Skillbuilder: Seven Tips for Working With Acrylic


  1. marz3335

    marz33352 hari yang lalu

    WRONG. rough edges are NOT better gluing surfaces.

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    why this shit annoying music

  3. Justin Rogers

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    Not only was this helpful, but also it had a kick ass soundtrack. Thumbs up to the musicians and DIY'ers.👍

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    My cat took a piss on my keyboard while watching this

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    that flame polish was sooooo good how did you add the bubble effect? i'm being sarcastic by the way !!!!!!!!

  6. Hyper Hektor

    Hyper Hektor5 bulan yang lalu

    i have another tip i never saw mentioned before, easy for people without other tools.: you can form acrylic in boiling water (85-100deg C), it gets soft so it can be bend easily into shape using water resistant gloves (or wear 2 pairs). You can dip it also then bend fast (it gets hard fast), guarateed no bubbles. Video was great exept the last tip was wrong. The RPM was way to fast so the WD couldnt cool xD, if the acrylic gets gummy its to hot /fast drilled.

  7. Aaa Aaa

    Aaa Aaa6 bulan yang lalu

    Some advice needed my rain visor broke id like 2 join it back as im nt gettin it 2 buy 4 my car wat can i use 2 join it as its clear n like plexiglass

  8. Michael Holota

    Michael Holota6 bulan yang lalu

    Just a tip you need to sand the edge from 80 to 600 grit sand paper then blowtorch otherwise you'll see the cut marks along the edge

  9. Velo Karma

    Velo Karma6 bulan yang lalu

    wow really cool

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    Beautiful video. Short and informative.

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    Good Video 👍😁 Nasty Music 👎😦

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    That terrible music is the reason for the numerous thumbs down.

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    Can people stop putting shit music on these videos........

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  15. Rudy Cornejo

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    Im gonna cover my daughter's dresser with some 4ftx 8ft plastic mirrored sheet that a homeowner gave me. What electric, cordless, or hand tools will i need? i also wanna do a edge for the front panel drawers , please none of that harbor freight stuff i know i probably just use tools this one time and im cool with that. Thanks

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    Sehr schlecht im umgesetzt..falsche Flamme zu viel Hitze usw ..achja und falscher Kleber

  17. Professional Plastics

    Professional Plastics10 bulan yang lalu

    This cutting tool will help you do the job:

  18. Professional Plastics

    Professional Plastics10 bulan yang lalu

    You can buy the plexiglass online at:

  19. alibi

    alibi10 bulan yang lalu

    A metal drill bit ? Are you insane? For the sake of your plastic, use a spade or forstner bit. Using a twist drill bit is asking for trouble no matter how little weight you put on the bit. You want a scoring action when drilling into acrylic.

  20. Jenessa Ann Rose

    Jenessa Ann Rose11 bulan yang lalu

    Cutting acrylic by hand is a nightmare!!! Glueing is even worse

  21. Prathamesh Chavan

    Prathamesh Chavan11 bulan yang lalu

    Hey I am willing to know how we can paint acrylic with translucent paint so the light can pass through it.

  22. Angel Mendez

    Angel Mendez11 bulan yang lalu

    Great job

  23. Kevin Greenfield

    Kevin Greenfield11 bulan yang lalu

    Very handy thankyou

  24. Rajiv Divakaran

    Rajiv Divakaran11 bulan yang lalu

    How to cut square hole manually?

  25. Tom Kennish

    Tom KennishTahun Yang lalu

    So many things can go wrong with any of the tasks you have so terribly presented here. Such a lack of detail, not to mention unsafe and inherently poor practices for every single example. -5 internet for you today, hack boy.

  26. vb2006redman

    vb2006redmanTahun Yang lalu

    how do you remove excess or droplets of weldon 4 from acrylic. Can't seem to find how to clean up that mess?

  27. Saad Algarni

    Saad AlgarniTahun Yang lalu

    Good report

  28. Aurelijus A

    Aurelijus ATahun Yang lalu

    I like how pmma has a crack at the left side at 2:17

  29. Neo Morph

    Neo MorphTahun Yang lalu

    Nichrome wire heat benders make more accurate bends.

