Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer


  1. William Cunningham

    William Cunningham5 jam yang lalu

    Unfortunately it's more likely the trailer is far better than the movie

  2. alfonzo mendoza

    alfonzo mendoza5 jam yang lalu

    0:55 huh no desk for the emperor

  3. Poodz Sherbert

    Poodz Sherbert5 jam yang lalu

    Saga ends so bring us all your money 💰

  4. Mauro weeb

    Mauro weeb5 jam yang lalu

    I liked they spoiled not to much

  5. Rogelio Garcia

    Rogelio Garcia5 jam yang lalu

    I hope this ends with Mickey Mouse waking up from a dream and let us know these movies never really happened.

  6. Albie Wolf

    Albie Wolf6 jam yang lalu

    Let’s be honest here, does Disney even make original and good content anymore? The only thing I can think of is Marvel and that was just them swallowing the whole thing up and making unearned money from it

  7. Kevin McAllister

    Kevin McAllister6 jam yang lalu

    No Anakin or Luke? Bye star wars! Disney is clueless about these films.


    WORLD'S BEST5 jam yang lalu

    So is George Lucas

  9. UTS Apollo

    UTS Apollo6 jam yang lalu

    These people in comments the main saga, is ending the side stories are tiny things that just give info on specific things, the main star wars story will end so please stop

  10. I Have Anxiety

    I Have Anxiety6 jam yang lalu

    Star Wars 2019: This is the end Star Wars: The Jar Jar Chronicles: Meesa Back!

  11. John Darcangelo

    John Darcangelo6 jam yang lalu

    I honestly wish that i cared.


    WORLD'S BEST5 jam yang lalu

    Found the man baby

  13. Vanessa Velocity

    Vanessa Velocity6 jam yang lalu


  14. Isaac Williams Rothenburg

    Isaac Williams Rothenburg6 jam yang lalu

    I wonder how many people can identify Rey as what it is - MTF, or also male-to-female...

  15. Jace Turner

    Jace Turner6 jam yang lalu

    I swear if they kill off 3PO, I will never watch another Disney Movie

  16. William Crawford

    William Crawford6 jam yang lalu

    ol palps is alive for sure then

  17. Anklebiter 91

    Anklebiter 916 jam yang lalu

    Disney ruined it. Pass.

  18. Vincent Dupuy

    Vincent Dupuy6 jam yang lalu

    Just from the short trailer this looks poorly written

  19. Jürgen Klopp for US President

    Jürgen Klopp for US President6 jam yang lalu

    “Taking one last look at my friends” Has only interacted properly with Poe and doesn’t seem to look at either R2 or Chewie. Nice one Disney 🍆

  20. Hello there.

    Hello there.7 jam yang lalu

    the story lives forever.... does that include the last jedi? if so kill me.

  21. mike malley

    mike malley7 jam yang lalu

    hol up was that case from the beginning baby yodas case from the mandalorian


    ANGRYPVZ7 jam yang lalu

    Why did c3pO say that he’s taking a last look? Son’s tell me he’s going to die 😰

  23. sicDaVid

    sicDaVid7 jam yang lalu


  24. Vanessa Velocity

    Vanessa Velocity6 jam yang lalu

    Women hate the sequels to. I'm proud of THAT.

  25. Michael Sturm

    Michael Sturm7 jam yang lalu

    Calamari - Opa! A delicious Star Wars Story

  26. Blk Sabb

    Blk Sabb7 jam yang lalu

    This is so embarrassing

  27. Michael Rojas

    Michael Rojas7 jam yang lalu

    Disney the Saga ended about 3 episodes ago. Go home, you’re drunk! 🥴

  28. Wiesław Malec

    Wiesław Malec7 jam yang lalu

    9:05 Gwiezdne Wojny po nas na firmie gdzie można taką kasetę kupić bo u nas Lewinie nie ma kina

  29. Kameron Thomas

    Kameron Thomas7 jam yang lalu

    2019 "The saga ends" 2020: Gary: A starwars story

  30. Walter Posch

    Walter Posch7 jam yang lalu

    Are there Klingons and Cardassians in?

  31. House Wise

    House Wise7 jam yang lalu

    Almost feels like this should have been the first one 😂

  32. Josefi Krakowski

    Josefi Krakowski7 jam yang lalu

    1:45 Only a fool would fight the Dothraki in an open field!

