SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer


  1. mahmoud _moOdy

    mahmoud _moOdy25 menit yang lalu

    Myself brings me a thousand subscribers❤

  2. mahmoud _moOdy

    mahmoud _moOdy24 menit yang lalu

    Myself brings me a thousand subscribers❤

  3. mahmoud _moOdy

    mahmoud _moOdy25 menit yang lalu

    Myself brings me a thousand subscribers

  4. Thunder Whisperpaw

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  5. Trevin Hiebert

    Trevin Hiebert56 menit yang lalu

    No he is iron man

  6. Nathan Chang

    Nathan Chang56 menit yang lalu

    This will be a great birthday present. Thanks Marvel

  7. Trevin Hiebert

    Trevin HiebertJam Yang lalu

    He is Spider-Man

  8. ZanThePlan

    ZanThePlanJam Yang lalu

    Multiverse ....means iron man exists on another earth

  9. SJess R

    SJess RJam Yang lalu

    “The world needs the new Iron Man” I DON'T WANT A NEW ONE. I WANT TONY! 😭💔


    MICHAEL VALDEZJam Yang lalu

    Peter: Are you saying there’s a multi-verse Miles Morales: Actually we like to call it the spider verse

  11. Maimunah Hussain

    Maimunah HussainJam Yang lalu

    "Bitch please you've been to space" I'm dead 😂😂😂

  12. Shiki Tono

    Shiki TonoJam Yang lalu

    wait, if there's a multiverse does it mean that Toby and Andrew's spidey are going to be in this movie, just like the animated movie of Miles Morales: Spiderman? because come on, how can Holland defeat those elementals and the backstabbing Mysterio? he needs help. and the best help would be those two previous spideys in the other dimension.

  13. Kris Goldek

    Kris GoldekJam Yang lalu


  14. Biig Chunky

    Biig Chunky2 jam yang lalu

    Tony stark dies tf

  15. Greg Deocampo

    Greg Deocampo2 jam yang lalu

    Flash Thompson's facial expressions are perfect.

  16. JNS Studios

    JNS Studios2 jam yang lalu

    So are all the MCU movies taking 5 years ahead of the current day now to compensate for Endgame? Or do you think they'll release movies a bit slower to catch up? like go one year without a movie to compensate for 1 Endgame year?

  17. Trevor m.

    Trevor m.2 jam yang lalu

    Bitch please you've been to space

  18. Nic0l4s And friends

    Nic0l4s And friends2 jam yang lalu

    Spider-Man: the world needs the next iron man War machine: am I a joke to you?

  19. Nina Skelly

    Nina Skelly2 jam yang lalu

    Me: :( MJ: :) Me: :)

  20. Abdul-Naser Hadjiula

    Abdul-Naser Hadjiula2 jam yang lalu

    Why not bring the spider iron suit?

  21. Sebastian Bernal

    Sebastian Bernal2 jam yang lalu

    Dude mysterio is so fuckin cool

  22. DSA Music

    DSA Music3 jam yang lalu

    ‘Bitch please! You’ve been to space...’ 🤣🤣

  23. tuğra özer

    tuğra özer3 jam yang lalu

    0:40 police is Miles Morales's father??

  24. john kazama

    john kazama3 jam yang lalu

    "The world needs next Ironman" . . . . That's Endgame spoiler haha 😂

  25. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.3 jam yang lalu

    In Loving Memory Of Stan Lee (12/28/1922-11/12/2018)

  26. Nena Gallaher

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  27. PlasticPocket

    PlasticPocket3 jam yang lalu

    Am i the only one excited because mysterio is gonna be played by such a good actor like Jake Gyllenhaal?

  28. Oliwia Wysocka

    Oliwia Wysocka3 jam yang lalu

    Btw Tony Stark is not replaceable. 😭

  29. Nicetro The Skywing/Icewing

    Nicetro The Skywing/Icewing3 jam yang lalu

    Only people that have not seen Endgame like me like this comment pls

  30. Kieran Leeming

    Kieran Leeming4 jam yang lalu

    Spiderman: The world needs another iron man Me: No It needs a friendly neighbourhood spiderman!!!! (I am not OK with an iron man version of spider man )

  31. Parker Tungate

    Parker Tungate4 jam yang lalu

    Alright but what is gonna do, punch the lava guy to death. That's gonna hurt I'm telling ya

  32. Antonette Sandhya

    Antonette Sandhya4 jam yang lalu

    Don tell me he's gonna be the next iron man that'll spoil the hard work

  33. Pasang Sherpa

    Pasang Sherpa4 jam yang lalu

    Do you think iron man will be in this movie because Robert d. Jr was still working in marvel when this movie was created. And maybe they gonna get tony back.

