SONGS IN REAL LIFE (Overprotective Brother) | Brent Rivera


  1. Brent Rivera

    Brent RiveraTahun Yang lalu

    I hope you guys enjoy :) Like this video if one of your FAV songs was it in! Can't wait to keep showing you guys these new youtube videos!

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  3. Vanessa Casiano

    Vanessa CasianoBulan Yang lalu

    Brent ben saying why you Gotta be so rude

  4. Dil Magar

    Dil MagarBulan Yang lalu

    My favorite song is where are you now

  5. Asoina Prescott

    Asoina PrescottBulan Yang lalu

    Super whoever you want and please come

  6. Asoina Prescott

    Asoina PrescottBulan Yang lalu

    And you can bring whoever you want and if you get this suss, please you'd be willing to say this you come so by

  7. Gregorykmkm. Wetherington

    Gregorykmkm. Wetherington7 jam yang lalu

    I dare you or whatever your name is I think I spelled it right but don't know if that's your name I dare you to put your whole head in the toilet that's a dare from a fan does that mean you have to do it for a dare video please next time if you have another song video well then you should have one song that has Old Town Road in it and I'd are your fans to leave a like & subscribe and hit the Bell if you have them when you see this the Bell hits Thumbs Up And subscribe make sure the thumbs-up is blue dab

  8. Gregorykmkm. Wetherington

    Gregorykmkm. Wetherington7 jam yang lalu

    Every single song here I knew every single one

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  10. Carly rose

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  11. Carly rose

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  12. Carly rose

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  13. Latywa Edwards

    Latywa Edwards9 jam yang lalu

    You don't worry about your hairline

  14. griselda vanegas

    griselda vanegas10 jam yang lalu

    I know we don't talk anymore,friends,girls like you , the one were the boy with alexa sang the first time when they were on a bed, and the one from fuller house or high school musical,you need to let it go,why u gotta be so rude,stiches,your welcome from moana,i got the feeling,to late to say sorry,Magic 2.0K and ,like it by cardi b

  15. Madison Tapia

    Madison Tapia12 jam yang lalu

    Let you down one of my FAVORITE SONGS!!!!!! πŸ‘

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    Omg Brent your on fire 10 months ago you were on 5 million subs and now your on 10! You blow my mind

  17. Music with Kaelyn

    Music with Kaelyn14 jam yang lalu

    You were mean to them

  18. Aisha Ali 5A Egelundskolen

    Aisha Ali 5A Egelundskolen15 jam yang lalu

    Ment to be

  19. lhamo_18

    lhamo_1815 jam yang lalu

    You are too mean. But I love it❀

  20. Hanna Nichols

    Hanna Nichols18 jam yang lalu

    You do not need to be so harsh

  21. Franca Maruffi

    Franca Maruffi19 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE PRAY FOR ME!!!!!!!

  22. Wendy Campbell

    Wendy Campbell20 jam yang lalu

    I just like all of the songs well mostly all of them

  23. Yossi Cohn

    Yossi CohnHari Yang lalu

    I love them all!!πŸ˜‚

  24. Benard Mutua

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  25. Arianna Wade

    Arianna WadeHari Yang lalu

    Who is too hot you are you’re a bugaboo oh you’re doing a Laster

  26. Noel Saenz

    Noel SaenzHari Yang lalu

    My favorite is Queen

  27. Communism With American Characteristics

    Communism With American CharacteristicsHari Yang lalu

    That wasn't a rose

  28. Irene Margaritis

    Irene MargaritisHari Yang lalu

    I have........a crush on Ben but he’s dating Lexi

  29. kellie McCluskey

    kellie McCluskey12 jam yang lalu

    OMG OMG saaaame

  30. giovanna banana

    giovanna bananaHari Yang lalu

    2:01 and 2:03-2:06 what was the name of that song? I forgot =(

  31. Ramleen Kaur

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  32. Just Ask Dorene

    Just Ask DoreneHari Yang lalu

    I love u brent

  33. David Alexander

    David AlexanderHari Yang lalu

    Trust me I'm like that to my sister's crush.

  34. Antonio Cardenas

    Antonio CardenasHari Yang lalu

    I like post molone

  35. jacquielcole

    jacquielcoleHari Yang lalu

    You rude

  36. Breanna Sanchez

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    We do not talk eny more I love that song

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  38. Ella

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    I like it

  39. Andrea Reffitt

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    Yes u where

  40. Francia Kin

    Francia KinHari Yang lalu

    He bothers her on purpose

  41. Nikeia Daniels

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  42. ians coffey

    ians coffeyHari Yang lalu

    You put in my favorite song friends

  43. Justin Cowo

    Justin CowoHari Yang lalu

    Stiches πŸ‡±πŸ‡¦πŸ‡±πŸ‡¦πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  44. Supa Baboon

    Supa BaboonHari Yang lalu

    Ur an idiot brent

  45. Natalia harrison

    Natalia harrisonHari Yang lalu

    Definitely WAY to hard on Ben

  46. maty diop

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  47. Brianna Gullins

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    yes you were

  48. sevina. is

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    Yes u were

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  50. Raquel Castillo

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  51. Lylarose Lovatt

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    I love you

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  53. Elizabeth Mejia

    Elizabeth MejiaHari Yang lalu

    Gods Plan

  54. Kitija Cunska

    Kitija CunskaHari Yang lalu

    Ai like:I can make jour hands clap

  55. ΞšΞ©ΞΞ£Ξ€Ξ‘ΞΞ€Ξ™ΞΞ‘ ΧΑΞ₯ΣΟΞ₯Ξ›Ξ‘ΞšΞ—

    ΞšΞ©ΞΞ£Ξ€Ξ‘ΞΞ€Ξ™ΞΞ‘ ΧΑΞ₯ΣΟΞ₯Ξ›Ξ‘ΞšΞ—Hari Yang lalu

    me: I don't think he wil get my favourite song. *0:21* me:*like*

  56. tasnimul hanna

    tasnimul hannaHari Yang lalu

    I liked the ecstentions

  57. Pope Lorse

    Pope LorseHari Yang lalu

    Fantastic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  58. Carl Larock

    Carl LarockHari Yang lalu

    I love now high School musical songs 2 from high School musical

  59. Carl Larock

    Carl LarockHari Yang lalu

    I love that high School musical song

  60. Carl Larock

    Carl LarockHari Yang lalu

    I love all the sounds they have on you

  61. Nakita Henry

    Nakita HenryHari Yang lalu

    .mine was ariana grande no tears left to cry

  62. Erika Garcia

    Erika Garcia2 hari yang lalu

    No wonder i stoped watching u and that’s why your maybe still single YOU NEED TO BE NOCE TO YOUR SISTER okay u know what sorry so sorry sorry sorry sorry

  63. V Benito

    V Benito2 hari yang lalu

    I loved the part when Lexi said "AND IIIIIII~~~~"

  64. Ronald Ramsey

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    Let lexi have a boy friend

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  66. Ana Kamana

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    Your so harsh