Sia Carpool Karaoke


  1. Matheus Games

    Matheus GamesJam Yang lalu

    Sia have 43 years O.o Oh my gosh

  2. kieshore07

    kieshore07Jam Yang lalu

    James shode be a singer

  3. Tiffany Yeh

    Tiffany Yeh6 jam yang lalu

    What an honest and beautiful being

  4. KayJeminae

    KayJeminae6 jam yang lalu

    Why is her hair like that?

  5. Emily Mason

    Emily Mason8 jam yang lalu

    Hiiiiiiiii your the best youtube you are all i watch

  6. King PufflePuff

    King PufflePuff12 jam yang lalu

    Oh, so when I'M lost in LA traffic, not even Siri won't work, but when James Corden gets stuck in LA Traffic, Sia shows up out of nowhere. I see how it is James, I see how it is.

  7. Omeke Chima Sunday

    Omeke Chima Sunday13 jam yang lalu

    2019 here guys..... wow,oh my God😱😱 she's just so Natural, why on earth would anyone think she's been using auto-tune all this while? if you'd ask me i I'd say she's just Amazingly Awesome😍.

  8. Irèné Irèné

    Irèné Irèné15 jam yang lalu

    Rihanna is a better

  9. samisk nalle

    samisk nalle15 jam yang lalu

    can you do another carpool karaoke with Justin brieber or harry styles?

  10. Camille Lo

    Camille Lo18 jam yang lalu

    4:05 replay button

  11. hell yeah

    hell yeah20 jam yang lalu

    Who is sia

  12. Rosibel Quintanilla

    Rosibel Quintanilla21 jam yang lalu

    Exelente 👏👏👏👏

  13. isack farias

    isack farias21 jam yang lalu

    I love the sia!!

  14. bosch kafa

    bosch kafa21 jam yang lalu

    niye türkçe alt yazı yok ki ;-;

  15. unknown people

    unknown peopleHari Yang lalu

    Are we seriously not going to talk about how James is a better than average singer. 😂 i couldn't even sing half as good as he could.

  16. Varun Patial

    Varun PatialHari Yang lalu

    Autotune.:Do u need me Sia : Who the hell are you.

  17. Ozukum Temjen

    Ozukum TemjenHari Yang lalu

    I love Sia😘

  18. Vivi Chinchilla

    Vivi ChinchillaHari Yang lalu


  19. scio te ipsum

    scio te ipsumHari Yang lalu

    You can talk shit all day, but when u put a big name in the title u will get milions views... Are we really get lost?! Sia is beautiful maybe as a person, I don't know her. M here just to share my opinion.

  20. Leonardo Garcia

    Leonardo GarciaHari Yang lalu

    when he sings= cringe

  21. Alex 88

    Alex 88Hari Yang lalu


  22. Sutti

    SuttiHari Yang lalu


  23. Matt

    MattHari Yang lalu

    Jesus, I love her...

  24. Amina Villungoh

    Amina VillungohHari Yang lalu

    I love sia

  25. Amina Villungoh

    Amina VillungohHari Yang lalu

    I love dis

  26. Amina Villungoh

    Amina VillungohHari Yang lalu

    I love sis

  27. DARKS lMONSTERl Estudios

    DARKS lMONSTERl EstudiosHari Yang lalu

    Esto no era de Scorpion Dorado?

  28. Ain Nur Aini

    Ain Nur AiniHari Yang lalu


  29. Fats McSteel

    Fats McSteelHari Yang lalu

    I thought it was weird she hid her face until she finally showed her face.. now I get it. lol

  30. Dont Smile At Me

    Dont Smile At Me13 jam yang lalu

    What exactly do you get??

  31. Sean Finn

    Sean FinnHari Yang lalu

    SIA = She Is Amazing

  32. Anahid Tassnim

    Anahid TassnimHari Yang lalu

    The Great sia

  33. #Fan 1 De Sia

    #Fan 1 De Sia2 hari yang lalu

    Sia est ma chanteuse préférer

  34. Rafly Arif

    Rafly Arif2 hari yang lalu


  35. Bsh Uhfnj

    Bsh Uhfnj2 hari yang lalu

    I watch it multiple times and still like it!

  36. Clover Maloney élève

    Clover Maloney élève2 hari yang lalu


  37. gee is a Cinnamon roll

    gee is a Cinnamon roll2 hari yang lalu

    Wait. James can actually sing We need a album

  38. Cassandra Curtis

    Cassandra Curtis2 hari yang lalu

    James must have to make sure he knows all the lyrics to the songs he sings otherwise the artists in the car might look at him weirdly

  39. xx-sniper-xx-wrs x

    xx-sniper-xx-wrs x2 hari yang lalu

    Pareçe um podlle !kk

  40. Fandom Castle

    Fandom Castle2 hari yang lalu

    R-R-RICHOCHE!!!! I died!

  41. Geoffrey Skerritt

    Geoffrey Skerritt2 hari yang lalu

    Absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!I love you SIA 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x❤️💋