teaser For Trailer (NEW FOOTAGE)


  1. Strider

    Strider12 hari yang lalu


  2. Strider

    Strider12 hari yang lalu


  3. Ada Angela Egra

    Ada Angela Egra17 hari yang lalu


  4. Edwin Souder

    Edwin Souder21 hari yang lalu

    I thought the iceberg was a giant asteroid base or something.

  5. Obsidian Empire

    Obsidian Empire23 hari yang lalu

    The one with the golden-bronze on it looks to be similar to the one used in the lego show with the kyber crystal sword

  6. Andy Webb

    Andy Webb23 hari yang lalu

    I’m Mary poppins ya”ll. 😂😖🤪🤣🤥

  7. This Guy

    This Guy23 hari yang lalu

    Regardless of this, I’m not wasting my money to go see this. Disney has ruined the SWs universe. I’ll wait to see it for free.

  8. Holo Graphic

    Holo Graphic23 hari yang lalu

    Cool looks like there's something between rey and chewwy. Maybe rey fancies chewwy and wants to bang never know.

  9. Armin Tabari

    Armin Tabari23 hari yang lalu

    I say anyone who is sick of disney treatment toward star wars do NOT pay anything to the rise of skywalker tickets,toys and merchs

  10. Darken Sangdrax

    Darken Sangdrax23 hari yang lalu

    A teaser for a trailer - omG how have we come to this?

  11. good wood

    good wood23 hari yang lalu


  12. Flux Studios

    Flux Studios23 hari yang lalu

    Misleading title. No surprise there.

  13. Daniel Gilbert

    Daniel Gilbert23 hari yang lalu

    Disney sucks at writing cohesive star wars stories.

  14. Paul Lomax

    Paul Lomax23 hari yang lalu


  15. Bag the Bird

    Bag the Bird24 hari yang lalu

    This is honestly retarded at the amount of ships both sides have, they had better explain this

  16. king

    king24 hari yang lalu

    A little while back i heard that theres gonna be a new jedi fighting the new empire and the jedi is supposed to be ezra bridger and the resistance and the first order are supposedly gonna team up to fight then new empire which is Palpatine empire from the unknown parts of the galaxy that he sent out before he died i saw it in a video if not it might of been a article but its most likley just a theory if it was true it would most likely be like 4hrs long or cut into 2 movies

  17. Jesse 1437

    Jesse 143724 hari yang lalu

    watch the movie.

  18. Western Homestead & Off Grid Living

    Western Homestead & Off Grid Living24 hari yang lalu

    C 3PO is the lucky one, he gets to forget what Disney has done to this franchise.

  19. SotnEC

    SotnEC24 hari yang lalu

    Millenium Falcon cockpit with no white males , according to Disney this equals a great movie. Great job Disney! 👍 😉

  20. Miles Crissey

    Miles Crissey24 hari yang lalu

    Yes! Isn't that the Ghost to the right of the Falcon?!

  21. Azurian

    Azurian24 hari yang lalu

    I think it's stupid they went to a few people to a massive army / fleet in such a short time. Talk about ass pulling.

  22. Mr. Carroll Ware Is my real name look it up.

    Mr. Carroll Ware Is my real name look it up.24 hari yang lalu

    Yeah saga comes to an end until Eposide 10 or it is remade.

  23. Hunter Bengtson

    Hunter Bengtson24 hari yang lalu

    Stupendous wave what’s the best way to chat with ya? I have some serious questions

  24. Phantasm City Comics 2

    Phantasm City Comics 224 hari yang lalu

    Your not going to trick me Disney, this was TRASH. This is what Disney does people, it's a business tactic. They'll show you the characters that you knew before like Leia, Chewie, Lando, and sidious. And then put in that epic Star Wars music in the trailer, then they'll show you little emotion to make you feel something for the characters, when they don't even have no character development. Not going to see it, Kevin feige is going to make a fantastic Star Wars then this.

  25. karim tanfous

    karim tanfous24 hari yang lalu

    Definitley first order ties, I spot the canon on botom of the Cockpit.

  26. Owen Langone

    Owen Langone24 hari yang lalu

    Was playing battlefront 2 campaign (lol) Luke finds a compass in the emperor’s observatory that looks a lot like what’s on the millennium falcon’ dash 🤔

  27. Tonatheos

    Tonatheos24 hari yang lalu

    This movie looks so terrible. The last trailer was such a joke that it was mostly scenes from the originals and prequels to remind us of when Star Wars wasn't awful. They're just bringing back all the characters and adding fan service so people will say, "Hey, I like that stuff!" and buy tickets.

