Sony WH1000xM3 Review: Best Got Better!


  1. zhen yick lee

    zhen yick lee2 bulan yang lalu

    Is this headphone durable? I’m thinking to get one of these for long time usage.

  2. yut suneki

    yut suneki2 bulan yang lalu

    Can you review Sony's new headphones h.ear on 3 WH-H910N? I'm interested

  3. Vahid Frzh

    Vahid Frzh7 bulan yang lalu

    @1:20 You mentioned the auto-off function, none of the other reviewers had a clue about it; thank you

  4. TD

    TD8 bulan yang lalu

    The my hero academia background on your phone is perfectif 👌. But the headphones seem great as well

  5. Jim Mellon

    Jim Mellon8 bulan yang lalu

    Good review!

  6. Tomi Igo

    Tomi Igo10 bulan yang lalu

    Your latest review after few months of use?

  7. harsh vardhan

    harsh vardhan10 bulan yang lalu

    Sony WH-1000XM3 MRP - ₹28,990 Order at :

  8. Pavel Kropac

    Pavel Kropac10 bulan yang lalu

    I would like to ask a special question :-) Today's HiFi is too much connected with the mobile phones / internet. What if I wanted to use these - or any other NC / bluetooth headphones - with mp3 player (with bluetooth obviously). People talk abou app all the time, so I wander, would they work only with musical player? (I don't need any google or other internet stuff, just music!). I listen to ambient music, film music and beat music - no voice music. Thank you very much for help! :-)

  9. Sunil Dhaka

    Sunil Dhaka11 bulan yang lalu

    I have both xM3s and Nuraphone. While the xM3s are good, they cannot match the Nuras when it comes to sound quality. I would agree that the xM3s are the best all rounders but if sound is your primary criteria, it has to be the Nuras.

  10. 17Industries

    17Industries11 bulan yang lalu

    Out of all the headphones on the wall behind you, which is your overall favorite?

  11. Kiran Basha

    Kiran Basha11 bulan yang lalu

    How efficient are they to maintain the pressure while travelling in flight

  12. Sn1per

    Sn1per11 bulan yang lalu

    Can I replace my hd8 dj with xm3 as far as sound quality concerned?

  13. Oscar Charles

    Oscar Charles11 bulan yang lalu

    Just picked this up, has some trouble connecting to PCs!

  14. EnGi15 nir

    EnGi15 nir11 bulan yang lalu

    Is the sound of this comperable to the m50x?

  15. beggarmanthief

    beggarmanthief9 bulan yang lalu

    this sounds better than the m50x, but not by much

  16. msrpedropm

    msrpedropm11 bulan yang lalu

    See this on my sony 1000x3

  17. Eito Sinclair

    Eito Sinclair11 bulan yang lalu

    @Booredatwork, could you please comment on which sound quality and bass pressence is better between the sennheiser PXC 550s, HD1 over the ear wireless and these Sony WH-1000xm3?...please. Thanks

  18. Robsos2010

    Robsos201011 bulan yang lalu

    First time I hear a brother is not a bass person. awesome vid man. Keep it up!

  19. Arek R.

    Arek R.11 bulan yang lalu

    How do these compare to MDR-XB950BT when it's about audio?

  20. bappandi007

    bappandi007Tahun Yang lalu

    I own both Bose QC 35 II and the M3. Call quality on M3 is horrendous. Nothing relatively close to the Bose.

  21. Jam Explosionz81

    Jam Explosionz81Tahun Yang lalu


  22. James Park

    James ParkTahun Yang lalu

    wow! can you donate one of your headphones?

  23. Nannem Sri Harsha Sharma

    Nannem Sri Harsha SharmaTahun Yang lalu

    What is the problem when I'm trying to tap bell icon showing error?

  24. David Callens

    David CallensTahun Yang lalu

    i'm here because of michael fisher

  25. Konstantinos Mpismpiroulas

    Konstantinos MpismpiroulasTahun Yang lalu

    Cheers for Midoriya wallpaper

  26. RaheEl

    RaheElTahun Yang lalu

    too much Eco ... update ur mice please

  27. Lbsnaa Lost

    Lbsnaa LostTahun Yang lalu

    Ayy peeimp Mr mobile sent my ass here. Let's hear what shiz u have to say.


    Booredatwork.comTahun Yang lalu


  29. balty_7

    balty_7Tahun Yang lalu

    Surface Headphones?

  30. balty_7

    balty_7Tahun Yang lalu

    Nick Robinson fair enough, good to know. Thanks for the info man!!

  31. Nick Robinson

    Nick RobinsonTahun Yang lalu

    balty_7 After all the reviews, I had my heart set on the Surface and Sony’s, and didn’t think to give the QC’s a try.

  32. balty_7

    balty_7Tahun Yang lalu

    Nick Robinson interesting, great to know. Ever tried the Bose QC 35? On the fence between those 3

  33. Nick Robinson

    Nick RobinsonTahun Yang lalu

    balty_7 The Sony’s are better in almost every way, the one downside being not able to handle multiple Bluetooth sources. Noise Canceling is simply the best, Sound quality is better, and personally for me the Sony’s were a better fit for my ears. I actually purchased the Surface headphones first before exchanging to MX3’s.

  34. Ceetress J.

    Ceetress J.Tahun Yang lalu

    Damn..... nice Wall behind you!😂

  35. phokeybladewar

    phokeybladewarTahun Yang lalu


  36. Dary David

    Dary DavidTahun Yang lalu

    Indeed WH1000xm3 is awesome

  37. MM Entertainment

    MM EntertainmentTahun Yang lalu

    I went to buy those headphones as they have really great reviews. Unfortunately, I was not impressed of the sound quality, since the volume was not high at all. I guess it can be improved from the sony's application , but would it worth it? Do they have some general settings in stores and that's why the volume is so basic? Thank you

  38. Michael Gould

    Michael GouldTahun Yang lalu

    I’m using the Sony MDR-1RBT Bluetooth headphones and has really good audio quality, do these sound better?

  39. Sal Paul

    Sal PaulTahun Yang lalu

    Can you recommend a good pair of earbuds, that work well with mobile devices, wired, and possibly under $150?

  40. Yiran Qian

    Yiran QianTahun Yang lalu

    I saw the wallpaper from My hero academia ! That's the point!

  41. Henry North

    Henry NorthTahun Yang lalu

    *Bose has left the group*

  42. isoplayer

    isoplayerTahun Yang lalu

    that wall tho!!!

  43. henkvermalen

    henkvermalenTahun Yang lalu

    Is the xm3 louder? I had the xm 2 but the sound pleasure was quite low. Cheers

  44. BRBallin1

    BRBallin1Tahun Yang lalu

    The only major difference you'll notice is the USB-C charging port making it possible for 5 hrs of battery life at 10 mins charging vs 70 mins for XM2.

  45. Stephen Knight

    Stephen KnightTahun Yang lalu

    How do you if these headphones are finished charging ? The red light only stayed on for about 5 min of me charging.

  46. Jonathan Cousins

    Jonathan CousinsTahun Yang lalu

    What about call quality? My XM2 are terrible