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  1. Baggy Trousers

    Baggy Trousers3 hari yang lalu

    It's actually the cows' front gas not the back gas that's causing all the methane. You can give cows a kind of seaweed mixed in with their regular food and it decreases the amount of methane they produce by a significant margin.

  2. Thomas Holder

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  3. Jeff Prusinski

    Jeff Prusinski18 hari yang lalu

    Why don't you hook up with NGT?

  4. tyr hiemir

    tyr hiemirBulan Yang lalu

    Climate change is real just look out side when it snows or rains that's climate change and almost every animal farts methane and almost all humans fart methane yes I understand goats and pigs and cows have 4 stomachs but still IF GLOBAL WARMING (now climate change because it's all bullshit they change it all the time to suit they're needs) IS CAUSED BY METHANE FARTS THE WORLD WOULD HAVE ENDED ABOUT A MILLION YEARS AGO (not actual numbers just an estimate) yes humans and the way we live is harming the planet but it's like people who eat whatever they want and barely work out, yea it's bad for you but it's not like it's gonna kill you as long as you do it in moderation so don't go out and eat like 400 Twinkies in one day and you'll be fine is what I'm getting at and....so in conclusion what we are doing now isn't doing the planet much harm....but we can do better and start taking care of the planet a little more(which we already do logging companies for example plant a tree for every one they cut down)

  5. patrick doyle

    patrick doyleBulan Yang lalu

    He glides not fly's Smart ass

  6. Bernat

    BernatBulan Yang lalu

    If you take out the sound it looks like a drawing tutorial. Totally failing at replicating Spiderman

  7. Derek Seil

    Derek SeilBulan Yang lalu

    I may be wrong, but I don't think cows emit much methane in the form of farts. As a result of the fermentation in their stomach compartments (I believe it's primarily the rumen), they're big burpy gals, and emit a lot of methane when they belch, not fart.

  8. Agent MTG

    Agent MTGBulan Yang lalu

    With genetic alteration cant Crisper alter dna and genes on already living people cutting time way down. What about cyber upgrades.

  9. Shannon Dalton

    Shannon DaltonBulan Yang lalu

    How kood you make a real godzilla

  10. cadon I

    cadon IBulan Yang lalu

    global warming crisis is fake 1 there are and always have been warmer and cooler periods in the world 2 earth temperature are much more closely related to sun activity than to carbon dioxide emissions 3 many of the graphs and charts that the global climate change people use have been proven to be false 4 in the 1970's the earths temperatures were dropping and every one was worried about a global ice age plz stop saying the world is going to end in 12 years that is false and you are just causing terror

  11. Scott Johnson

    Scott JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    Electrostatic flying - the next hover-whatever?

  12. Mikolaj Witkowski

    Mikolaj WitkowskiBulan Yang lalu

    A solution to climate change is somebody like Joseph Stalin getting to power and being obsessed with the issue. It would be solved in a year.

  13. Eddie G.

    Eddie G.Bulan Yang lalu

    An animal that is bullet resistant is the texas armadillo...a guy got hit by a bullet when he shot at an armadillo

  14. Agon Leed

    Agon LeedBulan Yang lalu

    So what you're saying is that I'm 34 now, and I won't be able to have a TRUE hoverboard until I'm about 60+?

  15. Petr Kisselev

    Petr KisselevBulan Yang lalu

    Planes emit way more greenhouse gazes than cars.

  16. Snowstorm

    SnowstormBulan Yang lalu

    5:43 Sometimes I forget Kyle isn't the only one in the void

  17. Gregory Trowell

    Gregory TrowellBulan Yang lalu

    @7:05 That question about augment humans just struck my Mobile Suit Gundam Seed nerves.

  18. Alex Robinet

    Alex RobinetBulan Yang lalu

    So could the extra energy used by the monsters in godzilla make up for their lack of lift in your big wing scenario?

  19. Jesse King

    Jesse KingBulan Yang lalu

    One other way to increase your maximum possible speed in the atmosphere is if you are willing to ABLATE some material as you go. This could either be the outer layers of a heat shield ablating away on re-entry to shed some heat during the peak re-entry burn, or it could be something like a liquid cooling system beneath the skin of an aircraft quickly boiling away as super-heated gasses that are vented from the craft to keep its skin temperature below material tolerances. Of course, any ablative scheme like this is ultimately temporary - you'll eventually run out of heat shield or coolant and either be forced to slow down, or watch as your craft's structure overheats and disintegrates. This is of course how larger meteorites reach the ground - they do immediately begin to burn up on entry, but they have a lot of mass to ablate on the way down, such that something on the scale of a mile-wide asteroid won't ablate that much of its mass before it hits the ground, even if it is coming down very, very fast.

