Spurs complete jawdropping comeback with final kick | No Filter UCL: Ajax vs Tottenham


  1. Jay Ballistic

    Jay Ballistic22 jam yang lalu

    I loved this game - I had a bet on Ajax to win, which paid out when they went 2 up, then I had a bet on the draw, which I cashed out on at about 85 mins, then i bet on the Spurs win! As a Liverpool fan, I won't mention the final.... :-)

  2. David Currie

    David Currie2 hari yang lalu

    May 8th 2019, one of the best days of my life as a spurs fan

  3. Jack Turner

    Jack Turner2 hari yang lalu

    I am a northerner north end fan but could watch this all day and do

  4. GJM Heating

    GJM Heating4 hari yang lalu

    Spurs were robbed off the final and in my eyes spurs are champions 👑

  5. Oskle616

    Oskle6165 hari yang lalu

    All of that just to lose to a BTEC Daniel sturridge

  6. Headline Hg

    Headline Hg6 hari yang lalu

    The greatest comeback in champions league history

  7. Paul Jackett

    Paul Jackett6 hari yang lalu

    That second Lucas goal is so underrated. What footwork.

  8. BMk'er

    BMk'er8 hari yang lalu

    BT Sport have absolutely nailed the Champions League.. I don't even like football and even I can watch these games... BT should get hold of F1 as SKY is so boring with such a great sport.

  9. Yo Berry

    Yo Berry9 hari yang lalu

    The best night ever that was I was watching OMG

  10. James Bennett-Mcnulty

    James Bennett-Mcnulty10 hari yang lalu

    Liverpool's title of best semi final comeback lived long

  11. Nitro

    Nitro14 hari yang lalu

    At 7:35 I would laugh if the camera man said fudge it and ran onto the pitch jumping onto them😂😂😂😂

  12. The Stones 1980

    The Stones 198016 hari yang lalu

    Ah never mind

  13. Antony D'Andrea

    Antony D'Andrea17 hari yang lalu

    wish i could watch this knowing they went on to win it :-( our whole run was this epic, the final should have been too.

  14. Max Russell

    Max Russell17 hari yang lalu

    stole southamptons tunes

  15. Nelson Music UK

    Nelson Music UK19 hari yang lalu

    Rio nearly killed Hoddle there!

  16. ruhith mohammed

    ruhith mohammed23 hari yang lalu

    Worst camera work ever

  17. JT Gaming

    JT Gaming25 hari yang lalu

    This has made me re-live this amazing game and just realise what a beautiful game this is.

  18. aiden beel

    aiden beel28 hari yang lalu

    Ajax should have won the champions league I don't even support them Ajax have a great De Ligt as there captain great job

  19. Ellis James

    Ellis James28 hari yang lalu

    Possibly the best year last season. Every time from last 16 till final had drama

  20. Enrique Beade

    Enrique Beade29 hari yang lalu

    Yes boys am late I know but we beat Ajax on my bd coyssss yiddoooo

  21. Reggie Gamez

    Reggie GamezBulan Yang lalu

    The way Glenn jumped up in celebration, it concerned me about him having another heart attack

  22. Amazed Footy

    Amazed FootyBulan Yang lalu

    4:15 Rio Ferdinands face 😂

  23. Rees Jones

    Rees JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Moura’s footwork for the second goal is unreal

  24. Imagination Is Power

    Imagination Is PowerBulan Yang lalu

    Brilliantly filmed BT Sport that was a real pleasure.

  25. ReaciÆL _

    ReaciÆL _Bulan Yang lalu

    Still gives me goosebumps

  26. Youssef Eltawab6

    Youssef Eltawab6Bulan Yang lalu

    Ajax fans don’t throw scarf or plastic bottles on pitch should be banned

  27. JFIMES

    JFIMESBulan Yang lalu

    Can’t forget this champions league semi final, big Liverpool fan but never been happier for Moura, good guy with a good heart

  28. EzMossy

    EzMossyBulan Yang lalu

    I love Rio so much 😂😂❤️ his reaction always kills me

  29. deejay Peekay

    deejay PeekayBulan Yang lalu

    I want to live that moment again and again and again...

  30. pewdiepie 9 year old army

    pewdiepie 9 year old armyBulan Yang lalu

    6:43 put captions on..

