Singing this Note is IMPOSSIBLE!


  1. Atharva Vaidya

    Atharva Vaidya8 bulan yang lalu

    No one: Absolutely no one: Dianna: So the other day, I was holding a tube and I thought to myself, "hey, I can find it's resonant frequency"

  2. Abhay Shankar

    Abhay Shankar16 hari yang lalu

    Hey, I tried it with my room!(some air column in it anyway).

  3. Darshan Nikam

    Darshan NikamBulan Yang lalu

    Atharva Vaidya tu Marathi ahe ka

  4. ItsMeGlazer

    ItsMeGlazer2 bulan yang lalu

    Atharva Vaidya I did that accidently once and found the same thing

  5. Nicole Buckingham

    Nicole Buckingham2 bulan yang lalu

    Atharva Vaidya I actually remember doing this when I was young and it felt weird too haha

  6. MrTwisted

    MrTwisted2 bulan yang lalu

    Not no one... that's how speaker boxes and their ports are tuned (or built to spec) for the speakers' resonant frequency. A little physics goes into making good speaker enclosures.

  7. bird bones

    bird bonesJam Yang lalu

    i have a question! this resonance thing bright to mind something i notice a lot but can't explain: when i go to concerts and the crowd cheers, the high note that everyone cheers at is pretty close to being the same note. in experimenting myself it seems like once I'm pushing out enough air, as loud as possible, without trying to make a specific note, the same frequency comes out every time. why would it make the same note on almost everybody? hopefully i explained this well enough, it's a little complicated. thanks

  8. Werner Boden

    Werner BodenHari Yang lalu

    You make your throat wider, by shifting your larynx ? I don't know if I say that correctly, but it is like yawning. You create more space. I learned that, and I was told, it's called 'singing wide'

  9. The Shiny Skuntank

    The Shiny Skuntank4 hari yang lalu

    S=This really reminds me of lip slurs when playing the trombone, as I'm a trombonist... this is something I noticed every once in a while. I mean, a trombone is basically a long musical tube...

  10. PeterJames Foote

    PeterJames Foote6 hari yang lalu

    It’s amazing how this reminded me of idle childhood pastimes like singing into the empty garden hose and various other tubes and toys. Fun.

  11. S Tman

    S Tman6 hari yang lalu

    Hey....I know that dude!


    INNOVATION & INITIATIVE Diy10 hari yang lalu

    0:57 genius questions asked

  13. Ivan4es1

    Ivan4es113 hari yang lalu

    May Force be with You.)

  14. Mike Coshan

    Mike Coshan14 hari yang lalu

    If you can measure any objects resonance frequency & match or even higher than that frequency will it shatter? I was thinking it would be able to demolish old buildings with specifically tuned sonic cannon

  15. Rae O'Neil

    Rae O'Neil16 hari yang lalu

    As a trans woman who's undergone and continues to practice voice feminization with a speech language pathologist, I'm familiar with the idea of tuning my resonance (one of the most gendered tells in voice) and, in fact, speaking or doing voice exercises through a straw is a common exercise that approximates what you saw with the tube :)

  16. FasNuf ZL1

    FasNuf ZL127 hari yang lalu

    does changing the tube length change the freq. that doesn't resonate?

  17. Corey DeGraaf

    Corey DeGraafBulan Yang lalu

    I love your videos but for some reason this video got me excited bc it is something i can semi explain to my son (who probably doesnt care, he is 6 lol) as we play on the swings or whenever he is signing

  18. Clayton Mcminn

    Clayton McminnBulan Yang lalu

    Seems like your throat doesn't have too many natural frequencies then does it

  19. Clayton Mcminn

    Clayton McminnBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah it's called not being able to sing and that's why professional singers can do this and you can't

  20. Lightstriker

    LightstrikerBulan Yang lalu

    So, singing this note IS possible, simply not within a space out of phase.

  21. subbss

    subbssBulan Yang lalu

    I've heard a lot of voice teachers on youtube explain how resonance in the throat works in relation to singing but i didnt really understand it, but listening to your explanation from a physics perspective I finally understood. I think it's because music theory and professions that study it have their own terminology to explain things at a level that is practical for their field but I can't relate to, whereas using physics terminology I actually did learn in school seems like a deeper level of understanding of the same concept and at the same time ironically more accessible to my understanding it.

  22. Mikey

    MikeyBulan Yang lalu


  23. Gareth Baus

    Gareth BausBulan Yang lalu

    You look a lot like your sister.

  24. Niko_hand

    Niko_handBulan Yang lalu

    I did this once and found it neat. I wonder if hunters can use this teqnuice to call on elk.

