SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer


  1. nacer eddariy

    nacer eddariy14 menit yang lalu

    At the beginning of this trailer, they give a spoile alert for Endgame, but stop short of giving a spoiler alert for Far From Home. This trailer, like all others, spoils the whole movie. I'm happy I saw the movie first.

  2. Not adam btw

    Not adam btw31 menit yang lalu

    Best Marvel movie in the world I so like this movie.

  3. Christina Gerstner

    Christina Gerstner36 menit yang lalu

    I work with SpiderMan, NOT for SpiderMan! :'D

  4. Anej Leskovšek

    Anej LeskovšekJam Yang lalu

    Why is spiderman far from home?? I guess because anabelle comes home😁

  5. Spider-Prime

    Spider-PrimeJam Yang lalu

    Boi all us comic kids know that mysterio is the REAL villian

  6. Gonçalo Cardoso

    Gonçalo Cardoso2 jam yang lalu

    loved the movie :) cant wait for third one

  7. Khristina Aguilan

    Khristina Aguilan3 jam yang lalu

    I watched the movie today it was amazing

  8. Abdullah Anayat

    Abdullah Anayat4 jam yang lalu

    They have ruined the spider man. Marvel sucks.

  9. Vibhav

    Vibhav5 jam yang lalu

    2:24 that iron Man painting on the wall even has tony's face

  10. EnderKRAZY

    EnderKRAZY5 jam yang lalu

    Thor - Off Worlf Captain Marvel - Unavailable Jöurgen - Missing..

  11. GamerGenius

    GamerGenius5 jam yang lalu

    Spiderman1:homecoming Spiderman2 : far from home Spiderman3:homeless

  12. CrudeDude

    CrudeDude6 jam yang lalu

    So that was a lie

  13. Egg with 10000 subscribers

    Egg with 10000 subscribers7 jam yang lalu

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  14. Jerick Boton

    Jerick Boton7 jam yang lalu


  15. Adnan Adnan

    Adnan Adnan8 jam yang lalu

    Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man: Far From Home Spider-Man: There's No Place Like Home Spider-Man: Welcome Hom

  16. Macho Madness

    Macho Madness8 jam yang lalu

    I literally don’t remember this scene 0:31

  17. Badger BadgerBadger

    Badger BadgerBadger9 jam yang lalu

    Why does Spider-"man" have a pre-pubescent voice?

  18. 100k subs no videos challenge

    100k subs no videos challenge10 jam yang lalu

    Why did I not know Tom Holland was English

  19. gamingsfinest1

    gamingsfinest110 jam yang lalu

    Tom went from spoiling plots to actually giving a spoiler warning CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT I just wanted to see what would happen if I just stole a comment verbatim

  20. Alyssa Pingol

    Alyssa Pingol11 jam yang lalu

    SPOILER ALERT nick fury is the ones who’s far from home...

  21. Nasru Adam

    Nasru Adam11 jam yang lalu

    The movie was OK, felt like it was created for age under 13. Should have been called Spiderman and friends

  22. Rizky Arifin

    Rizky Arifin12 jam yang lalu

    Peter: What about thor? Nick: Out World Peter: Cap. Marvel? Me: Hold her Photon Blast.

  23. Runi Friday

    Runi Friday12 jam yang lalu

    He is so cute

  24. MissMinty

    MissMinty12 jam yang lalu

    Spider-Man: I miss him to Happy:Same here Me:I MISS HIM TOO HOLD ME PETER Spider-Man: ._.

  25. cooldude bro

    cooldude bro13 jam yang lalu

    Mysterio was using holographic devices to fake the Hole thing

  26. Sophia Liu

    Sophia Liu14 jam yang lalu

    Hmmm... Looks very INTERESTING!!!

  27. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    As opposed to Spielberg's theory on beauty it can be held that beauty is a terrible force that causes seduction..hey if Evans stands under a lightbulb it might burn his hair..lol..

  28. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    The Bible suggests you Look at the Father..but the Problem with Looking at the Father is that the Father would be Looking right back at You..lol.. -sbk

  29. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    Don't be So humble You're not that Great.

  30. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    Mask of the Sun. Singing in the sun..lol.. Christian's watching..

  31. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    if a woman wears her sleeves past her wrists it Proves she's cool.. it's a real revolution out there.

  32. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    Bj, You think you're cool.

  33. The walking dead Story

    The walking dead Story14 jam yang lalu

    I already watched!

  34. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    But Bj prefers Corgan's garbled mess..

  35. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    Bj just admit you liked Taylor Swift's Me..instead of acting cool.. -sbk

  36. Lincoln TC

    Lincoln TC14 jam yang lalu

    Same humor like deadpool No ?

  37. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    righteousness itself encounters a pitfall..it's a dog-eat-dog World and I'm wearing milkBone underwear..lol. -sbk

  38. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    he's hooked on her Hook nose..

  39. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    i used to love a beautiful woman until i heard her make a pickleFart. "I swear i hate her.." -sbk

  40. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    regression after hot sex = the Muppets

  41. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim14 jam yang lalu

    Dissing Brie is a new sport these days.. In order to scapegoat.. her critics are acting Innocent and all..lol.

  42. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim15 jam yang lalu

    Nyugen is suddenly acting cool..no act Nyugen..you bastard..

  43. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim15 jam yang lalu

    Now Rami will be hiding Upstairs..

  44. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim15 jam yang lalu

    How Lofty that is..

  45. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim15 jam yang lalu

    Coolness is corny..Brie proved it in Captain Marvel.. -sbk

  46. Kerrod Nolan

    Kerrod Nolan15 jam yang lalu

    Amazing film!

  47. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim15 jam yang lalu

    Quentin attempts to get the Gordon Sawyer award by breaking Open parts to a Clock so he can make a Penis out of it..

  48. atish gurung

    atish gurung15 jam yang lalu

    wth is going on with the spider man...i wanna see the real spider man without those glittery suits n gadgets, classic spiderman and his costumes were so real...this one is really pathetic, wish i could do something

  49. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim15 jam yang lalu

    Mel Gibson looks like Moses at this point..he's the Stuff of nightmares.. he'll be just in Time for Halloween..

  50. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim15 jam yang lalu

    we used to enjoy the Theatre of the Mind Until the price of tickets went Up.