Sony's proto-Walkman that went to the moon*


  1. Techmoan

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    If you want to know what music the Apollo astronauts played on their Sony TC-50’s - here’s an article

  2. YensR

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    not a tenuous link! A beautiful design and mechanical execution with a great video :)

  3. kassemir

    kassemir3 hari yang lalu

    I'm honestly kinda jealous of that audio cassette dress shirt :)

  4. Encore1234567890

    Encore12345678906 hari yang lalu

    Hard to believe it w as 40 years ago at the age of 12 that i got my first walkman, and i can remember it like it was last week.

  5. LittleGiant197

    LittleGiant1979 hari yang lalu

    I always wonder. How you know the size needed? When you buy new drive belts for these machines?

  6. aceDriver53

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    Wow that music was groovie what's the name of the music??? ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Erech Fleet

    Erech Fleet10 hari yang lalu

    Metal Gear Peace Walker. Walkman in 1973.

  8. Blue387

    Blue38710 hari yang lalu

    Will the WM-EX5 be featured in a future video?

  9. HenryLoenwind

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    Filed under "Videos with 13 minutes of intro before the real content" ;)

  10. Kapil Verma

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    Nice video sir, I watch your videos & really love them. Kapil VermaNew Member Messages:14Trophy Points:3Location:India I've got an immaculate condition Sony D6C professional recording Walkman since 1985 & it was running flawlessly but today something strange happened, It forwards the cassettes for 2-3 seconds & stops. Rewind is OK. Playback & Recordings are OK but Fwd is the problem. Any clues???

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    Yo, y'all should come check me out let me know what you think about my music. 🎯🎯

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    No matter what your videos are about, they never fail to entertain me. I have a cheaper end Philco cassette that works just fine. I also have a Sony boombox from 2006 that I use more than my Walkman.

  13. Morgan Ahoff

    Morgan Ahoff14 hari yang lalu

    When I first started watching this video, the TC-50 looked very familiar. I remember using a cassette player with a sliding control like this at the age of 10 or 11, probably some gadget my father picked up at a garage sale. But I remember it was light brown in colour. Do you remember if Sony made a model in brown, or did I have a similar machine made by another manufacturer?

  14. allen schmitz

    allen schmitz16 hari yang lalu

    really...flew around the moon...were you born yesterday? I have one that went 20 stories high in an elevator.

  15. steven heckert

    steven heckert18 hari yang lalu

    So I’m at the point where you are discussing the creation of the Walkman, and you mentioned that the R&D and marketing people at Sony didn’t think the concept made good market sense. Coming from the perspective of the generation that grew up on the Walkman, went to college with the Discman, and has had IPods since the near beginning, I reacted with expected shock to this naïveté. HOWEVER upon further research in discovered that while there were PORTABLE battery powered 8 track players (I remember Kelvin’s older sister had one in the Wonder Years) they were not that commercially successful. This is probably because the target consumer wanted to use them in a social setting and not for personal use, and that usually meant car stereos for out and about and home stereos. That plus at the time you go more music per pound with a simple battery powered radio provided you lived in an area with a lot of competing radio stations. With a Walkman a person could carry the device in the inner pocket of a jacket with 3-4 extra cassette in various jacket pockets plus a spare set of batteries scotch taped together. Plus of course the “rewind” pencil with is double set of rubber bands. But back before the Walkman was realized in the minds of the lead marketing and R&D that much music requires a player the size of toaster, 5-7 8 track cassette (each double the size of the cassette) and headphones that look like droopy Mickey Mouse Ears, and enough spare batteries to power a watchman flashlight.

  16. Joe Medley

    Joe Medley18 hari yang lalu

    Thanks. I wondered about the device seen in First Man.

  17. Video Sechs

    Video Sechs20 hari yang lalu

    die Videos von Techmoan sind immer super. Ich repariere viele Geräte finde es auch super immer mal reinschauen zu können ohne es vor Ort zu haben. Schön das es auch fast immer so ist wie ich es mir denke.

  18. irkibby

    irkibby20 hari yang lalu

    I have an interest in Seiko watches and at a very similar point in time Seiko were adding -matic to many of their watch names, Lordmatic, Sportsmatic, Seikomatic... good to see a wider context and everything going -matic was happening more generally too

  19. Lachezar Dolmov

    Lachezar Dolmov21 hari yang lalu

    Thumbs-up for the shirt! :)

  20. ZeroGenesisX

    ZeroGenesisX22 hari yang lalu

    Can you do a video on the Sony NW-S205F

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  22. mieze :3

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    Stepping into excrement bare feet is a little disgusting but feet are easier to clean than most shoes. However stepping into fresh gum bare feet is really annoying.