  25. Gee Trieste

    Gee TriesteBulan Yang lalu

    What you really need to do, is put an audio oscillator at the end of the tube, and see what happens at that anti-resonant frequency.

  26. Gee Trieste

    Gee TriesteBulan Yang lalu

    " . . . in a day or TWOOOOO"

  27. Cecile Olieslaager

    Cecile OlieslaagerBulan Yang lalu

    Your hair is so prity. I never knew.🤓

  28. Anvilshock

    AnvilshockBulan Yang lalu

    Physics Girl? More like Hyperactive-jump-cut-every-three-words-because-I-can't-string-more-than-that-together-to-form-a-coherent-sentence-even-if-my-life-depended-on-it-Girl … absolutely unwatchable. SERIOUSLY, TAKE A BREATHER AND GET YOUR DAMN THOUGHTS AND WORDS IN ORDER BEFORE OPENING YOUR MOUTH, FFS

  29. gregory brian

    gregory brianBulan Yang lalu

    I remember doing this when I was a kid and finding the “crack” fascinating. Glad to see it explained.

  30. ryan olson

    ryan olsonBulan Yang lalu

    This is why a trombone has a slide, and other woodwinds have keys

  31. KingKon

    KingKonBulan Yang lalu

    @0:42 V-TEC!!!!!!!! 😯😯😯

  32. Gary Cunningham

    Gary CunninghamBulan Yang lalu

    I’m guessing sub harmonics generated by the tube would cancel out the sounds made by your vocal chords. It’s basic quantum mechanics and the reason noise cancelling headphones etc work.

  33. Mc Death

    Mc DeathBulan Yang lalu

    im guessing at 1:32 that its something to do with resonant freq of your vocal chords? hope im right! watching the rest nowwwwwwwwwwwww

  34. Mc Death

    Mc DeathBulan Yang lalu

    ayyy i was pretty close!

  35. JAMM

    JAMMBulan Yang lalu

    also yo need to seal with you mouth to create backpreasure and can play all notes and harmonics on the tube!

  36. JAMM

    JAMMBulan Yang lalu

    im a didgeridoo player and maker, so to tune a didge in a certain note i do my math to know the diameters and leght to have a sertein scale and interval!

  37. JAMM

    JAMMBulan Yang lalu

    if you buzz your lips you will resonate better as a didgeridoo playing!!!!

  38. Dan W

    Dan WBulan Yang lalu

    There's another way to visualize this: A tube is a resonant system if one end is closed and the other is open. More technically, you need a high impedance at one end and a low impedance at the other end. The frequency of resonance will be such that its wavelength is four times the length of the pipe; but that's not important to this mental exercise. Well, technically you can have resonance in a tube with two closed ends; it would act like a dipole. But anyways, so the vocal cords are like a closed end and the mouth is the open end. But if we try to sing into a resonant pipe, we are creating a high impedance (closed) end as we place the pipe against our lips, leaving the far end as the low impedance end (open). But in so doing we are turning our mouth into a high impedance end, whereas it would be the low impedance end, when we are singing. To make things worse, the load is not purely resistive, as it would be if you are trying to sing into a tightly compressed fiberglass-filled pillow, but rather a reactive load that acts like a weight above some frequency, and as a spring below it, which is what a resonant system does.

  39. Making-a-Mulligan

    Making-a-MulliganBulan Yang lalu

    is this why some peoples' voices crack during puberty? their vocal tracts' natural frequency is changing and they cant compensate?

  40. Richard Lorse

    Richard LorseBulan Yang lalu

    Now you are a real IDreporterr

  41. Particle_Wave

    Particle_WaveBulan Yang lalu

    The same thing happens when playing brass instruments, but with your embouchure (lips) instead of your vocal cords. A bugle can't play a lot of notes just like when you sang into the pipe you couldn't sing certain notes. But introduce valves with other lengths of pipe attached, and you can manipulate the length of pipe to play any note. That's the difference between a bugle and a trumpet. So if you sang into a shorter or longer pipe, you'd be able to sing the notes you weren't able to sing on the original pipe.

  42. The Bearded Baby

    The Bearded BabyBulan Yang lalu

    I have the same thing but even without the tube

  43. Rafael Blanco

    Rafael BlancoBulan Yang lalu

    That's what happens when u hit vtec

  44. Gareth Anderson

    Gareth AndersonBulan Yang lalu

    Engine designers (especially 2stroke racing) have spent millions studying this. 😁✌️

  45. frootube

    frootubeBulan Yang lalu

    Am I the only one moaning through this entire video

  46. SammyB

    SammyBBulan Yang lalu

    is this why my slide whistle ascends twice with a break in between while pulling the slide at a constant rate??

