Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures


  1. Mohamed Demery

    Mohamed Demery10 jam yang lalu

    Money deserved to be taken 👌

  2. Steve Mann

    Steve Mann10 jam yang lalu

    Now that is the Sonic we all know and love!

  3. Daniel Blaha

    Daniel Blaha10 jam yang lalu

    I thought Dr Robotnik was on Sonic's planet?

  4. 009bigbank

    009bigbank10 jam yang lalu


  5. A Disaster

    A Disaster10 jam yang lalu

    2019 : 2020 : This is some kind new format to comment? good job paramount

  6. Boo_king Killao

    Boo_king Killao10 jam yang lalu

    Worth the wait!!!!!!!!!! Super Sonic song way better for this Movie. Didn’t understand gangsters paradise for a Sonic Movie.

  7. Normal Whiteguy

    Normal Whiteguy10 jam yang lalu

    Looks alot better than that fuckin dork you guys were tryin to pass with

  8. Razz Gurung

    Razz Gurung10 jam yang lalu

    I cant stop wathing this over and over

  9. Matthew McCann

    Matthew McCann10 jam yang lalu

    2019 Sonic: Jared Leto 2020 Sonic: Joaquin Phoenix

  10. NICK

    NICK10 jam yang lalu

    The box office for this movie may be around $440 million who else believes that

  11. Dino man thing? Sans

    Dino man thing? Sans10 jam yang lalu

    Uh meow?

  12. Charlene Irwin

    Charlene Irwin10 jam yang lalu

    That looks a whole lot better

  13. Sam

    Sam10 jam yang lalu

    Shadbase never disappoints. xD

  14. Kuro

    Kuro10 jam yang lalu

    Robotnik: of course I want a latte *I LOVE IT WHEN YOU MAKE EM!!!*

  15. Sniper SSj4

    Sniper SSj410 jam yang lalu

    *Jim Carrey* called him an alien because he was talking about the old design

  16. Jose Haro

    Jose Haro10 jam yang lalu

    Now looks good ....let's go

  17. Ben Shulman

    Ben Shulman10 jam yang lalu

    ... ...better...

  18. TheHardMode

    TheHardMode10 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone notice that James Marsden's Tranquilizer Gun changed the tip from black to orange in the newer trailer?

  19. Takara Axe

    Takara Axe10 jam yang lalu

    People: Dude that sonic looks like a mutant human cat. Paramount: Ok we can fix that *fixes it* Other companies: Wait, that’s illegal

  20. Brendi Boi

    Brendi Boi10 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone else get an adrenaline rush after watching this?


    VOVAN SARANIN GAMES MOVIE10 jam yang lalu

    Sonic The Hedgehog (2019/2020) Movie OLD and NEW April 2019 - Trailer 1 OLD DEAIGN "November 8, 2019 in Kino" November 2019 - Trailer NEW DEAIGN "February 14, 2020 in Kino"

  22. HndSmOne

    HndSmOne10 jam yang lalu

    Thank you for a normal Sonic!

  23. Anais 90

    Anais 9010 jam yang lalu

    im so happy:)

  24. AkimotoAkira &TakeuchiChieko

    AkimotoAkira &TakeuchiChieko10 jam yang lalu

    I like this

  25. ThomasFan1945 ProductionsTM

    ThomasFan1945 ProductionsTM10 jam yang lalu

    Paramount: Listen to the fans. Other Companies: We don't give a crap, that's a waste of money.


    LEAH CATIPAY10 jam yang lalu

    1:03 I bet ya'll reactions was this when you saw the other design

  27. NRP Channel

    NRP Channel10 jam yang lalu

    2019:Golodni 2020:Bahnuv Pelmeniv

  28. Simpson

    Simpson10 jam yang lalu

    holy crap, sonic doesn't look like he wants to kill me in my sleep anymore!

  29. Mirelle Larouge

    Mirelle Larouge10 jam yang lalu

    ok ok you win I'll watch it.

