Star Wars (Famicom Game) AVGN Episode Segment


  1. wesleythomasm

    wesleythomasm5 bulan yang lalu

    :( :0 80 >80

  2. The Poor Old Soul

    The Poor Old Soul8 bulan yang lalu


  3. Pioneer Mega-LD

    Pioneer Mega-LDTahun Yang lalu

    "Luke, I am your father, and I am also a FUCKING SCORPION"

  4. Eddie LastHuman

    Eddie LastHumanTahun Yang lalu

    Darth Vader not just a scorpion, he is a FUCKING scorpion. He's also a FUCKING shark.

  5. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger2 tahun yang lalu

    I always knew Anakin Skywalker was secretly a scorpion.

  6. The Onyx Viper

    The Onyx ViperTahun Yang lalu

    But he hates sand tho!

  7. MattSid86

    MattSid862 tahun yang lalu

    Someone can tell me why the machanics of the game and the game itself looks a lot like Alex Kidd in the Miracle World for Sega Master System?

  8. Future President Hernandez 2

    Future President Hernandez 22 tahun yang lalu

    1:17 Avgn:😱 (few seconds passed) luke,i am your father and im also a *FUCKING* scorpion 😡

  9. TheStopShort

    TheStopShort2 tahun yang lalu

    Admit it, you came here for the fucking scorpion.

  10. James T. Gellert

    James T. Gellert2 tahun yang lalu

    ha ha ha

  11. Eric Conley

    Eric Conley2 tahun yang lalu

    I am your father and I am also a fuckin scorpion

  12. Daniel Wi

    Daniel Wi2 tahun yang lalu

    I died at avgn's reaction to darth Vader turning into a scorpion.

  13. The Dragonborne

    The Dragonborne2 tahun yang lalu

    Apparently someone watched this and then got a job at Hal. If anyone gets the joke you win a cookie.

  14. The Last Phoenix

    The Last Phoenix3 tahun yang lalu

    In episode 8 its revealed he was scorpion all along. Sorry, spoilers.

  15. Alan Malcheski

    Alan Malcheski3 tahun yang lalu

    A whole entire empire shit. At least one person sees it.

  16. Vagelis Sabbas

    Vagelis Sabbas3 tahun yang lalu

    in the japaniese starwars game the darth vader also transforms into pterosaurus,shark and yeti

  17. GamerzTheDragon

    GamerzTheDragon3 tahun yang lalu

    I was actually kinda surprised that the "Scorpion Transformation" thing made it into _AVGN Adventures II_.

  18. mrsir718

    mrsir7183 tahun yang lalu

    You actually can continue. On the game over screen, press up and tap the A button 8 times. It costs 30 force point thingees to continue. You can continue as many times as you want as long as you have that many.

  19. Vrabo

    Vrabo3 tahun yang lalu

    1:15 This is what you came for.

  20. Eric Andre

    Eric Andre3 tahun yang lalu

    Game is pretty great. Game play is interesting, once you get used to it it's really fun. Hit box is whacky. one word for this game relentless, Contra on steroids.

  21. Кейти Тамира

    Кейти Тамира3 tahun yang lalu

    That's a scorpion right there. I've seen 'em. I've seen 'em a few times. Take a few from the desert, that's a scorpion right there.

  22. TheArchDemon

    TheArchDemon3 tahun yang lalu

    This game makes Zelda II look like Skyrim by comparison

  23. Retroradboy

    Retroradboy4 tahun yang lalu

    Lastgamer has a one off made famicom Star Wars , It has 2 extra levels and an energy bar. He showed it on one of his vlogs. It's original and had different cover

  24. MattSid86

    MattSid864 tahun yang lalu

    Someone noticed how this game resambles a lot Alex Kidd in the Miracle World? Anyone got Info about that? Ah, anyway...."Tha's a scorpion. I've seen a few of thems, picked em from the desert..."

  25. Dylan Punter

    Dylan Punter4 tahun yang lalu

    "Luke, I am your father, and I am also a FUCKING SCORPION". Priceless

  26. Superpan21

    Superpan214 tahun yang lalu

    Is it a kusoge or a guilty pleasure? And to think that Japan has quality control in the 80s and 90s. Satoshi Matrix tends to like this game. I'd rather call it a guilty pleasure than a bad game.

  27. Ethan Salinas

    Ethan Salinas4 tahun yang lalu

    So did AVGN lend his Star Wars games to JonTron for Starcade?

  28. Ethan Salinas

    Ethan Salinas4 tahun yang lalu

    So did AVGN lend his Star Wars games to JonTron for Starcade?

  29. TheWingedBear

    TheWingedBear4 tahun yang lalu

    That last line...xD It's a whole shit!

  30. Modestserhat

    Modestserhat4 tahun yang lalu

    "Excuse me whaaaat?" -JanTran 2015

  31. Luca Gabriel Skywalker

    Luca Gabriel Skywalker4 tahun yang lalu

    And you don´t see the Pterodactyl-Vader!! in the levels more advanced... it´s Fucking Awesome!!! ...Damm

  32. Cap'n Mo

    Cap'n Mo4 tahun yang lalu

    4:49 - Why would James have thought he could jump down the waterfall when all other falls previous killed him?

  33. Indra Jbo

    Indra Jbo4 tahun yang lalu

    I have played this on NES. If I shake the controller port for a few minutes, the game will give me the option level.

  34. Liam Knight

    Liam Knight4 tahun yang lalu

  35. Jesse Darja

    Jesse Darja4 tahun yang lalu

    Can't believe I actually beat this game

  36. Ryuzekia

    Ryuzekia4 tahun yang lalu

    3:55 Game Over, Return of Darth Vader

  37. Carl Dwight Demetria

    Carl Dwight Demetria4 tahun yang lalu

    Pro tips: mash both A and B buttons on the game over screen to get the option to continue. This can be done only once, if I remember correctly. Also, try inserting a metal object in between the two contact rows on the Famicom's light gun port connector during the title sequence to bring you to a stage select screen.

  38. Damian Sciascia

    Damian Sciascia4 tahun yang lalu

    Al fin volviste a hacer buenos vídeos, solo falta el subtitulo...

  39. FN-1138

    FN-11384 tahun yang lalu

    Japan... Stop, you're doing too much xD

  40. graham walsh

    graham walsh4 tahun yang lalu

    So funny dude you have my sub.

  41. TheArchDemon

    TheArchDemon4 tahun yang lalu

    Is that supposed to be Japanese text in the cut scenes or is it daedric