Slow Motion Camera INSIDE Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. The Slow Mo Guys

    The Slow Mo Guys28 hari yang lalu

    A lot of comments giving us mad love for being “back in the back yard” as opposed to the IDreporter original shows with higher production value. I think we’ll always be back yard boys at heart. We prefer shooting on our own but it is useful having a crew sometimes. For example, Dan couldn’t wear a mic for most of this video and we had no one to hold a boom. But it would have been useful. Instead I had to boost audio from the camera mic or my mic which means the background noise is constantly going up when he speaks which I don’t really like doing. There is certainly a middle ground in terms of production value that we should try and achieve. What is it that you dislike the most about the big IDreporter original shows? I’d be curious to know. They are pretty useful for us to do occasionally because it gives us the funds to get better equipment for our regular videos. Let me know your thoughts. - Gav EDIT - seems like people feel that the YTOs are more scripted even though none of the episodes have ever had a script. Maybe we need to do a better job and making it feel less scripted by being more comfortable?

  2. Eshrat Jahan

    Eshrat Jahan18 jam yang lalu

    Childish 😃😋 But liked it 👍 And love you Dan 😉😋🥰💓💓💓

  3. Ticked Off Gamer

    Ticked Off GamerHari Yang lalu

    They do???? Personally I find it a massive shame you spent more money skint than u do now on experiments. It looks like now that you're making money u want to keep it all and give us the same old from 3 years ago. Yay fantastic

  4. Key Em

    Key Em2 hari yang lalu

    I love the improvised and anarchistic feeling of the backyard. The YTOs were great as well, but didn't feel as authentic. I woul trade sound quality for the authentic feeling every day.

  5. Gingerscantbepirates

    Gingerscantbepirates55 menit yang lalu

    That is so freaking cool how the water looks like it just freaking sits there for a bit after you pop it!

  6. Nuestro Templo Quintana

    Nuestro Templo Quintana4 jam yang lalu

    🐻 💗💋

  7. The Mechanical Shadow

    The Mechanical Shadow5 jam yang lalu

    Hey, I am very curious about what happens when you fire a bullet without a barrel. I did this with a 22 round three times and I never saw a bullet mark on the wood that was 1ft away. Please help me understand the physics of this.

  8. Andrew Tidwell

    Andrew Tidwell7 jam yang lalu

    Try running a lawnmower at 2500 fps, while actually mowing the lawn.

  9. Patrick

    Patrick8 jam yang lalu

    You guys are strange..... I like that!

  10. Alastair

    Alastair9 jam yang lalu

    Slow motion Uruk Hai spawning in 4K

  11. Smith Sac • 666666666666 years ago • Edited 2 days

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  12. Nytrunner

    Nytrunner11 jam yang lalu

    Love the regular return to giant 'loon june! If you ever run out of vid ideas, try experimenting with the material 'Starlite' and see if burning in slow motion is interesting

  13. Alok Tiwari

    Alok Tiwari14 jam yang lalu

    Daniel - "Gavin are you free?" Gavin - "yea, I'm Free but not free" 😂😂

  14. Javeria's ASMR

    Javeria's ASMR9 jam yang lalu

    Lol 😂 😂 😂

  15. Nitya Vyas

    Nitya Vyas14 jam yang lalu

    Could you do a slo mo video of nitrogen triiodide going off?

  16. CinderTheFox

    CinderTheFox19 jam yang lalu

    2011: How Dan hurt his hand 2019: How Gav hurt his hand

  17. Norainiza Jawahir

    Norainiza Jawahir20 jam yang lalu

    Congrats im your new subscriber!


    BLITZ TOOLS23 jam yang lalu


  19. Julie Miller

    Julie MillerHari Yang lalu

    When his head is out, he looks like a whoopie cushion

  20. Shiznation

    ShiznationHari Yang lalu

    How about filming a sleight of hand artist?

  21. MildManNerd

    MildManNerdHari Yang lalu

    7:50 Behind the scenes for 2005's 'The Island'...🤣

  22. Use Your Hands

    Use Your HandsHari Yang lalu

    It's like giving birth in reverse lol.