  47. Pinneglass

    Pinneglass2 bulan yang lalu

    Wow! That was surprisingly interesting! 🤯

  48. Willie Koorts

    Willie Koorts2 bulan yang lalu

    As always, very interesting, entertaining, well presented video on a fascinating subject. Wow!, your sister looks so much like you! Anyway, have you tried coupling the sound from a normal speaker, driven by a variable signal generator, into the pipe? From what you found, since there is not that 'feedback", I guess there will not be the funny "blips" you found? But what will happen at the resonant freq.? Will it just go louder?

  49. BrokenCrownPlayz

    BrokenCrownPlayz2 bulan yang lalu

    "Something notable about natural frequency" is basically just "something note-able about notes"

  50. Gnorts Mr Alien

    Gnorts Mr Alien2 bulan yang lalu

    I like the part where she goes *Ooooooooooooooooooooooo...*

  51. Nick C

    Nick C2 bulan yang lalu

    This all reminds me of Pink Trombone! If you've never played with Pink Trombone, you should definitely check it out, it's super fun. It's a simulated vocal tract where you can adjust the type of noise the vocal chords make, the position of the tongue, the shape of the mouth, shape of the nasal cavity, and everything, and make the simulated vocal tract sing!

  52. Branden Wedge

    Branden Wedge2 bulan yang lalu

    Yup same thing happens on musical instruments... *not sure about string instruments and percussion* but like on my trombone I can have my slide in any position and play a note. I can bend that note just a bit and then bam it goes to the next note. The musical term slur is the best I could describe it you slur up to the next harmonic of that position.

  53. A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur

    A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur2 bulan yang lalu

    try sucking on it

  54. blazejecar

    blazejecar2 bulan yang lalu

    idk what musician friends you have but brass instrument players know this by heart and bypass it, also singers can easily work around it and if they can't, something is wrong about their technique.

  55. Matthew Weatherman

    Matthew Weatherman2 bulan yang lalu

    Why is the book behind you "The Big Picture" right side up but the other two clearly legible titles "Eureka" and "I Have and Idea" upside down? Clearly you've been making videos for a while now and I know that creative people tend to be quite detail oriented (not ORIENTATED! That's not a word! ORIENTATION however is.. Sorry, I'm quite passionate about vernacular and syntax. Especially my own) So I kind of doubt that this got by unnoticed. Just an observation.

  56. Matthew Weatherman

    Matthew Weatherman2 bulan yang lalu

    Tube? Sliding up? Whew! Thanks. Now I'm going to go outside and smoke..... sighhhhhhh..... (don't get mad. She started it. Just look at 0:26 . How could I not?) Hey! What's MY resonant frequency? The look on Dan's face clearly says that he knows that my post is gonna happen.

  57. carlos lopez uy

    carlos lopez uy2 bulan yang lalu

    When vtec kicks in

  58. Eternal Source

    Eternal Source2 bulan yang lalu

    Kind of similar to those mysterious noises everyone's been hearing in the sky. The last two guys sounded like those calling prayers in the Middle East.

  59. Serafin Patino

    Serafin Patino2 bulan yang lalu

    It would be interesting to generate the same frecuency from a speaker and fluctuate the volume to hear whats happens

  60. ItsMeGlazer

    ItsMeGlazer2 bulan yang lalu

    like a couple of months ago i tried this with pvc pipe for my radio antenna and i was like “wow, i never learned this in school, will I earn a nobel prize?”

  61. KrispyKream*

    KrispyKream*2 bulan yang lalu

    Do you think it maybe has something to do with how much air can be moved through a tube

  62. AmericanManiac

    AmericanManiac2 bulan yang lalu

    She faked it. Lol

  63. gameron55

    gameron552 bulan yang lalu

    "Physist doesn't understand overtones" Tragic

  64. Nick C

    Nick C2 bulan yang lalu

    gameron55 Nobody knows everything. Even an expert in a given field can never know everything about their own field. The best part about science isn't explaining things you understand, or even finding answers to questions, the best part about science is stumbling upon questions you didn't even know to ask before, let alone know how to answer intuitively. Science would be no fun at all to a person who knew everything.

  65. TopDeckOrTutor

    TopDeckOrTutor2 bulan yang lalu

    Does this have any relationship with how brass instruments have the idea of “partials” or how given a specific length of the tubing can produce distinctly different notes depending on your buzz of your lips? (Think taps or revelry on a valve-less bugle)

  66. snowf00t

    snowf00t2 bulan yang lalu

    Bruh I discovered this concept a month ago and discovered this video now 🤯. But I was singing through a Euphonium when I noticed.

  67. Jared Hankins

    Jared Hankins2 bulan yang lalu

    I use to not be able to sing those notes then I just kept doing it, and I think it’s sort of like a falsetto where you can’t hit the notes