Similarities Between Dutch and Indonesian


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  2. Rohani Siahaan

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    Mexican vs indonesian plz and also why the thumbnail it say holland=nederland WUT?! It should be netherland

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    @Bahador Alast I live in Manila ;(

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    Toronto bulan depan ada lapang terima kasih

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    I wish you were here in TX man 😅

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    Bahador Alast that look like French thooo

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    3:44 saldo is exactly the same in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

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    Firman is cute and Jelmer is undeniably hawt. Ugh drill me. CHAROT

  9. 柊Hiiragi

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    Bahasa Indonesia is Dutch + Melayu

  10. Samid Nifla

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    heee, gw gk pernah ngira kl kebanyakan kata di bahasa indonesia itu dari bahasa belanda

  11. Rude 94

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    Hehe me great grandmother's.. Is Dutch mixed indonesia.. In Indonesia called orang indo..

  12. Oh Beey

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    ternyata indonesia adalah bahasa ciplak

  13. Herman Ulaen

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    Without Dutch colonization there will be no Indonesia. Without british colonization there will be no india. Without spanish colonization there will be no Philippines. Without those European colonization, Indonesia, india and Philippines by now will consist of many different countries with different cultures and languages. Those 3 countries inherited their modern national borders from European colonization

  14. marcel galliard

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    Dutch: Hey indo! you stole my languange! Indonesia: Apaan sih? heh you came to us for a long long time ago of course we can speak one of your words! Dutch: Hey german Indonesia stole our languange... German: "Our"? *Sooyuuzzz nerushimyyy respluubiii svobodniik. Blyat*

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  16. Christies

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    I speak Dutch but I’m Belgian so the accent is different Here in Belgium we say the letter W like Kanye West but in the Nederland (also in France) they say that like a V

  17. KITOkun TV

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    Yg gw tau Spoor

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    Fun Fact : you never search this video

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    Yg dari belanda ganteng

  20. Rayhan Rizki

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    Whats the diffrent dutch and netherlands in google translate?

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    Pengen bgt jadi pacarnya firman, terus woman on top aku diatas naikin diaa😋😋pasti enak

  22. Mr : 21

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    Kereta/mobil🇲🇨 ottomobil🇳🇱 Kebanyakan NTT sebut kereta itu OTO Tapi banyak juga bagian Indo barat sebut MOBIL

  23. Aditia kim

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    Orang Indonesia adalah orang yg mencintai tanah airnya terbukti walau belanda menjajah indonesia selama 350 tahun tapi masih gak bisa bahasa belanda bahkan masih di anggap asing,.berbeda dengan negara lain bekas jajahan penjajah contoh saja timor leste,negara2 afrika dll mereka menggunakan bahasa negara yg pernah menjajah mereka

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    Firman has the same first name as me

  25. OCEAN CAT 27

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    So Indonesian people understood Dutch language better than any other languages because mostly Dutch words are almost the same to Indonesian words ( or sentences ) They are almost the same because the Dutch people invaded (menjajah - in Indo ) Indonesia for roughly 300 years I am Indonesian also

  26. Ronaldo Satyananda

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    The reason why indonesia langue is similiar to dutch because Indonesia is got invasion from netherlands for 350 yeara,in that time Indonesian doesnt have main langue,so when Indonesian is almost get their freedom they making main langue named "Bahasa Indonesia" that got insipired and got influendced by tradition of netherlands Note: Sorry bad english hope u know the point 🙏

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    Mirip Rizky nazar artis Indonesia yg baju putih itu

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    Btw im an indonesian and im half english This is how many times they laughed 👇

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    Keliatan agak canggung gitu😂

  30. Moren Lee

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    Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch only for 5 years. the name Indonesia appeared in 1938. before it happen the Dutch colonizing kingdoms of Srivijaya and Majapahit fractions for 350 years. they did't know what is Indonesia , because it had not yet show up. and thank God they want to unite to form a country called Indonesia.

