SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet Shark! Animation


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    Enjoy the animation, also thanks for 262,000 Subscribers !

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    Maria Esparza you’re ugly as hell

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    soyfireyXD I don’t like your opinion

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    Maria Esparza you’re ugly

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    I can hear rain in the background🤣🦋🅱️

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    (Gasp)Is that shark puppet

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    1:46 jeffy has big as eyes

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    Do you think you might animate Mr. Shark’s Videos?

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    Demetrius Miller

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    You like Macaroni and cheese dont you Shark Puppet

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    0:35 literally

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    I think it’s funny 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

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    Thx for making this video

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    Your animations suck

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    1:43 I’M DYING! 😂🤣

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    And I oop_

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    Yeah!! ❤️ ♥️ 💜

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    You do great animations you should take you time and make the videos longer I subed to

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    I love Tue shark saying YEA XDDDDD

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    Jeffy: Hey daddy Mario: what do you want Jeffy? Jeffy: I want to P R A I S E A L L A H. Mario: No Jeffy. We are a Methodist household Jeffy: الحمد غضب الرب Mario: NO JEFFY! If you praise Allah your grounded for a month. *Against Mario's wishes, Jeffery turns to Mecca and prays to his God Jeffy: يجب أن يهلك المذنبين Mario: That's it! Your grounded for a month! Jeffy screams and pulls out a gun Mario: J-j-Jeffy? Jeffy: Eat led daddy UH UH UH UH UH UH *Jeffy busts a cap in Mario's ass and Mario's corpse falls to the ground. Jeffy: TIME TO PLAY F O R T N I T E

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    So cool

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    Do full sml videos it's so stupid

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    1:43. screams then shark eats him.

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    Just fuckin stop bitch

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    Just fuckin stop what?

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    Why would you also make the arm in the fucking shark

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    I want it to be the full thing

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    This is so funny why would you put a shark in is bath tub

  34. RMwx

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    The bathtub was full of Cheerios, not water with random small Cheerios floating around. The shark was covered in cheese, not perfectly clean with five uncheesed elbow macaroni simply resting in his mouth. The characters lack depth and realistic movement. The backgrounds are mundane. Overall rating for this one is a 4.8/10.

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    WOW! Thanks for posting this

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    What did he do?

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    Why do you make that bugs Bunny ending

  39. Liam Frankgar

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    He does that all the time.

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    You have to kind of make it smooth

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    Ok this is weird. At 0:03 I hear that it was raining but it’s not🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐????

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    So likely to have so many subscribes and likes 😒😒😒

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    Well hes ded

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    Good Video

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    0:41 look at mario’s hairline

  48. Mordecai M

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    PinguandMariofan 974 it’s bent

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    What about it

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    Wow first u had about 10 subs now u have 100,000 subs im surprised

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    Your animating it’s getting a lot better

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    I saw the actual video it was hilarious

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    1:16 there's not even a single gummy worm in that bath tub what is he even taiking about

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    0:33 now there's 15 cheerio's

  55. Teegan S

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    0:15 it doesn't look like ther isn't Cheerios in that bathtub only4

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    It's more than 4

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    can you make Bowser Jr's Big Vacation animation tomorrow

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    Great job with those Cheerios😂

  59. Mr. 30 Productions

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    Nicktendo well it’s a good thing there’s only like 6😂

  60. Nicktendo

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    Thank you good sir, spent 30 hours drawing each Cheerio 👌

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    Do Sml Happy Halloween 🎃

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    But it's not even Halloween

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    Make the new sbl video im dieing for it

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    I thought the ending would be RIP Shark ???-2019

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    looney tunes

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    That shark is a sporting beast and mouse water is a great way I am going to be a lot of duty woald and mouse and mouse and I send it too you can get a lot of 3 and mouse

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    The shark looks like in Minecraft can you draw something better can you can you make a better drawing except for making it old and ugly

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    Nicktendo you know that the shark is very funny when he says,YEA like that? 😂😂😂😂

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    The shark is from a channel called shark puppet

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    My Back. 🤢

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    🦈 Vs 🐶

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    nicktendo why did you not do that RIP thing when sharky die

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    Still Mario's arms are long

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    If only it was longer......,.hmmmmmmmmm

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    WOW- that’s fast

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    Look at Brooklyn Guys left ear looks like an earring 0:41

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    Shark puppet:YEAH!

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    It actually does

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    Shark puppet in this animation looks ugly

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    I love it


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    You should have made the Shark more realistic

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    That sucks that superluigilogan is demonetized now every video will be uploaded on superbowserLogan

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    0:14 @Nicktendo you're not supposed to draw shark puppet! you supposed to draw an actual shark!

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    this is basically a triple crossover

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    Which part would be photoshopped bathtub full of Cheerios or The Smiling shark eating macaroni and cheese

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    Well because social media says otherwise

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    Rip mr sharky

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    your animation skills are getting better keep it up nicktendo! 👍🏾😄

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    @Nicktendo you're not even trying is the same as always, take critiscm from others

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    Thanks 👍