  30. ja go

    ja goTahun Yang lalu

    Music's too loud. So it wasn't worth watching change your tactics

  31. Alex Waln

    Alex WalnTahun Yang lalu

    Do not use a rough surface for gluing. You need a perfectly flat, 90-degree edge. Use a router table to take off around .01" per pass. Then feed the acrylic though smoothly with no stopping, if you stop it melts the acrylic slightly. While you are gluing, do not clamp the acrylic. I can't explain why you can't, but you get a much worse edge if you do. Use weld on 4 for the gluing, and a hypodermic applicator.

  32. Lambodingus Dan

    Lambodingus DanTahun Yang lalu

    💯 % wrong claiming rough edge better ... absolutely well known fact that NON shaved flat/non routed or non sanded edge will give u WAYYY weaker edge ... should do reaserch before go around giving bad advice ... ask ANY PROFESSIONAL aquarium builder about how IMPORTANT a flat smooth edge is b4 cementing joints ...

  33. Alem Gembong

    Alem GembongTahun Yang lalu

    How to make an arcylic harder?

  34. vilmario junior

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    Very good!!!!

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    Thank u for this vid!!!

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  37. NoSunBeach

    NoSunBeachTahun Yang lalu

    Is the clear acrylic on the thumbnail and @2:03 .5 inch or .3 inch? what's a fair market price for 48in wide x 36in high of that? and how much would that bend?

  38. Adrian Hill

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  39. Labolas2Glasya

    Labolas2GlasyaTahun Yang lalu

    the acrlylic in this vid looks kinda thin... i have a 4mm thick piece of acrlylic and im struggling to work with it. since it almost never breaks where i score it. any ideas what i am doing worng ? ^^ edit: i also dont have one of these fancy scoring knife. im using a normal cutter.

  40. Labolas2Glasya

    Labolas2GlasyaTahun Yang lalu

    @Phil Johnson mhm okay thanks. i bought a special scoring blade wich works way better now but its still a "hope for the best" method. i'll keep your suggestion in mind :)

  41. Phil Johnson

    Phil JohnsonTahun Yang lalu

    Using the scoring method is difficult at best. I've had best luck with a circular saw and a plywood blade mounted backwards. Everything else I've tried has been hit or miss.

  42. Subhadeep Biswas

    Subhadeep BiswasTahun Yang lalu

    You can also use choloform for fast gluing acrylic

  43. RaysOfFate

    RaysOfFateTahun Yang lalu

    Where can you the cutting acrylics??

  44. aat karelse

    aat karelseTahun Yang lalu

    Gluing: get some pure acetone, dissolve pieces of scrap acrylic to taste, Done.

  45. Tiberius Kirk

    Tiberius KirkTahun Yang lalu

    Is it paintsble?

  46. Cary Andrae

    Cary AndraeTahun Yang lalu

    Extruded acrylic will have cracks show up at the cutting edge in laser cutting. It is recommended to use only cast acrylic for laser works

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    Music is great.

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    Нуб зассатый

  49. L W

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    Yes using a heat gun works great for bending acrylic....and and air nozzle to quickly cool to hold shape desired

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    Plz give the bye link.....

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    You are really messing with acrylic😩

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    The music is very bad. Giving headache

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    Great tutorial & some great tips & music 😀

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    You guys are making some great videos.

  55. Kevin Song

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    can anyone please tell me, the name of the tool??? is there any other tool to polish beside flame polishing?

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    Remarkably obnoxious music

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    ugh The music!

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    Great video! Thanks.

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    Many thanks! It target me many things!

  60. Chris Dunham

    Chris DunhamTahun Yang lalu

    For that type of glue (a solvent weld) a smooth rather than a rough surface is preferable. This is a fundamental of working with acrylic and surprising to see poor advice being put forward - you should amend this video.

  61. Packless1

    Packless1Tahun Yang lalu

    Very good informations. 2:50 Petroleum works very good for cooling/lubricating. It keeps the drilled/milled/grinded surface clear. 2:55 This is very important! The most dangerous part is, when the drill comes out on the back! If you push only a tiny bit to hard, you've get a 'nice' crater...!

  62. Alan Long

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    My God, what is that noise?