1. Ronnie Burgess

    Ronnie Burgess16 hari yang lalu

    While it’s sad and disappointing Fuck me what would you do if you’ve gone from being skint to winning millions and millions of pounds from a shack to a mansion from a bog standard car to rolls Royces and bentleys ? Would you want to carry on getting punched all over the ring or live life to the full I know what I’d chose

  2. Nick Serritella

    Nick Serritella16 hari yang lalu

    No trainer can do it for you. His own worst enemy. I really liked him and think he has some serious issues. Can he over come them? Up to him. He knows what to do just needs to do it

  3. LizzerdLegz27

    LizzerdLegz2717 hari yang lalu

    Damn this is sad Robles was his day 1 and Andy got sucked into the money

  4. Biggs Biggs

    Biggs Biggs19 hari yang lalu

    Andy Ruiz does all his training at buffet restaurant not the gym

  5. Junior Castillo

    Junior Castillo20 hari yang lalu

    Wow because al haymon said what coward

  6. Javier Gonzalez

    Javier Gonzalez20 hari yang lalu

    @1:51 You could SEE Robles thinking " I told this fat fu** to at least break a sweat in the gym, but Noooo, there's a microphone!.


    LATOHOUSTON20 hari yang lalu

    Of course he’s splitting ways. You guys need to calm down and back off Andy! How else is he supposed to have time for his new endeavor of pie eating contests. 🥮 He needs to focus on that now 100%!! Good luck on that Andy!!

  8. albert hdz

    albert hdz20 hari yang lalu

    Hope Andy gets koD the fuck out for being a bitch

  9. marcelo martinez

    marcelo martinez21 hari yang lalu


  10. marcelo martinez

    marcelo martinez21 hari yang lalu

    ANDY SUCKS AND IS ONE UNGRATEFUL JERK,he lost because he didn’t train and all he did was hang out with his friends and eat and everything that happen to him was his fault and only his fault...

  11. Anthony Sanchez

    Anthony Sanchez21 hari yang lalu

    Andy is stubborn, eating, partying and will not listen to anyone but Al Haymen that asshole who will ultimately ruin him. Actually Andy Ruiz Jr. is ruining himself. SHAME. I feel bad for Manny.

  12. onlyjoetee

    onlyjoetee21 hari yang lalu

    Ruiz is finished,now he can go eat full time....

  13. will

    will22 hari yang lalu

    crazy thing even out of Ruiz's mouth they knew and it was also apparent by Joshua's weight loss he was going to box and move for you to not train and over eat knowing your task at hand lets me know he thinks he has already made it. Which is his prerogative.

  14. Y Hideit

    Y Hideit23 hari yang lalu

    Ruiz is Djone. ! He's Done. !

  15. pighater52

    pighater5223 hari yang lalu

    Teddy not going help this pig he gots wt it takes the problem is 💰 came into his life dosent know how to act...not hungry no more it's all down hill from here this pig went crazy with his first big payday....he better humble his self cuz he will be broke in no time...thinking his 💩💩💨💨don't stink

  16. lento7421

    lento742124 hari yang lalu

    I dont see Andy ruiz being a champion anymore...

  17. Roger Tapia

    Roger Tapia24 hari yang lalu

    His careeer it’s done ... how can you pet ways with the one who help you get there :/// Two years he’ll be back in the same situation for not dedicating himself and leaving his coach

  18. Jimmy C

    Jimmy C26 hari yang lalu

    It went over Andy's head once he became the champion, and he thought it will be another easy win???!!! I don't need the gym, It's piece of cake!!!

  19. oso polar

    oso polar27 hari yang lalu

    no excuses...Ruiz fucked up big time....preparation 100% is a must...but Ruiz was immature....blaming other people for your failure is joke

  20. Revan

    Revan27 hari yang lalu

    Yeah, Ruiz is done. He will fade into obscurity to enjoy his millions, which is not a bad way to go out. Yet, the sad part about all of this is Ruiz could have been truly one of the greats. Instead, he will be a one hit wonder, others will consider his well deserved victory to be a fluke. The guy will spend his best fighting years partying his life away...until regrets sets in.