  33. RSHoudini Salazar

    RSHoudini Salazar7 jam yang lalu

    Just on the closing of the decade Christmas 2019 ~~~ Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer Movie ~~~

  34. Tony P

    Tony P7 jam yang lalu

    I think I’ll pass !

  35. Vanessa Velocity

    Vanessa Velocity6 jam yang lalu

    Me too screw this film.

  36. SeReatha Fore

    SeReatha Fore7 jam yang lalu

    i like the trailer but DISNEY has no idea where this story line should go it could be better it make me think they are just trying to make money. psh but why would they just do it for the money

  37. Sheriff of Rock Ridge

    Sheriff of Rock Ridge7 jam yang lalu

    I hope I’m wrong but I have a bad feeling about this

  38. Joe Kurtz

    Joe Kurtz7 jam yang lalu

    The last 2 features convey the magic the first movie has.

  39. ReadyforWeirdtoo?

    ReadyforWeirdtoo?7 jam yang lalu

    I’m not ready for this to be over, I sense there will be tears 😭 in the theater

  40. Jason Franks

    Jason Franks7 jam yang lalu

    It can't be as bad as the last Jedi...can it?

  41. David Smith

    David Smith8 jam yang lalu

    The Rise of Mary Sue... Easy pass just like the Solo film and The Last Jedi.

  42. Jack Millard

    Jack Millard8 jam yang lalu

    2019: The Saga Ends 2040: Disney: "Let's remake the original trilogy!"

  43. JuicyDrop

    JuicyDrop8 jam yang lalu

    If the movies were as good as these trailers, this trilogy would have been perfect

  44. David LeBlanc

    David LeBlanc8 jam yang lalu

    I'm just excited to see the Emperor again. I had really hoped back then he would appear in Rogue One.

  45. Bhushan W

    Bhushan W8 jam yang lalu

    Rise of the Moneymaker! 😂 Disney, Sir, whatever did they make of your dreams... of your empire?

  46. Least Trending

    Least Trending8 jam yang lalu


  47. Ethercraft EC

    Ethercraft EC8 jam yang lalu

    one day i wasent the fan of star wars but when i watched carefuly i loved it and i cant wait for that movie

  48. SidTheKid

    SidTheKid8 jam yang lalu

    2019: The saga ends 2020: Darth Plagueis the Wise, A Star Wars Story

  49. david C

    david C8 jam yang lalu

    I cant wait to see Mary Sue mudstomp the emperor

  50. Genesis

    Genesis8 jam yang lalu

    The Emperors "Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise" story is better than all of these Disney movies combined.

  51. Genesis

    Genesis8 jam yang lalu

    They'll find a way to blame George Lucas for this movie.

  52. Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs8 jam yang lalu

    Next trilogy: Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Jar Jar Binks: The Saga Ends

  53. Fatherland88

    Fatherland889 jam yang lalu

    “Schlong have I waited...”

  54. Fatherland88

    Fatherland889 jam yang lalu

    Uh, shouldn’t The First Order actually be called The SECOND Order?!?

  55. Michael S

    Michael S9 jam yang lalu


  56. Harvey Bushby Knight

    Harvey Bushby Knight9 jam yang lalu

    2019 : The Saga Ends 2119 : Star Wars For Real

  57. SuperDeath098

    SuperDeath0989 jam yang lalu

    Dogshit Disney movies

  58. Joe DeMatteo

    Joe DeMatteo9 jam yang lalu

    If it flops: episode 7,8,9 all trashed, legends is cannon again and you guys gotta do it again,

  59. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj9 jam yang lalu

    Disney: “The saga will end” Also Disney: “There is another”

  60. mike m

    mike m9 jam yang lalu

    Is Rey palpatines kid

  61. L F

    L F9 jam yang lalu

    *another cash grab* 🙄

  62. Christopher Thompson

    Christopher Thompson9 jam yang lalu

    Why does the room at 1:51 look like kamino

  63. Helaman Romero

    Helaman Romero9 jam yang lalu

    2019: the Saga Ends Luke: “Impressive, Every word in that sentence is wrong.”

  64. excuse me umm

    excuse me umm10 jam yang lalu

    2019 : the saga ends 2020 : *no*

  65. David 2000

    David 200010 jam yang lalu

    After 42 years, it will now finally come to an end...

  66. Daniel Petre

    Daniel Petre10 jam yang lalu

    Esta no puede ser la ultima pelicula de Star wars tiene que seguir like si piensas lo mismo