Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures


  1. Gaston Bustos

    Gaston Bustos2 jam yang lalu

    Now that's the way he looks

  2. Paul Mathew

    Paul Mathew2 jam yang lalu

    You have a new god!

  3. Arno

    Arno2 jam yang lalu

    1:00 is that jim carrey ??

  4. Travis Gilcreast

    Travis Gilcreast2 jam yang lalu

    Thats better lol

  5. Cheeto Crumb

    Cheeto Crumb2 jam yang lalu

    That's way better

  6. nateisapotato :3

    nateisapotato :32 jam yang lalu

    now im interested

  7. Maxwell H.

    Maxwell H.2 jam yang lalu

    anyone gonna say something about the flash reference

  8. Space Weeb

    Space Weeb2 jam yang lalu


  9. Aeon Hero

    Aeon Hero2 jam yang lalu

    This is so satisfyingly good now.

  10. Minecraft Wolf

    Minecraft Wolf2 jam yang lalu

    When sonic fans see the new redesign: 2:11

  11. Josh Yaghoubian

    Josh Yaghoubian2 jam yang lalu

    Hears a joke: What did the librarian say to the student? Read more

  12. Tricia Unconditional Kennedy

    Tricia Unconditional Kennedy2 jam yang lalu

    Can’t wait

  13. Cloud Lion

    Cloud Lion2 jam yang lalu

    It still looks tacky and pointless but may I just say that this looks way better then before guys! Maybe this Sonic will go fast after all.

  14. Complex Runner

    Complex Runner2 jam yang lalu

    Sonic 2019: I am inevitable Sonic 2020: And I am extremely handsome

  15. Kalyssa Stout/Stoner

    Kalyssa Stout/Stoner2 jam yang lalu

    A lot batter

  16. ivansuslov [gd]

    ivansuslov [gd]2 jam yang lalu

    well, it's better now

  17. A Thing By Jacob Warner

    A Thing By Jacob Warner2 jam yang lalu

    Sonic is just the biggest dork .... and I don't hate that.

  18. dog b gn

    dog b gn2 jam yang lalu


  19. Cybershell

    Cybershell2 jam yang lalu

    Holy shit.

  20. Linda Ann Olvera

    Linda Ann Olvera2 jam yang lalu


  21. Sonic Lobera

    Sonic Lobera2 jam yang lalu

    Finally nothing scary

  22. typical toxic default

    typical toxic default2 jam yang lalu

    The original sonic:who teh fuk are you? New sonic:you but more handsome and better

  23. Glittery Marshmellow1981

    Glittery Marshmellow19812 jam yang lalu

  24. Martín Mapache

    Martín Mapache2 jam yang lalu

    Si se pudo burro, si se pudo

  25. Richard Fashanu

    Richard Fashanu2 jam yang lalu

    still needs gangsta paradise

  26. bradyspace

    bradyspace2 jam yang lalu

    2020 Sonic is a blue haired SJW. You can take the creepy out of the graphics but you can't take the creepy out of Hollywood agendas.

  27. Rogue Lyrics

    Rogue Lyrics2 jam yang lalu

    This movie still looks horrible, but I gave it a thumbs up and will even now go see it just because the studio listened to the fans and the redesign looks great. Other movie studios take note and listen to and respect your fans.

  28. Everton Dale

    Everton Dale2 jam yang lalu

    Can we all agree this is a major improvement!

  29. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley2 jam yang lalu

    Comment section going CRAY-ZEH... 😨

  30. Adrian

    Adrian2 jam yang lalu

    Fans: We don't like it Paramount: Here you go the new Sonic! HBO (Game of Thrones): We don't care!

  31. Tom Murphy

    Tom Murphy2 jam yang lalu


  32. John Doe

    John Doe2 jam yang lalu

    Wow this was a lot better than the last one. Also Epstein didnt kill himself

  33. A P

    A P2 jam yang lalu

    It's definitely better. I still probably won't watch it but it's definitely better...

  34. Syeda Morshed

    Syeda Morshed2 jam yang lalu

    2019: James Charles 2020: Markliplier

  35. Ricardo Estrada

    Ricardo Estrada2 jam yang lalu

    Ya know, I didn't think the last design was that bad for a live action film. Comparing that to the new design...this is WWWAAAAYYYYY better. Thanks Paramount!!!!!

  36. Luis Diaz Aguilar

    Luis Diaz Aguilar2 jam yang lalu

    What a difference! Two thumbs up for this Sonic! 👍👍

  37. XxKNDYGamingxX

    XxKNDYGamingxX2 jam yang lalu

    Wait that my birthday is when the movie release oof

  38. xXiceXx Boiii

    xXiceXx Boiii2 jam yang lalu

    This is FANTABULOUS!! It looks so much better than the last design!

  39. D!CK0

    D!CK02 jam yang lalu

    This is like giving a PowerPoint presentation that got u an F, and then asking your dad to do it for you a year later

  40. Lee Kirk

    Lee Kirk2 jam yang lalu

    i actually didn't mind his first look but this is better my biggest concern was & still is jim carrey

  41. James Conklin

    James Conklin2 jam yang lalu

    I’m honestly impressed with how this looks

  42. chocolate42069

    chocolate420692 jam yang lalu

    2019 Sonic: Do you know the way? 2020 Sonic: Let me show you the way.

  43. orangeapples

    orangeapples2 jam yang lalu

    Paramount, I know you aren’t paying attention to this, but if you are please put the original cut of the film on the Blu-ray. I will preorder that thing today if I could see what it is you wanted to do with that original design.

  44. Andrea Taylor

    Andrea Taylor2 jam yang lalu

    Now this looks better

  45. Kiwee Jam

    Kiwee Jam2 jam yang lalu


  46. Ian Cordoba

    Ian Cordoba2 jam yang lalu

    Okay, but did they have to make him so cute 😍 ?!

  47. Humungalung Bungus

    Humungalung Bungus2 jam yang lalu

    A lot better, since they went thru the trouble to remake this movie I’ll see it just to support the creators

  48. tamableturtle66

    tamableturtle662 jam yang lalu

    His arms are still the wrong color

  49. Steven L

    Steven L2 jam yang lalu

    Internet: haha look at weird sonic ew Paramount: Actually listens to the internet Internet: wait you weren’t supposed to do that

  50. Jerome Bennyfather

    Jerome Bennyfather2 jam yang lalu

    Basically just watched the whole movie in that trailer 🙄

  51. Nothing to see Here

    Nothing to see Here2 jam yang lalu

    I'm seeing it now, you listened to fan feedback, and now the movie looks awesome.

  52. Juan Bañuelos

    Juan Bañuelos2 jam yang lalu

    I think it would be PG-13

  53. Infinity SuperFly1

    Infinity SuperFly12 jam yang lalu

    Poor Sonic At 0:20

  54. Saad Ali

    Saad Ali2 jam yang lalu

    Sonic- “You got car insurance?” Geico- “15% can save you..” Sonic- “Nah buddy, I’m the only talking animal here”

  55. chocolate42069

    chocolate420692 jam yang lalu

    2019 Sonic: Do you kno da wae? 2020 Sonic: Let me show you da wae.

  56. CrazyComedyKid

    CrazyComedyKid2 jam yang lalu

    Poor animators. They are dead now.

  57. Geoff Holman

    Geoff Holman2 jam yang lalu

    much better

  58. Huberchet 2.0

    Huberchet 2.02 jam yang lalu

    Now thats what i call sonic!

  59. DK Edits

    DK Edits2 jam yang lalu

    this looks so cool now

  60. MelodyBay10

    MelodyBay102 jam yang lalu

    That’s more like it