  21. Eessee

    Eessee27 hari yang lalu

    Who cares about this guy. Clearly the money got to his head. People remember legacy not one hit wonders. Had his opportunity to really cement his name in heavy weight as one of the greats but fucked it up. So who cares about this fatty. Probs going to run out of money soon anyway

  22. Plymouth Rock

    Plymouth Rock27 hari yang lalu

    Wouldn't be surprised if 1n 15 years you will see Ruiz welcoming people at a casino, one vid I saw him buying loads of scratch cards, been going crazy buying cars, worst of all he had a chance to be at the top and blew it, his trainer better off without him

  23. lxDIEDx TRYING

    lxDIEDx TRYING28 hari yang lalu

    Stop making excuses for this twatt he lost fair and square this time is a twatt and stopping his juices for people

  24. Boxing Squared

    Boxing Squared28 hari yang lalu

    I'm not making any excuses for Ruiz. You must be new to the channel

  25. John Cooper

    John Cooper28 hari yang lalu

    maaan the first piece was so nice , i had another slice andy ponce ruiz jr

  26. Andy

    Andy28 hari yang lalu

    if i was Robles i,d have quit anyway , ruiz was a disgrace to the title imo

  27. Mathew Hangaika

    Mathew Hangaika28 hari yang lalu

    Manny has presided over two AJ losses, he was training Dominique Brazzile at AJ loss and AR Jr at AJ losses

  28. LoudBoxer 1980

    LoudBoxer 198028 hari yang lalu

    Ruiz has always struggled with discipline and now he's got new money how much motivation really is there left in him? Abel Sanchez said years ago that Ruiz lacks the commitment and nothing's changed. He got Joshua at a lucky time in his career and I doubt he'll ever scale the same heights again

  29. Glenn Tasky

    Glenn Tasky28 hari yang lalu

    They are talking about Ruiz like he was Mohammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman or Mike Tyson. They say, he didn't train and he lost the fight because he was partying is Bollocks because he is a scumbag. The Brit lost the first fight because he was partying and because he was careless, he won the second fight because he was and is the better the fighter, period.

  30. Cubes Anthony

    Cubes Anthony29 hari yang lalu

    Andrea The ponz Ruiz , will never be anything more than a broke 0rcca Huge Fat guy sitting on a park Bench Broke completely skint, No wife The Beautuful julia) Will be with A Goid man) that has good money Raiseing His kids farther gone .. mom down & out .ill , The Ponce ,, wasted trying to call manni for Help !! Can you Help me Manni ,, one more time ? Manni will have a stable of champions.. This fat pig will have to get a job in the circus .as A big Fat clown ..

  31. miketyson oouka

    miketyson oouka29 hari yang lalu

    Andy lose it and sadly robles have to pay the price now hope theres a comeback

  32. christopher Tanner

    christopher Tanner29 hari yang lalu

    Hes a 1 hit wonder and he hasnt got any more to give top rank boxing that econd fight scenario was a pathetic money grab .He called himself a warrior over and over no a Roberto Duran is a warrior Mike Tyson is a warrior but not Andy Ruiz, real fightersdont eat there way through millions of Mcdonalds in camp training to fight your first challenge for the worldheavy wieght title..Andy played like a boy letting his whole team down when they hit big time big players and the millions

  33. Christopher Matthias

    Christopher Matthias29 hari yang lalu

    Feel it for Manny Fu.....ed again by yet another fighter loyalty thin on the ground over there Ruiz better win his next fight what a shame he stabbed Robles after all he Ruiz did wrong why take it out on his trainer instead of showing his loyalty and make it up to Manny by way of a new start and a new improved focused, professional attitude time will tell this smacks of bad vibes and bad manners money as they say magnifies your ego in Ruiz case we see his other side what goes around comes around now he has to wait for karma to repay hope he can handle it the lions den is a terrifying place to be

  34. Just a sec

    Just a sec29 hari yang lalu

    We all know he sacked Manny to replace him with a chef.

  35. Henry Tudor

    Henry Tudor29 hari yang lalu

    He left because Robles ate the last burrito

  36. Walter M. Roberts III, PhD

    Walter M. Roberts III, PhD29 hari yang lalu

    AR proved himself a first-class loser -- indeed a cliche of the guy for whom success is nothing but an invitation to a higher brand of failure. How sad to have disappointed so many fans - Mexican and otherwise. A real shame.

  37. Tony X

    Tony X29 hari yang lalu

    Ruiz should not blame others for his eating habits ! Snickers are not the greatest diet in the world ! He won the title fat and on the return was fatter and slower. A huge shame cause we wanted him to do well and he could not control himself ? If only ? If only ? If only ? He will curse himself for this and needs to show some insight and not blame others ! A great talent none the less ! The writting was on the wall when he bought a mansion, a white Rolls Royce, and shares in Snickers.

  38. Tim Townsend

    Tim Townsend29 hari yang lalu

    You did call it!!! 🥊 we will see if there is anyone who can motivate him now as it’s clear money is a big problem for him!! Manny pulled Ruiz up from nowhere to become champ... great vid

  39. dave cad

    dave cad29 hari yang lalu

    andy looks like he is teaming up with pizza hut

  40. Gary Chynne

    Gary Chynne29 hari yang lalu

    manny did have the thousand yard stare. andy did lose it. all the negative things people say about mexicans came true unfortunately.

