Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich


  1. TheOdd1sOut

    TheOdd1sOut5 jam yang lalu

    Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

  2. Ruby Love

    Ruby Love5 jam yang lalu

    TheOdd1sOut rules

  3. James Plays

    James Plays5 jam yang lalu

    Never forget

  4. Jessica Sempai

    Jessica Sempai5 jam yang lalu

    I got your card game and book I LOVE THEM

  5. Hélène Giraud

    Hélène Giraud5 jam yang lalu

    Great job

  6. Sara Cook

    Sara Cook5 jam yang lalu

    I guess hes right

  7. Jane O

    Jane OMenit Yang lalu

    Mmmm... A sandwich tree!

  8. Philly Cheesesteak

    Philly CheesesteakMenit Yang lalu

    420k likes hm hm hm,I see what all 420k of you guys did there.

  9. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusMenit Yang lalu

    Ah yes, another James video

  10. Rainbow Butterfly

    Rainbow ButterflyMenit Yang lalu

    A smoke turkey with extra lettuce and tomato 👌 on white bread 😋 answer to - 9:33

  11. ItsJustCloud _

    ItsJustCloud _Menit Yang lalu

    Holy crap dude

  12. Mattscool

    MattscoolMenit Yang lalu


  13. waKKo TV

    waKKo TVMenit Yang lalu

    Holy crap bro is that a reference to popular anime and manga jojo’s bizarre adventure

  14. Tyeese Goodwin

    Tyeese GoodwinMenit Yang lalu


  15. Kibry House

    Kibry HouseMenit Yang lalu

    So when are we getting Sooubway part 5

  16. N!ck Scooterz!

    N!ck Scooterz!Menit Yang lalu

    Everytime I see a new odd ones out video: *aw shit, here we go again*

  17. Cindy Le

    Cindy LeMenit Yang lalu

    Did anyone notice that pigeon on that spide web XD

  18. Phan Cakes

    Phan CakesMenit Yang lalu

    Yes finally 🙏❤️

  19. Coco

    CocoMenit Yang lalu

    Good intro good intro

  20. The Pokemon Master245

    The Pokemon Master245Menit Yang lalu

    🎉 #1 ON TRENDING 🎉

  21. vegetayami

    vegetayamiMenit Yang lalu

    WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT !!!! so first off : he think sooabway is a restorant ? LOL ! its a fast food chain this is something else ! second : do ou know how easy it is to go back on a place you worked ? there are at least 3 places if i prove i already work there they won't stop me to go to the back with me ! wich is okay security and everything.

  22. Pranay Gosar

    Pranay GosarMenit Yang lalu

    Number one trending in USA

  23. Jonathan Truong

    Jonathan TruongMenit Yang lalu

    RIP James' old Suuobway

  24. Anthony Hegedus

    Anthony HegedusMenit Yang lalu

    420 k likes in 5 hours Nice

  25. Arcano & Friends

    Arcano & FriendsMenit Yang lalu

    "i would be most greatful if you'd let me consume a pastry full of sugar and simple carbohydrates." That is the only way that my kids can ask for a cookie.

  26. Lapuli The lapis lazuli spider

    Lapuli The lapis lazuli spiderMenit Yang lalu

    WTF, FLOOF!?

  27. Bleu

    BleuMenit Yang lalu


  28. Ash Joy

    Ash JoyMenit Yang lalu

    Is it ok that I cried when James buried the sandwich?

  29. RAZORHAIL Mayhem Redemption

    RAZORHAIL Mayhem RedemptionMenit Yang lalu

    Reason why it shut down because everyone was on the wifi

  30. Abiiurry •

    Abiiurry •Menit Yang lalu

    Omg is it real?- I’m 5 hours late (it’s better than anything else I got)

  31. Cube

    CubeMenit Yang lalu

    420k likes, *nice*

  32. xXenoniteXx GT

    xXenoniteXx GTMenit Yang lalu

    Imma go there and eat that sanwhich. Still good.

  33. Gabe Schader

    Gabe SchaderMenit Yang lalu

    Dill pickle

  34. Lapis Cahill

    Lapis CahillMenit Yang lalu


  35. Killian Denton

    Killian DentonMenit Yang lalu

    the subway i used to eat at gave me food poisoning a few times

  36. chocolatebrownie

    chocolatebrownieMenit Yang lalu

    Fans: Well, no more Sooubway videos James: *Uno reverse card*

  37. HG_Spacey

    HG_SpaceyMenit Yang lalu

    #1 trending

  38. Emely y

    Emely yMenit Yang lalu

    Omg I saw your card in target

  39. The Flareon

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  40. Ducky BreadTuber

    Ducky BreadTuberMenit Yang lalu

    Thank you for your service, sooubway😥😥😥

  41. Nerdy Wolfyred

    Nerdy WolfyredMenit Yang lalu


  42. Larissa SPARK

    Larissa SPARKMenit Yang lalu

    Well, this is technically five because he said four in some random video. Oh well...

  43. Vicente Lopez

    Vicente LopezMenit Yang lalu

    number 1 trending good job

  44. Ruben Hernandez

    Ruben HernandezMenit Yang lalu

    I just had subway lol

  45. YungDoze

    YungDozeMenit Yang lalu

    Why is the shadow of the Sooubway logo wrong at the first O?

  46. CatMatthew

    CatMatthewMenit Yang lalu

    not first :(

  47. Endymion Israfiel Deios

    Endymion Israfiel DeiosMenit Yang lalu

    I dig that shovel.

  48. Mia Newsome

    Mia NewsomeMenit Yang lalu

    Emotional support isn’t a task. Service dogs perform real medical tasks that help mediate the disabilities of their handlers. Emotional support dog does not equal service dog. Emotional support dogs are not allowed access into stores, restaurants, etc. 😊💕

  49. Galaxy Frogs

    Galaxy FrogsMenit Yang lalu

    Simple carbohydrates are sugars

  50. Oh Yeah

    Oh YeahMenit Yang lalu

    420k likes, nice

  51. Delana W

    Delana WMenit Yang lalu

    Plz tell me you buried the sub near Harry

  52. Chris Umi

    Chris UmiMenit Yang lalu

    SOUBWAY PART 4!!!!!!!!!

  53. The Turtle God

    The Turtle GodMenit Yang lalu



    KELECHUKWU IWUNZEMenit Yang lalu

    The secret to a good business is to never deny food or service to a paying costomer.

  55. rodolfo34 777

    rodolfo34 777Menit Yang lalu


  56. Ayden Gamin

    Ayden GaminMenit Yang lalu

    Put it out there. U BE A FURRY

  57. Sebastian Fink

    Sebastian FinkMenit Yang lalu

    bitch we all know you a furry

  58. Ronan MacQueen

    Ronan MacQueenMenit Yang lalu

    Do more videos. On odds1oout. Not 2 1!!

  59. omuriceu

    omuriceuMenit Yang lalu

    My post notifications came as “sandwHich” but James changes the title now 😢👌🏻👌🏻

  60. Scott Mendez

    Scott MendezMenit Yang lalu

    And after all those years he still has those Soobuway wrapping skills lol

  61. Jake Animates

    Jake AnimatesMenit Yang lalu

    Another sooubway video! Welp! Time for me to go broke at sooubway! Again!

  62. crankshaft lit 101

    crankshaft lit 101Menit Yang lalu

    I bot your book

  63. I'm a Goat

    I'm a GoatMenit Yang lalu

    When James was eating the sandwich, all i could do was imagine some kids watching him and their moms taking them away from the weird guy.

  64. Georgia C

    Georgia CMenit Yang lalu

    H- he didn’t say wear your seatbelt at the end...