  20. Jesse King

    Jesse KingBulan Yang lalu

    Well, lets see, in Far From Home spidey does make extensive use of 'tazer webs'. It's implied that the webs are doped with some kind of conductive material and the electrical pulse comes from the suit - but one does wonder if spidey could also be making some use of static charge buildup on his webs as he deploys them in order to help provide additional shock value.

  21. Angel Arch

    Angel ArchBulan Yang lalu

    Depends on the bullet...

  22. Angel Arch

    Angel ArchBulan Yang lalu

    "Would you like to genetically choose the color of your baby's eyes?" No, how dare you ask! "Would you like to genetically alter yourself to look more like Chris Hemsworth's Thor?" Hold on... I'm listening...

  23. Mario Joia

    Mario JoiaBulan Yang lalu

    Methane propelled engines, with fuel farmed from the lifestock facilities.

  24. TiagoTiago

    TiagoTiagoBulan Yang lalu

    Aren't the biggest polluters actually industries, and not consumer habits?

  25. TiagoTiago

    TiagoTiagoBulan Yang lalu

    It's actually cow burps, not cow farts

  26. Jcknight7996

    Jcknight7996Bulan Yang lalu

    Love how he said that we need to edit your child's genes. And btw you wanna change their eye color?

  27. Ran Wolf

    Ran WolfBulan Yang lalu

    Bullet-proof animal: The Honey Badger, according to Fact Fiend

  28. ARCE 117SpecOps

    ARCE 117SpecOpsBulan Yang lalu

    Spider-Man can make a web balloon

  29. joshua mervis

    joshua mervisBulan Yang lalu

    When you mention genetic modification of people on Mars. You are essentially talking about manufacturing humans. Am I not mistaken that this is banned on a global scale (earth)? Please correct me if I am wrong. Mars might be a different story since no one technically owns it as a property.

  30. Rex Young

    Rex YoungBulan Yang lalu

    How would you scale this up for human flight?

  31. @ManyFacesofDave

    @ManyFacesofDaveBulan Yang lalu

    This means that Spider-Woman Jessica Drew used her bio-electric Venom Blast to charge her body and glider wings to fly! Science fiction lines up with science facts!

  32. game theory 2

    game theory 2Bulan Yang lalu

    hey what if his strings are made of a material lighter than air and act as a string super strong. spiderman did add carbon nanotubes to his strings

  33. narsil1984

    narsil1984Bulan Yang lalu

    We will never, ever "drop" a technology to reduce climate change. Stop eating meat, stop using cars, stop our industry... if we were a purely rational species with collective well being as our prime motivator, we would. We're neither rational, nor do we have those priorities. What (maybe) could be done is emphasis on replacement technology. I dont believe in getting people to eat/use "less" of the stuff... when has that ever worked? When have humans ever agreed to reduce their consumption of things they like for some vague future promise? In the long run, and I mean generations, we can maybe educate ourselves to be more economic. But we dont have that time. So in my mind, the only things that can be used to solve these issues are: new technologies that replace the old, that become economically viable and are quickly introduced. Good, long(er) working time and affordable electric cars (getting there, not quite yet), meat replacement products (especially lab-grown meat sounds promising) and less fossil fuels in our electricity production (large society investment would do it). If we focused on all of that, maybe we could reduce the impact of climate change... but we're not focusing on it and I dont see a massive change in sight, so... we're fucked.

  34. Derek Drake

    Derek DrakeBulan Yang lalu

    Now how do we apply spider flight to commercial enterprises? Let's get rich~ If it's clear than burning jet fuel, that's a plus.

  35. Derek Drake

    Derek DrakeBulan Yang lalu

    As if Spiders weren't scary enough, thanks.

  36. Joshua Peters

    Joshua PetersBulan Yang lalu

    Stop eating meat? Kyle does know that there are other sources of meat besides cows right?

  37. Heidi T

    Heidi TBulan Yang lalu

    Great Vid!

  38. m smith

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  39. haavih 5216

    haavih 5216Bulan Yang lalu

    Do you think that dive VR is possible in the near future?

  40. Samuel Doran

    Samuel DoranBulan Yang lalu

    If we stopped eating meat from cows then because of their population numbers and how they would start increasing said population with no control it, would it no become more of a problem? More cows farting, burping and breathing seems to me to make the problem worse or are we going to cull the cow population in some way every few years? Those groups that complain about us eating them would not let us do that either so what would be a feasible solution??

  41. Brap350

    Brap350Bulan Yang lalu

    Grizzly bear head skull is thick and slopped

  42. Brap350

    Brap350Bulan Yang lalu

    So let's lower human population because of people farts

  43. av8r

    av8rBulan Yang lalu

    Studies have shown that if we stopped eating meat, the increase in farmland we would need to clear would be far worse than what is produced by livestock industry.