  28. Edward McIntosh

    Edward McIntosh24 hari yang lalu

    forget the Ghost....i thought i saw THE EBON HAWK

  29. Civicporpes 43

    Civicporpes 4324 hari yang lalu

    Did anyone see the ghost

  30. Sith Shi

    Sith Shi24 hari yang lalu

    By what I see those are First Order Tie Fighters. I seen a turret under the cockpit. From playing battlefront 2 I know this

  31. Meytepepebewethu _

    Meytepepebewethu _24 hari yang lalu

    I can't be the only person that spotted the hammer head cruiser just above the falcon

  32. Insectious Gaming

    Insectious Gaming24 hari yang lalu

    It already looks terrible

  33. enrique luna

    enrique luna24 hari yang lalu

    This 1 is the REAL DEAL Last 1 @ Loserrrrr!

  34. Disposable_Hero

    Disposable_Hero24 hari yang lalu

    But where the Trailer to the Teaser for the final Trailer?

  35. Sapphirewingthefurrycritic

    Sapphirewingthefurrycritic24 hari yang lalu


  36. Nheiljohn Buyante

    Nheiljohn Buyante24 hari yang lalu

    He is blind he did not se the ghost

  37. joshua grall

    joshua grall24 hari yang lalu

    Style 10/10 substance 0/10

  38. Aaron Trashpost

    Aaron Trashpost24 hari yang lalu

    I think I see some clone wars era transports in the background. Either those or GR-75s.

  39. Joshua Desautels

    Joshua Desautels24 hari yang lalu

    Yeah, from the color scheme, those look like First Order TIEs.

  40. Mike Rodriguez

    Mike Rodriguez24 hari yang lalu

    Click bate punk 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 and one for measure 🖕🏿

  41. knightowl50

    knightowl5024 hari yang lalu

    Lol, ridiculousness. The rebels are somehow still small weak underdogs despite... Destroying one death star. Destroying another death star. Destroying a moon base, 10 times bigger than the other two death stars. Killed Darth Vader Killed the emperor Lol..... Did they charge with horses? Did I see horses? LOL

  42. Joshua Desautels

    Joshua Desautels24 hari yang lalu

    Is that 9:30 ET, as in 6:30 PT?

  43. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again24 hari yang lalu

    That trailer looks crazy so does this means this is it? That there's no more Star wars after this 🌌🚀🦁

  44. hoolio goolio

    hoolio goolio24 hari yang lalu

    just saw the trailer. sucks

  45. Darth Alba

    Darth Alba24 hari yang lalu

    *R.I.P. STAR WARS*

  46. Atrius Ren

    Atrius Ren24 hari yang lalu

    Just saw this on mnf and omg

  47. ItsNoahScott

    ItsNoahScott24 hari yang lalu

    Hello There

  48. _ ItsRagnarRok

    _ ItsRagnarRok24 hari yang lalu

    Their outfits look like discounted Halloween costumes

  49. boring nerd

    boring nerd24 hari yang lalu

    They have the ghost

  50. Garnett Elliott

    Garnett Elliott24 hari yang lalu

    That thing on the dashboard is a flux capacitator. Mike was right!

  51. DoctorMeh

    DoctorMeh24 hari yang lalu

    That's not an island. Why is everyone calling it an island?

  52. Gold fisher58

    Gold fisher5824 hari yang lalu

    I feel like that scene is gonna be Star Wars "Endgame" moment

  53. Nishi 101- gaming

    Nishi 101- gaming24 hari yang lalu

    Maybe those ships belongs to Leia's allies in the outer rim

  54. Curious Cat

    Curious Cat24 hari yang lalu

    Why does the falcon have its old antennae back? Could it be a flash back or a world between worlds kinda mishmash?

  55. Adam Lawrence

    Adam Lawrence24 hari yang lalu


  56. Joseph Thompson

    Joseph Thompson24 hari yang lalu

    Imagine missing the ghost u mug

  57. Gemma James

    Gemma James24 hari yang lalu

    Can’t imagine how bad this will be just hope they kill the characters off for good like they had to in rogue one which actually sucked but killing off this shitfest would be the greatest news in Star Wars history. Ducking cancer the rip off disgusting sequels are

  58. G M

    G M24 hari yang lalu

    with all those ships just send someome to hyperspace kamikaze lol

  59. Aldiggy2000

    Aldiggy200024 hari yang lalu

    Don't worry in about a week there'll be even newer trailer with all the reshoots. Is this really what will be in the final cut rofl

  60. benny_tys 16

    benny_tys 1624 hari yang lalu

    Anyone notice that the Falcon has a round dish now like the original? Last I remember it had a different rectangle looking dish in the past two movies.