1. Jay Walker

    Jay Walker27 hari yang lalu

    "Peppa? What are you doing in my soap?!"

  2. dipali karne

    dipali karneBulan Yang lalu

    Awesome video

  3. Asiya Dilawar

    Asiya DilawarBulan Yang lalu

    How many soaps are you gonna need😡

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    ♥️ Nice...!!!♥️

  5. Moonlight Gacha :3

    Moonlight Gacha :3Bulan Yang lalu

    3:06 Peppa, what are you doing in my egg?

  6. Krishan Karan

    Krishan KaranBulan Yang lalu

    5:51 let set for 4 hour I don’t think 4 hours is 5 MINUTES

  7. Arshiya Thabasum

    Arshiya ThabasumBulan Yang lalu

    Please tell about incredents that u r using to make these crafts

  8. Hannah Grace Bradley

    Hannah Grace BradleyBulan Yang lalu

    The soap they make is so cool

  9. Kitty paws

    Kitty pawsBulan Yang lalu

    Did u say gifts or food

  10. Jillian Alvarez

    Jillian AlvarezBulan Yang lalu

    7:25 just use a mr. Clean sponge

  11. Sangita Satkar

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    Thanks from Maharashtra

  12. Nirmal Bora

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    Junali is noticed

  13. Janu Jahnavi

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    Lemon soap 1:10


    PRAMOD KUMAR DASBulan Yang lalu

    My hobby is singing

  15. 《Kura Nightcore》

    《Kura Nightcore》Bulan Yang lalu

    Everyone lit Hates This But Likes the video Anyway

  16. linu das

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    7:45 you can see the girl's face with camera

  17. Lunar Gacha world

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    3:30 Peppa, What are you doing in my soap?

  18. Leanne Pretty

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    10:46 is she ok

  19. Life with Emma

    Life with EmmaBulan Yang lalu

    3:05 PEppAaAA wUt R u DoiNG iN mY 5 MIn CrAFt vIDeO

  20. Marie-Eve Tremblay

    Marie-Eve TremblayBulan Yang lalu

    You do the same tigns of blossom

  21. walking crinnge

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    Am I the only one who is concerned about the yellow water??

  22. • Peachiigloss •

    • Peachiigloss •Bulan Yang lalu

    Check my name and how long ago I wrote this lnao

  23. Ellalouise gacha night

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    Halph of these are nothing to do wid food

  24. Amer Baig

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    Saste nashe n you called it 5 minute crafts😒

  25. Mariyah Burgos

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    5-Minute Recipes logic *_let sit 4 HOURS_* I thought you was *_5 MINUTE CRAFTS?_*

  26. Jimin biased

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    Is no one gonna talk about 10:48 ??😂😂

  27. Kyle Orito

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  28. Evelin Suriel

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    Isn’t 5 minute recipes just like 5 minute crafts like no 👎 comment yes

  29. GachaCat :3

    GachaCat :3Bulan Yang lalu

    Evelin Suriel they are both made from the same base so

  30. Jack septic_eye Xx

    Jack septic_eye XxBulan Yang lalu

    What if someone eats them??🤢🤮🤮

  31. Ana Cercel

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    That's so cool ideas for IDreporter

  32. Angel Shalu

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    Channels name would be 2 min craft

  33. Erica Magrinello

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    No.. Cannel name would be one eternity and 2 days craft😂😋

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    يجنن بس عاوزة سؤال هو دى صابون

  35. Krishan Karan

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    Who watches these videos but already knows they’re never gonna do them 👇🏻

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    Nah I'm watching to go to sleep

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    How original

  38. Zain Hamed

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    Krishan Karan yeh because half the time they don’t bloody tell what the ingredients are

  39. Abuzar Tahir

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    Slippery towel 😂

  40. Stephanie Stanley

    Stephanie StanleyBulan Yang lalu

    3:05 pEpPa wHuT r U d0iNg iN mY "5" MiNuTe cRaFt ViDi0??!!!

  41. Ingredy IS THA BOMB

    Ingredy IS THA BOMBBulan Yang lalu

    My favorite game on this channel is guess the ingrdent

  42. Lesley Bassett

    Lesley BassettBulan Yang lalu

    Who wants to use soap that looks like a meatball?

  43. Soapy -

    Soapy -Bulan Yang lalu

    How are things you use for your bathroom a recipe

  44. Ariz Sufi

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    A recipe doesn't have to be a food recipe.

  45. Minty Macarons

    Minty MacaronsBulan Yang lalu

    Wouldn’t the food colouring in the bath bomb stain the skin?

  46. Sienna Cabrera-Siller

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    How am I meant to know if it’s milk or soap

  47. Kyle Orito

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    u dont

  48. Dark_Storm

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    10:12 who is going to to see you in the bathroom after a shower? Do you leave the door open?? Are you being stulked?

  49. Star wars Lover

    Star wars LoverBulan Yang lalu

    I think mostof it is fake. And noone of this is 5 minute craft if im honest

  50. Namjoons Crabs

    Namjoons CrabsBulan Yang lalu

    Isnt giving a friend soap as a gift just a nice way of saying you smell

  51. Spongegar Fan

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    5-Crap Recipes

  52. Mariana Astaiza

    Mariana AstaizaBulan Yang lalu

    Copycat of blossom


    B.JEYA KUMARBulan Yang lalu

    How you will do this

  54. Joren Vailoces

    Joren VailocesBulan Yang lalu

    Why is it soap vs real food and some of it is not soap it should be related from the tittle its out of the topic.

  55. Yara Al Wadi

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    They literally stole these ideas from "Blossom"!!!

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    Finally new video

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    She was about to fall😮😮😮😮😮😲😲😲😲😲😦😧

  58. Annie Barillas

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    Why is the water yellow

  59. Spilled Joe 안녕하세요

    Spilled Joe 안녕하세요Bulan Yang lalu

    Atleast give some some credits to Blossom.

  60. Sanggar Tandem Juwangi

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    hello, i'm from indonesia

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    դու քեզ Գիլ.


    MADISON TANGENBulan Yang lalu

    5:49. U say 5-min-crafts. Well on 5:49 it says *let dry 4 hours* that does not sound like 5 min craft's. I mean they are useful but not 5 min craft's like if u agree

  63. ema vlogai

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    At 3:05 i like 🧸 😏 peppa what are you doyng in an egg?!

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    Nice keep it up

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    I think they do a little to much

  66. *M•I•M•I*

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    Hehe peppa is in soap prison

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    This the cheap one

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    Thats the lazy one

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    4:01 I mean seriously

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