Spain v England: Watch last-gasp Spain claim U17 title

  • 19 Mei 2017
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  1. osamudiamen ejiagbonlamhen

    osamudiamen ejiagbonlamhen9 bulan yang lalu

    ENG I


    FULANODETAL11 bulan yang lalu

    spain only team than dont use blacks with dubious age..

  3. miller chassis

    miller chassisTahun Yang lalu

    4-1 on penalties what happened?

  4. Sebo

    SeboTahun Yang lalu

    btw nice stadium

  5. Nathan Patricio L. Tobing

    Nathan Patricio L. TobingTahun Yang lalu

    And the same young lions strike back in a more prestigious WC u17, 5-2 ! Foden, foden, foden ... And a year later, the senior team, consists of also young players - beat Spain senior team in Nations League. What a turn-around !

  6. Micha Facius

    Micha FaciusTahun Yang lalu

    🇱🇺 Netherland the best ⚽️

  7. Deniz Solmaz

    Deniz SolmazTahun Yang lalu

    Great i'm Player of Bayer 04( Germany nationalteam)

  8. Adam

    AdamTahun Yang lalu

    England got sweet revenge in Calcutta (5:2)

  9. Iwan Sairin

    Iwan Sairin2 tahun yang lalu


  10. S T

    S T2 tahun yang lalu

    and penalties won ... England no no Spain


    SIMI MARK2 tahun yang lalu

    Spain unstoppable!

  12. medie

    medie2 tahun yang lalu


  13. hankscorpiouk666

    hankscorpiouk6662 tahun yang lalu

    You'd think the worthless english would be tired of losing by now. Viva España! 🇪🇸

  14. jt smith 101

    jt smith 1012 tahun yang lalu

    +hankscorpiouk How does that u17 world cup final defeat feel?? OUCH : England 5-2 Spain

  15. Bobby the Bagchaser

    Bobby the Bagchaser2 tahun yang lalu

    hankscorpiouk they're world cup winners now lmao

  16. MG nice

    MG nice2 tahun yang lalu


  17. Toys World

    Toys World2 tahun yang lalu


  18. John Hough

    John Hough2 tahun yang lalu

    Spain deserved to win the match because they were the better overall team in the match. England was unlucky not to win and have Tashan Oakley-Booth who suffered a concussion in the semifinals. If they had him then it would've been a different game because he's a very talented, technical midfielder. Still, they had the game wrapped up. Congrats to Spain.

  19. furrycheetah2000

    furrycheetah20002 tahun yang lalu

    It looks like Spain won the lottery ticket twice this year.

  20. Usman

    Usman2 tahun yang lalu

    Hudson Odoi what a player and Phil Fodden.

  21. Millionaire

    Millionaire2 tahun yang lalu

    It's a curse upon England that they will lose because their forefathers killed many people and made many people slaves during British empire's invasion and loot across the world.

  22. John Wink

    John Wink2 tahun yang lalu

    Human First So did Spain. And from where I'm standing they are highly successful. So your point is...?

  23. Shaikh Mehfooz Alam

    Shaikh Mehfooz Alam2 tahun yang lalu


  24. El Candelito

    El Candelito2 tahun yang lalu


  25. rakoczi29

    rakoczi292 tahun yang lalu

    whosoever draws any serious conclusions is a unmitigated fool, for most of these lads won't make the grade 3-4 years from now, & many others, who were not present at this tournament will develop into much better senior players, as the recent past would indicate ! these are practically youth players still learning their trade, so it's actually all meaningless at this stage ....

  26. Juan Pablo Zepeda

    Juan Pablo Zepeda2 tahun yang lalu

    Since early ages that Spain loves stealing matches. The world cup 2010 was a steal as well

  27. Pala king

    Pala king2 tahun yang lalu

    i was on this match

  28. David CG

    David CG2 tahun yang lalu

    campeones campeones oeoeoe

  29. mikhail rascalov

    mikhail rascalov2 tahun yang lalu

    Is the intro the same song as euro 2008? How nostalgic

  30. xxNATHANUKxx

    xxNATHANUKxx2 tahun yang lalu

    4 minutes stoppage time yet conveniently goes an extra minute for spain to equalise. I can understand letting the game flow for an extra few seconds for an attack to finish but when it's a dead ball and it's an entire minute past when the game should end that's just plain stupid

  31. GammaSDW

    GammaSDW2 tahun yang lalu

    2:02 puto Butland jajajaja

  32. Szilárd Gágyor

    Szilárd Gágyor2 tahun yang lalu

    Winner is HUNGARY

  33. João Neves

    João Neves2 tahun yang lalu

    Congratulations Spain from Portugal!!Iberia just dominates the sub 17 Spain has 9 titles and Portugal 6 :D

  34. José Ignacio

    José Ignacio2 tahun yang lalu

    That the Eurocups never go out of Iberia xD

  35. LFC Legend Unluckyyy Lucas

    LFC Legend Unluckyyy Lucas2 tahun yang lalu

    Oh No it's happen again for FailEngland Lost in a penalty shootout but don't worry at least it wasn't Germany again. 😂😂😂

  36. 451 Sportalk

    451 Sportalk2 tahun yang lalu

    where was it played

  37. Hoja de trebol de 3 puntas

    Hoja de trebol de 3 puntas2 tahun yang lalu

    Spain is the best!

