Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures


  1. Aaron Tse

    Aaron Tse38 detik yang lalu

    Thank you, Paramount.

  2. Jakharr Vinta/VoryoMTG

    Jakharr Vinta/VoryoMTG44 detik yang lalu


  3. Church174

    Church17444 detik yang lalu

    Still too much color saturation in the eyes. But at least I'm no longer having nightmares of demonic sonic.

  4. J Cai

    J Cai47 detik yang lalu

    Before: Too real to like an urgly Alien After : Too cute to believe that's not PiKaChu.

  5. Xavier Lujan

    Xavier Lujan58 detik yang lalu

    Welp... Saw the whole movie. Don't need to spend $12 on a ticket now

  6. vik saggu

    vik sagguMenit Yang lalu

    Did it say director of fast and furious?

  7. Heri Yandi

    Heri YandiMenit Yang lalu


  8. Это Я

    Это ЯMenit Yang lalu

    Next film: Tetris

  9. JustSomeGuyMakingVideos

    JustSomeGuyMakingVideosMenit Yang lalu

    Old design of sonic: uh meow **I’m about to turn this into a meme** New design of sonic: I’m about to end my old design’s career

  10. Lego Steve Axel

    Lego Steve AxelMenit Yang lalu


  11. TendoFan

    TendoFanMenit Yang lalu

    “ an *extremely* handsome package.” ...I see what you did there Paramount.

  12. Maddie Morrin

    Maddie MorrinMenit Yang lalu

    Sucks it’s a haha poop funny movie with low effort comedy but I’ll watch it

  13. Aidan Durand

    Aidan DurandMenit Yang lalu

    Does anybody else thinks that they fucked up the initial release of Sonic on purpose?

  14. Arrynn

    Arrynn2 menit yang lalu

    Activision: Dont listen to the fans, you need to make mo- Paramount Pictures: Sorry pal, im bout to end your career

  15. Andrew 1010

    Andrew 10102 menit yang lalu

    2019: I'll Be Back. 2020: I'm ready for action.

  16. Only_ Finn

    Only_ Finn2 menit yang lalu

    Es wurde verbessert

  17. Richie Sulak

    Richie Sulak2 menit yang lalu

    Uhhhhh Meow?

  18. popodono

    popodono2 menit yang lalu

    .....this is actually worse. I was prepared and looking forward to a garbage fire. This is just generically bad. Ugh, how boring.

  19. Chris Daniel

    Chris Daniel2 menit yang lalu


  20. Alex Parker

    Alex Parker2 menit yang lalu

    I love this one so much better than the non sonic one the ugly one but this this redesign made.My.Day

  21. Leo

    Leo2 menit yang lalu

    Ya al que perra diferencia nada que ver con al otra cochinada que habían echo alm jajajajaja

  22. ChristianX

    ChristianX2 menit yang lalu

    Y aquí esta el comentario en español que buscas crack.

  23. Mohannad S.

    Mohannad S.2 menit yang lalu

    - “How are you not dead?” - “I have no idea!” Neither do we, but we’re glad he’s not.

  24. Stevo Canuck

    Stevo Canuck2 menit yang lalu

    i could see ryan reynolds playing the hedgehog

  25. Grunglar Tigglyboo

    Grunglar Tigglyboo2 menit yang lalu

    When I saw the first trailer I was like, uhhhh that’s not gonna work

  26. Lauren O

    Lauren O2 menit yang lalu

    So...Sonic is super lonely.

  27. swainstorm

    swainstorm3 menit yang lalu

    You frickin fricks


    WILL GRIFFIN3 menit yang lalu

    Oh much better

  29. swainstorm

    swainstorm3 menit yang lalu


  30. Alex Parker

    Alex Parker3 menit yang lalu

    Paramout you did a good.Job and you listen you got sonic redesign right you get a thumbs up

  31. Martin LA

    Martin LA3 menit yang lalu

    Quien dijo que quejarse por internet no funcionaba

  32. Samit

    Samit3 menit yang lalu

    finally, it looks interesting Paramount! Noice!

