Similarities Between Turkish and Indonesian


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    Thank you for taking part in the most recent Instagram poll and voting for this video. It won by a small margin, beating out “Similarities between Tamil and Korean” by a difference of only 41 votes. Please make sure to follow us on Instagram and vote in the next poll so you can decide what video we should do next! For those who voted for the runner-up, Tamil and Korean, stay tuned as it will eventually be done. If you live in Toronto and would like to participate in a future video, you can also reach us on Instagram. My Instagram page (@BahadorAlast): Shahrzad’s Instagram page (@Shahrzad.Pe): Note: At the 6:00 minute mark, there is a mistake, it should say, the Turkish word for gift is "hediye", while the Indonesian word for it is "hadiah"

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    all these words are Arabic, you should better job Bahador Karau kara black in modern Turkish Tau tav. dag mountain in modern Turkish Anik enik puppy in modern Turkish there are plenty words similar in Tagalog and ancient Turkish

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    i think, you should Similarities Between turkish-american indian. it s will top

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    Request for Turkish and Kazakh , also Turkish and Azerbaijani

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    Anatolia turkish is not real turkish. Here 100% proof that 80% world languages origin is PROTOTURK RUNES CENTRAL ASIA 16000B.C.

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    günaydın, Endonezya'dan aşk

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    Turkiye çok ğüzel 🇲🇨🇹🇷

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    Bitte abonnieren in mein kanal IDreporter

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    I think the words at 6:01 are backwards. Turkish - hediye.

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    You're right, it was a mistake. I clarified it in the pinned comment. Thank you.

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    The below words are from Arabic origins: Resmi = Arabic رسمي Duniya = Arabic دنيا Izin = Arabic إذن Terjuman= Arabic ترجمان zaitun = Arabic زيتون Nafas = Arabic نفس Hakim = Arabic حكيم Jawab = Arabic جواب This is interesting how Arabic influenced many languages

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    Cantik ya

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    iki millette müslüman olduğu için ortak kelimelerin çoğu arapça. binlerce aynı kelime var. ablacım o şortuda giymesen olmazmı ya

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    Şimal is so hot again. Aklımızı aldı.

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    Jakarta has district name from Turkish word, part of it is native Turkish word and other is Arabic. Ulujami (Grand Mosque) in South Jakarta. Ulu is just like Uludağ. Jami from جَامِع .

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    all these words are Arabic, you should better job Bahador Karau kara black in modern Turkish Tau tav. dag mountain in modern Turkish Anik enik puppy in modern Turkish there are plenty words similar in Tagalog and ancient Turkish

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    Iklim, izin, terjemah, dunia serapan dr bhasa arab jd maklun kalau sama

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    she look like charlotte sartre

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    Hello new friend I am indonesia like your video

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    5:43 "Kamu. I just know kamu." Sounds like that girl from the Philippines.

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    Do Indonesia and Swahili.. I think some word are same like Swahili..

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    Merhaba Turkiye 👋👋👋

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    All of these words are from the Arabic language and are in our Arabic language

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    Just common arabi words lol

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    Too much arabization I really wish to hear indonesian in it's original ancient form.


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    You better see similarities between indonesian with another austronesian language like tagalog

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    Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is a great leader!

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    Most of the words in this video are from Arabic

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    5:58 Actually In Turkish It's HEDİYE In Indonesian It's HADIAH

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    @Bahador Alast You're welcome. Your videos are really great. Greetings from Turkey 👋

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    Thank you. You are right. I have made a note of it in the pinned comment.

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    "Zaman" is a Persian word, it is from the middle Persian (Pahlavi).

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    Joko Sumanto2 bulan yang lalu from indonesia in java island

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    It’s funny that most of the words are Arabic and they think it’s Turkish or indo hhhhhhhhhhhh 🤣

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    Bahador Alast okay ty

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    They don't think that the words are Turkish or Indonesian, it's even mentioned in the description. These two languages have nothing in common and belong to different families, any words in common between them is from a 3rd language, mainly Arabic.

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    Every word between turkish vs Indonesian language is sime in kurdish 🤔

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    sanıyorum tüm kelimeleri balkanlardan endonezya ya kadar tüm mlletler anladı . çünkü bu kelimelerin çoğu arapça kökenli

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    Terimakasih Bahador. Dari video kamu saya jadi belajar serapan bahasa Indonesia

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    For linguists out there, I'm struggling to find etymological dictionaries in Turkish or Greek (not knowing those languages doesn't help either). I'm curious about the origins of the word for "carpenter" in both languages, since it's very similar in several northern italian dialects and in Friulian language ("marangon" or "maringon"), but I doubt it can be a direct loan from Greek or Turkish...

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    @mizrael77 Thank you :) Just out of personal interest in cultures and languages and their histories, which gets me to research more. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy our future videos!

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    @Bahador Alast wow thanks! How do you know so many things? Subscribed :)

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    from the Latin "mergus"

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    @Bahador Alast Thanks. In the meantime I have discovered that Greek has several loanwords coming from Venetian. So this word has passed from Venetian to Greek and Turkish. Fascinating. But still, I'm unsure about the ultimate origin of the word. My Latin dictionary doesn't have any word resembling "marangon" or with that mar- root, and the translation it gives for "carpenter" is "carpentarius". So either the original latin word is more different and with a different meaning, or it must be late, vulgar or otherwise non-canon latin.

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    It come from the Venetian "marangone", ultimately from Latin

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    We also use dunia and zaman(ia) in Greek language

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    Turkey and Indonesia is islam county I likes. This video making me happy 😍

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    5:57 you wrote that wrong in Turkish it's hediye

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    You're right. Thanks. I made a note of it in the pinned comment.

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    2:20 girl: zeytin. man: saytin? like, *şeytan?* *LOOL*

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    Gift in Bahasa is Kado. Hadiah is prize. He's not the only Indonesian who incorrectly use it. In fact, a lot of Indoensians are clueless about the difference.

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    I think all of the words here are originated from arabic. Otherwise indonesia and turkey are too seperated and almost no historical connections, except for religion Islam.

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    You never heard about aceh sultanat and ottoman empire?

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    I watched Tamil-Indonesian similiarities video before and I found that Turkish words is waayyy easier to guess like the pronunciation is 99% the same as Indonesian

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    whuh?? how could it be? just like Japanese words in Russianıfjdkfg

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    1:19 Turkish: anket Indonesian: angket . here we can see that Turkish, when romanized, has lost the [ŋ] sound, which was represented in Ottoman Turkish by a kaf with three dots above (in Jawi script by an ayn with three dots above). Thanks to the Dutch, who romanized Indonesian, the [ŋ] sound still exists. . FYI, both Turkish and Indonesian were written in Perso-Arabic script, but they received different methods of romanization (Indonesian is earlier to be romanized in 1901, while Turkish got it in 1929).

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    @Büşra Kaya nasal n? no. N is already nasal by default. in my language there are four nasal sounds, most languages have only two.

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    You mean nasal n? No, we still use it. I mean Aegean Turks still use it but we don't show it a lot. Unless you go home or to visit your grandparents your accent slides and then you can see the nasal n in our conversations.

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    Turk kizimiz cok tatli, iyi niyetli birisine benziyor. Bizi cok iyi temsil etmis cidden.


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    1.similarity:Half of Growtopia community is Indonesian and other half is Turkish

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    5:57 Turkısh=Hediye Indonesian=Hadiah

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