'Slender Man' stabbing survivor describes horrific ordeal | Nightline


  1. Holly Cook

    Holly Cook20 menit yang lalu

    What happens after that

  2. ashley hussey

    ashley husseyJam Yang lalu

    put those kids in jail

  3. Ender BeastX

    Ender BeastXJam Yang lalu

    Give ‘em the chair!

  4. Will brazil fc till i die

    Will brazil fc till i die3 jam yang lalu

    how can sweet little peyton be friends with anyone now.

  5. UrbanRose

    UrbanRose3 jam yang lalu

    I feel like annisa is less to blame than Morgan

  6. Cade Wiley

    Cade Wiley3 jam yang lalu

    She looks like she is invested in slender man things.

  7. Sebastian Limon

    Sebastian Limon4 jam yang lalu

    5:58 No of course not, stabbing a person 19 times isn't that se6

  8. dawson gillean

    dawson gillean4 jam yang lalu

    I remember waking up the day this was on the news and this was all that was being talked about. It was chilling.

  9. kirikun

    kirikun5 jam yang lalu

    i only see people calling out Morgan, Anissa is just as guilty. they both disgust me and i still can't believe this happened to that poor poor girl

  10. Life of Cherrlin

    Life of Cherrlin5 jam yang lalu

    The devil took over the girl that stabbed the other girl

  11. Big 4x Jeff

    Big 4x Jeff6 jam yang lalu

    Good marijuana on the beginning

  12. Kim B

    Kim B6 jam yang lalu

    I don't care if someone has a mental illness there is no excuse for what these girls did, They tried to kill this girl for a man who doesn't exist

  13. First World Problems

    First World Problems8 jam yang lalu

    Those 2 girls (Morgan and Anissa)definitely fed off of each other’s sick minds/thoughts. I don’t think if Anissa became friends with them or moved to their school that the attack would’ve happened but who knows

  14. itszesty07

    itszesty078 jam yang lalu

    Morgan is psychotic

  15. youngmoi

    youngmoi8 jam yang lalu

    Ik they crazy but there ain’t no such thing as friends.

  16. nonamepotato

    nonamepotato9 jam yang lalu

    Weier was sentenced to 25 years to life, an indeterminate sentence involving at least three years locked confinement and involuntary treatment in a state psychiatric institute, followed by communal supervision until age 37.Geyser was sentenced to the maximum, 40 years to life, an indeterminate sentence involving at least three years locked confinement, in addition to involuntary treatment in a state psychiatric institute until complete resolution of symptoms or until age 53, whichever may happen first; followed by continued communal supervision, periodic reevaluations and/or reinstitution and further treatment, as needed, as required by the sentence imposed. In 2018, a Wisconsin judge sentenced Geyser to 40 years under mental health facility's supervision. While Geyser will periodically have the opportunity to petition for her release from a mental health facility in the future, she will remain under institutional care for the duration of the sentence. During her trial, Geyser had been committed to the Winnebago Mental Health Institute and was the youngest patient there

  17. Faith Guntu

    Faith Guntu13 jam yang lalu

    They sound so stupid about this slender man crap, reality and regret will hit them soon enough if it hasn't already. Thank God that Payton is still alive..so much evil in this world.

  18. simi.govender Govender

    simi.govender Govender15 jam yang lalu

    its despicable that 2 12 yearold girls stab their friend 19 times

  19. Henry Ballzack

    Henry Ballzack16 jam yang lalu

    No rehabilitating for them. Won't happen. And taxpayers foot the bill yet again.

  20. Çòòķìè xMìĺķ

    Çòòķìè xMìĺķ16 jam yang lalu

    I could imagine slender is soooo pissed off

  21. Rubrum

    Rubrum17 jam yang lalu

    stop it slender- roblox- aka stop stabbing me 19 times

  22. Xrmx

    Xrmx18 jam yang lalu

    Why does this give me tokyo ghoul vibes these girls are insane like the twin girls in the show.

  23. Green Grass

    Green Grass18 jam yang lalu

    Morgan is almost definitely a psychopath. Also damn, I get that they are 12 but Slender man, Slender man is the best you could come up with?!

  24. Sudarsana Family

    Sudarsana Family18 jam yang lalu

    slenda boi wiki

  25. Adrian The Master

    Adrian The Master18 jam yang lalu

    that was hard to watch


    NO PATS JIM19 jam yang lalu

    Morgan and Anissa were jealous of how pretty Payton is. They are UGLY!!

  27. Zackariah Dewing

    Zackariah Dewing19 jam yang lalu


  28. Saif Uddin

    Saif Uddin20 jam yang lalu

    1:13, seriously? Is this a joke to you guys? Who the hell is dramatising this? Jake paul?

