1. mtbmx sjo

    mtbmx sjoBulan Yang lalu

    ,, Gefährlich" nice video 👍

  2. alex alamangos

    alex alamangosBulan Yang lalu

    5:05 How can you count that?

  3. Bumsalad

    BumsaladBulan Yang lalu

    Sam, you are sick.

  4. Chilled

    ChilledBulan Yang lalu

    Can I buy the shirts in the U.S. why not? I want to but there is no usd option

  5. Robyn Elks

    Robyn ElksBulan Yang lalu

    You need to check out” FABIO WIBMER“ he’s actually entertaining 😃your just getting boring Sam 😞 sorry it’s more like watching a bunch of 10 year old misfits playing on there bikes doing the same old thing every video sorry.

  6. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Everyone knows who Fabio is, and no it's not boring

  7. Regan Mcfelin

    Regan McfelinBulan Yang lalu

    Hi Sam . My name is Regan I am a 16 year old from New Zealand who wants to get into mountain biking. The bike I have now is a old bauer tornado that I have thrashed around and is now unsafe to ride. To get into this amazing sport I need a bike that can survive and I cant afford anything that will. Thanks

  8. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Work and save like everyone else mate 🤔🤔🤷‍♂️

  9. Charlie Bowden

    Charlie BowdenBulan Yang lalu

    At 5:22, you can see a very nice drawing of a PePe on the blue wall! :D

  10. uncut

    uncutBulan Yang lalu

    I follow you on all your social medias

  11. renato Bruci

    renato BruciBulan Yang lalu

    wish i had a bike like this 1

  12. Sam Samson

    Sam SamsonBulan Yang lalu

    Whats your hub???

  13. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Halo supadrive

  14. senorkevinlong

    senorkevinlongBulan Yang lalu

    You should do a session with Matt Jones

  15. zofrix goat-lord

    zofrix goat-lordBulan Yang lalu


  16. Jason Miller

    Jason MillerBulan Yang lalu

    What kind of bikes are those ? They look like a mountain bike crossed with a bmx

  17. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Dirt jump bikes

  18. Craig Lee White

    Craig Lee WhiteBulan Yang lalu

    Dizzy Sam. Piano Sam. Good to see you Sam. Good show. From Craig Lee.

  19. Ross Thomas

    Ross ThomasBulan Yang lalu

    Can I have a to the sky or mony oklock stickers please

  20. XxMaNu-X

    XxMaNu-XBulan Yang lalu

    When u are from Málaga hahahah

  21. abel korir

    abel korirBulan Yang lalu

    where do you buy your bikes

  22. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    He's sponsored so gets them sent

  23. maryam arts

    maryam artsBulan Yang lalu

    New intro

  24. Rin Zler

    Rin ZlerBulan Yang lalu

    Sam just getting into jump / street riding... what’s the spec on your bike and where do I get one of them frames 😎 cheers..

  25. Rin Zler

    Rin ZlerBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks dude 👍🏻

  26. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    U can't buy the frame, they don't make them, rest u can get tho

  27. Torben Fleischwurst

    Torben FleischwurstBulan Yang lalu

    I love you and epic speed gaps .I.

  28. N D C

    N D CBulan Yang lalu

    New sibscriber here.. I got one question. When did you lost your front teeth? That's cute.

  29. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Many years ago on a in run to a jump

  30. Sebastian Pliszka

    Sebastian PliszkaBulan Yang lalu

    Pilgrim edit movie with your crash please.

  31. -.-

    -.-Bulan Yang lalu

    thats pretty gefährlich

  32. wiśnia _pl

    wiśnia _plBulan Yang lalu

    Wo ist dieser Skatepark und Bikepark?

  33. Trine Skovgaard Kristensen

    Trine Skovgaard KristensenBulan Yang lalu

    Fun at først Got kindda boring

  34. MeThallCore Guy

    MeThallCore GuyBulan Yang lalu

    Would be awesome if I left some comment and would be sick if I subscribed.. Oh wait, I just did both!

  35. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Would be epic if u did the same on my channel 😉😉👊

  36. Matthew Sehon

    Matthew SehonBulan Yang lalu

    Lol that hot rod reference from Lucas 😂

  37. Andrew Norris

    Andrew NorrisBulan Yang lalu

    It's their winter but this is close to UK summer temps - so Sam has his T-shirt on!