  30. JetFox89

    JetFox8910 jam yang lalu

    Ben Schwartz sounds like Ryan Drummond in some parts.

  31. Trevor Random

    Trevor Random10 jam yang lalu

    So much better thanks for listening ☺

  32. fam roblox

    fam roblox10 jam yang lalu

    Thx sega for fixing the movie i really wanna watch it its nice the trailer is cool im just kid

  33. Feel Good Music

    Feel Good Music10 jam yang lalu

    Old sonic: jared leto's joker New sonic: joaquin phoenix's joker

  34. Minh Đào

    Minh Đào10 jam yang lalu

    Sonic read flash comis

  35. Lone Shadow 006

    Lone Shadow 00610 jam yang lalu

    2020 Sonic: How I think I look. 2019 Sonic: What I actually look like

  36. Only Someone

    Only Someone10 jam yang lalu

    Good job Paramount, very good job

  37. Sean Velez

    Sean Velez10 jam yang lalu


  38. Animelover21831

    Animelover2183110 jam yang lalu

    This looks so much better.

  39. The Real Deal Horses

    The Real Deal Horses10 jam yang lalu

    Jim Carrey!!! Heck yeah! This movie looks good. Let’s go! Thanks for uploading.

  40. Joeey Chow

    Joeey Chow10 jam yang lalu

    Stupid as fuck

  41. BrokenDreamsBrokenHeart

    BrokenDreamsBrokenHeart10 jam yang lalu

    I'll never order my Starbucks the same way again... 1:40


    V3 DIRPYPANDA10 jam yang lalu

    Paramount: *listens to everyone* Mission passed respect +100

  43. Weed Wagon

    Weed Wagon10 jam yang lalu

    We achieved the truth

  44. Gaming Fever

    Gaming Fever10 jam yang lalu

    You guys just "nailed' it

  45. Hipolito Rivas#5

    Hipolito Rivas#510 jam yang lalu

    Who ever made that first sonic I wonder if he’s fired

  46. Whisky Rebel

    Whisky Rebel10 jam yang lalu

    Arthur Morgan: (sighs heavily) we could have done this mouths ago

  47. Pat Jackman

    Pat Jackman10 jam yang lalu

    2019: overused date meme. 2020: overused date meme.

  48. Karlo Kos

    Karlo Kos10 jam yang lalu

    This actually looks okey

  49. ProneDank

    ProneDank10 jam yang lalu

    *Jim Carrey can no longer be taken seriously after this*

  50. Adri Prasetyo

    Adri Prasetyo10 jam yang lalu

    2019 Sonic is creepy if you compare them side by side. Creepypasta? The forgoten Sonic?

  51. MemeLord 29

    MemeLord 2910 jam yang lalu

    Well this is pretty cool actually. Much better than the original

  52. Santika rizky Menzova

    Santika rizky Menzova10 jam yang lalu

    He looks much more cuter in this style

  53. Rando Person

    Rando Person10 jam yang lalu

    That’s much better, so much better

  54. Bridget Conway

    Bridget Conway10 jam yang lalu

    Achievement Hunter needs to make another Sonic GTA vid to celebrate. 😂😂

  55. MrNanonen

    MrNanonen10 jam yang lalu

    I still don’t see how it was possible for them to mess sonic to look like a human smurf cat. Seriously wtf. Anyway the redesign looks way way way better.

  56. QraTz

    QraTz10 jam yang lalu

    2:00 that remembered me Jhins dance, from League of Legends

  57. Syd Beretta

    Syd Beretta10 jam yang lalu

    The completely redid the CGI, still gonna be garbage, but beautifully terrible


    MOMOSKYWALKER 1010 jam yang lalu

    Wow this is actually better

  59. Ethanpoki2 Productions!

    Ethanpoki2 Productions!10 jam yang lalu

    how does changing one model make me want to see this movie 10x more.

  60. Corey Brewer

    Corey Brewer10 jam yang lalu

    Well now i want to see this so much