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  32. BatuDerpy Gamer

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    FUN FACT:Dutch have colonized Indonesia so there are some Indonesian words that are similar to Dutch

  33. jake_ sully

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    Indonesian : 😀 Dutch: 😓

  34. XG XGL

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    I'm Indonesian 🇮🇩 🖕🇳🇱

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    Negara giveaway belanda

  36. K1NG Z

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    There is a differents Dutch are tall while Indonesian are short I am not saying all Indonesian are short but most of them are short becuz they are want of the most shortest country in the world

  37. Sandi Tio

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    Dutch and Indonesian ever fight in war

  38. nadisha alya

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    reason I ship nethernesia in country humans:

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    Pengen woman on top ma firman pasti enak bgt gue diatas goyang liar dia pasrah ekspresinya 😋😋

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    we dont need that energy ma'am-

  41. Supreme seagμll

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    I´m dutch myself but this language just sounds so BAD! The difference between on he´s voice between dutch and english when he talks is crazy.

  42. nasir _9c

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    Aku cinta km=kita temenan aja


    BALIAN OF IBELIN29 hari yang lalu

    Een keer zullen wij Indonesiërs u terugbetalen voor uw slechte behandeling voor onze natie gedurende 300 jaar. Vergeet niet dat onze Nederlandse natie u zal terugbetalen voor onze voorouders.


    BALIAN OF IBELIN29 hari yang lalu

    Ik hou niet van de Nederlanders omdat hij Indonesiërs koloniseerde en tot slaaf maakte om zijn land te verrijken en niet te vergeten hoeveel levens het Nederlandse leger inheemse Indonesiërs heeft gedood

  45. MotorsAndThings

    MotorsAndThings29 hari yang lalu

    so dutch is similar bc they incorperated indonesian after colonization, or indonesian is similar bc they incorperated dutch after colonization?

  46. Raggnar

    RaggnarBulan Yang lalu

    Walaupun belanda dan indonesia punya masa lalu yg kelam tpi indonesia dan belanda bisa memiliki masa depan dn persahabatan yg cerah d masa depan. Amin 👍

  47. *MY* *NAME*

    *MY* *NAME*Bulan Yang lalu

    Some indonesians are little bit. look like a filipino

  48. Crusader of the Low Lands

    Crusader of the Low LandsBulan Yang lalu

    I think "sekop" was kind of a tricky one, because we use both "schep" and "schop" for shovel. It really depends on where you're from and what the people around there usually call it. Schop obviously sounds a lot more similar to sekop than schep does. I think schop is an older term and most people today would call it a schep instead, but I could be wrong. (Also, some people say "schup", which technically isn't incorrect, but it's definitely not common and the people who say that are probably psychopaths.)

  49. Jesisca Amanda

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    Aku tau Indo duang!

  50. rainbowwshal_gacha

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    Um Im A Mix Of Dutch and Indonesian now Im confused

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    I like this,. Just we are One for all & all for one❤🇮🇩

  52. zzzut

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    Did Anneke Grönloh sing in Dutch or Indonesian?

  53. JaylaxxSweetener

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    Ik vind je leuk (Dutch) Saya suka kamu (Indonesia) IM BOTH!!😍

  54. wim V

    wim VBulan Yang lalu

    schop in eastern dutch even

  55. Luuk Muller

    Luuk MullerBulan Yang lalu

    sekop = schop, not schep. A schop is the same tool but more commonly associated with farming and less commonly used in Dutch.

  56. e r

    e rBulan Yang lalu

    Is it true that the history of the Indonesian's flag is actually from Dutch's flag yet the blue color being ripped. ( I am sorry if I am wrong)

  57. red rose purpleviolet

    red rose purpleviolet25 hari yang lalu

    Red and white is very common combination for flags in SE. Asia. Just look at Singapore, malaysia, and even UMNO flag

  58. red rose purpleviolet

    red rose purpleviolet25 hari yang lalu

    No. It's derrived from majapahit flag

  59. Reya Ompong

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    Yes, it's true.

  60. Aubrianna

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    yes. pretty sure

  61. nami ozora

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    shovel, towel, carrot. history is dark tho

  62. AR 2031

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    I feel you must give translate text on your videos, because many indonesian people not understanding about your dialoge...

  63. sahyuza annisa

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    Wah 90% mirip

  64. Minecraft Ganteng

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    I speak Dutch and Indonesian

  65. Jay Eimandoust

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    I got three words for this channel....Edward. Van. Halen.

  66. Walter Taljaard

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    Probably a lot of administrative, technical and juridical words as well.

  67. ShadowSlayer Official

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    It's not kamer kamar

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    just the little bit accent

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    That Dutch Guy : Handsome...

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    persik is in russian too :D