  38. Jay Smith

    Jay SmithBulan Yang lalu

    This was a great one mate, Cheers! 👍

  39. Jahan Watson

    Jahan WatsonBulan Yang lalu

    Why is this dude one of the biggest IDreporter bike personalities, competes in all types of stuff is well know and respected, yet he still chooses to ride a knock off, Chinese, Astro frame, I engineered, generic bike brand like haibike, surely he could be sponsored by just about anyone else

  40. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    It's mostly the ebikes that he got it for, but he's got a diet jump background so to keep his skills up to date they made him one off frame. Also probs the mullah 😉

  41. jamie noonan

    jamie noonanBulan Yang lalu

    Yet again, another killer vid. Love watching your stuff, sooo much fun. Told the the misses to sack celeb get me out of here off and check out this awesome dude. She pretended not to be impressed but I could tell she was. Keep up the good work, I'm a massive fan and really love watching your video mate.

  42. BeN9o

    BeN9oBulan Yang lalu

    I love watching this trio! You guys egg each other on just enough for some epic lines haha

  43. Alexez 123

    Alexez 123Bulan Yang lalu


  44. Bike Life with Rob

    Bike Life with RobBulan Yang lalu

    Good stuff there.

  45. Mtb-LIFE Mtb life

    Mtb-LIFE Mtb lifeBulan Yang lalu

    Sam do you believe in god

  46. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    He is God

  47. vrooom666

    vrooom666Bulan Yang lalu

    Good job sam on that 360... you litrally make barf my dinner out lol.

  48. Tony crispin

    Tony crispinBulan Yang lalu

    Piano of DOOM

  49. Diogo Carreiro

    Diogo CarreiroBulan Yang lalu

    sam is the firts person in the world playing piano with a bike

  50. Ted Hinchley

    Ted HinchleyBulan Yang lalu

    5:30 😂🍆

  51. lesha

    leshaBulan Yang lalu

    Hi, my name is Lesha, I’m 13 years old and I want to do a lot of street work but I don’t have money if you can help me send some spare parts.

  52. Finn Toop

    Finn ToopBulan Yang lalu

    4:22 thought the car would hit him🤣

  53. Walter Rosinsky

    Walter RosinskyBulan Yang lalu

    Sam, if you put a strip of Scotch 2228 Rubber Mastic tape on your frame where the chain is hitting, the tape will silence that noise for you. Hope that helps bud :-)

  54. Captain Awesome

    Captain AwesomeBulan Yang lalu

    Gets back from the 360 fest 🤢🤮

  55. Cameron Dallimore

    Cameron DallimoreBulan Yang lalu

    4:31 sounds exactly like the sound effect from a blaster from Star Wars hahaha

  56. Paul Sack

    Paul SackBulan Yang lalu

    That's the kind of content that keeps me motivated, even if it's 2°C pouring rain here. Danke

  57. Krishna Veni

    Krishna VeniBulan Yang lalu

    Sam, what about, um, SNOW DRIFTING!???

  58. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    No snow yet in UK

  59. Krishna Veni

    Krishna VeniBulan Yang lalu

    Sam, can you do stunts with bmx??

  60. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Sure he can

  61. RIDERstreet TV

    RIDERstreet TVBulan Yang lalu


  62. Glitch Man

    Glitch ManBulan Yang lalu

    The bunny hop whip is crazy 👊

  63. Oriqnl Sniperss

    Oriqnl SniperssBulan Yang lalu

    Love your vids there soooooo gooood

  64. Colin Sheridan

    Colin SheridanBulan Yang lalu

    What is dank a mean

  65. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Very potent marijuana" or "Incredibly good, awesome"

  66. sunny bg

    sunny bgBulan Yang lalu

    Amaizing video Sam


    EXXOTIK GAMESBulan Yang lalu

    That did ola bmx before you

  68. Austin Henderson

    Austin HendersonBulan Yang lalu


  69. Colin Smith

    Colin SmithBulan Yang lalu

    think Danny mack needs to teach them all how to do it wright

  70. Colin Smith

    Colin SmithBulan Yang lalu

    @FlyingMeta fanny

  71. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu


  72. TheMumbtie

    TheMumbtieBulan Yang lalu

    Sick as always.

  73. IYD Springz

    IYD SpringzBulan Yang lalu

    what helmet do U have ?

  74. Richard Pinkham

    Richard PinkhamBulan Yang lalu

    ‘The vlog farm fully harvested’ 😂🤣😂

  75. Riccardo Pagliaro

    Riccardo PagliaroBulan Yang lalu

    The best IDreporterr in the world

  76. Alexander Novikov

    Alexander NovikovBulan Yang lalu

    Sam this series of you three riding is sick, so fun to watch!