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    Thanks brother

  24. Winters Battle of Bands

    Winters Battle of Bands24 hari yang lalu

    "I'd rather lick the screen of a smartphone that I found in a cruise ship's toilet." Mind if I have that put on t shirts?

  25. Winters Battle of Bands

    Winters Battle of Bands24 hari yang lalu

    ...not at all, Matt. I'm from the Walkman era (I'll be 50 in a month), and this video was super interesting. We're all very thankful for the expense, time, and effort you put into these.

  26. Scott mor

    Scott mor25 hari yang lalu

    A head of its time

  27. Laughing Octopus

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    Hey! that's the blue cassette player from Metal Gear Solid V! Even the cassette tape is the same.

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    I'm glad the dog hadn't done something else.

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    What's wrong with the puppets hands?

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    That shirt is hella dope

  31. Jeferson Solano

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    Mr @Techmoan can you tell what this 80s gadget is this? it looks like a smartphone, also the way the girl is grabbing it it's kinda weird

  32. Rick Boatright

    Rick Boatright26 hari yang lalu

    The TC 40 which is almost identical was $109.95 in 1972.

  33. gadgetman36

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    Hi Techmoan. I’m addicted to your channel. Don’t be modest about dismantling/repairing stuff, you have a sensible approach and are good at it. What is the Intro music/sound effect please?

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    Great vid!

  35. Movie Nerd

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    FUN FACT: Black & Decker designed cordless power tools that went to the moon.

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    Flippin heck!

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    LOL at the Muppets...I told my mother the same thing when I was a child!

  38. Alex Kim

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    You should make video about sterobelt and walkman. I mean sony already had portable cassette player in 60s

  39. david hall

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    In relation to the outro puppets.... I actually HAVE set foot in the kitchen (just not THAT kitchen) all the time. And rest of the house. I usually go totally barefoot 99% of the time that I'm home.

  40. ezzz9

    ezzz927 hari yang lalu

    I could never understand why the walkman has a date of 1979. but that player was 10 years ahead? It just shows everyone how NASA's pushed things to be smaller and it took 10 years for it to get into the hands of the public. It's just like flash mob dancing. The web says it was one guy but he copied a movie "The Fisher King" and it was really Terry Gilliam that truly had the concept and it took +10 years for someone to copy him and take the credit. Sad but true.

  41. photographicleigh

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    Dear Mr Techmoan, I know where you live! I’ve got some CED videodiscs you can have if you want to pick up? I’m in Leigh so you may have to bring your passport. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

  42. photographicleigh

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    Lol, yeah, was no Laserdisc! No probs pal.

  43. Techmoan

    Techmoan27 hari yang lalu

    I gave away my CED players and discs the day the video on them went live. A truly shambolic badly realised rubbish failure of a hopeless awful product - but thanks for the offer.

  44. William Hetherington

    William Hetherington27 hari yang lalu

    Ive never quite understood how the ban on mailing batteries works. Ive gotten laptops through mail with batteries in place, but other times Ive been told I can't have things with batteries mailed...

  45. grumpy guy28

    grumpy guy2827 hari yang lalu

    Just discovered your channel . AWESOME!! 😎. Take me back growing up 70s and 80s. 👍👍

  46. Nathan Melzer

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    Can you review some vintage Bang & Olufsen or BRAUN HIFI components? Please... Keep up the great work!

  47. Deceptacles Reviewer

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    You should review the Sears Solid State no.799, I found one in a little shop for 15.99.

  48. Brock Burgel

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    I know you’ll say no, but I wanted to ask if you could get me a guardians of the galaxy cassette player. I really want one and cant afford one.

  49. fossilsol69

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    Why do audio companies no longer put an iPod USB interface on their products. Other than car receivers there is no way to get a digital signal to a home receiver. Letting the DAC in your home receiver would do a much better job and result in better audio, besides probably as much as a 1/3 of the world has music an iPod, iPad or iPhone. Also I can find no such USB interface on a decoder board to even build such a interface. What's strange is I have a TDK Boombox I purchased 10 years ago that has a USB input that still plays all my current iPods, iPhone and sounds better than an auxiliary 3.5 connection. Searching on the internet produces no reason why this technology and hardware or components is no longer available to buy or build. Can anyone answer this top secret.

  50. DTD110865

    DTD11086528 hari yang lalu

    Now, you've got me interested in the old Sony TC-D5 Pro II. Must be those old analogue gages on the side below the speakers.

