Squishy Makeover: PEOPLE


  1. Moriah Elizabeth

    Moriah Elizabeth27 hari yang lalu

    Oh. ALSO. The results from the poll on last week's video were great! Only 4% of you that voted liked the old intro better. I'm sorry if you're in that 4% that wants the old intro back, but the new one is here to say!

  2. Ali

    Ali26 hari yang lalu



    IDONTLIKE YOU26 hari yang lalu

    Love u

  4. Fish Cookie

    Fish Cookie26 hari yang lalu


  5. Fish Cookie

    Fish Cookie26 hari yang lalu


  6. Danny Rida

    Danny Rida3 menit yang lalu

    Half this video was the first one which was umm queen bee?

  7. Dream girl

    Dream girlJam Yang lalu

    The 3rd squishy got a gender reassignment surgery 😂

  8. Usha Salian

    Usha SalianJam Yang lalu

    *oFf CeNtEr PoNy tAiL* 🤣🤣

  9. Emma 4ever

    Emma 4everJam Yang lalu

    who else wants her to do the other three squishes

  10. lunarcorpse

    lunarcorpseJam Yang lalu

    I liked the makeovers.

  11. Nikollas Do Prado

    Nikollas Do Prado2 jam yang lalu

    9:03 everything was fine... Intill the face, that’s the face I make when I see donuts on the table

  12. Sadee's Super Slant

    Sadee's Super Slant2 jam yang lalu

    15:38 what’s your excuse?

  13. Natasha Holliday

    Natasha Holliday3 jam yang lalu

    Those are L.O.L squishy s but I dunno

  14. guidinglightfilms

    guidinglightfilms3 jam yang lalu

    Those lips are so big👄😄🤣

  15. SkyBlue

    SkyBlue3 jam yang lalu

    For the skin tone on the first one: The undertone was too cool/red based you could fix it by adding a bit of a golden yellow

  16. Briatanny McStupid

    Briatanny McStupid3 jam yang lalu

    I laughed so hard that my mom came down because she thought I was crying. This is the best video from her by far.

  17. Jennifer Lipply

    Jennifer Lipply4 jam yang lalu

    Can you do more people please

  18. J P

    J P4 jam yang lalu

    "here over all design" Me over here thinking you said her overall design. Like clothes.

  19. Kirina Welch

    Kirina Welch4 jam yang lalu

    PLEASE make the OTHER people to. They are not to be included in the "creepy squad"

  20. Ella Dugan

    Ella Dugan5 jam yang lalu


  21. Ella Dugan

    Ella Dugan5 jam yang lalu

    Do more Bake With Me vids

  22. Syiqin and Kimin

    Syiqin and Kimin5 jam yang lalu

    I like the hair dress boots

  23. Brook Lynn

    Brook Lynn6 jam yang lalu

    Please do the other three people!

  24. Metro_Mutt

    Metro_Mutt6 jam yang lalu

    9:30 in my opinion the lips are what make it look weird, if it was just a simple cute smile like even a sideways 3 would make it look 10000000 times cuter, i think it still has alot of potential and is an improvement to the original!

  25. Gabba PT

    Gabba PT6 jam yang lalu

    at least the first LOL doll does not look like before you painted it anyway your the best and i know it is now November but i love your videos

  26. Weirdo Sisters

    Weirdo Sisters7 jam yang lalu

    the boys face reminds me of the cat you fixed!

  27. Savage Assassin

    Savage Assassin7 jam yang lalu

    Sees pink Mustache ....................... Markiplier who

  28. Autumn Dawson

    Autumn Dawson8 jam yang lalu

    Waittt I thought her name was Sophia wth??

  29. Dino pickle

    Dino pickle9 jam yang lalu

    What was everyone’s favourite squishy in this video! And like if you love Moriah Elizabeth ❤️ 👇🏻

  30. Bouyer Olivier

    Bouyer Olivier10 jam yang lalu

    This is fake l.o.l surprise squishy 🤘🏼

  31. Kim BFF

    Kim BFF11 jam yang lalu

    Sorry, Moriah Elizabeth but I H.A.T.E the new intro 99.9 percent

  32. DreamGirl XoX

    DreamGirl XoX12 jam yang lalu

    They're LOL doll squishys the gold hair won is Boss Queen The red/Pink dress one is Sis Swing The unicorn one is Dolly

  33. Michael Horodowicz

    Michael Horodowicz13 jam yang lalu

    Omg lol.