  31. your moms best mate

    your moms best mateBulan Yang lalu

    Its a swear word Ohhhhh no

  32. Rob

    RobBulan Yang lalu

    Then Pochettino goes and spoils it by not picking Mora for the final , 1/4 fit Kane ?

  33. CosTy

    CosTyBulan Yang lalu

    Totham didnt deserve to be in the finals :)

  34. hammer 66

    hammer 66Bulan Yang lalu

    typical spurs get to final against a poor liverpool on the night and put their hat trick hero on the bench lol

  35. your moms best mate

    your moms best mateBulan Yang lalu

    How were liverpool bad?

  36. CAVERN1234

    CAVERN1234Bulan Yang lalu

    Well done Spurs

  37. Kevin Devlin

    Kevin DevlinBulan Yang lalu

    Not a spurs fan but this was incredible. Reason why we all love football. The passion and excitement at its finest

  38. Rant Radio

    Rant RadioBulan Yang lalu

    As a Spurs fan since 6yo (I'm 32 now) it Always brings me to tears hearing Jermaine Man Jenas' commentary at the end. Legend!!

  39. Ben Nixon

    Ben NixonBulan Yang lalu

    After that how did moura not play in the final

  40. Jackxse cylax

    Jackxse cylax2 bulan yang lalu

    Still to this day hearing what Glenn Hoddle said after the game still brings tears to my eyes⚽💙

  41. steveN111333

    steveN1113332 bulan yang lalu

    7:24 that Ajax fan looked upset ! lol

  42. P puh6tfrz

    P puh6tfrzBulan Yang lalu

    @steveN111333 Really?? I wonder why.

  43. Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill2 bulan yang lalu

    So glad that Glenn was here to witness this.

  44. Elliot B

    Elliot B2 bulan yang lalu

    Worth rewatching these videos to enjoy all the small details. 7:24 the studio erupts and in the background an Ajax fan clutches his head in despair

  45. You Said

    You Said2 bulan yang lalu

    Rios OTT reaction 🤣

  46. Jack Murphy

    Jack Murphy2 bulan yang lalu

    And then they met mr klopp 😎

  47. The Shred Clan

    The Shred Clan2 bulan yang lalu

    Disgusting team they are

  48. PkbXp

    PkbXp2 bulan yang lalu

    One of The best champions league finals of all time

  49. kashattack

    kashattack2 bulan yang lalu

    Rio's reaction is ridiculous! He was more more excited than both of the former Spurs heroes sitting next to him!

  50. Antony D'Andrea

    Antony D'Andrea3 bulan yang lalu

    I am back watching this for the first time since the final

  51. charlie deweek

    charlie deweek3 bulan yang lalu

    rio ferdinand was betting big on that game. thats the behaviour of a gambling man when money is on the line

  52. Phil Hewitt

    Phil Hewitt3 bulan yang lalu

    And the main man sits on the bench for the final , DOAH ,

  53. Scatta Shottz

    Scatta Shottz3 bulan yang lalu

    to bad we couldn't keep that same energy at the final Harry Kane is slow and overrated

  54. Tony England

    Tony England3 bulan yang lalu

    Man, what a Champions League that was, best ever.

  55. Ryan TV

    Ryan TV2 bulan yang lalu

    Honestly thought there was a fly on my screen lol

  56. David Redgrift

    David Redgrift3 bulan yang lalu

    7:23 look at glenn so happy 😁

  57. Kyle Fowler

    Kyle Fowler3 bulan yang lalu

    who came where after Liverpool won ucl. Unlucky spurs

  58. Nathan Georgiou

    Nathan Georgiou3 bulan yang lalu

    7:16 Drink anyone?

  59. mikhael go

    mikhael go3 bulan yang lalu

    im here after finding out that harry kane was starting for UCL finals instead of Lucas

  60. Rant Radio

    Rant Radio3 bulan yang lalu

    Who's here on the day of the Champs league? COYS

  61. josh g123

    josh g1233 bulan yang lalu


  62. Steve Price

    Steve Price3 bulan yang lalu

    I'm getting in the champions league final mood now... can't wait now!!

  63. Vincent Bird

    Vincent Bird3 bulan yang lalu

    I flipping love this video 😘

  64. Ivan Hale Bovill

    Ivan Hale Bovill3 bulan yang lalu

    7:17 some dude threw his drink😂😂

  65. GJM Heating

    GJM Heating3 bulan yang lalu

    Moura 🇧🇷 is World class