  34. Pokemon Geek

    Pokemon Geek4 jam yang lalu

    If peter is so obsessed with movies than how come that he hasn’t realised that Nick Fury is actually Mase Windu

  35. Dunnno Odd3sout

    Dunnno Odd3sout4 jam yang lalu

    Hey you came back in endgame so why are you in a different universe

  36. Silenthitman44

    Silenthitman443 jam yang lalu

    Spiderman isn't from a different universe, it's still the same one it's just now other people from others can come to the main one due to the snap and time traveling. Cap and Loki really screwed the timeline up to

  37. Kool Miki

    Kool Miki4 jam yang lalu

    mr.stark :(((((

  38. 2

    24 jam yang lalu

    His accent at he beginning caught me off guard

  39. xxRavenxx !

    xxRavenxx !4 jam yang lalu

    0:19 first spoiler

  40. Gary Buzzerio

    Gary Buzzerio4 jam yang lalu


  41. unicorn smith

    unicorn smith4 jam yang lalu

    I mIsS iRoNmAn

  42. HITMAN 45

    HITMAN 455 jam yang lalu

    Anyone missing iron man?? Every where i go i see his face😭

  43. satriyo wahyu

    satriyo wahyu5 jam yang lalu

    1:46 now no one has warned about language...

  44. The One

    The One6 jam yang lalu

    shit movie shit spiderman

  45. Shadow Shot

    Shadow Shot6 jam yang lalu

    Tom Holland is actually warning us about spoilers 'silent tear' ,I never thought I'd see the day

  46. Carly & Jake

    Carly & Jake6 jam yang lalu

    I can't wait to see this movie U

  47. Anonymous Commenter

    Anonymous Commenter6 jam yang lalu

    Please let tony become the new jarvis

  48. dsmyify

    dsmyify6 jam yang lalu

    Had did Fury know Spiderman was in space? Only person left that knew that was Dr. Strange.

  49. spider wolf

    spider wolf4 jam yang lalu

    He's nick Fury he knows everything

  50. Paras Kumar

    Paras Kumar6 jam yang lalu

    Really World wants that old Iron man...plz come backkk Robert...😭😭

  51. Devan James

    Devan James6 jam yang lalu

    If Mysterio's Earth doesn't turn out to be the Earth that the X-Men are from i'll be quite surprised. Also, who are Marvel's multiverse travelling team? That's right reader, the Fantastic Four. They can be retconned in as just having been away from the MCU this whole time. Plus I want a Spider-Man/Deadpool movie sooooo bad. It would be epic.

  52. Mista Supakoru

    Mista Supakoru6 jam yang lalu

    B**** please? Really? I dunno if I would say that to someone who could bench press me into the upper atmosphere, even if he was the nicest kid from Queens ever.

  53. Mohammad Mustafa

    Mohammad Mustafa6 jam yang lalu

    Thor? off world Captain Marvel? Unavailable Hotel? Trivago

  54. Bad Angel

    Bad Angel7 jam yang lalu

    Ludzieeee jak ktoś wgl mógł stworzyć spidermana... 👎DC jest milion razy lepsze 💕

  55. Nihar Tiwari

    Nihar Tiwari7 jam yang lalu

    I like Andrew Garfield than this kid

  56. BillyBigBalls Jr

    BillyBigBalls Jr7 jam yang lalu

    Isn't mysterio a bad guy???

  57. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.3 jam yang lalu

    I think he is.

