1. Joychelle Adlaon

    Joychelle Adlaon5 jam yang lalu

    Seriously how many outfit did she wear🤔😱

  2. Kim Namjoon uwu

    Kim Namjoon uwu5 jam yang lalu

    Imma blast this on my birthday

  3. Hermie Andaya

    Hermie Andaya6 jam yang lalu

    *SOMI* -failed to debut in twice -ioi disband in 2018 -failed to debut in itzy -left jyp -joined the black label (sub unit of yge) -debuted in SOMI she has the full story youre uninvited if you don't know her full story

  4. ににjuanpi OwO

    ににjuanpi OwO9 jam yang lalu


  5. bxby liv

    bxby liv9 jam yang lalu

    She looks more canadian then korean but I’mma play this once it’s my birthday.

  6. Victoria Miller

    Victoria Miller10 jam yang lalu

    Today is my birthday and I love this song! I am playing this song at party!

  7. ArmyBTS GirlH

    ArmyBTS GirlH11 jam yang lalu

    Nice so much. Love youuuu saranghi 😂😂❤️

  8. Mrs. Jeon

    Mrs. Jeon14 jam yang lalu


  9. TheDepressedOptimist

    TheDepressedOptimist15 jam yang lalu

    Ok but this song is so underrated 😭😭💞

  10. Sowon Best

    Sowon Best15 jam yang lalu

    Somi is Miley Cyrus of korea

  11. parvion w

    parvion w15 jam yang lalu


  12. Nitu Kumar

    Nitu Kumar19 jam yang lalu

    She looks half American and half Korean the song's amazing though

  13. Milagro 013

    Milagro 01318 jam yang lalu

    Shes half Dutch half Korean

  14. Yeah Right

    Yeah Right19 jam yang lalu

    This song stuck in my head every single day & I love ittt 💃🏻❤️

  15. Yeah Right

    Yeah Right19 jam yang lalu

    Love youu

  16. i need a cha cha beat boy

    i need a cha cha beat boy20 jam yang lalu

    We normal people have our bday's once a year and look at this young queen celebrating everyday

  17. Mounira Slimani

    Mounira Slimani21 jam yang lalu

    blackpink is the best#blimk😜

  18. Sarah Thomas

    Sarah Thomas8 jam yang lalu

    Mounira Slimani smh

  19. priyanka bhatt

    priyanka bhatt21 jam yang lalu

    International fan of somii..its my bday😊

  20. blinkweirdo

    blinkweirdo23 jam yang lalu

    invented birthdays wbk

  21. Daniel Lam

    Daniel LamHari Yang lalu

    I love you

  22. Desdemona

    DesdemonaHari Yang lalu

    Don't mind me, I'm just here to add more views.

  23. Misaki Miyuu

    Misaki MiyuuHari Yang lalu

    This is giving me jojo siwa vibes

  24. Shahrina Sohrab

    Shahrina SohrabHari Yang lalu

    Dis is is soooooooooooooooooooo Cooooooooooooolll

  25. La Raylee

    La RayleeHari Yang lalu

    Ella definitivamente seria D.VA de overwatch :3 xd

  26. agis

    agisHari Yang lalu


  27. Monica Pudyardana

    Monica PudyardanaHari Yang lalu


  28. Ecxel Asus

    Ecxel AsusHari Yang lalu

    Wow. This is something. I love it.

  29. tiffany young's bitch

    tiffany young's bitchHari Yang lalu

    just got an ad of awkwafinas new show on comedy central and THEY USED THIS SONG I WAS SHOOK

  30. parvion w

    parvion wHari Yang lalu


  31. fancy u bitc

    fancy u bitcHari Yang lalu

    who else got the ad with birthday

  32. aseel elrayah

    aseel elrayahHari Yang lalu

    i clicked as soon as the clock reached 12:00 a.m. IM 17 WOOOOOOOHOOOOO >w

  33. Cereal_killer24

    Cereal_killer24Hari Yang lalu

    happy birthday <3

  34. The Bestty Hara

    The Bestty HaraHari Yang lalu

    Love Somi

  35. Rihanna Maldonado

    Rihanna MaldonadoHari Yang lalu

    i like butthole

  36. Lucy Narnia

    Lucy NarniaHari Yang lalu

    I like this! I hope she gets a comeback soon

  37. Rosie Dust

    Rosie DustHari Yang lalu

    They did Somi wrong with this song

  38. Yeah Right

    Yeah Right19 jam yang lalu

    Lmao not at all. This song is a bop tht fit somi that everyone know so well. They literally did soo good with this song and music video for somi

  39. move ee

    move eeHari Yang lalu

    such a great song i love itt and the music video is so cool and fun

  40. Megi Qoqashvili

    Megi QoqashviliHari Yang lalu

    Stylist: How many outfit change do you want? Somi: yes!

  41. Kirthi minho

    Kirthi minhoHari Yang lalu

    Just my wish.. Somi has more International fans.. Why can't she release an album in US as well..??

  42. TrxVv

    TrxVv17 jam yang lalu

    Sure she'll do soon!

  43. Mi Miymo

    Mi MiymoHari Yang lalu

    Lovee 💕

  44. Mi Miymo

    Mi MiymoHari Yang lalu

    Coolest songg

  45. Mi Miymo

    Mi MiymoHari Yang lalu

    Okay okay i'ma shake it shake it like it was my Birthday ayy ayy