  33. Fat and Chilling

    Fat and Chilling3 menit yang lalu

    Well they changed the date for the movie

  34. 3.5M views

    3.5M views3 menit yang lalu


  35. Cassidy Akiyama

    Cassidy Akiyama3 menit yang lalu

    Much better. Whether the movie ends up bad or not (which I'm praying it won't be bad), I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. I hope it puts the Mario Bros movie to shame.

  36. Incognito Man

    Incognito Man3 menit yang lalu

    Now this is a re-design

  37. illest smann

    illest smann3 menit yang lalu

    So they took the crackhead, Tails out of the movie? 😂

  38. Aboodq87

    Aboodq873 menit yang lalu

    In the first trailer he really reminded me of the kid after he turned into the monkey for cheating in the first Jumanji movie XD Don’t cheat in jumanji so that u don’t turn into 2019 sonic trailer ;)

  39. GeneralCane

    GeneralCane3 menit yang lalu

    Dammit I never wanted to watch a Sonic movie at any point but now that they've listened to fans I feel pretty much obligated at this point.

  40. Learn To Game Bro

    Learn To Game Bro3 menit yang lalu

    It's better than the first trailer I guess

  41. xX_ V _Xx

    xX_ V _Xx3 menit yang lalu

    Tyson Hesse: *Fixes Sonic's design* The entire Sonic fanbase: "Careful, he's a hero"

  42. Imam Fauzi

    Imam Fauzi4 menit yang lalu

    now this is what i want

  43. Gfresh1620

    Gfresh16204 menit yang lalu

    Bravo 👏 💯👍

  44. Charley B

    Charley B4 menit yang lalu

    Sonic looks awesome. Def going to see the movie now

  45. Dylan Howell

    Dylan Howell4 menit yang lalu

    I honestly like this new trailer I thought the old one was bad so bad

  46. Snorlax •

    Snorlax •4 menit yang lalu

    Plot twist: this is actually from another universe

  47. •Pretty Editz•

    •Pretty Editz•4 menit yang lalu

    Finally they changed it to something that actually looks completely good and accurate, bruh that first one.. WOOOHEE, I WAS DEADASS 💀

  48. Jed Rafael Co

    Jed Rafael Co4 menit yang lalu

    Paramount in 2018:we should make him like a human Paramount in 2019:wow everyone hated it we should make it cartoony but with blue arms But its still cool

  49. Belias

    Belias4 menit yang lalu

    Paramount is the King now! from zero to hero!

  50. Mer goose

    Mer goose4 menit yang lalu

    Thanks parajesus

  51. Kermit

    Kermit4 menit yang lalu

    Who's Sonic

  52. LurK Hard

    LurK Hard4 menit yang lalu


  53. Dilan Hong

    Dilan Hong4 menit yang lalu

    The eyes are the only thing that bothers me

  54. Ruguoser Liegise

    Ruguoser Liegise4 menit yang lalu

    *Shh gene* where you at?

  55. Nightfeather

    Nightfeather5 menit yang lalu

    This looks so much better! And he actually has _readable facial expressions_ now!

  56. Zatch Bell

    Zatch Bell5 menit yang lalu

    I wouldn't have seen it if this was how it was originally, but just because they took the time to listen to fans and make it SO much better, I'll go and see it. Gotta support good moves.

  57. mrhan88 farhan

    mrhan88 farhan5 menit yang lalu

    Does anybody know the people responsible for this magnificent change on Sonic? They deserve all the raise they can get.

  58. Bill Platess

    Bill Platess5 menit yang lalu

    This is what the fans wanted this is what the fans needed

  59. Bowen Fulwood-Griffiths

    Bowen Fulwood-Griffiths5 menit yang lalu

    The type of person who rushes into relationships

  60. Gedoss

    Gedoss5 menit yang lalu

    Would be funny if they have a parody of the 2020 sonic meet 2019 sonic 🤣