Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures


  1. Jaymes Toews

    Jaymes Toews34 menit yang lalu

    Still bad sorry

  2. ______

    ______44 menit yang lalu

    If you’re here for the “How are you not dead” clip, 1:59

  3. Mari Omana

    Mari Omana48 menit yang lalu

    Well not on February it well been on March sorry everyone

  4. Spiffy

    Spiffy49 menit yang lalu

    They fired / shutdown the entire studio (Motion Pictures Company) even after working 12+ hours days to save this film from the fire. This was two days ago. Seems to me they could have traced the problem to a smaller source rather than firing everyone regardless if they had any say on the final design... Just a thought, seemed a bit overreactive to me.

  5. Julio Menjivar

    Julio MenjivarJam Yang lalu

    The way I saw Dr. egg man or Dr robot Nick dance was hilarious

  6. リロ維新

    リロ維新Jam Yang lalu

    super ssanic?

  7. The Alex Applewhite & Brian Garner Channel 2.0

    The Alex Applewhite & Brian Garner Channel 2.02 jam yang lalu

    2019: Family Guy 2020: The Simpsons

  8. michael the hedhegog

    michael the hedhegog2 jam yang lalu

    2:19 i love this part

  9. Gavin Jack

    Gavin Jack2 jam yang lalu

    Sonic used to look disturbing

  10. calebe Silva Paixao

    calebe Silva Paixao2 jam yang lalu

    Ok that all sound's like dewey duck!

  11. Osmostrix

    Osmostrix3 jam yang lalu

    Now this looks fun!

  12. RareGalaxy5

    RareGalaxy53 jam yang lalu

    2019:Blue Monster 2020:Sonic The Hedgehog

  13. Just_Icicle

    Just_Icicle4 jam yang lalu


  14. Sketchbook ofhorror

    Sketchbook ofhorror2 jam yang lalu

    It's still coming out.

  15. adam david kenyon

    adam david kenyon4 jam yang lalu

    MPC just closed down. Basically the VFX department that reworked the movie. Now I am kinda starting to see that the whole first trailer thing wasn't a publicity stunt. I really think Paramount and MPC fucked up big time and now MPC in Vancouver has shuttered, probably because fixing Sonic and refilming most of the scenes costed millions of dollars. In fact, it's becoming very much the norm now that movies are getting outsourced further sequels to Indonesia or China because it's cheaper, maybe MPC was costing too much to run the last few years. Apparently, it's not actually Sonic's fault. This is the same studio responsible for The Lion King 2019 and apparently it has been badly managed for a long long time. Lots of ridiculous crunch, not just on Sonic but on other projects at the same time! So whilst trying to fix Sonic this studio's workforce was being worked to death with multiple projects. Maybe that's why Sonic looked like the way he did in the first trailer, maybe the artists were forced to rush this out the gate for monopolization. I have heard VFX can be grueling work conditions.

  16. I cant make up a creative name

    I cant make up a creative name5 jam yang lalu

    Let's get this video more dislikes

  17. bum_fire

    bum_fire5 jam yang lalu

    Man,it's like the universe doesn't want this movie to come out. First they announce the movie with the old,freaky design that not a single soul liked,then they fix it and everyone finally becomes hyped for the movie. And now the team that fixed Sonic's design got shut down. I'm curious to see what'll happen from this point and if the movie will even come out.

  18. Sketchbook ofhorror

    Sketchbook ofhorror2 jam yang lalu

    The new version of the movie is complete and will be released on Feb. 2020

  19. David Nieto

    David Nieto5 jam yang lalu

    I like both designs. The redising is better do.

  20. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The Hedgehog5 jam yang lalu

    Sonic:l love this movie

  21. John McCarthy

    John McCarthy5 jam yang lalu

    Paramount: creats new fixed sonic movie Fans: Okay that puts a smile on my face

  22. Valle Kingsson

    Valle Kingsson6 jam yang lalu

    Doesn’t matter know when they Will shut down the movie😒

  23. Sketchbook ofhorror

    Sketchbook ofhorror2 jam yang lalu

    The new version of the film is complete and will be released on Feb. 2020. The studio was shutdown after it was completed.

  24. William White

    William White8 jam yang lalu

    This looks fantastic ive been playing sonic since i can remember sonic on a master system

  25. ashxxhale

    ashxxhale9 jam yang lalu

    Is it only me or does Jim Carrey looks so hot with that mustache?

  26. Pumpking

    PumpkingJam Yang lalu


  27. paulo antonio

    paulo antonio9 jam yang lalu

    super sonic movie

  28. Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue9 jam yang lalu

    lets get this to 1 million likes before 2020 bois

  29. Thelittlepeachboy101

    Thelittlepeachboy10110 jam yang lalu

    I guess they deleted the weird scene where the guy has sonic in the bag, and a woman asks if that's his child and says it's a child but it's not his ;-;

  30. Daniel Wagner

    Daniel Wagner10 jam yang lalu


  31. deshonda johnson

    deshonda johnson11 jam yang lalu

    you guys should make four movies of sonic the hedgehog for the second one you should introduce Tails the for the third one introduce Knuckles then for the final introduce Shadow,Amy,Silver,and Blaze

  32. Avionick Moritz

    Avionick Moritz12 jam yang lalu

    And Mr. J Carrey never losing touch 😄😆

  33. Woo Hoo

    Woo Hoo13 jam yang lalu

    RIP to MPC Vancouver. You guys did great ❤

  34. Super Allstar

    Super Allstar13 jam yang lalu

    *When you upgrade your Ps1 to PS4*