  41. Santiago Murillo

    Santiago Murillo29 hari yang lalu

    If memory serves me correctly, Andy Ruiz's trainer begged him to get back into the gym, & all Ruiz did was eat, buy gaudy jewelry, cars, a home he'll eventually lose, & Andy made a complete fucken fool out of himself! Pathetic Fat Tub of SHit!

  42. Thomas Fredericks

    Thomas Fredericks29 hari yang lalu

    If haymon is only a advisor. How does he have power to tell their fighters what they should do? Fire him, turn down that offer, we've got big plans ect. ect.

  43. 1 9

    1 929 hari yang lalu

    Andy 'Telly Tubby' Ruiz blew it and will regret it thats for sure...

  44. True2022

    True202229 hari yang lalu

    You cant train the idiot out of someone so best thing for Robles .


    IDRISKHODJA Omar29 hari yang lalu

    I think Ben Davidson Will make him look good again

  46. Steven Mckenna

    Steven Mckenna29 hari yang lalu

    he shouldn't get another shot, sneaky mr Blobby, never did like him anyway, he a fat rat

  47. BrilliantBible7

    BrilliantBible721 hari yang lalu

    So you never effed up and someone gave you a 2nd chance? That's sad actually

  48. Ajayi abiodun

    Ajayi abiodun29 hari yang lalu

    Manny Robble:Andy please stop eating pizza and focus on training Andy:When I sack you let's see how you will stop me from eating the burgers and pizzas of this world

  49. Mr W

    Mr W29 hari yang lalu

    Needs to part ways with the takeaways before he blames any trainers

  50. Kevin 8Poison

    Kevin 8Poison29 hari yang lalu

    I think Ruiz has been corrupted .It is odd a son not listening to his father and his friend and coach.Maybe he is not the so devoted son to his mom and dad and the man who is all about Family and of course his mexican heritage.He didnt try or work hard enough to bring home the big wage or to gjve mexico reason to celibrate.Could be a selfish prick who wants things his way and no way else.

  51. Black Templar

    Black TemplarBulan Yang lalu

    Splitsville?....is that in Tennessee?

  52. DutchWeazel

    DutchWeazelBulan Yang lalu

    Manny for the win 👊

  53. Jason Landers

    Jason LandersBulan Yang lalu

    I'll admit, I got on the Ruiz train, something doesn't seem right in this whole situation, yes he ate too much but aside from that, I get the feeling there's bigger things at play here.

  54. David Mason

    David Mason29 hari yang lalu

    Definitely. I would like to have a look at the stubs in Hearn's cheque book...….

  55. Martin Musonda

    Martin MusondaBulan Yang lalu

    Huge fan of your woke @boxingsquared keep doing an amazing job sir 👏

  56. The Creature

    The CreatureBulan Yang lalu

    Part of being a champion is staying in fighting shape and dedicating yourself to each and every title defense. Getting beat is acceptable but showing up fat and unprepared for your first title defense is not. He doesn't deserve to be champion, and he likely will never be again

  57. LycanVonWolf

    LycanVonWolfBulan Yang lalu

    part ways with the guy that helped get you the titles because you are a fat ass that couldnt stop stuffing your face for a few months i see how it is

  58. up the bhoys downtown

    up the bhoys downtownBulan Yang lalu

    A very bad move by Ruiz Jr

  59. Ring Side Stories

    Ring Side StoriesBulan Yang lalu

    Andy was a good fighter. Rated him from the Tor Hamer and Joe Hanks days Actually pretty remarkable how Andy was able to compete at the levels he competed at Imagine if he'd lose 70 lbs of dead weight. How effective he'd be. Wouldn't he have even faster hands?

  60. Captain Insan0 Sh0ws N0 Mercy

    Captain Insan0 Sh0ws N0 MercyBulan Yang lalu

    And they called Andy the mexican rocky, He was more the mexican butterbean...Sadley butterbean was more mexican than andy

  61. ingolf1980

    ingolf1980Bulan Yang lalu

    He should employ Ben Davidson. He certainly has a track record bringing people down to match weight.

  62. سلیم کہاں

    سلیم کہاںBulan Yang lalu

    Some say Ruiz weighs over 360 lbs right now. 😮😮

  63. H2 seven

    H2 sevenBulan Yang lalu

    Ruiz made his ££££ and that's distracted him. He'll soon have one more kind of top flight fight and depending on his mindset and result that'll be the deciding bout on his career. Hoping he can get his head in the game coz he could be contender. His coach leaving him says to me he has lost his way and does not care. £££'s of funny thing!!!!