  44. 25,000 subscribers 10 Videos

    25,000 subscribers 10 VideosBulan Yang lalu

    Does that mean if we put spider silk on the back of a helicopter it would fly without using any propellers?

  45. Kurtis Richards

    Kurtis RichardsBulan Yang lalu

    Hi Kyle, Big fan, Although you're absolutely right that cows produce a lot of methane (CH4) and that it's a particularly bad greenhouse, the methane they produce predominantly comes from burps rather than farts, approximately 90-95% whereas only approximately 5-10% comes form farts and manure. Although it appears a change of cow diets (to seaweed, onions or probiotics) could cause a 50% reduction in methane emission. Lots of interesting further reading here, if anyone's interested: ideas.ted.com/methane-isnt-just-cow-farts-its-also-cow-burps-and-other-weird-facts-you-didnt-know-about-this-potent-greenhouse-gas/ P.S. Bring cows to Mars for oxygen and Rocket fuel! ( ^_^)

  46. bmwk75s93

    bmwk75s93Bulan Yang lalu

    Anyone else read the thumbnail as "ELECTRIC SPIDER FIGHT"? That would be interesting to see.

  47. Blain Johnson

    Blain JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    I know the whole reducing pollution has been on the table for a lot recently( ITS EVERYWHERE!) But like in the recent past the Modular Cell Phones actually took off.... being able to upgrade and replace the parts as new advancements came to be, and being able to recycle the old parts for further generations. Wouldn't this save from the massive digging and processing of fresh ore throwing tons of pollution from all the hands this said ore has to pass to become a product? (And maybe push for more efficient manufacturing processes and tech paths/breakthroughs even if harmful chemicals still had to be used to reclaim the recycled baser minerals) I apologize for the rambling run ons, it's late and my brain vomited. Also equivalent exchange, are mothers actually a philosophers stone? Or is the intake of nutrients that greatly increased during pregnancy to facilitate said unborn becoming of size for birth? FYI Love the show, keep it up Skelethor!

  48. theo thick

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  49. John Bennett

    John BennettBulan Yang lalu

    Kyle, you missed one important factor for max speed in the atmosphere. That is altitude, i.e. the density of the air. Space craft go mach 20 at high altitude. If they went that fast near the ground they would burn up.

  50. Rusznikarz

    RusznikarzBulan Yang lalu

    Bulletproof animal? Huh. Honey Badger?

  51. Texas GreyJedi

    Texas GreyJediBulan Yang lalu

    wouldnt the repulsion be happening in a 360 degree range?? so how would the repelling from the bottom be more than whats being repelled from the top of the silk strand??

  52. Roach DoggJR

    Roach DoggJRBulan Yang lalu

    If cows are the issue, we can stop eating cows but other meats are fair game?

  53. Omegaroth666

    Omegaroth666Bulan Yang lalu

    Does Methane kill plants and trees, or what happens when they process it.

  54. Chrono Mitsurugi

    Chrono MitsurugiBulan Yang lalu

    So...Magneto learned to fly from spiders? Magneto Spiderman crossover. Get on it Hollywood.

  55. Nicholas Feeley

    Nicholas FeeleyBulan Yang lalu

    Wanna know a really quick way to eat less meat? Get rid of the damned beef subsidies and let us keep that money in our paychecks. As the government isn't paying for a good part of it, the price will increase, and market forces will kick in, lowering consumption.

  56. The God Emperor

    The God EmperorBulan Yang lalu

    Where can I watch the adam savage panel online?

  57. The God Emperor

    The God EmperorBulan Yang lalu

    Considering that 70% of carbon issues are from corporations/industries, we need to regulate industries first and foremost before we start shaming individuals for their personal habits.

  58. Nick Maude

    Nick MaudeBulan Yang lalu

    Cow farts..... What about pigs and other meat animals. US factor farming meat animals or all the world. what if these meat animals are in balance with the farm eco system? I feel like you are picking on the cows and meat eaters. Kinda getting to the point, that if you don't start clarifying your meat points a little better than I will stop watching.

  59. Jim Harris

    Jim HarrisBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe we should genetically engineer spiders to float in the air and absorb methane into miles and miles of bullet resistant silk. BAM nailed it.

  60. Joshua Bird

    Joshua BirdBulan Yang lalu

    What about using literal balloons to cast shade on the earth so that more light can be reflected further back into space rather than bouncing around in the atmosphere?

  61. Joshua Bird

    Joshua BirdBulan Yang lalu

    This would be a variation on a shade ball @veritasium

  62. Joshua Bird

    Joshua BirdBulan Yang lalu

    It might be useful to use NASA's kilopower to heat steam and use steam as a lifting gas because it's lighter than hot air