  58. Cunning Smile

    Cunning Smile7 jam yang lalu

    Next time: Spider-Man: Sinister Six

  59. julita mahanty

    julita mahanty7 jam yang lalu

    Captain marvel: unavailable Thor:playing fortnite Loki:noobmaster 69

  60. JoelTB6 Plays

    JoelTB6 Plays7 jam yang lalu

    “Bitch please you’ve been to space” 😂😂 One of the greatest nick fury quotes

  61. U Chanakya Srinivas

    U Chanakya Srinivas8 jam yang lalu

    Spiderman: I can kill Fire Monster with my webs World: WoW!

  62. abhilash ganguly

    abhilash ganguly8 jam yang lalu

    Well good to see that this time the movie will be 2 hours 15 mins. I expect that this spider man movie will be better than homecoming

  63. Nafiul H.K

    Nafiul H.K8 jam yang lalu

    What is MJ’s full name?

  64. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.3 jam yang lalu

    Michelle Jones

  65. Win Win wing

    Win Win wing8 jam yang lalu

    I just noticed that the steel suit can control on touch screen phone to stop the call😂😂😂

  66. Santosh Kuswah

    Santosh Kuswah8 jam yang lalu

    I wish mysterio could back bring iron man

  67. Jonasz Przybycień

    Jonasz Przybycień8 jam yang lalu

    Thor: Offworld Captain Marvel: Unavaiable Doctor Strange: of shit ur right lets get him instead

  68. Koo Gene Yap

    Koo Gene Yap8 jam yang lalu

    Peter put on your mask 😫😫

  69. review master jaden q

    review master jaden q8 jam yang lalu

    tom holland starting to act like tobey maquire

  70. santosh kumar

    santosh kumar9 jam yang lalu

    Beyonder travels multiverse I think this movie has Beyonder and Madam Web. With spider Man... like cartoon series..

  71. spider wolf

    spider wolf4 jam yang lalu

    It won't

  72. santosh kumar

    santosh kumar9 jam yang lalu

    Beyonder travels multiverse I think this movie have Beyonder and Madam Web ....

  73. MaLLinz289

    MaLLinz2899 jam yang lalu

    This Peter literally trying to hand off responsibility to Thor and Captain Marvel. Smh MCU writers

  74. spider wolf

    spider wolf4 jam yang lalu

    You act as if comic Peter hasn't tried to quit multiple timws

  75. lol haha

    lol haha9 jam yang lalu

    Wait spider boi gonna be the next steel boi now?

  76. Dhrubajit Das

    Dhrubajit Das9 jam yang lalu

    Why don't they(Marvel) hire Toby Maguire for the 3rd part of the spider man franchise instead of choosing Tom Holland .

  77. spider wolf

    spider wolf4 jam yang lalu

    Because Tobey was a terrible spiderman

  78. Fahiem Abrahams

    Fahiem Abrahams9 jam yang lalu

    Dude is a legend for the disclaimer at the start!!!

  79. The Spider Geek

    The Spider Geek9 jam yang lalu

    I can’t wait for this movie!! 😆😆

  80. sheeple overlord

    sheeple overlord9 jam yang lalu


  81. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.3 jam yang lalu


  82. Eelis Vaa

    Eelis Vaa9 jam yang lalu

    1: Homecoming 2: Far from home 3: Where's my home 4: Homeless

  83. Fejbien

    Fejbien9 jam yang lalu


  84. angeliy

    angeliy9 jam yang lalu


  85. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Jonathan Gonzalez10 jam yang lalu

    There’s a RUMOR that MYSTERIO is PETER in the other alternate reality 😦

  86. mayuri sapra

    mayuri sapra10 jam yang lalu

    I love spidy and iron man

  87. Gopu nii-chan

    Gopu nii-chan10 jam yang lalu

    Nick Fury: Bitch Please, you've been to space. Old Captain America: UMM, *LANGUAGE*

  88. Susheel K Yadav

    Susheel K Yadav10 jam yang lalu

    Cool we need iron man? Did i hear right?

  89. m lorque

    m lorque10 jam yang lalu

    Everybody: WE LOVE YOU IRONMAN!!! Black Widow: My death wasn't that worthy...