  51. Techmoan

    Techmoan27 hari yang lalu

  52. Andres Bravo

    Andres Bravo28 hari yang lalu

    As I said, Life before Sony Walkman...

  53. Ion-SHIVs

    Ion-SHIVs28 hari yang lalu

    My family never even owned a cassette player until the mid-80's. Everyone seemed to be using LPs in my area when I was really young. I guess we were late adopters of cassette technology.

  54. Davide Bianchi

    Davide Bianchi28 hari yang lalu

    The technical reason for the center-negative power jack was explained by Dave Jones of eevblog fame

  55. Paddy

    Paddy28 hari yang lalu

    It is amazing that you get any sound out of this thing, given the age of the caps! Paddy

  56. nishanth paramesh

    nishanth paramesh28 hari yang lalu

    IS THIS used by many reporters?

  57. Bill Fasano

    Bill Fasano29 hari yang lalu

    Would you consider producing a video on the Hafler circuit and Phase 4 Stereo recording?

  58. Gianluca Colatei

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    This is how StarLord really got his Walkman

  59. JERealize

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    I wanted to let you know that the comedy sketch isn't on your "Comedy" playlist.

  60. RovingJH

    RovingJH29 hari yang lalu

    Lovely piece Techmoan. I had the same speed variation issue with a tape recorder from the 1960's, and it wasn't the electronics. I found that when the tape slowed down, gently tapping the motor caused it to recover for a while. In that era, the speed was cleverly regulated inside the motor by using centrifugal forces to momentarily pull away brush contacts as the commutator speed increased , thereby briefly breaking power to limit and maintain a maximum speed, a bit like a governor. This was even adjustable via tiny set screws, all inside the motor. I suspect your device has the same issue. In my case, cleaning and re-seating the brushes, and cleaning the commutator contacts resolved the issue completely. The curved face of the brushes must be preserved though to maximise the surface area in contact with the commutator, otherwise (as I discovered) insufficient power will be delivered to the motor.

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    This thing is out of this world!

  62. Adrian Frigo

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    I don't agree with you,it should be perfectly functional just from the fact that it's the first Walkman to reach out on space.A little bit of cleaning and oiling the shafts and cogs should do the job. Other than that,nice video.🙂

  63. Janos Nagy J.

    Janos Nagy J.29 hari yang lalu in the foreground, can you spot with what is Armstrong playing? :)

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    Puppets = Thumb up

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    The Sony Moonman

  66. Sauli Koltiainen

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    More footage of it can be seen and heard in "For all mankind" documentary. Yes they play country but also the theme from "2001".they seemed to love that movie...

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    Watching the puppets makes everything better

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    Great channel I enjoyed the movie first man but I thought they made a mistake with the tape player

  69. Radio Żelaza

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    just a question regarding framerates of your videos. How come the video is in 30 fps, but there is no light flickering in a 50Hz country? Caught my attention

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    Great insight

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    I love episodes like this. The puppets are the cherry on the sundae.

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    Quality video.

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    You should get a wowstick 1f

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    I don't know if this is anything new, but I've just picked up a Spacial Stereo vinyl (Space Odyssey 2001 soundtrack), and it seems to be the loudest record I own, and at the beginning there is a big introduction on 'The world of Spacial Stereo' with some whirrs and tones which I assume are to show off the dynamic range or something. No clue what it is, it sounds good on my radiogram, so it might be something to look at?

  75. Mike Bracewell

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    That thing is an object of beauty. I'd rather have that than a Walkman, any day! You should get it going!

  76. rodney mckay

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    thats what a TC-50 is, ive been seeing it on a few CIA FOI releases on their crest page on their site....i havnt known what tc50 was and wasnt fussed as i was scanning through page after page of minuets of meetings for certain other things

  77. ffmfg

    ffmfgBulan Yang lalu

    I find it very interesting how the device looks so close to 70s Walkman, yet gives off unmistakable 60s vibe with the control scheme and other bits. I even got the "2001 Space Odyssey" design language feel from it. So very 60s.

  78. Joe Dirt

    Joe DirtBulan Yang lalu

    I need to find a good Sony Walkman. Heck one that records. Techmoan, are there any other brands that you like from the 70s-80s? Aside from Sony?

  79. Bernd Eckenfels

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    You see it also playing music in the CM in Apollo 11 documentary.

  80. MetalTrabant

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    I'm not really a shirt guy Matt, but I really dig your cassette shirt! :) Is one like that available to buy somewhere?

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  82. mokta abdul

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    Sony why compromise Sony like no others Sony make and believe

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    I like vinyl and cc.Pozdrawiam.

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    Your channel is better than "Discovery" in this time.