  23. Magnum McClean

    Magnum McCleanHari Yang lalu

    This channel has gone from popping water balloons to a guy with a big camera and stick the lens up a woman's womb to look at the baby and then you get this

  24. BEAST143ILY

    BEAST143ILYHari Yang lalu

    Gav is enjoying this too much 🤣

  25. Kevin De Rijck

    Kevin De RijckHari Yang lalu

    Wel congrats you were reborn 😂👌👍👍

  26. Peeping Xanarchy

    Peeping XanarchyHari Yang lalu

    Can you pop a giant balloon full of air under water 😁

  27. Staulk The Fiery Youtuber

    Staulk The Fiery YoutuberHari Yang lalu

    I literally just saw one of your videos on tv, on a sky advert

  28. mayte

    mayteHari Yang lalu

    Gavin makes bird squeaks, and here we hear Dan make alien noises

  29. Gage T

    Gage THari Yang lalu

    You guys need to make merch

  30. Speedstar 111

    Speedstar 111Hari Yang lalu

    A small tree with many many small leaves full of covered with after like after rain full of water on the leaves and just pulling it so that all the water in the leaves just drop down like small pearls falling down. Ah whatever just ignore it. I really like you slow mo guys.

  31. Tofik Suhendra

    Tofik SuhendraHari Yang lalu

    Kondom apa itu, gede amat

  32. Ticked Off Gamer

    Ticked Off GamerHari Yang lalu

    It's like u have given up. U guys spent more money skint. Try investing and continue growing with your channel

  33. PrinoGD 009

    PrinoGD 009Hari Yang lalu

    Pls fastest solving rubik on slow mo

  34. Haadouken

    HaadoukenHari Yang lalu

    Hydrophobic blade dividing a drop of water slo mo that

  35. Mobile Online Game

    Mobile Online Game2 hari yang lalu

    You should slomo dan waxxing his leg :))) That could be fun Like so they can know 👍👍👍👍👍

  36. Shaydee

    Shaydee2 hari yang lalu

    0:00 when you flip the pillow over and feel the cold side

  37. Peter Doyle

    Peter Doyle2 hari yang lalu

    15:24 at playback speed 0.25

  38. OliO AKA Squekyboy2000

    OliO AKA Squekyboy20002 hari yang lalu

    explain yourself

  39. ToxicMarshmallows

    ToxicMarshmallows2 hari yang lalu

    He looks like he is in the womb.

  40. bangkit franantio

    bangkit franantio2 hari yang lalu

    saya ingin melihat hujan dalam gerakan lambat , tolong buatkan videonya ya 🤗

  41. RedFaceBaby

    RedFaceBaby2 hari yang lalu


  42. Pop

    Pop2 hari yang lalu

    Hey do you ever heard about iodine clock reaction? I'm really interested to see it in slow motion

  43. Fluff you

    Fluff you3 hari yang lalu

    You guys need to do the iodine clock reaction!!

  44. Jacob Anderson

    Jacob Anderson3 hari yang lalu

    Am I crazy or is the lighting better in this video than in older ones? It’s like Gav turned the shadows up to max.

  45. Thayy Rodriguez

    Thayy Rodriguez3 hari yang lalu

    Why don't you guys record someone solving a rubik's cube in record time? It would be pretty cool 😎

  46. larp123

    larp1233 hari yang lalu

    Catfish attack!

  47. the hosieman

    the hosieman3 hari yang lalu

    Seriously one of the funniest videos I've ever seen! Dan inside a giant water jonny, with that whistle sound hahahaha

  48. Ta'noa Honey

    Ta'noa Honey3 hari yang lalu

    when a new born baby doesnt want to come out, so it goes back in 2:29

  49. crazy catz

    crazy catz3 hari yang lalu

    Do paint in a fan or lawn mower

  50. Shogun乡UBX乡

    Shogun乡UBX乡3 hari yang lalu

    I just watched molotov video from 2012 and here I am watching my second video from your channel

  51. Daughter of the King

    Daughter of the King3 hari yang lalu

    16:12 Reminds me of Jason and the Argonauts

  52. RunningRiver246

    RunningRiver2463 hari yang lalu

    That is one well watered lawn. I wouldn't be surprised if their June water bill is like $900 and that's why they have to use a cheap snorkel.

  53. Andrew Horton

    Andrew Horton3 hari yang lalu

    You should role a 6ft ballon off the roof guys and see what happens

  54. Dennis Avraham

    Dennis Avraham3 hari yang lalu

    Gav you're hot. Are you free?