  29. Michaels Music

    Michaels Music21 jam yang lalu

    She looks really good for someone who got stabbed 19 times and left in the woods to die

  30. Janetta Rowlands

    Janetta Rowlands21 jam yang lalu

    Me at 12: playing with barbies Them at 12:

  31. Kale Love

    Kale Love22 jam yang lalu

    Wow you could really see how took back the man was when he asked anissa about regretting it as he was writing notes

  32. *•Layla•*

    *•Layla•*22 jam yang lalu

    1:39 sHe wAs A lOneR wHo nEeDeD a fRiEnd

  33. AJ Allsbury

    AJ Allsbury22 jam yang lalu

    so yall are gonna believe a 12 year old saying that slenderman is real? what has happened to this world..

  34. abby coughingcatashes

    abby coughingcatashes23 jam yang lalu

    Slender man is NOT real. Everyone in the comments saying he told them to. No he didn’t. This is pissing me off already. Poor guy that created slender man

  35. StarWars fan_76

    StarWars fan_7623 jam yang lalu

    Morgan should be in an insane asylum

  36. JustKev

    JustKevHari Yang lalu

    that girl deserves to have no friends

  37. Emma D

    Emma DHari Yang lalu

    god damn speak of furries..

  38. Austin Tomblin

    Austin TomblinHari Yang lalu

    I feel no hate for the girls that did this. Due to society and sickness this happened

  39. B Whittaker

    B WhittakerHari Yang lalu

    And that is exactly what happens when parents don’t take there kids to church and don’t have GOD in there lives!!!

  40. Jaiden Kocovski

    Jaiden KocovskiHari Yang lalu

    It’s just amazing that a girl 1 year older than me could stab someone could even think about it like how cold hearted do you have to be to do this like they deserve to die and I mean that

  41. Jordan Graybill

    Jordan GraybillHari Yang lalu

    This why you can’t trust anyone

  42. I P

    I PHari Yang lalu

    God bless her 💜

  43. LeBron James

    LeBron JamesHari Yang lalu

    Ugly cunts

  44. John & Jane Smith

    John & Jane SmithHari Yang lalu

    Welcome to the world MEN created. 👍

  45. Valdas Netavo

    Valdas NetavoHari Yang lalu

    Oh there comes soapman.

  46. Titanbrah Cunt

    Titanbrah CuntHari Yang lalu

    Lmao white people

  47. Lou Nolen

    Lou NolenHari Yang lalu

    Children are innocent of mind, and soul, they are quite literally the easiest prey, if they don’t have a parent that can protect them, they will be used, abused and thrown out by the vile evil souls that are all around us.... Children are a ‘gift’ not a right, those that treat them as such, will never have an issue like this... A loved soul, stays close to their maker and the protection that they give, lost souls wander....

  48. Lou Nolen

    Lou NolenHari Yang lalu

    slender man is a tall grey alien, they manipulate and prey on weak minded people

  49. Da German Coke

    Da German CokeHari Yang lalu

    And this is why you always say grace and pray to god. God has bless her.

  50. Davis Robinson

    Davis RobinsonHari Yang lalu

    Why am I always finding myself watching this stuff at midnight, and in my recommended?

  51. Nathan Beatty

    Nathan BeattyHari Yang lalu

    All these kids are dumbasses

  52. Salima Lazrak

    Salima LazrakHari Yang lalu

    Wow Morgan has the exact portrait of a sociopath! She needs to seek help immediatly! I'm no psychiatrist but I know a lot about sociopathy and this girl right there, there are absolutely no doubts she's a sociopath! She even said "Remorse will get you nowhere." wow...

  53. Addisyn Drake

    Addisyn DrakeHari Yang lalu

    Creeypasta came out in 2013-2014 and I came in the fandom in 2019, even I KNOW ITS NOT REAL BOI

  54. Tiger 844

    Tiger 844Hari Yang lalu

    I remember this. I was in middle school when this happened sheesh

  55. Marty Fly

    Marty FlyHari Yang lalu

    Hang these two cunts by their fuckin necks !! Kids are not fucking innocent, burn em !!!

  56. Ashle _ii

    Ashle _iiHari Yang lalu

    This is insane.

  57. Kyra Michelle

    Kyra MichelleHari Yang lalu

    morgan really has psychotic-like traits. her attitude toward the situation and the way she’s describing it. she’s emotionless. she needs to get treatment for her behaviors otherwise that could develop into a much more serious issue.

  58. Kolby985

    Kolby985Hari Yang lalu

    I woulda shot both them sum bitches straight in the head

  59. Jenna Werfalli

    Jenna WerfalliHari Yang lalu

    I feel sorry for the girls. Imagine spending the rest of your life locked up because of something you did when you were 12 years old.

  60. defender of the faith

    defender of the faith2 hari yang lalu

    These two girls should never be allowed to see the light of day ever again hope you two rot in hell where you belong dont care if there children