Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner


  1. liv5776

    liv57762 jam yang lalu

    This is fantastic 😂

  2. J S

    J S2 jam yang lalu

    KenDULL is so lame. Just answer the question.

  3. trinity romero

    trinity romero2 jam yang lalu

    I'm like reading the comments to see what ppl were saying about this segment in GENERAL bc I dunno about you guys but when Kendal and Harry broke up it looked messy and like now they're just chillin, which is totally fine but I felt like I was missing something and like it also looks like they still have something there low key in-between them 🤙

  4. Batsheva pr

    Batsheva pr2 jam yang lalu

    Kendall: it the worst Harry:I'm not messing with Ringo, *Eating

  5. erick renata

    erick renata2 jam yang lalu

    I believe Kendall is one of the Flat Earth Society

  6. B

    B2 jam yang lalu

    I like seeing Kendall do all these fun style interviews. She seems sweet

  7. Emma Taylor

    Emma Taylor2 jam yang lalu

    I feel like I've never seen this side of Kendall before

  8. jerzee says

    jerzee says2 jam yang lalu

    Awww... My heart just melted with Harry's quick reaction on that last question... 😍 1D for life!!

  9. Lily Jephcote

    Lily Jephcote2 jam yang lalu

    I ship it😂

  10. Apolline M

    Apolline M2 jam yang lalu

    The way she looks at him... She’s definitely into him

  11. Vi Magalona

    Vi Magalona2 jam yang lalu

    So did he write a song about her?

  12. nouheïlaa

    nouheïlaa2 jam yang lalu

    her lips.....

  13. Tingle Ling

    Tingle Ling2 jam yang lalu

    Hes so fucking charming wtf

  14. Theà Wadjet

    Theà Wadjet2 jam yang lalu

    harry is the new chandler bing

  15. L.S. Pattikins

    L.S. Pattikins2 jam yang lalu

    Kendall is lame. GTFO

  16. zookytar

    zookytar2 jam yang lalu

    Wow she is so much better looking than him And I think he's hot shit

  17. MiddleDill

    MiddleDill2 jam yang lalu

    She’s fit

  18. H Hass

    H Hass2 jam yang lalu

    Harry Styles can literally bring out the real personality from the guests cuz he is such an amazing person and so chill 🤧💜

  19. Vera rla

    Vera rla2 jam yang lalu


  20. Avioke

    Avioke2 jam yang lalu

    I knew that spit/swallow joke was... Coming

  21. Isi Benavides

    Isi Benavides2 jam yang lalu

    Harry i love u, the best 💛

  22. Zenith Kissana

    Zenith Kissana2 jam yang lalu

    why was this SO good???

  23. anna stazia

    anna stazia2 jam yang lalu

    They are soooooo idk amazing cool like wow even they are exes they are cool and fun and not awkward, and Harry i luv u

  24. Emilie Johnson

    Emilie Johnson2 jam yang lalu

    When he said “CoD sPeRm!” 👉🏻I felt that

  25. Rikke

    Rikke2 jam yang lalu

    "to spit or to swallow that is the question"

  26. Gonzo Boy

    Gonzo Boy2 jam yang lalu

    Harry: Bull Penis No one: American audience: 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  27. preah de Lang

    preah de Lang2 jam yang lalu

    TBH they would actually be cute together

  28. Joseph Whitby

    Joseph Whitby2 jam yang lalu

    Hmmmm.. Kendall and harry on a date fishy... Are you trying to tell us something that you are together Waiter: Kendall your salmon smoothie Harry: GIVE ER A SNIFF

  29. Anika A

    Anika A2 jam yang lalu

    I can’t believe Kendall is a “super model”. Her body is literally like a little boys. She in no way is a model for a woman’s body. She should model little boys clothes.

  30. Sanalini Thokchom

    Sanalini Thokchom2 jam yang lalu

    What a fine lad he's grown into! ❤️

  31. Poa Zeledón

    Poa Zeledón2 jam yang lalu

    I can't stop smiling ughhh I love Harry so much

  32. Somuchsecrets

    Somuchsecrets2 jam yang lalu

    Harry : breathes Audience : HAHAHAHA

  33. Rebecca Shortt

    Rebecca Shortt2 jam yang lalu

    This was everything I never knew I needed 😂

  34. Rich Richard

    Rich Richard2 jam yang lalu

    he should do this with his other ex, taylor swift. Tho i think she would be a btch about it

  35. Izabela Krzysztofiak

    Izabela Krzysztofiak2 jam yang lalu

    Best show ever! 🤣💞💞 with my favourite people hahha, cool

  36. Courageous Bubbles

    Courageous Bubbles2 jam yang lalu

    has nothing to do with the video but i love both their outfits especially his nails,thats a nice touch

  37. pipimp100

    pipimp1002 jam yang lalu

    Damn it, I wanted to see her stand up in those pants!!!!

  38. Kathi W

    Kathi W2 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one Who didn’t know that they wer together? Hahahaa

  39. SUNGAD 21

    SUNGAD 212 jam yang lalu

    8:06 I thought she was naked

  40. 1 minute or less

    1 minute or less2 jam yang lalu

    Why in the hell is (he) putting nail polish? #Disgusting