  38. Roberto Galindo

    Roberto Galindo2 tahun yang lalu

    Wow even with the youth categories England is not good at penalties 4-1

  39. Benjamin Huggle

    Benjamin Huggle2 tahun yang lalu

    england was playing better though

  40. saltney17

    saltney172 tahun yang lalu

    We fucking bottled that

  41. Farkle

    Farkle2 tahun yang lalu

    Love to Spain from Croatia! Amazingly well done. Nothing's over until the whistle.

  42. Ger S1

    Ger S12 tahun yang lalu


  43. CR27KILLER

    CR27KILLER2 tahun yang lalu

    brits losers xd

  44. xabiober

    xabiober2 tahun yang lalu

    He looks like he is having a meltdown 0:16

  45. barry adamson

    barry adamson2 tahun yang lalu

    poor poor defending in the last 15 minutes

  46. Mateja Sakač

    Mateja Sakač2 tahun yang lalu

    i was there ,omg both team are such a good teams,but englad just heaven't luck

  47. David

    David2 tahun yang lalu

    Parece España contra un pais africano jajajaja que perdida de valores Inglaterra y Francia sobre todo, por suerte Italia y España siguen apostando por la casa

  48. Masiero 10

    Masiero 102 tahun yang lalu

    Davicinhoesp Eso es lo que pienso yo.. tanto que presumen.. PuTos InGleSeS

  49. Masiero 10

    Masiero 102 tahun yang lalu

    Davicinhoesp Eso es lo que pienso yo.. tanto que presumen.. PuTos InGleSeS

  50. Qasid Bhatti

    Qasid Bhatti2 tahun yang lalu

    England automatically lost as soon as it went to penalties.

  51. Roni Ahmed

    Roni Ahmed2 tahun yang lalu

    Penalties... Again

  52. Josefina Prieto. Rodriguez

    Josefina Prieto. Rodriguez2 tahun yang lalu

    jajaj como puede tirar tan alto ? 2:25

  53. Joe Gilbert

    Joe Gilbert2 tahun yang lalu

    Well done spain, but god your team consists of little cry babes , and sore lossers when is was the last couple of minutes getting into a fight becuase they fought they lost

  54. Richterin Barbara Salesch

    Richterin Barbara Salesch2 tahun yang lalu

    The real final was the semifinal

  55. Yozu Z

    Yozu Z2 tahun yang lalu

    this england team actually have good quality

  56. Baran Karatepe

    Baran Karatepe2 tahun yang lalu

    turkiye olsaydı yenerdi

  57. daniel calvi

    daniel calvi2 tahun yang lalu

    England was amazing but Spain just got it this time...that young team is full on they fight to the end!! Don't forget England beat Spain in 2010 in this same U17 final....

  58. Brad Choi

    Brad Choi2 tahun yang lalu

    Just wondering is full-time match 80 minutes in U-17 tournaments? at 2:09 I see 80:00 +4:00

  59. 1

    12 tahun yang lalu

    Brad Choi yes

  60. Juan Siagian

    Juan Siagian2 tahun yang lalu

    from generations to generations.. England always lose on penalty

  61. Sachin Sawant

    Sachin Sawant2 tahun yang lalu

    España.. Vamos Vamos!!

  62. DJREBO

    DJREBO2 tahun yang lalu

    England is nothing in football, will never be an important country.

  63. Alfa Rizi

    Alfa RiziTahun Yang lalu

    Idiot dog

  64. Peter Burry

    Peter Burry2 tahun yang lalu

    Dr. Dru 5-2 .... Easily the best young players in the world!

  65. saltney17

    saltney172 tahun yang lalu

    You're an idiot

  66. Navneet Thapa

    Navneet Thapa2 tahun yang lalu

    they're going to win the 2017 world cup as well !

  67. MrBadabimBadabum

    MrBadabimBadabum2 tahun yang lalu

    training penalties? nah..that's for pussies.

  68. Rohan Rodrigues

    Rohan Rodrigues2 tahun yang lalu

    What can you expect from a coach who's high on coke! 0:17

  69. F Mora

    F Mora2 tahun yang lalu

    I love the Spain doesn't have any foreigners. 100% True passion for the red and yellow.

  70. F Mora

    F Mora2 tahun yang lalu

    and you like goat's

  71. Luis Ocegueda

    Luis Ocegueda2 tahun yang lalu

    Felicidades España