  34. Ahmet Arabacı

    Ahmet Arabacı14 jam yang lalu

    Me just to let you know that is a lol doll and they are redicolus like you said

  35. GAME_ GIRL

    GAME_ GIRL16 jam yang lalu

    My birthday.....

  36. D e l i n q u e n t C h i l d

    D e l i n q u e n t C h i l d16 jam yang lalu

    *Me a dumbass pansexual, sees that the first squishy has pink yellow and blue hair* Me: -That squishy is pan now. I refuse to believe otherwise-

  37. pow wows at my house

    pow wows at my house17 jam yang lalu

    I love this vidio and this my favorite... probably

  38. Flyin Frankie Dew

    Flyin Frankie Dew17 jam yang lalu

    there L.O.L surprise dolls not quote on quote `HUMANS`

  39. cfdis

    cfdis17 jam yang lalu

    I love ur videos but all those faces.. Just no xD

  40. stacey Locklear

    stacey Locklear18 jam yang lalu

    Omg you are good

  41. Princess Twilight

    Princess Twilight19 jam yang lalu

    (Sing this) but you try your best but you dont succeeeed... look at ice cream taco girl and sing this..

  42. Ying Lam

    Ying Lam19 jam yang lalu

    Not bad that’s OK😆😆😆😆😆😆😆


    AFRINA MEHER20 jam yang lalu

    I was laughing so much while watching this Ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  44. Redly Roo

    Redly Roo20 jam yang lalu

    When she started hating on curly hair, I looked at my frilly, puffy, fluffy and curly hair and felt sad xD

  45. Chantsalmaa Chaagii

    Chantsalmaa Chaagii21 jam yang lalu

    That three schshles are a LoL dolls

  46. Skye Grimshaw

    Skye Grimshaw22 jam yang lalu

    Love you

  47. Eilidh Costello

    Eilidh Costello22 jam yang lalu

    I like 1

  48. Alexis Doyal

    Alexis DoyalHari Yang lalu

    First trans squishy

  49. Katelyn Kintsche

    Katelyn KintscheHari Yang lalu

    When she knocked the other two over with the boy one not gonna lie I died laughing

  50. Lilly Foxxy

    Lilly FoxxyHari Yang lalu

    why do i feel like the last squishy you made in this video was a gender bend of you

  51. Inez Hornbecker

    Inez HornbeckerHari Yang lalu

    make one into your cat

  52. Tatyana Shaw

    Tatyana ShawHari Yang lalu

    What kinds paint do you use??

  53. Anna Ivanov

    Anna IvanovHari Yang lalu

    Moria:put those cheeks way girl Me: what Me but then: rewatches and falls of bed laughing 😂

  54. Irene Yang

    Irene YangHari Yang lalu

    boys+CHAOS=INFINITY CHAOS DESTROY GIRL+BOY=calm rules nonemean cute kind So true right??????????

  55. Irene Yang

    Irene YangHari Yang lalu

    Pleas tell me no or yes PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ i want my first comment p,z just say something

  56. Kimber Edwards

    Kimber EdwardsHari Yang lalu

    How old are you

  57. Beau Steffer

    Beau StefferHari Yang lalu

    Poor lol doll squishie

  58. Beau Steffer

    Beau StefferHari Yang lalu

    Your videos are so cute and cool

  59. Lilytily 1

    Lilytily 1Hari Yang lalu

    did anyone notice that the lips of the second squishy that got a makeover had the lips of part of the face in roblox?? XD

  60. Lulu vids 2019

    Lulu vids 2019Hari Yang lalu

    Those are LOL Dolls! :D

  61. Star HAN

    Star HANHari Yang lalu

    Nobody: me: it looks good

  62. Setayesh Hussaini

    Setayesh HussainiHari Yang lalu

    LOL! what the heck is this video. Also you should make a gudetama squishy makeover.

  63. Chelle J

    Chelle JHari Yang lalu

    It's fine I like it looks like a real LOL doll

  64. Jeff Jeffersontheroyalscientist

    Jeff JeffersontheroyalscientistHari Yang lalu

    I love how she uses her own words against herself

  65. Jeff Jeffersontheroyalscientist

    Jeff JeffersontheroyalscientistHari Yang lalu

    That scream gets me every time