  90. Silenthitman44

    Silenthitman443 jam yang lalu

    Nobody knows her, nobody knows who she was and she has no family or friends where as stark was a famous and influential person who everyone knew was iron Man that's the difference

  91. Ioana O. Irina

    Ioana O. Irina10 jam yang lalu

    *Tom Holland not spoiling endgame I never thought I would see the day

  92. m lorque

    m lorque10 jam yang lalu

    Peter: MJ i am gonna have to tell you something... MJ: You are SpiderMan? Peter: No!!! I am just about to spoil you the movie.

  93. X tech tips

    X tech tips10 jam yang lalu

    Spider man : The Janitor

  94. m lorque

    m lorque10 jam yang lalu

    Ten ten ten!! Tenteeeen, tenenenen teneneeeeeeeeen!!!!!! Spider theme song

  95. Raymond Solis Jr.

    Raymond Solis Jr.10 jam yang lalu

    I seriously don't like the actress they picked to play MJ

  96. Enviotonin85

    Enviotonin8510 jam yang lalu

    I wonder who will make him another high tech suit with ironman gone.

  97. spider wolf

    spider wolf4 jam yang lalu

    The scene where it shows Peter with the thing on his arm looks like him making his own suit using shield tech

  98. Andres Mendieta

    Andres Mendieta11 jam yang lalu

    Si se llega a morir pinshi Peter dejo de ver esta franquicia

  99. Elizabeth Lake

    Elizabeth Lake11 jam yang lalu


  100. míkàélå

    míkàélå11 jam yang lalu

    i know now why rnd game doesn’t have a happy ending (but it’s still a lil happy because they beat thanos) tony stark died to represent stan lee, he’s the best but he still needs rest. idk just my theory.

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    The latest shopping site is here

  102. SH4RK WöW

    SH4RK WöW11 jam yang lalu


  103. ForJustice1324

    ForJustice132411 jam yang lalu

    I hope in the third film they have Mark Hamill as Doctor Octopus as the villain along with Matthew McConaughy as Chameleon and Daisy Ridley as Black Cat.

  104. marvelousdcgeek 97

    marvelousdcgeek 9711 jam yang lalu

    Apparently Chameleon is on this movie too, at 1:20 that bearded dude at the left of Peter is supposed to be Dmitri.

  105. joealim alqaeda

    joealim alqaeda12 jam yang lalu

    Mr.Stark, I don't feel so good

  106. Darryl Juan

    Darryl Juan12 jam yang lalu

    Here's my theory. Mysterio lied to Nick about being from another universe. Other universe does exist but he's just not from there amd we all know that Mysterio is the master of illusions and trickery amd he likes being on the spotlight. The elementalist monsters are all just his illusions and they don't really exist. All the destruction caused by the monsters are probably just made from practical effects. Mysterio wants to be seen as the new Iron Man and that's why he created the elementalist in the first place so he could defeat them and be seen as a hero. Later on, Spider Man would uncover the truth and as per usual he would defeat him and Mysterio would probably ends up in the same jail as Vulture and Scorpion. Slowly building up the Sinister Six.

  107. Mr Shadow

    Mr Shadow12 jam yang lalu

    thanks for spoilers alarm XD seriously if you didn't say that i could spoiled end game on my self

  108. panggop jio

    panggop jio12 jam yang lalu

    Black spiderman is not Peter Parker?Black spiderman is not Peter Parker?

  109. marvelousdcgeek 97

    marvelousdcgeek 9711 jam yang lalu

    It is They confirmed that Nick Fury gives that black tactical stealth suit to Peter, plus Parker is using it at 1:53

  110. 1500 Subscribers without videos Challenge

    1500 Subscribers without videos Challenge13 jam yang lalu

    Multiverse scene> The Flash season 2

  111. Sofia Quesada

    Sofia Quesada13 jam yang lalu

    El pos de avenger engame i love you❤❤❤❤💘💖💜💜

  112. MrRandomGuy

    MrRandomGuy13 jam yang lalu

    Spiderman:Homecoming Spiderman:Far From Home Spiderman: HOME-r Simpson

  113. spider wolf

    spider wolf4 jam yang lalu

    This is the most origanal one of these I've seen so far take this like

  114. Tan Angel

    Tan Angel13 jam yang lalu

    Is a friendly neighborhood Spiderman

  115. R023 G0ld

    R023 G0ld13 jam yang lalu

    Next episode of the MCU...