Special Report With Bret Baier 9/2/19 | Bret Baier Fox News September 2, 2019

  • 2 Sep 2019
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  1. Jorge Sixto Antonio Vargas Bueno

    Jorge Sixto Antonio Vargas BuenoBulan Yang lalu

    the communist democrats do not want Joe, because they believe he bathes every day, that is false, Joe bathes once a month what he does wearing perfumes, give Joe a chance, Democrats he is equal to you, MAGA 2020

  2. Stanley Marciniak

    Stanley MarciniakBulan Yang lalu

    Kevin corke is so wrong and does not listen to the president Trump said China lowered their monetary value so the difference in price to us is so minoot, at our end that we're hardly paying for any of the Tariff China's paying for the Tariff by having to lower its prices to keep our expenses about the same. Please check your bias and listen! Magapill.com

  3. Joe Casey

    Joe CaseyBulan Yang lalu

    a pet? Are you serious?

  4. American Born Patriot.

    American Born Patriot.Bulan Yang lalu

    My Life Career As A Racial Identity Thief: The Elizabeth I'M NOT ONE BIT SORRY EITHER Warren.

  5. Deck Chair on the Titanic

    Deck Chair on the TitanicBulan Yang lalu

    The Odessa shooter, Seth Aaron Ator, is a Jewish democrat. Besides being jew, he also listed "native american" as his ancestry. How will the left spin this one?

  6. Connie Charley

    Connie CharleyBulan Yang lalu

    Matthew destroyed our condo lost a lot with that hurricane.

  7. Deck Chair on the Titanic

    Deck Chair on the TitanicBulan Yang lalu

    Sending hugs your way & hoping you don't have a repeat.

  8. Louis Smith

    Louis SmithBulan Yang lalu

    I understand warren, and bernie are fruit loops. Goofy beto too.

  9. jay vallea

    jay valleaBulan Yang lalu

    false flag

  10. tj mouse

    tj mouseBulan Yang lalu